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WIP Tag Game

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Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

Hopefully organizing all my projects will help focus me to get shit done, lol. I’m gonna borrow Naomi’s format and separate the categories :))

Challenges for March:

TFW Graphics Challenge - This is the challenge I’m struggling with the most this month rip me.

DeanCasGC - Still need to pick my song, but I have a couple in mind! It’s so hard to decide which song to go with.

SPNSongCC - I think I’ve decided to do a deancas graphic for this one. So that’s progress?


It’s not an official series or anything, but I do like making screencap edits of random episodes/characters when I’m procrastinating other things. I usually do these pretty quick but got distracted with the one that’s currently unfinished, which is for the episode 9x21 with Castiel and Gadreel. 


Alright, this is the category with the most things that require the most amount of dedicated time. Let’s dive in!

Fandom Writing Challenge - I’m actually done writing this and just need to send it off to my lovely beta ( @adoringjensen). However, I got carried away as usual with the prompt, so I’m working on a second part to complete the story. I wanna finish writing the majority of the second part before I post the actual fic for the challenge because if I don’t, I’m worried it’ll get pushed down the list of fics I’m working on and it’ll be hard to finish it (as was the case with another WIP I have).

Borrowing Sugar - Chapter 5 is underway! I have 2k written as of right now, but I also spent a good amount of time figuring out some story lines since things are gonna start to emerge. Gotta figure that shit out lol.

Imperfect Proposals - Some of you might’ve read an ask I answered explaining the epilogue and I assure you, there’s an epilogue partially written lol. I won’t ramble on too about it here, but if you wanna see what I said previously, you can read it here. Essentially, it’s back in the forefront of my mind. I have more clarity of what I want to write and I’m ready to dive back in to the verse. I’m looking forward to finally providing some closure :)

Mute!Dean/Kid Fic - This one, man. This has been a WIP for many months now (since October I think??). I originally intended to write it for the SPN Prompt Challenge but then it got to 5k words and I still wanted to do so much more with the story, so I wrote another fic in it’s place instead. I really do like this fic, but life got crazy busy and other monthly challenges became a priority. I intend to finish it, but there’s no real urgency to do so right now.

So that’s all of my WIPs I can think of at the moment. Not too bad, but I’m looking forward to Easter break just so I can have more time to write :))

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They’re law school royalty. If Middleton was Us Weekly, they would always be on the cover.

Mean Girls AU. Wes Gibbins and Oliver Hampton introduce a new student, Laurel Castillo, to the three most popular aspiring lawyers of Middleton University who open Laurel’s eyes to Middleton’s status quo and highly-competitive nature.


KNB FANGIRL CHALLENGE - [4/5 pairings] Hyuga Junpei/Aida Riko

-What did you want to talk about? Have you lost your nerve with the preliminaries around the corner? 

-Of course not. Anyway…Your hair’s gotten longer. 

-Yeah. It’s something like a prayer. I decided not to cut it until we’re in the National Tournament. Don’t let my hair get long. It’s annoying. 

-I know. If anything, I’m far too calm. I’ve done all I can. The only thing that’s left is to give it everything I have. 

-Yeah. Let’s do it. 


Sam: “I may be able to reroute the circuit to the control interface, but –” | 8x20 Moebius (re-make of this older gifset of mine)

I don’t watch the 100 so odd’s are everything I say here mean’s nothing because I only saw the first and part of the second season (over a year ago, so obviously my knowledge on this show is rusty, please bare with me.)

You can’t show me gifset’s of Bellamy Blakes development, and have gone from praising him less than a week ago to suddenly deciding that all of his development is cancelled out because of one wrong move. And if you’re going to do that, you quite obviously were looking for a reason to hate him.

You’re telling me he can do all of this: 

And one thing destroys all of that? Really?

Every single person on the 100 is human. They make mistakes, they go down dark paths, and their screw up’s are their own that they have to face. All of Bellamy’s ‘rights’ don’t just disappear because of a wrong when every single character on this show has fucked up at one point. Don’t single out Bellamy or decide his character development is just “gone” when if anything, this will likely strengthen it. 


Tatennant Secret Santa
This is my gift for misscourtneydeanna! I’m not very good at writing fanfics, so I decided to do this little gifset and write this quick synopsis. Let your imagination flow and I hope you like it! With love - Bella

The Doctor and Donna are a couple and completely in love. In one of their adventures, they arrive on a strange planet. Suddenly, they get kidnapped by some strange creatures. They have their memory erased and now they think they are Benedick and Beatrice from Shakespeare’s play ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.To get their memory back they need to re-enact the entire play, but as we know, Beatrice and Benedick didn’t like each other. Can the Doctor and Donna fall in love again?" 


Anon prompt: Ooh ooh! I just found a quote and immediately thought of Caskett : meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control. I would make a gifset but I suck at it, so would you please do it? Pretty please? Because you’re amazing and I love you.

so, Ella wanted me to do a cute proposal scene but my muse retaliated and I ended up with a lot of feels. I blame her and her emotional gifsets, tbh.

how we wait so long (to come together).

They come home on a Tuesday. She thinks it’s a Tuesday anyway; being stuck in the Underworld (or Underbrooke as Henry took to calling it) will ruin a person’s sense of time.

They come home on a Tuesday and they’re sprung right back into the belly of the beast since the folks from Camelot decided that they’d take over running the town in their absence. She’s not surprised, honestly, and compared to Hades, these guys are nothing. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

She spends all her free time (and her not-so-free time) latched on to Killian - she knows it’s clingy and desperate and kind of pathetic but she’s watched him die three times, give her a break. Even when they’re trekking through the forest, she keeps a death grip on his hand, his arm, the unzipped corner of his jacket, anywhere her cold fingers can reach, really. Her nightmares are a terrible thing still, and she has to keep reminding herself that yes, he’s here and yes, he’s alive.

(She’s sure he knows it’s clingy and desperate and kind of pathetic, too, but he doesn’t say anything. Merely lets her tighten her arms around his waist when they finally get home for the night. Runs his fingers down the chain of her necklace with a soft smile and tightens his own embrace when they lay down to sleep. And she loves him that much more for it.)

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Alright, so!!

Due to a hell of a lot of interest in my art after the gifset of my painting went around, and some encouragement by a few friends, I’ve decided to start a RedBubble shop? Whaaaaaat.

I have like no idea what I’m doing but I uploaded my Tom paintings (since they’re the only things of mine that are any good) in addition the one Tom himself signed, and they’re now available for purchase as a lot of different items, including the one in the highest demand in my askbox, prints.

I’ll add more paintings as I make them, but for now, here’s this? I doubt it’ll get any traffic but I thought I’d try it for a bit.

Check it out if you want to!! And thank all of you so much for the kind words and compliments on my painting, I would have never imagined it.

In light of me reaching another milestone, I decided to do another tumblr awards!


  • must be following me
  • reblogs only, likes will not count :)
  • you have until 3/16 to enter
  • go be nice to somebody and/or send a nice message cause nice messages are awesome :)


  • favorite doctor who blog
  • favorite broadchurch blog
  • favorite multifandom blog
  • favorite actor-centered blog (i.e, a David Tennant or Billie Piper)
  • favorite edits
  • favorite theme
  • favorite url
  • favorite overall

(note: describing your blog as “mostly” dw/broadchurch/dt/etc will count as a the fandom you’re mostly associated with)


  • will be listed on a special page on my blog
  • get a graphic/gifset/picspam request
  • unlimited solo promos for the rest of march and into april
  • a follow back if not already
  • runner ups (1-2 for each category) will have a special spot on the winners page as well and will be in a special group promo

Again, you have until March 16th to enter and winners will be announced some time that week :) 


I’ve reached 200 followers so I decided to make my first follow forever! These lovely blogs have made my first month running this blog so much fun with their graphics/gifsets/fanfics/reblogs. I love being in the arrow/olicity fandom and I’m here to stay. Y'all have wonderful blogs and keep doing what you’re doing.


songbin​, amellrickards​, felicitysmoak-theojames-addict​, olicittys​, splitsunshine​, snowyallens​, sunshinesmoak​, hisfairassasin​​, huntrcss​, olicitys-arrow​, booyacastle​, girlwitharrows​, prettysmoak​, wifiandbow​, geniewithwifi​, falicitysmoke​, xxwhispererofhopesxx​, callistawolf​, queen-smoakin​, olicityparadise, queensmoakiin, ohlverqueen, dgct2, felicityoung, olicityaddicted, myfelicitysmoak, amellsqueen, snowbarry, olicityyy, holy-smoaked, uh-row-smoak, olicitybabies, oh-monteith, felicityromanova, deathstrohke, justanother90sbaby, ohmygettingcrazy, caitllnsmoak, myherocomplex, forever-erica, felicitys-smoaks, wittyfelicity, meghanqueen, oliversmoak, colindonnell,  1forall0allfor1, noonecanknowmysecret, no-one-seesyou-likeido, d-lenis, chickwithwifi, to-dwellondreams, msfelicitysmoak, nyssasara, klarolicityswan, mimozka, glamorous-enterlude, olversqueen, ladymalfoi, whattalovelyscene, scrumptiousmoak, solicity97, queen-the-arrow, arsenalroy, smoakandarrow, smoakandswan, smoakinhotqueen, @smoaksss, ohmypreciousgirl, aaronswarner, tommymerlyns, amellywod, sinceriouslysarah, dizzie-ds, emilybetterthanyourickards, andjustforthismoment, felicitsmoak, sarcasticfina, flash-smoak-and-arrows, smoaking-arrow, sentence-fragments, digglesarms, theirhappystory, felicitybabbles, pansexualsmoak, olequeen, felicityremarkablesmoak​, iknowwhatcanhelpyou​, ah-maa-zing​, olicitysmoaks​, olicityalways​, felicitysss​, felicityssarrow​, hoodiesandcomputers​, fe-li-ci-ty​, oliverjqueen​, youreallysoldit​, olicities​, emilybettdaily​, queenwithsmoak​, queensarrow​, holysmoaksoliver​, hopedreamlovepray​, skcolicity​, adubbs47​, killersmoak​, ronnieraymonds​, oliverdant​, olicityendgame​, lieutenantsmoak

thank you for being awesome! i sinceriously love you all.

In honor of the fact that I’ve almost reached 4k (how??), I’ve decided to do something special for my followers: a birthday page!

The Rules

What You’ll Receive

  • A promo/compliment on your birthday 
  • Icon of a character of your choosing on your b-day, or a ficlet of your favorite ship.
  • If we’re friends/mutuals, a gifset for your birthday!

As thanks for all your amazing followers, I’ve decided to do a giveaway of my art! I don’t post it often, but examples are as above (all busts)!


  • 1st Place Winner will get a coloured torso-shot of your choice of character/OC OR sketch of two character/OC(s) of your choice OR full gifset of your choice from any game/movie/etc.
  • TWO 2nd Place Winners will get a sketched portrait of your choice of character/OC OR small gifset of your choice.
  • Must be following me! New followers welcome, but if you unfollow after, I’m gonna be upset because you’re just plain boring.
  • Reblogs and likes count, but not more than once!
  • Using sideblogs for extra entries is fine, but reblogs to giveaway/unused blogs will not be counted.
  • Your ask must be open so I can contact you!

Winners will be drawn May 21st at 11:59PM EST. I will work on your reward over the summer around my 6 days/week job, so please don’t rush me.


hello there (i’m not sure how to start this so hello is fine i guess). anyway, i’ve seen a lot of these on my dash lately and i decided to do one. 

i want to thank all you lovely people for following me, and reblogging my gifsets, you make me really happy. these are just some of my favorite blogs, and please don’t be sad if you’re not here, also there is good chance i forgot to include some of you, i apologize for that. i have this blog only for four months, so that is the reason this list is not long, i’ll probably do another one in few months.

some of these are mutual some are not. my absolute favorites are bolded. 


arsenalroys | aryastark | arywolf | blakeoctaviah | brienneoftarth | capaludi | daryldixonns | daynarys | doctaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | drachaerys | elfogadunk | fat-walda | fireproofkhaleesi | fourfinick | fseventh | gallavjc | gameoftarth | him-e | hisfairassasin | holynewts | iheartgot 


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