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I avoided Harry Potter since it came out because I was such a rebel and I was a wee bit too old for it when it made a splash. But yesterday I chanced to watch The a Goblet Of Fire on HBOGO and I now really want to get into the series. Any advice for a 28 year old who wants to start in the series?

OH GOODNESS! That is so freakin’ awesome that you want to read the series! You won’t regret it, they are seriously well written and just great no matter your age! :D 

I think the only piece of advice I have is that, as an adult, the first two books really do feel more like kids books. They’re shorter and they have more basic good vs evil tropes. They’re still really great, so be sure to power through them because once the 3rd book starts, phew, that’s when things get good, and when the really interesting stuff starts happening! 

Now go curl up with a cup of tea and READ THEM ALL! :D 

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