decided to post it here so i can find it in the future

Okay so I came up with this great AU idea and I decided I'm gonna post it here so here you go

Imagine a charm necklace AU.

Everyone gets a charm necklace at birth with one charm on it. This charm being a small plate with the person’s birth date on it.

Throughout their lives, they find more charms scattered about in their daily life. One in their bookbag, another in the bottom of a cup of coffee, just showing up wherever they’ll find them.

Now imagine each charm representing a significant life event in the near future.

Some are obvious, like a coffin indicating that they will have a secondhand experience with death soon. Some are more cryptic and require more thought. The individual can decipher what each charm means for themselves, or they can just wait for destiny to take its course.

But what about soulmates, you may ask?

Soulmate charms are themed after whoever your soulmate is. For example, if your soulmate is passionate about cats, you might find a charm of a cat or a ball of yarn. Something along those lines.

Soulmate charms come in two varieties: platonic and romantic. Platonic soulmate charms have a diamond, romantic soulmate charms have a heart. Sometimes the charm will also have the soulmate’s favorite color in it, or maybe the first letter of their name.

When someone dies prematurely, their necklace breaks in half and scatters the charms. Old age deaths only occur after the necklace can only hold one more charm: a small plate with the person’s death date on it.

Feel free to add to this AU or use it in your art or writing if you want! I’d love to see what people do with it!

Tutorial: Making the Shot - Pleasant Surprise (Complete Pack)

Hey everyone! So for the past few weeks, I’ve been releasing my first video tutorials regarding making an animated shot from scratch - to its final image. I decided to put them all in one Post so its easy to find! The shot is a remake from a film I did years ago, Crayon Dragon. I hope you guys find this useful in the future! Also if there’s some topics you’d like me to cover, please send them over here!

I’ll also try and post tutorials and tips on s
o I can just focus on adding my art on my own blog.

The shot we’ll be making:

Now here are the video tutorials in order.







Alright so there’s just been a ton of people asking for my masterlists, and I know that being on mobile makes it difficult to find the lists, sooo I decided to put all of my scenarios here on this post for all the groups I’ve written for just to make things easier. 

Also, just for future reference, if you’re on mobile, you can go to the “search” on my blog & type in the member’s name you’re looking for + “scenario” and all the things I’ve written for that member should come up [ex woohyun scenario”]

And if you’re ever looking for this masterlist, it should come up when you search “masterlist”

Alright, have a nice day, and I hope you enjoy reading~

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Whooo! I’m here with an actual finished piece — I’ve been unable to make much aside from zine stuff and doodles, so I decided to post this one that I’ve been sitting on for about a month now.

This is a future/past redesign that will be included in the ML fashion zine (one of the less fashion-y fashion illustrations lol) @jeananasartblog​ and I are making! We now have a dozen talented guest artists on board, too. Pre-orders for physical books will go up in early-mid March. We also decided to sell digital copies, the proceeds of which will go to charity! 

You can find more info and stay updated on the brand new ML Fashion Zine blog@mlfashionzine


Hey everyone! I’ve been having a lot going on after suddenly having to leave the military. And so I decided to try to move back to the staes and go to art school. So I’ll be opening commissions to help me get back and to help me get by until I find a job there. 

Here we go!



Full body/Full color: $35 - Flat color: $30 - No color: $25.50

Half body/Full color: $25 Flat color: $20 - No color: $15.50


Full body/Full color: $20.50 - Flat color: $20 - No color: $15

Half body/Full color: $15.50 - Flat color: $15 - No color: $10.50

*Full backgrounds are an extra $10 and extra characters are an extra $5 (per character)*

Other Notes

  • I do not do gore
  • I do couples and characters of all kinds (including original characters)
  • I can do nsfw but it will not be posted on my blog
  • Payment method is PayPal!

If interested, please email me at or message me here! Any questions are also welcomed!

Sigil Masterlist

Here is my Sigil Masterlist where you can find links to all of the 60+ sigils I have posted so far. I spot checked to make sure the links work, so if you find any that are broken or any other issues let me know. They aren’t organized in any way because I can’t decide the best way to organize them and frankly I don’t have the energy right now. Sometime in the future that will probably happen. Maybe. 

Check Please Predictions Thread

alright, so we’re maybe a quarter of the way into Year 3 of the comic, I think it’s time we had a real Predictions thread. Here are some objective(ish) questions about where you think the comic will go (not where you want it to go, but your best prediction for what will happen). 

Reblog with your predictions in the text or tags! (or make your own post) That way, if you’re right, you’ll be able to come back in future months and be like, ha, see!! I was totally right about that gay hockey webcomic plotline! and then all your opponents will tremble in fear of your prognostication abilities.

THE QUESTIONS (be as concrete as you can):

  1. Will the SMH win the championship in either remaining year?
  2. Will the Falconers win the Stanley cup in either remaining year?
  3. When will the team find out about Jack and Bitty?
  4. When will Bitty come out to his parents?
  5. When will Jack come out publicly?
  6. Will Bitty be team captain his senior year?
  7. Who will get the Attic dibs?
  8. Will Shitty and Lardo canonically get together as a couple? (optional: when?)
  9. Will any of the other fandom ships actually happen in canon? (which ones?)
  10. Open ended: Ngozi has said Parse will play a bigger role in Year 4. What will that entail?
  11. Open ended: Any other plot development predictions you’d care to make?

I will do my best to come back to this post when we get answers to these, to remind you all to check your predictions. But in the mean time, I’m just super-interested to see what everyone thinks.

Alright so I decided to make one of these!

Currently I don’t follow too many people on this blog. Mainly because this blog is pretty new. So, I’m making this little thing in order to find more people to follow! I mainly reblog most movies and TV shows, pretty much anything that you can watch I reblog. I just want to find and follow more people that reblog the same things.

Without further to do, please reblog if you post any of the following:

  • Anything Comic Related
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I think that’s all I can think of for now. If you reblog this, it’s a sure thing I will follow you! My dash is kind of really slow after all. If you want to, please signal boost this as well so I can find people to follow. In case someone wants to follow me instead, here’s my about page. I’ll also post graphics/edits in the future! Probably. I’m still learning. Either way, thank you for reading/reblogging! c: