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♥♥♥Hey guys! After some questions about faces I decided to make a little tutorial for everyone ♥♥♥

♥This is a step by step guide on what to -check- in your pictures to be certain your angles and anatomy are correct. It is suggested to go through every step as a checklist for your art to make sure everything is well. Sometimes going through more than once can also serve you well!♥ Granted, this example is one of billions of faces that people have so all faces won’t need to look like this to be accurate. However, a lot faces do follow some of these guidelines, even when some features aren’t apparent or obvious.

♥This is a —-long tutorial— so I’ll put most of it under the cut so not to spam. !!!Please do not remove the description!!!, for it is vital to the understanding of the markings I’ve made on the faces and in guiding artists through the step-by-step check of making sure their faces are even and accurate. This is not all the steps necessary for good facial structure and I am still a learning artist. It is suggested to continue your research on faces in the future LOL♥
                                              ♥ Continue Below ♥

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I just got home from pride, like, not even a full half hour ago and I’m just…ever so happy. Because for starters, IT WAS BABY GIRL’S FIRST PRIDE! But it was also my cousin Aimilios’ first pride & his boyfriend, Kenzo’s ( @parkerpeter12 ) first pride too! And I’m just so proud of Aim for a) coming out after 400 million years & b) actually dating someone I like and want to adopt into the family immediately lmao. But back to the point, today was not only a really great day of celebration, it was a really important day to remind ourselves of the vibrant community that we are a part of and just how different our tables can actually translate into each of our lives, but at the end of the day we are still accepting and full of love for the other people in our community. 

I dunno, my brain is mush after the week I’ve had so I hope this makes some sort of sense to everyone. I’m off to go eat dinner with the family and hopefully get in some sleep soon after. Much love,

She was quiet, like autumn rain on a lazy afternoon, her thoughts roaring like a raging sea. She was gentle, like a calm breeze during summer, and always made you feel like a fire burning inside your chest whenever she smiled her perfect smile at you. Something between a thunder storm and a blizzard, she would blissfully mesmerize you, not that you ever minded. All your attention would be on her anyway. She was home. Her hands, gentle and kind, would coax your fears and troubled thoughts away, enclosing them in a bottle and sending them out to sea, forever being forgotten. She was more fascinating than any of the hundred books she’d read aloud every night, and more beautiful than any song you’ve ever heard before. She’s the type of girl you could give your heart too, and know it’ll always remain safe and unbroken. She’s the type of girl you could see yourself dancing with in the grocery store, and also be the girl with a sharp tongue that would keep you in check. She’s the girl you’d work hard every day to be a better person, for, because it’s what you know she deserves. A girl so beautiful and soft, like a sunrise and sunset combined together. She’s the girl you know will be the one, because when you finally meet her, you feel familiar, like you’ve known her forever. And she’ll be your strength when you’re weak, your guidance when you’re lost, your anchor when you’re so far gone in the darkness you feel like you’ll never return. She’s the one with callused fingers, an ambitious worker. Someone with goals so big, you’d be constantly inspired. She’ll be so honest, lips and tongue so sweet, a lie could never be born and delivered from them. She’ll give you a love so big, every song and book from that point on will be about you. She will cast no judgements, and your souls will fit together like puzzle pieces. Like everything you were made to do in life was to love her. She’s the girl who makes forever seem more like a reality, because she’s the type of girl you’ll want nothing more than to love longer than time itself.


A lot of you messaged me about the clothing challenge thing I posted a time ago. It seems lots of people are interested in something like this, because they have no inspiration for outfits to put characters in!

So I decided to make this a thing. Every week I will post 2 outfits (if I am able to) and you guys can draw characters wearing these outfits! It doesn’t matter what you do, OC’s or your favorite characters, go nuts!

I always love seeing your work, so if you tag the thing you drew with “weeklyshittchallenge”, I will be able to see them all! :)

Have fun drawing! 

Both outfits -> H&M

🌹 katie’s moving urls! 🌹

hiiiiiiiii beloved mutuals and followers!

so since skam is officially over, the time has come. i’ve decided to archive this blog and remake - it’s gonna be nice to have a fresh start. but i want to make sure i don’t lose any mutuals or followers who want to keep up with me!

you’ll now find me at @sigrid-raabe! i’m gonna continue blogging some skam but mostly multifandom, aesthetics, etc. also if any of you follow my sideblogs (heytaako & cappccino) those are attached to my new main too!

i’m gonna tag mutuals here so i make sure they see this post and i’ll have it queued up for a while so followers are sure to see it. please please please comment on this post / message me / send asks / whatever at my new url if you wanna be mutuals and i will respond!

much love to EVERYONE who has followed this blog throughout skam. i truly loved spending these months with you ❤️

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So after a while here it comes again . Gratsu week is back yet again but this time it will start on the 16th of july (since it took a while to choose the prompts and make a post about it I decided to postpone it at least 6 days to give more time to participants to get ready )

so the prompts are :

  1. pillow fight
  2. hungry / cooking 
  3. hot spring 
  4. power outage
  5. star gazing / stormy night
  6. dance / music / art ….
  7. hospital

as always each contribution is due on its date late participations are always welcome aaaand you can ,of course , contriute with anything : fanart , fanfictions , edits , headcanons …..


tracing is not accepted and any use of content without credit or permission is forbidden 

As for the submission you can either post it with #gratsuweek2k17 in the first 5 tags or directly submit to our submit box that is always open 

An of course in case you have any question there is our ask box 

Hope you will enjoy this year’s week as much as any other 

special thanks to :

@norinen for the banner for the week 

@wildrhov for giving so many prompts suggestion (tried to use as many as possible )

I’ve been trying to improve my gifs/coloring style sooooo I decided that the best way to do that was by making a giveaway!!! And I have so many amazing followers, I just wanted to do something nice for you guys 💛


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you can check my gifsets here

Okay, guys I just want to share with you all what just happened. This morning I received a notification on my ancient account, which wasn’t really unusual because every other month I still get an alert about someone favorite-ing my story or following and even sometimes reviewing which makes my heart a little bit bigger, I admit it’s flattering to have someone like your cringe-era work. I even recently got a review that was so mean I decided to actually remove a whole story all the way back from 2010 or 2011 just so I wouldn’t get latent hate (bc even before that I got flamed for it) and I seriously regret taking it out now because of a review I got today in 2017 on a different story I posted back in 2011 when I was 14. 

This review right here:

And like…. I mean…. I just wrote those stories because I wanted my favorite couple in an anime I used to watch be together (and angst). I never meant to make anyone happy but myself and I sure as hell did not mean to inspire anyone and yet here it is? Tangible proof that this story I wrote when I was 14 because I was bored one summer actually touched someone into writing their own stories. And the fact that they went back to, looked for this particular story, and comment on it just to say they were inspired by it just makes me want to cry because here we are years and years later I’m 20 right now and I’m having a crisis about what I should be doing with my life and if I should even continue writing and this person tells me I’ve inspired them? To be completely honest with you I even forgot about this story, but this person did not. This story was important to this person, it mattered to them. 

So bottom line: Write your stories. Don’t delete them even if they are the cringiest thing you’ve written in your entire life because someone will read it and it’s going to stay with them and it’s going to be worth it. 


Hai guys, so I’ve for decided what the special will be!!^^

Although it’s a liiiiiiittle but late…..


So, I’m gonna make a one-shot with a bnha character x reader (you!!) going to the beach and having fun during the summer holidays!!


Send in the character you want through the request box or comment on this post the name of the character.

The voting will end within one week and the one-shot will be posted the day after!!

So, please do vote for your wanted character!!


Beautifully Tan (Exo Kai Scenario)

Originally posted by k-pop-crazy

Admin: Nari

POV: Second (male x female)

Genre: Fluff and maybe slight angst

A/N: I decided to write this because I saw an Instagram post where a Malaysian “Exo-L” was making rude comments about Kai’s skin (they were comparing it to dirt).

You unlocked your phone when it dinged and smiled when you saw it was a text from your boyfriend, Jongin, asking you to come over. You didn’t know why he wanted you over, but it made you happy. Maybe he had a special surprise waiting for you? Maybe he wanted to go out for lunch? Or maybe he just wanted to watch TV together and enjoy each other’s company? Either way, you would’ve been ecstatic.

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I have officially decided that I will be making a fanfic. Multiple parts/chapters, etc.
I already have the idea and a good portion of the plot and content figured out.
These next couple of days will be focused on finishing up requests on here, and a couple seconds parts to a few stories.
After that, I will be finished making one shots and start regularly posting the fan fiction.

I’m sure you are excited for the fan fiction, and I’ll post a little spoiler, it will be called “Ready or Not”. ((Make as many theories as you’d like about what the story will be about ;3)).

I’m very glad to be creating this fan fiction! It will be fun and I hope you enjoy it. :)

anonymous asked:

i want to keep on making art but i'm so depressed and it's taking my whole energy like... i cAN'T DO ANYTHING but i have so many ideas and i just can't sit down and express them as i would like to. any advice? :-//

💔 hi im sorry that youre struggling right now and its preventing you from creating im not sure if i can proper advise you on how to healthily deal with your depression but i’ll link some online resources for depression/self care that i hope eases what youre going through or just be helpful, sending you love& support and i hope you start making art again.

anonymous asked:

Proof: When we have talked you have always been kind and supportive to me. I've also seen this in conversations you've had with others. There are posts where you talk about the things that have hurt your friends and you go into mama bear mode. Others have confirmed this as well. You have always encouraged me and helped me. And I went on anonymous because I wanted it to be about you. :)


ayothugdere  asked:

Soooo I was doing my daily stalking of your blog NO SHAMEE and I saw your posts about writing for Jaehee and the wait for To Promise and first of all TAKE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD for real. You are an amazing and beautiful person inside and out and we would wait a lifetime for your lovely writing!!! Second I would not feel disappointed at all if you decide not to write for Jaehee. I want you to write what makes you excited and happy!!! Plus just think of it as 1 step closer to JUJUDADDY!


Thank you and bless you darling, I’m already half way through Jaehee’s “To Promise” so I will be finishing that… soon. 

I am so excited to get back into it all and this time with a smile on my face- thank you baby cakes!!! I’m so damn grateful for you and for everyone else who has been nothing but kind and understanding to me. You guys make me so damn happy and proud to be in this fandom with you all TT__TT


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disney princess icons! i saw @teddieprincess do these and i made one for myself and then made another one for fun. i decided to post them for safe keeping and if anyone else wants to use them! 

note: if teddieprincess would like me to take these down, i will gladly do so! i don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable at all! 

LISTEN. I’m a sucker for family stuff, so I decided to make my warrior Tildsi’s older brother. ISLER.

I would love to post some better pictures of him, but he’s currently stuck in Helheim, Helya owns his soul, and being a glowy transparent ghost in foggy ocean hell doesn’t make for good screenshots.

New Introduction

I’ve decided to redo my introduction so here goes!

Facts about me: 

  • My name is Emily (she/her)
  • I live in the USA
  • I’m 16
  • I’m gay
  • I will be a junior in high school this school year
  • I’m a swimmer for my high school’s team
  • I’m very into politics and current events

Why did I make this studyblr? Short answer, to keep me on track. Long answer, for the first two years of high school I did only the minimum amount of work I needed to do to get As in my classes, but junior year is the most important for colleges and I have a difficult course load so I’ve decided to step it up!

What will I be posting about? The classes I’m taking, planners, bullet journaling, organization, note taking, and more! I’m planning to start 100 days of productivity when I get home from a trip next weekend so keep your eyes peeled for that as well.

So what classes are you taking? When the school year starts I will be taking:

  • British Literature
  • World Literature
  • French 3
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP European History
  • AP US Government and Politics
  • Physics
  • Trigonometry/Functions

Blogs that inspire me: @emmastudies @milkyjournals @studyign @kuroristudies @tbhstudying @amsterdamstudies @starlight-student @lavietudier

And that’s all folks!! 

P.S. This is my second tumblr blog, I’m also active on my fan/current event/meme/random stuff blog @obscureobscurus


Hi guys so I decided to make a post about this.

If anyone found a Shadow plush in the parking lot in Gresham Portland, please let me know. I lost mine and I am worried sick about him. The one I lost is circled except for the homework one. The other two plushies are my siblings.


Soo @parfaitperi really inspired me with her OC Minami from My Hero Academia to start drawing stuff! I decided to make my own OC named Ume Saito that can see possible futures but get’s severe headaches afterwards and is always asked by every student at UA if they’re going to be a hero or not.

She isn’t fit to be a hero in the hero course so she’s a student in 1-H’s management courses and is an asset because she can see what things that will sell really well and what marketing gimmicks will work good as well.

Please be gentle this is the first time I’ve ever posted anything having to do with my art