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Will you be making a video on the pack? If so will it be posted at 3 like all your videos?

I’ve got a room build coming in an hour and then my regular video at 3. I built a kids bedroom for my channel. Pictures will be posted on here too.

I decided against doing a review/object overview since everyone and their mother did one on YouTube today.

Invasive and Illegal Aquarium plants in the USA, By state.

I saw some people asking about plants, and wanting them shipped to them from an overseas vendor, so I thought it’d be a good idea to post this. 

Make sure the plant you’re buying (given it’s being shipped), is legal in your state! I can’t stress this enough! If customs decides to randomly check your package (and they do do random searches), and finds that you’re buying invasive and/or illegal plants, you’ll get hit with a heavy fine! That’s right, YOU will get fined, not the seller, and your plant will be destroyed!


  • Anacharis (Elodea canadensis) -  AL, CA, CO, CT, ID, IL, IN, LA, MA, ME, MI, MS, NC, NE, NH, NY, OR, PR, SC, VT, WA, WI
  • Anacharis (Najas) - CA
  • Cabomba (Cabomba Carolinia) - CA, CT, ID, MA, ME, MI, NH, NY, VT, WA, WI


  • Water Hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes) - AL, AR, AZ, CA, LA, FL, PR, MS, NE, SC, TX, WI
  • Water Lettuce (Pistia stratioes) - AL, CA, FL, MS, PR, SC, TX, WI
  • Parrot’s Feather (Myriophyllum aquatica) - AL, CT, ID, IL, IN, ME, MA, MI, NE, NH, NY, OR, VT, VA, WA, WI
  • Frogbit (Limnobium spongia) - CA, PR
  • Salvinia (Salvinia spp.) - LA, MI, OR, TX, PR


  • Odorata (Nymphaea odorata) - CA, PR, WA


  • Lutea (Nelumbo lutea) - CT


  • Aquatic For-Get-Me-Not (Myosotis scorpiodes) - CT, MA
  • Aquatic Mint (Mentha aquatica) - ID, MT, NE, WY
  • Bloody Dock (Rumex spp.) - OK
  • Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia cordata variegeta) - City of Chicago
  • Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia) - MA
  • Flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus) - CT, ID, IN, MI, MN, MT, NH, OR, SD, VT, WA, WI
  • Golden Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia ‘aurea’) - MA
  • Pickerel Rush (Pontederia cordata) - CA
  • Variegated Water Celery (Oenanthe javanica) - WI


  • Variegated Giant Reed (Arundo donzx var.) - CA, NE, NV, TX, VA
  • Zebratails (Typha angustifolia Zebratails) - IN, WI
  • Graceful Cattails (Typha laxmanni) - WI
  • Gold Variegated Reed - CT, MA,MI, NC, VT


  • Yellow Flag Iris (Iris pseudacorus) - CA, CT, ID, IL, IN, MA, MT, NH, NY, OR, VT, WA


  • Floating Hearts (Nymphoides peltata) - CT, CO, FL, ID, IL, IN, MA, ME, MI, NY, NC, NE, NH, OR, VT, WI, WA
  • Four Leaf Water Clover (Marsilea mutica) - OK
  • White Snowflake (Nymphoides cristata) - NC, FL

All information is provided by PondPlantsOnline dot com. For more info, visit their site! I chose not to link PPO , because Tumblr tends to hide posts with links in them, and I feel this is vital information.

The final page of Comic 1! We decided to post it early!

The fanfiction links will be posted in a few minutes so stay tunes!

And for those who are lost, this is what Blue Pearl was working on. To make the palanquin nice and tidy for her Steven.

Are you guys ready for the Wanted 1 hour special? WE ARE SO READY!

First page - Previous Page

I hit 300 followers this morning :D So in celebration of that I decided to make my first follow forever! This is to thank first of all my dear friends who have supported me and who have helped me though all this time! And also to thank all of these amazing blogs whom I love with all my heart and who have helped my blog with all of their amazing edits and posts that I reblog from them! Please go check them out because they are talented! 

I love all of you! Thank you for making my time on tumblr so amazing! 💕💕

(Mutuals=bold) (I’m so sorry if I forgot someone :c I tried my best to include everyone!)


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So my best bud and I decided to do a cover of Weeaboo for fun last week and it turned out kiiiinda okay, pls give us validation and reblog this with nice comments friends ☀️☀️


I’ve decided to make my art progress/improvements from last year to this year and share it with you guys! The one on the right is my ever first fanart of flowerfell frisk (never posted it tho). And my first thoughts after finishing the sketch, i was so proud how the hair flower and face turned out~ it took me more than one and a half hours to finish xD then i did the redo, which actually surprised me. I really though that my art improves just in months, and im really happy with that results~ im really glad my art is improving and hopefully will improve more in the future~

Regrets at 11 pm

 fluff //  Stupidity at it’s finest is sending the student council vice president a ‘salacious’ picture at 11 pm.

Kyungsoo was having a dull day.

First of all, his console hadn’t come in the post but the games he had bought for said console did come so he was subjected to flicking through the handbooks like a decrepit hermit. Then his brother had washed his white Zelda shirt with his dark jeans, so his Zelda shirt was now a grey blotched mess. Disappointing

Then to make matters worse, Jongdae had decided not tell him that he wasn’t attending the LoL match, so he had to play with Baekhyun…not that there was anything wrong with him, but it’s fucking Baekhyun and there’s only so much forced aeygo Kyungsoo can take.

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Are your drawing sfw or nsfw/18+?

Almost all of my work with the exception of one is sfw. Because of the way the one nsfw (which tbh was honestly barely nsfw to begin with) was stolen and reposted extensively, I’ve decided that I will no longer be posting any nsfw online because art theft in general makes me feel like absolute shit but nsfw art theft brings that discomfort to a whole new level and it’s not worth it for me.

(17) Hip Hop unit reaction to seeing you being attacked by a burglar.

Hello guys. I got that request for the whole group but I’ve decided to break it into units, so the post wont be too long. Hope you like it. :D 

Gifs found BUT NOT OWNED OR MADE by @seoulofkratos


You were getting ready for a night date with your boyfriend, Seungcheol, preparing some snacks in the kitchen while your hair was drying. Suddenly you heard a weird noise behind you but you weren’t able to turn around because someone grabbed you by the neck and put something sharp to it. You were to scared to move or make a sound. Then, you saw the front door opening and your boyfriend Seungcheol entering your house. He was smiling widely, until he saw you, caged by a burglar. He dropped the shopping bags he was holding, his face full of anger, yelling and ordering the intruder to let you go. He ran to you and punched the man in the face, knocking him out cold. He made sure he wouldn’t be able to escape, waiting for the police to arrive. 


When Wonwoo saw you in the arms of the man that broke into your apartment, his face became blank. He took out his phone in one swift movement and said that if he won’t let you go, he would not only call the police but also beat the living shit out of him before they arrive. The burglar got scared and ran away through a window. Wonwoo ran to you and hugged you tightly, caressing your hair and whispering calming words until you stopped crying.


Mingyu was shocked when he saw you being choked by an unknown masked man. He grabbed the nearest object, a hard-covered book, and threw it at his head. It landed perfectly, knocking the offender out. Mingyu grabbed your hand and lead you out of the apartment, called the police and cheered you up until they took that man away.

He was scared at first, not knowing what to do, but when he saw your helpless face, wet from tears, begging him to save you, he forgot about himself and rushed to get you out of that man’s arms. He yelled with fury and grabbed a knife to cut his heart out for being a danger to you, but that burglar decided to run away with your phone and laptop that he had already stolen. Vernon hugged you and kissed all over your face, the both of you crying from shock.

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Hi B, (and to everyone else's' work that has been stolen)! It disappoints me that the bad and stupid people always seem to winning and killing the joy of what makes other people happy! Even though, like you said it's just fanfics I'd be sad for you and E, who are two of my favourites on here, taking your art down. It's a personal decision obviously but I wouldn't let them do this to me? But that's just my stubborn self talking. Whatever you decide is gonna be the right thing for you! much love x

I can’t talk for @permanentcross but I feel like she would agree that there’s a lot more involved than just the stealing and it’s getting really really tiring.

It makes us not want to post. It pushes us away and it takes away the joy of being here. Instead of just being able to enjoy Harry and writing about him, we have to deal with a lot of unnecessary drama that we don’t want to be a part of. It’s just getting really tiring to be here.

And it’s not that we don’t love you guys, we do. But the fun hasn’t been here for a long time and it’s just hard to deal with it all.


I debated on how to go about this, but I decided to just knock all these out in a thank you post–
                      So here it is~. 

First off I just want to say that these meant a lot to me, probably more than I could properly articulate. But I just want it be known these all came in around the time I was having serious self-doubt; and for you guys to take the time out of your day to express how you feel about my writing ( which makes me want to try harder here, honestly ), I’d like to do the same for you. 

@quxxn-of-thx-damnxd : Yeah, I saw that one coming. You’re my sweet girlfriend after all, if you didn’t send me one I’d humbly collapse and cry from insufferable loneliness–. Pft, no but seriously thank you; I just wanted to take a second to remind you’re still the reason I even have a Zero blog to this day. So whenever you doubt things, remember that–I loved your oc so much I actually left a group to become an indie. And from the time we’ve met till now, you’ve improved a lot in your writing and your overall aesthetic. But most importantly I love hearing the ideas you come up with, and from your OC to your canon characters, your dialogue is always amazing. I love our threads, very much.  

@onixiri : Okay, but you really shouldn’t praise me so much out of the blue–. //Snickers. I remember how much I loved your Tohru back on facebook, ( years ago ) and you’ve grown extremely as a writer since then, so it’s pretty easy for me to say that you’ve become my favorite Tohru. Hell, I remember when we used to all think you actually were Tohru. I hope you continue being bubbly and happy, like your muse. 

@delightful-envy : The crazy killer winds up in my askbox… pft, hearing that from you is something alright, though since I’m a very big fan of your writing. The style is definitely unique and you can easily incompass your entire character with it– so thank you, liking mine too.

@amaranth-vitae : I haven’t written much with you, aside from a meme from my previous blog and a txt one, I think. But I have to admit, I’ve peeked through your page on more than a few occasions, and you really are a very good Yuuki. I’d like to change the fact we haven’t rped much and harass you more– you’re a quality writer and I’d like to boost praise more confidently. 

@teniras : You’re great. From ooc to ic, it’s always fun interacting with you. Your ideas are unique and different– so I like our current plot a lot. Plus your style is pretty easy to enthuse a writing spell, I’ll admit, I like to try a bit harder with ours, cause yeah, you’re great. lol  No receipt on me. I want to make you ship my ship. 

@x-mxsked-pxnther-x : My smol bean little ‘sister’, still can’t get over how well you write too ( especially since you’re such a dork ooc ) but if ever ask that again, Ima lie cause you’re a shit to me too–. Ha, I’ll save those stars for blackmail, btw. On that note, love me more by coming online dammit 

@remedialmelody : You’re someone I really enjoy talking with OOC as much as I do with roleplaying with you, seldom as that is for both things. //SHOT because I’m slow af and so are you. But despite the lack of speed, ( that could go for everyone, I suck ) Liza is an original character I admire a lot, as well as your writing. I love the fluff between them, even as an angst sorta guy, and hope we can talk and continue to develop our ship with time.

@the-crimson-haired-princess : When you shared with me how much you love my writing, it really flattered me. I think you remember that I’ve always had a dislike for it, but it’s hard to think negatively when people like you (literally) shove their praise in my face. So, thank you. Also, I don’t know much about your character, but you seem to give her justice, and your writing is as good as ever. 

@princessbarb21rpblog : We still need to interact, and I plan on discussing a plot with you when I get a bit more caught up on things– but I have seen your writing and your posts around, and needles to say, I like them. ( Or I wouldn’t have followed back, honestly ) You have the ability to write multiple characters well, and I find that admirable. Plus, you’re pretty funny ooc, so that’s cool too. XD 

@electrxfy : Please come back so I can love on the only Rima ( no offense to any others that may be lurking where I haven’t seen them–) I’ve ever liked that much. Honestly, I’ve went on about it before, but you make her a real character to me– it’s impressive. 

@silvercrossblade : The other half of one on my OTPs – your writing is always so detailed and long. Whenever I start feeling like I know where our threads are generally going, you tack on more and really get me into it. Your threads are hands down up there ( with a few others ) in my favorites spot. Plotting with you is entertaining and in turn you’re probably one of the easiest to actually just shoot ideas off with. And not that I’ve ever seen another Lass but if I did– you’d still be my favorite. ( So put up with my pace–)

@wayward-innocent : The only OC I’ve ever met to be so damn crazy. I have such a huge soft spot for Yunneth that it’s not even funny. She reminds me of the crazy voodoo lady with depth and cuteness; and I really hope you know she’s heavily appreciated. 

@diaboliktheology : I’ve peeked at your things too and I’ll admit when I first saw your blog page, it gave me high expectations of you. ( For the simple fact it was so well put together and the rules, etc, was all very fair and again, well articulated. ) And I can say now, as I’ve basically stalked your things, that you’re just awesome. I’m not familiar with your character– as I feel like I’d hate Diablik Lovers and I’m picky as hell – but I have seen others and seen enough to know your portrayal is different and catches my interest. 

@xx-watch-me-fly-xx : I love Hinata okay. And you showcase his cuteness really well– as your friend, I’ll be blunt– I didn’t think your writing style would match him after seeing you roleplay Ren ( my son who you play on point ) but you do– you really, really do. I know I’m slow as hell, but keep up the great work, Milla. XD

@neon-witch : My message tag buddy. XD Alyssia is someone I’m excited to interact with, because not only do you write and draw her with a lot of talent, her entire basis is intriguing. From her backstory, to her existence, I genuinely want to know more about her. Plus, her mun seems pretty cool too, lol, so that’s a plus. All in all, I like your writing a lot too; I’m happy you sent this in. 

@moonlit-theft you’re not on here, but you’re a great friend and you’ve helped me a lot–so I’m giving you a quick shout out too for your weed ass. //shot


     I love you guys too, every interaction or like is support, and I wouldn’t even bother without it–so thank you. You guys make roleplaying worthwhile.

… …  

      ‘Sizzle ‘

     That was too much nice for one day, jesus christ. I’m going back to never talking again now, GOOD DAY.


strongly considered not posting these because i didn’t want you guys to judge me; decided that if you were gonna judge me for something u already would have lol. i got myself a lil present for finishing another quarter. it came in early so i went ahead and opened it. you may or may not have seen me post before about how i love wydowna! she’s so cute. now i just have to make sure i actually do well on my finals (i took a bunch of pictures of her during my homework break like a huge nerd but now it’s back to work).  

shes a spider who draws comics……..a very appropriate companion for me during finals week. also a girl after my own heart 

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Okay, so looking at the PolarShipping post. (Platanic or Otherwise.) And I see the Jou has done this before thing and all I can think is GenderFluid!Jou when had a bad experience the first (and only) instance where traditionally feminine clothing was worn and decided 'Never Again'. Mai found out (because this is Mai and you can not hide a secret from her) and decided to help out. Queue Art.

Jou being the “’I can’t believe you’re making me do this!’ ‘No-one is making you do this’” guy. Mai hears the story and laughs about it in public, but they get to her apartment, she shuts the door, pours some wine and is like “Ok.”

Getting him to admit anything is like pulling teeth, so she just sits him down and starts umming and ahhing over makeup tones until he stops protesting and rolls with it. She’s never been happy to have broad shoulders before, but it’s definitely going to make wardrobe sharing easier. 

If you send mean anons, you are a toxic person.

No ifs ands or buts about it.

I made a post yesterday, after spending time making my static and pathfinder friend @moenblyss a tumblr so they could meet more balmung people because they are lonely for RP and I wanted to help them make friends.

But one or some of you took that opprotunity to send an anon “Great now you want to ruin Tumblr too?”

I feel partially responsible because I was trying to boost, to help them meet new people, and I used my large number of followers to help with that.

I did not do it so that he could get anon hate.

I showed him how to turn off anon, but to be honest I’m REALLY disappointed guys.

Yes sometimes my buddy is disagreeable. Every raid night I end up yelling at him for something. And he tells me a lot of people hate him in PvP. But the thing that I’ve noticed is that even friends who are TOTAL ASSHOLES *cough Rensar and Alyss* can be SUPER GOOD PEOPLE deep down. A handfull of times Moen has come to raid night even after terrible days which he could have understandibly skipped out on, he made an effort to come after me saying I really needed a distraction from my life because my anxiety was bad.

What I’m trying to say is, if you have issues with someone, that’s fine. No one is forcing you to interact with them.

But going to someone brand new to tumblr to send them anon hate because you hate them for whatever reason makes you a worse person than whatever they could have done to make you hate them in the first place.

Really thought some of you guys were better than that.

Upcoming requests

I decided to make this post for organizations sake and also for you guys to know what else is coming up.



BTS reaction to being hit on by a guy

BTS reaction to s/o dancing in heavy rain

BTS reaction to s/o crying over chicken nuggets

BTS reaction to you being scared when they are angry

BTS reaction to you crying because they are about to leave for tour

BTS reaction to s/o trying to get their attention with a kiss


Got7 reaction to s/o playfully teasing them

Got7 reaction to being caught by s/o grandmother at night while going to meet them


Bigbang reaction to you finding them with their pants down (as their crush)


Raising a child together with Jackson after one night stand/ raising a child with Bambam after one night stand.

Send in some more scenario requests lovelies! I would love to do them :)

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"Don't die on me- please" Zen/Jumin/Saeran (you pick which one orzzz) to MC

T_T anon why do you make me hurt them this way? oh well 

thank you for the request! I decided to do all three of them because…well, why not? this took me a while to think of who knew i was this bad at angst 

hope you enjoy! I also want to apologize in advance for Saeran’s because it starts out all cute and then I remember why I’m writing these lol. It also got kind of long; 


Zen was never proud of his past, and everyone was aware of that, but he was never more regretful of his choices than he was in that moment. MC made arrangements with his friend who sold lamb skewers to help them celebrate his newest role. When they got there, it was just the two of them in the restaurant━Haejung even gave them a discount. They sat in the same booth, Zen’s arm around her while Haejung told them stories and they shared food when a car crashed through the door. Zen was blurry on what happened next, but he knew the two of them got separated and there were a few gunshots. Apparently, their old rivals decided to go after them. Now, he was in the hospital…fine. Haejung got away with a shot in his side that could be taken care of, but MC got the worst of it. He was sitting next to her bed, holding her hand and trying not to cry. If he hadn’t made those choices before… “Excuse me, sir.” Zen looked up at the nurse who walked in. “The doctor wanted me to let you know the options. She’s not in a very good position…our best bet is surgery━and even then, we’re not sure if she’ll make it…” “We’ll do the surgery, as soon as the doctor can.” The nurse looked like they were about to argue before they left him alone. Zen went back to holding MC’s hand, moving it to his face. He kissed her hand and closed his eyes, squeezing slightly. “MC..babe, we can get through this. I’m here with you, I’ll make sure this never, ever happens again just- don’t die on me- please.” A few tears managed to escape him. “..Please..”


Everything was supposed to be safe. It always was. However, no one predicted a car accident. They were on their way to the RFA party, Driver Kim driving as usual, and were only 5 minutes away before a truck ran into them. The car flipped and some guards that were always riding behind them called an ambulance. One guard managed to get Driver Kim out, who had some head scratches and a bad cut on his arm. Others managed to get Jumin out first. He was in worse shape than Driver Kim, but he couldn’t feel any of it in that moment. He needed to make sure MC was alright. They got her out a few minutes later and saw that she was in about the same state as Jumin, but with one rather large cut on her head. Ever since they got her out, she had been in Jumin’s arms━who couldn’t contain his panic. He took off his coat and pressed it to the wound to help the bleeding, clutching her tight. “Hold on, my love.” He whispered to her, “The ambulance is coming and I will get you the best doctors they have. All you have to do is…don’t..don’t die on me- please.” Everyone around them could tell how worried he was. Two ambulances arrived. They told him they were going to take MC in one and drive her to the hospital while the medics in the other would take care of them on the spot. Jumin refused at first. “I need to be with my wife. I’ll go to the hospital with her.” There were some concerns, however, and they managed to convince Jumin to stay. He did walk with them to the ambulance, though. “I’ll be there soon, my love. Please wait for me…and be okay.” They closed the doors and began driving off. “Please be okay.”


MC convinced him to go out for the day. They were going to the park, on a picnic, but mainly to cloud-watch. Saeran couldn’t say no to that kind of offer. They found a spot near a tree that would keep them cool but wouldn’t cover the clouds too much. MC laid out the blanket and Saeran unpacked their picnic━some sandwiches Saeyoung made(he insisted he’d make it), fruit, water, ice cream in a little cooler. They laid next to each other for a while, really only talking when one of them saw a particularly cool shape. Eventually, MC decided to sit against the tree with one of the sandwiches and Saeran sat up to have some ice cream. They talked more. About the clouds, Saeyoung’s ridiculousness, his treatment. Then one person came to them. “It is you..” The person said, looking at Saeran. “I never thought I’d see you again.” MC didn’t know them, but could tell he did.. “…I didn’t either.” He said. Now MC was getting worried. “And you’re with her…the one who was supposed to help us.” The person looked to MC. “That is none of your business. Leave…please.” Saeran said, looking like he wanted to move closer to MC but didn’t. “Oh, I know. I just wanted to thank her..for getting us out of that mess.” Saeran obviously didn’t trust them, but they held out their hand for MC to shake. “It’s nice to meet you.” MC glanced at Saeran before reaching out. “It’s nice to meet yo-” She was cut off by being pulled closer and a pain started in her stomach. “You ruined Mint Eye.” The person said before running off. “MC!” Saeran yelled, moving over to her. He got out his phone and called Saeyoung first, who called an ambulance and said that he’d take care of the person. “It’s alright, aah- I’m so sorry I didn’t stop that! I knew something was going to happen I just didn’t-” “Saeran, it’s okay..” MC mumbled, smiling at him. “It was a nice day today.” “MC, don’t talk like that.” He said, “Don’t talk to me like that. You can’t. I’ll get them back for hurting you, just don’t die on me- please.” She nodded, but didn’t speak after that and waited with him for the ambulance.  

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I'm not usually one for aesthetic posts but I'm really impressed by your photography and that you took everything yourself?? I've never seen that before and your photos are GORGEOUS

Thank you so much!! This means a lot tbh, aesthetic posts are my #1 procrastination from my actual creative project hahaha; I decided that when I procrastinate, I still want to focus as much as I can on making original things and getting inspiration that way!!

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oh my god tell us please

hsgsghsgs ok fine. keep in mind that i live in hick redneck rural northern ontario so the party was literally in the middle of the bush behind an old farm. we had a bonfire, booze, and everything. it was pretty fun. canadian hicks lmao.

anyways eventually the cops came from what i assume was either a noise complaint or a fire report and three things ended up happening:

  1. the cops kinda stalked around in the bushes first before deciding to make their move.
  2. one of the other native dudes who was there with us joked about his Native Senses™ to have fun with the White Kids (its hilarious how much you can make white people believe that you have Special Senses just because you’re native lmao).
  3. said native dude stopped, turned around, saw the cops in the bush somehow, and screamed “COPS COPS SCATTER SCATTER!!!!!”

And we did. We all scattered like a bunch of roaches being disturbed from a meal when the exterminator comes. Cops didn’t really know what to do and neither did I. I have a real bad fucking fight vs flight thing where most of the time I choose fight.

Yeaaaaaaaah big mistake these were two 6 foot+ tall white male cops who were probably 300 lbs of pure beef each and both had weapons. And I’m a 5′9″ 260 lb beefy native american with street fighting skills listen it’s a rough patch of Ontario we literally fight each other for fun out here who was actively sizing them up like a fucking cat with two very strong and overgrown rats.

So everyone but me ran and I mean two cops against 30+ teens scattering into the forest like something from Children Of The Corn… they didnt stand a chance catching us all but because I stayed behind, they kinda focused on me. Until I realized that me staying was a Mistake™ and that I should run. So I run and they do the classic “FREEZE STOP RUNNING” and I manage to jump over a wooden fence I may have bailed and landed straight on my face like an idiot.

They hop the fence too like they’re fit as fuck and just jump over that thing like it was nothin like they must have been working for the CG effects crew for Assassins Creed or some bullshit thats how easily they scaled it. I try to get up, they pepper spray me (not directly in the face but it was like against my neck and on my chest thankfully).

Lemme tell you what pepper spray does to you when you’re a slightly drunk and very aggressive native american with a very high pain tolerance let alone the fact that they missed your face and just hit your neck/chest with it: it just makes you angry and cough lots. I was a fucking raging choking asshole to them and i managed to bite the one who was on top of me in the nose pretty good before they tried to get the cuffs on me. That cop falls back on his ass like an idiot after I kicked him a few times in the nuts.

Other dude gets out his tazor. Now this tazor was the fucking old ass box style tazor that would shoot metal prongs that embed into your skin and then electrocute you in bursts of a few seconds before it recharges and then hits you again if the person presses the button to. Even I in my not-quite-in-the-face pepper spray rage could withstand a shock from one of these things.

But luckily for me it only lasted for a few seconds and i went down hard. I landed on my own hands and it was very dark for the cops so they couldnt really see what they were doing so when the shock stopped i may have booted one of them wherever i could hit (i think i hit him in the gut/solar plexus and then the face because he went down hard and wheezed a lot). Other cop who i had recently sacked recovered and attempted to pepper spray me again.

It was really dark so idk what happened but he ended up coughing so I’m pretty sure that The Wind betrayed him. It blew back into his face and just made him go down coughing and wheezing. Stupidest pair of white assholes I have ever seen. They couldn’t even take down a person who was smaller than them and who got injured multiple times.

So I ran then and got my ass out of there as fast as I could and eventually I made it back home sound but not really safe. The tazor box was still stuck to me and I had ran all the way home with this thing dragging behind me and I never noticed it until I got home. Adrenaline rushes are a bitch.

in the amount of time it took me to remove the prongs, i accidentally tazed myself when i tried to remove them from the box instead of my skin when my hand slipped (i admit i was a bit wary to even touch the prongs in my skin because i have a Thing with puncture wounds and issues dealing with stuff being under the flesh shghshh)

went down hard, eventually just sucked it up and ripped them from my skin (turns out my hoodie spared me having to deal with them going in too far), took a nap, and idc if you think this is a fake story because my dudes i had to go to the hospital afterwards for three days due to reoccurring convulsions that i thought were seizures as well as an infection that the prongs left in my side (not fun) so i think i know what i went through