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hiii it’s rose! so im almost at my 4 month anniversary of having this blog and i also recently hit 10k on jimin’s birthday so i decided to do my first follow forever! when i started this blog back in july, i didn’t know it would grow this much and i’m still mind boggled by the fact that it did. thank you to everyone who likes anything i post whether it’s memes/ funny videos/ gifs/ dumb tags/etc, it means a lot to me, more than you know!

thank you for giving me so much love, advice, inspiration, and motivation, not only on here but in real life as well ever since i started my blog. this blog has been my happy place/escape for the past 3 months whenever things get tough and i’m beyond grateful for you all❤️i didn’t know running a blog to support my favorite group of boys could lead to me meeting so many amazing people 🤧🤧

a massive thank you to my followers for being so incredible and nice to me! to be some of your guys’ favorite blog means the world because i truly don’t deserve you all :) also thank you for always sending the sweetest messages into my inbox and i see a lot of you in my activities on a daily basis that i remember your urls hehe 😛

for the small amount of mutuals i hold close n dear to my heart, i love you all sosososososososo much! you make me berry happy and thank you for talking or attempting to talk to me bc if you haven’t notice by now, i suck at conversing LOL also thank you for tagging me in stuff because that means there r people who actually think of me 🤧 you make my time on here much more enjoyable!

ANYWAYS (sorry for making this so long) below are a list of fantastic people who brighten my days and fill my dash (and heart) with joy and make my dash wonderful place! i love all the content you create! you all deserve all the happiness in the world and i hope things are going well for ya 💞

let’s keep supporting bts together for a long time

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Stop making Lance hurt Keith

Okay, so I have been seeing quite a large amount of content being created where Lance punches, beats up, or/and verbal insults Keith for attempting to sacrifice himself in the last episode in season 4.

In fact, I just read a fanfic where Lance gets furious at Keith, punches him hard in the face, shoves him against the wall with so much force he falls to the ground, and then repeatedly calls him stupid. This rubbed me the wrong way imediately. I checked the comments in attempt to resume my unease but to my surprise all I found was an abundance of praise for how “realistic” the characters interacted with each other. If these actions are seen as normal (aka “realistic”) then there is a problem because this behavior is abusive.

Poeple may argue that Lance desires to be angry but even so it does not give him an excuse to treat Keith (someone he’s supposed to love) like that. Even if you’re angry you need to control yourself and be supportive of the person (who is actually probably hurting more than you).If someone I loved tried to kill themselves (which some of my friends actually have) my first instinct is to make sure they’re ok and just be endlessly happy and releived that they are still alive. Then we try to work through the issues that brought them to get close to killing themselves.

That is how you show someone you care, by comforting and supporting them through this difficult time. You do not show someone you love them by physically hitting or mentally putting them down. That is abuse.

So, please, please stop showing Lance hurt Keith (physically or mentally), especially for making a decision that he genuinely thought was the best thing to do at the time. If we keep representing they’re relationship this way then we just inforce the idea that abusive relationships are normal, okay, and “realistic”.

it’s officially been 3 years since ryan hawley’s first ever episode as robert sugden.

thanks to everyone at emmerdale who helped a) decide to bring robert back b) put him with aaron and make him bisexual and c) cast ryan alexander hawley

thank you ryan for your ridiculous talent, beautiful face and insane chemistry with everyone you act with (it’s highkey annoying how you’re THAT good). thank you for putting everything into your work, loving your job and being an absolute babe to to your fans

shoutout to danny b for being ryan’s pal, making him smile and making him love being part of robron even more

and finally, thanks to karl davies for not wanting to return. things would’ve been weird af and I am eternally grateful we get to see ryan on our screens in the show we all love 💞😚💘😍💖

hi hello some nasty ass person decided it was okay to write smut for an underaged boy

can yall like,,, fucking stop…. @/goldenpuffsandkpop please choke because i don’t care if you have some stupid ass “disclaimer” writing smut for someone who is underaged is not okay i dont care if you’re also underaged that still doesnt make it okay

bitch i swEAR YALL NASTIES NEVER FUCKING LEARN 🗣🗣🗣🗣 heres some examples of this nasty ass hoe cuz this shit iS NOT OKAY these are their posts…

i am actually shaking at how disgusted i feel someone stop this hoe

hi everyone! i’ve decided to make a birthday page for my followers because i think it’s a really cute idea, and being remembered on your birthday is always a nice feeling! xo

how to join:

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask with your name and birthday
  • please write out your birthday in full like this: 29th April
  • you do not need to include the year

what you will get:

  • a spot on my birthday page
  • a message on your birthday 
  • a promo on your birthday
  • a spot on my updates tab for the month of your birthday
something wicked this way already came; “dark” betty cooper, utilitarian ethics, and the trolley problem

@village-skeptic tagged me in a wonderful meta post by @burberrycanary and my response spiraled into a whole monstrous thing so rather than hijack i thought i would make my own—

because over this past week i’ve noticed some really heated discussions and opinions about morals and judgments about what betty did to cheryl, and although i’ve already discussed it once [x], i decided, yanno, that just wasn’t enough for me. so.


the entire series opened with betty declaring that she did everything for everyone, and she wanted just one thing for herself—but once she got a taste for it, or once a girl whose entire identity was shaped by external expectations of her, she started to realize the purpose in doing more for herself.

and like anyone who doesn’t know the limits of their newly found strength, she takes it too far. she’s a sheltered, privileged girl who is just now realizing that the system only plays to her, not her boyfriend or his family. she’s learning that the world is unfair as she goes.

or, what i’ve been trying to say is—dark betty didn’t disappear when a wig was stashed inside of a locker. she never went anywhere at all, in fact. 

“dark betty” is betty, fists unclenched, and that rage finding purpose. it’s the same girl who has been told what she can’t do her whole life, who has had nothing but rules and expectations about such.

because betty is an anti-hero, or becoming one, and has been for a while. 

i think that a lot of people hold betty to a much higher moral compass because she’s quite literally several angelic tropes come to life, particularly in her appearance and demeanor. (literally—the reason the archie comics have always been successful is because they’re compilations of cultural tropes.)

but betty when herself said that jughead was the soul of riverdale, this is the writers laying out their moral compass—it’s jughead, not betty. his journey, his foot on each end of the town line, his turbulence through political systems and cultural expectations—he is the ethical middle ground. 

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Just wanted to post this as just a kinda a WIP/CC advice.

I saw a denim jumpsuit and wanted to try and make it in Sims.  I have been working on this for probably a good 2 or 3 days, on and off.  I was sooo frustrated trying to get this to work, to look the way I want, etc.  But, I decided to step away from it for a day or so, and I’m so glad I did!  I finally got it to look exactly how I wanted!  

Anyway, my point: Sometimes, it’s best to give yourself a break, rather drive yourself nuts over something.  Otherwise, you might end up cutting corners and just be disappointed in yourself.  You’re brain will probably end up working on it in the background and you may come up with even better ideas!

So listen to Eliza Schuyler and take a break!

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It’s been a while, but here’s a manip I decided to make this weekend!

I know I haven’t been posting much for… a while, but trust me, I’m trying.  I have found myself steadily busy, but when I can, I work a bit on story ideas.  I know that doesn’t mean much, since I’m still having a hard time finishing anything for this blog, but maybe manips will help to fill the gaps.  I had a lot of fun working on this, and with Thor: Ragnarok in my near future (I’m so excited omg), I have been feeling the itch to do some stuff for my favorite god.
I made this with two Tom modeling pictures, various images from Thor movies, a small detail from the Thor fireplace video, and I painted on additional details(and modified/repainted like… half of the background).

I might have started calling it “date night with Loki” while working on it

So apparently it’s a Markiplier selfie day event thingy, so here’s this. It’s technically not a selfie, obviously, but it’s the nicest picture of me that’s ever been taken so I decided to use it. Enjoy it, because this’ll probably be one of the only times you’ll see my face on this account. Posting my face on Tumblr makes me slightly nervous. Regardless, thanks to @markipliergamegifs for hosting this event, and here’s all the support in the world to Mark as he comes back from his hiatus!

Drautos Reaction Post

I was definitely trying to figure out a couple of ways for Drautos to react to the Glaives making him a dating profile and SLANDERING his name, and I had a post up for all of three seconds before I decided that I didn’t like it and scrapped it. In hindsight, though, his reaction would very much be the same.

He’d gather them together in one place, lift the phone to reveal his profile, and:

Drautos: Who did this?

The Entire Glaive: *points to Luche*

Luche: …As leader, I will take full responsibility–

Drautos: Oh, for the love of…you can just go.

Luche: Bye!

Nyx: *yelling* We are a family! If we’re dyin’, you’re dyin’, too! Ain’t no choice, Luche!

Of course, I actually think Crowe would have sweet-talked the Captain into letting her off the hook, too. She’s very clever that way, and he just doesn’t want to deal with her much. 

But for the rest of them…

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BTS reaction: finding out you had cancer and it might come back

(Plz read)

Okay, so. I’ve decided that I need to pull myself together and start writing again. So feel free to spam me and tell me to write if I don’t post at least every three days. 

I’ve decided to not post reactions in the order I got them, but choose the ones I’m inspired to write, as to make it easier for me to get back on track. And because I had someone really close to me die from cancer that returned earlier this year, this request hits really close to home, and I’ve wanted to do this one ever since I got it. I hope you guys don’t mind that I won’t do the requests in the “right” order for a while.

Anyways, thank you for requesting, and I’m going to put this under a cut just in case. Also, our wifi is shit atm, so I couldn’t add gifs xx

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Being trans is not political

Stop turning trans into a political agenda.

I am not your politic.

I am not an agenda.

I am just transitioning to be comfortable with my body.

You do not speak for me, I speak for myself.

I have my own thoughts and opinions.

We do not all share the same ideals.

If I decide to be stealth, that is my choice.

If I don’t want to get involved in the larger community, that is my choice.

I am not “internalised transphobic”

Don’t make this post about the opposite,

Thank you


hello studyblr community! my name is tempestt and for the past year i’ve been silently stalking a million studyblrs, studygrams, and studytubes so i have finally decided to make one of my own :) i have a mainblog @withernghost where i post about my aesthetic, so if you’re from there, heyo! i will be following any studyblrs that reblog/like this post so ;) on with the introduction!

 me in a nutshell 

  • i live in canada and i am currently in 11th grade
  • sixteen years young
  • i really like cats and harry potter
  • i am a infj-t personality 

my interests

  • reading - i love fantasy and thriller novels !
  • music - i enjoy a wide variety of music genres but mostly i like folk or indie music
  • outer space - why is it so big? comets, meteors, planets, stars, yay!
  • water - stay hydrated
  • archaeology - digging up bones and learning about the past is what i want to do
  • writing - i enjoy creating little backstories for random people i see 
  • stationary - of course!!

my favorite blogs

@muedestudy @studyblr @studyign @studyquill @athenastudying @mildlincrs @studyfeather @obliviatestudies @applesstudy @studyskylar

and many. many more!!

thank you for checking this out :)

Another Controversial Opinion

This is sort of like a part two to my bi women post, but from my bi friends perspective, because she has anxiety, doesn’t have the space to post it, and has bad dyslexia, and facing it often makes her cry, so I decided to post it.

Do i agree with her? Hell yes.

We all know there’s friction between bi women and lesbians, and for many obvious reasons, that other women have talked about.

First, my post. Did I word it the best? Lol nope, I didn’t, I was quite rude in it, but it was a post voicing my frustrations and anger, and, nonetheless, the words being used matter less than the subject of the post.

My friend saw my point of view and agreed with me that, yes, some are like that, her being guilty of doing it to me herself.

But she, as a bi woman, has some frustrations with some trends that some lesbians (though, not JUST lesbians, but some of them are lesbian specific.) partake in.

Such as, bisexuality isn’t real, or that they should choose a side, which is shitty. Bi women are bi, and their attractions are allowed to exist, but they shouldn’t do it at the expense of lesbians.

But sometimes, some lesbians do stuff at the expense of bi women . Some of her experiences are lesbians saying that she shouldn’t come into lgb spaces, because she’s not REALLY gay, or that I shouldn’t be friends with her just because shes bi, and, while this is rare and I’ve only seen this a few times, some lesbians being proud while throwing bi women under the bus (“Bi women are fake, unlike me” “bi women are slutty ” “bi women can’t commit, unlike lesbians ” “bi women are liars, and lesbians are pure” as some paraphrased examples), and honestly? Its really fucking shitty.

And you know what? If a bi woman made a post similar to mine, I wouldn’t be mad. Bi women are allowed to voice their frustrations and anger how they want, just like lesbians.

My bi friend and I have conversations like this all the time, and what she has to deal with as a bi woman, is shitty as fuck.

Both bi women and lesbians need to be better to each other.

So, there’s another opinion for yall to get mad over.

I’m planning a Roadrat monster week! It’s just like Roadrat week but with monster themes! If you are interested in participating I would like to know:
- Which date are you the most available to participate / think the week should be on?
-Theme suggestions, if you have any!

If you can please reblog/reply to this post or send me a message! I’ll be making an official post with the themes and dates as soon as they’re all decided.


Hey there my duuudes, it’s ya gurl Kristy
Sorry to disappoint most of you but uh, I plan on rebooting the blog once more.
I’ve been considering it for a while, and with the help/advice of some of my friends, I’ve decided to make it my final decision. The plot and blog honestly feels really scattered to me.
So yeah, that’s all I have to say for now, this blog is still gonna be inactive (post wise anyway, I’ll be lurking) while I work on some things for it.