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Her voice can return you to life,
His music can change it.

See? Still nothing special (early sneak peeks 1, 2).
Musical AU (read it as a noun and also as an adjective… Don`t even dare to compare with “La La Land” or smtn like this) or… Miraculous sounds AU? This name almost like a ref to other ML AU, so I don`t really want to use it.

*coughs* I decided to make it mostly as a comic and Im gonna post a Pilot part very soon.

Summary facts for the begging:
- Aged-up characters (+ 4-5 years)
- Totally different universe. No magic of Miraculous.
- Chat Noir as a rock/rock-n-roll singer/musician. Ladybug as a jazz/swing/blues singer.

Thats all for now, I guess. I have a feeling that I`m already destroying the whole intrigue (if there`s it can be)

Hatred (Part 2)

So many people were requesting a part 2 I decided to start that right away! Hope you all like it!

Part 1:

Summary: After what happened at Betty’s party, you decided you needed to talk to Jughead. At first he doesn’t want to discuss it, but later he invited you to the drive-in to talk about it. Things get a bit heated just before someone finds out.


It’d been days since your and Jughead’s make out session and you were still reeling from it. You wanted to see him so badly, but you didn’t think it was a great idea. You saw Jughead in the hall on Tuesday, but he refused to even look your way. You had to do something to get his attention.

On Thursday, you saw him and Betty talking after school. This was your opportunity. You rushed over to them, smiling at Betty. “Hey Betty, do you want to hang out and study for the history test tonight?”

Jughead glanced over at you. He knew he had to keep up the act, but he wanted an excuse to see you again. “Actually, Betty, I was going to ask if you wanted to go to Pop’s with me after school?” Jughead said, his voice rigid.

Betty never liked to let anyone down, but this could be a problem. “Um, how about we all just study for the test together at Pop’s?” She smiled brightly, hoping it would encourage you and Jughead. “Can you guys handle that?”

You glanced at Jughead quickly, before looking back to Betty and smiling sweetly. “I think we can get along for a little bit.” Jughead nodded, looking away. This could be great, or it could be a huge mistake.


You and Betty have your last period together, so you headed over to Pop’s together. You both sat down in a booth and pulled out your history notes. Jughead showed up a few minutes later, and sat next to Betty across from you.

“Okay, so let’s quiz each other.” Betty suggested. She looked at you first. “[Y/N], who was the fourth president of the United States?”

“It was one of the James’s… Monroe?” You guessed hopefully. Memorization was always hard for you.

“Madison, stupid.” Jughead said flatly, rolling his eyes at you. You looked at him, annoyed. Why was he being a jerk again?

“Be nice, Jughead.” Betty warned him. “Okay, this one is for you. What party did Jefferson belong to?”

He thought for a few seconds. “The Anti-Federalist party?”

“Actually, they were called the Democratic-Republicans.” Betty told him.

If Jughead was going to be a jerk, you would, too. “That was so obvious.” You stated.

“You two need to be nice or I’m going to leave.” Betty threatened. You couldn’t let her leave yet. You hadn’t gotten to talk to Jughead yet.

The questions continued for quite some time. You continued to get questions wrong because you couldn’t really focus on history with all of the questions about Jughead floating around in your head. Eventually, Betty excused herself to go to the bathroom. This was your chance.

“What’s your problem?” You whisper-hissed at Jughead. “Why are you being an asshole again?”

“Nothing’s changed. We’re continuing like we always have.” He crossed his arms across his chest. His eyes gave nothing away.

You looked at him, incredulous. “So that didn’t mean anything for you? You’re the one who started it!” You glanced around to make sure nobody was listening.

He sighed. “Just let it go, [Y/N]. It’s a bad idea to let things escalate.”

“Why? What are you afraid of happening? Betty would be super excited about it! Nobody would care!”

“It’s more complicated than that. Just let it go.”

“Fine, but here’s my number in case you change your mind.” You hissed. You quickly scribbled your number on a napkin before throwing it at him. “I’m leaving. Tell Betty I felt sick and went home.” You quickly gathered your things and walked out.

What was Jughead talking about? How could this be so complicated? He was the one who told you not to worry so much about what others thought, but he was too scared to let anyone know something happened between you two? Whatever. Screw him.


The next day went by uneventful. Jughead had put you in a bad mood, so everything was getting on your nerves.

“How do you think you did on that test?” Betty asked you after school. “I think that study session really helped. We should do that more often.”

You sighed. “I’m pretty sure I flunked it. I’m not sure why-” you knew exactly why- “but I felt really distracted. Maybe I’m getting-” before you could finish your sentence, your phone beeped, indicating you had gotten a message. “Sorry, Betty. I should probably take this. My mom probably wants me to pick up something from Pop’s for dinner.”

“No problem. I’ll text you later.” She said before leaving.

You checked your phone. It was a message from an unsaved number. “Meet me at the drive in” it read. Was this Jughead? You desperately hoped so.

You rushed home to change. You changed into a shirt that hung a bit low and swiped a bit of your favorite lipstick on. You were going to show him what he was missing.

As you walked through the entrance of the drive in, you heard someone call your name. You turned, seeing Jughead with his head poking out of the door of the projection booth. You walked over and he let you in.

You stood awkwardly near the door while Jughead leaned against the opposite wall.

He eyed you up and down. “Why are you dressed like that?” He laughed.

You crossed your arms over your chest. “This is how I usually dress.” You tried to keep a straight face.

“I don’t think it is. You came prepared to seduce me, didn’t you?” He laughed again.

All the color drained from your face. Why was he being so mean? “No!” You weren’t going to let him laugh at you anymore. “Why did you even tell me to come here?” You asked, annoyed.

He sighed. “I wanted to apologize for being so mean to you at Pop’s the other day.”

“Damn right, you should apologize.”

“It’s just…” he sighed again, looking away from you. “I don’t understand why. You’re the most annoying person I’ve ever met.” You rolled your eyes at him. He looks back at you before adding, “But I like you.”

“That’s it? You invited me over here to tell me the reason you kissed me was because you liked me? Even though you actually hate me?” This boy was so confusing.

“No. Yes. I’m not sure.” You could see he was conflicted.

“Why did you even kiss me if you thought you hated me?” You asked.

“You looked so pretty. And you were so closed to me. I just couldn’t really stop myself.” He refused to look you in the eye. You walked closer to him. You placed a hand on each of his cheeks, forcing him to look you in the eyes. Before you could stop yourself, you connects your lips with his.

He quickly unfolded his arms and placed one on each side your waist, pulling you closer to him. You could feel the same hunger on his lips as you felt that night in the closet. You moved your hands so you could dig your fingers into his soft, dark hair.

After a few minutes you pulled away. Your lips ghosted over his jawline up to his ear. “I bet you like the way I’m dressed now.” You whispered. You could feel him smile against your neck. Your lips travelled down to his neck where you lightly placed kiss after kiss. He let out a soft sigh when your lips passed over a certain spot near his ear.

Before you could do anything, Jughead pulled your face back to his. His eyes were dark. He moved his hands to cup your cheeks and crashed his lips onto yours. His kiss was rougher than before. You sighed, enjoying the feeling of his body so close to yours.

All of a sudden there was a sound at the door. It opened and a figure came in calling for Jughead. You quickly broke away from him, turning towards the door. It was Betty. You moved a few feet away from him as fast as possible, but you knew that she had probably seen you.

“Ok wow.” Betty said, shocked. You looked over at Jughead. His eyes were wide with shock. Your lipstick was smeared across his face and parts of his neck. If he looked like that, you could only imagine how messy it was on your own face.

You turned bright red. This couldn’t be happening. “Uh, I need to go.” You said before practically running out of the door, pushing a still shocked Betty.


After plenty of enthusiasm from fellow AoS fans, we decided to host a hiatus rewatch. So, what is it and why do we need it?

The AoS Re-Watch is a place where each week of the hiatus, we will be watching one episode and Tweeting, posting on Tumblr, and basically creating as much buzz as possible! We’ll also be hosting a slew of fun activities to be done outside of the Tuesdays!

Why? AoS is yet again on the bubble, and we want to make sure we let the Head Honchos know that we care about the show, we’re watching the show, and that we can still make it noticeable…even when the show is not on air!

We encourage you to create:

  • Episode gif sets
  • Multi-episode parallel gif sets
  • Fan Art
  • Write a missing moment
  • Write a meta about a varying aspect in a episode
  • Write a review of an episode
  • + Any other fan creation you think of

Seasons 1-3 of AoS can be found on Netflix. We encourage you to watch season 4 via either Amazon, iTunes, ABC On Demand or some other legal streaming network (such as Hulu) to help boost ratings!

We can’t wait to see what the AoS fans create!


Week 1 - Feb. 28: 4x09
Week 2 - Mar. 7: 4x10
Week 3 - Mar. 14: 4x11
Week 4 - Mar. 21: 4x12 / 4x13
Week 5 - Mar. 28: 4x14 / 4x15

April 4 - AoS returns!

Live Watch on Tuesdays: 6-10pm EST!

Twitter Tags: #AgentsofSHIELD #MyFaveThingAboutShieldIs #ILoveShieldBecause #AOSRewatch (let us know what you’re using!)

Weekly activities will be posted the Monday before! 

Have fun, everyone! Any questions can be directed here

(And special shoutout to @agl03 for getting the ball rolling)!


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this idea was one I’ve had for a while and honestly, I’m proud I’m posting two days in a row lol.  with all the love you’ve shown The One Where You Find a New Home, I decided to write something new for you guys!! hope you enjoy xx

warnings: none

Brett Talbot.

That boy sure is attractive, but he makes any girl run the opposite direction when he opens him mouth.  And I have the huge misfortune of seeing him today after school.  Devenford Prep is playing Beacon Hills and I can’t wait to watch my friends kick their asses.  There must be something in the water over at Devenford that has made them believe going to a private school somehow makes them superior.  They act all cocky, like nothing and nobody can touch them.

Snapped out of my angry inner monologue, I see Liam opening him locker and walk over.

“So, Nine, you ready for the game today?” I say, with a wiggle of my eyebrows.  But instead of the grin I had expected back, all I get is a half-hearted shrug.  “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“I forgot my science project at home, my water spilled in my bag and soaked my notebook, and I don’t want to see Brett’s stupid face today,” he finishes with a frustrated huff.

I put my hands up in surrender.  “Woah, slow down.  It’s going to be okay and I know you’ll do fine.  You’ve beaten them before and you have some help with… well… you know,” I say, referring to the heightened senses that come with being a werewolf.  “I’ll be in the stands, cheering you on!”  I say, with too much enthusiasm and head to my next class.  I hope my little speech helped.

After what seems like the longest day of my life, it is finally time for the game.  Although I’m just here to watch, I have butterflies in my stomach and can’t sit still, too worked up with anticipation.  I decide to head to the water fountain, just to have something to do to calm down before the game.  Liam seemed nervous enough and with chemo signals, the last thing he needs is my anxiety overwhelming him.  I step down from the top of the bleachers.  Then, humming and slightly distracted, I walk right into a rock-hard chest.

“Hey, beautiful,” and with those words, I immediately roll my eyes.

“Not today, Talbot.”  I try to scoot around him, but he steps to the side, once again blocking my way.

“Come on, babe, just talk to me.”  With this, I notice a player on the field raise his head in our direction and recognize Liam.  Brett continues, “You can even go out with me after the game.  I want you as my prize.”

I scoff.  “No thanks, but maybe after Beacon Hills wins, I’ll consider giving you a pity handshake.”

“Don’t be like that, I’ve seen you looking at me and I want you to know, you can always come to our side of the bleachers and wear my extra jersey.  You’d look great in it,” he says with a wink and I have to use all my strength not to get sick right in front of him.  He makes the mistake of putting his hand on my hip and that’s when I see Stiles and Scott rushing over to huddle around Liam.

“Excuse me, Brett.  This conversation has been tons of fun, but I have to go.”  Running over, I see Liam’s eyes through his helmet.  They aren’t bright blue anymore, but a sickly shade of yellow.  I mutter curses under my breath, looking to Scott for instructions.

With panic in his eyes, he tells me to take Liam inside, away from anyone who could realize what he is.  I nod, grabbing Liam’s arm and taking him where I’ve been with Scott before, in a similar situation to Liam’s: the boy’s locker room.  Arguably the smelliest and dirtiest place in the school, it seems to be the place to go when one needs separation from the world, which describes what Liam needs if he wants to avoid wolfing out.  

“Get out of here,” Liam mutters, eyes shut tight and hands balled into fists.  I see blood dripping to the floor, meaning his claws are out.

Cautiously, I respond, “Liam, just-”

“LEAVE!” he interrupts and lets out a terrifying growl.  He rams against a set of lockers, leaving them dented.  “Please, go right now before I hurt you.”

To this, I shake my head.  “You won’t hurt me, Liam.  Just listen to my heartbeat.  You can control this.  You need to control this.”  I take a few steps towards him, resting a hand on his shoulders heaving with heavy breaths.  He whips his head up towards me, eyes still yellow.  I take his hand and put it on my chest, right above my heart.  “You’re okay, just focus on the steady rhythm of my heart and breath.  You are safe and everything is okay.  There is nothing to worry about, nothing to be angry about, and nothing to fear.”  With this, he closes his eyes and sighs.  He opens them after a few minutes of silence and I am relieved to see they are back to being beautifully blue.

“Thank you.  I think you’re my anchor.  You brought me back when I thought I’d turn,” he sheepishly says.  “It’s just… I mean… When I saw you talking to Brett, hearing the things he was saying, I got so angry an-and jealous.”

I put a hand on his face and run my thumb across his cheekbone.  “Don’t worry about it.  I love you, idiot and I will happily take on anything that comes with being an anchor.  We should probably let Scott and Stiles know you’re alright, though.”  I take his hand that has since healed from being punctured with his claws and we walk back to the field together.

“Where THE HELL is Dunbar?!” we hear Coach say, obviously angered he’s missing one of his best players.

“I’m here!”

“Well, what are you waiting for?  Get on the field and score us some goals!”  Jeez, I don’t know how these players deal with such a loud coach.

Before the whistle blows, Liam looks over at me.  I wink and whisper, “Kick Talbot’s ass,” to which I get a thumbs up.  This game sure is going to be interesting.  I giggle, shaking my head, and crossing my fingers and shout, “Let’s go Beacon Hills!”


Latulagrub is sup3r h3ll4 3xc1t3d to have a new alpha troll grub friend around! She offers some high-fives, and then asks Damaragrub to join her for some r4d v1d3o g4m3z.

Damaragrub is intrigued, and decides to follow along. Latulagrub indicates that she’s been doing a lot of Animal Crossing lately, and wants Damara to make a town so they can play together!

The grubs skitter out to the living room to play!

Latulagrub suggests Damara set up her new town on the old 3DS.

They curl up together and get going! Damaragrub hopes that her town starts out with some fl00fy sheep villagers @0u0@.

[post 1 (intro), post 2 (terezi), post 3 (kanaya), post 4 (latula), post 5 (aradia), post 6 (finale).]


I wanted my countdown to WE (12 Days to go!) to be an honest representation of who I am as a woman, the good and the bad and so…

Yesterday I was so overjoyed to share all your stories of female friendship but today I wanted to talk about the stuff that’s less easy. The scary stuff. The things that knock around my head in the dead of night and convince me that I am doomed to misery or mediocrity. The things we don’t tell our friends until they get so big that we can’t handle them alone. 

I’ve been told I come across as a confident person, that I seem to know what I’m doing. I don’t. I struggle most days with feeling out of place, unmotivated, incapable, scared that I will fail. And I decided that maybe saying that out loud might be helpful to some of you, to know that I’m a mess of insecurity, no matter how many jokes I crack or positive posts I make

I could tell you about my work related stress dreams, or about how I am pretty sure I will never be as fulfilled as I was for 6 months when I was 21 or the fact that I’ve been single for almost a decade… but instead I’m gonna tell you the big one. The one that lies under all of those fears.

I’m not going to tag people today, because this is super personal and we all have different comfort levels, but if you would like to reblog or post and share your own fear, something you struggle to control, something your brain knows is untrue but your heart breaks over, please feel free. You can post your fear anonymously in my inbox, because just writing it down can be cathartic (and scary). Alternatively, if you would like to just talk to me about it in private, my inbox is open and I’m home all day. 

If this helps even one person realise that they’re not alone in being utterly terrified then it was worthwhile. Verbalising it was weirdly helpful for me, and I think identifying fear is the first stage in facing it down. 

We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere releases March 7th

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Trust me, you're not being replaced. We all still love your cc, you sims, your Dina story, and you in general. Although I've never met you, you seem like a truly nice person, and honestly I hope you don't go on hiatus when you come back. Please don't. But if you have to, I respect your decisions. I hope your trip is going well! Bye! -Nonny

hi nonny :-) thank you for the lovely message (and everyone who replied to that post) it made me snap out of my weird funk… i guess i easily lose confidence in this blog & the stuff i make i feel this huge pressure to “keep up” when i find i’m happiest just doing what i like. i decided not to go on a second hiatus, i revamped a few things and am feeling inspired again i can’t wait to get back into the game/simblr!! thank you :-)) 

Gain post!

yes… another! i’ve done a lot in my past on this account, but i decided to make it more broad by adding more fandoms, instead of only limiting it to PJO/HOO. diversity, my friends!

reblog/like if you reblog/post posts that relate to the following:

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i hope to help small accounts gain, i hope to gain new followers and i hope to find some new cool accounts to follow! happy gaining my fellow comrades!


I decided to have them make the most of the day.  It was pretty and sunny out.  … and at least half of the immediate residents in the house were leaving for work.

For shiggles they took Isabella and Ginger with them.  There’s no point in staying at home eating friggin’ PB&J and passing out in your own wee.  :|

Together pt. 2 // Sherlock x Reader

Words // 1496

Warnings // None

Summary // Dealing with traumas and the rise of Moriarty doesn’t really work together.

A/N // I’m going to be honest, I haven’t seen TRB in probably forever, like I saw it when I decided to do a rewatch of the series last year so I’ve kind of half forgotten it, it’s vague. Beside that I’m not sure how the proper time-line works but here s02 follows immediately after s01 which makes the time between finales a few months. 

Originally posted by silent-micka

It was the middle of the night when you suddenly shot up, you suddenly realized the hands that were on your shoulders and looked at Sherlock beside you. It was surprising to see him in bed as he was very reluctant to sleep, only when it was absolutely necessary. You glanced down, a pool of sweat was on the bed and your forehead was dripping. “Are you all right?’’ You hesitantly nodded and Sherlock gave you a look. 

“Stay.’’ Sherlock said as he got up and turned the light on. He left for a minute or two, once he came back he held a mug of tea and turned the radiator on. “I’m assuming you don’t notice but it’s freezing.’’ You chuckled slightly but felt rather uncomfortable in the slightly damp sheets. It had been a month since the whole thing with Moriarty happened, everything was getting slightly better except one thing, nightmares. Ever since the start Sherlock had gone to bed with you, something he rarely did as he rarely slept, and every night you would wake up in the middle of it and he’d take care of you.

You took the mug and sipped a very small amount, just a little bit away from burning your tongue. “How bad was it?’’ He asked and you shook your head, you didn’t want to talk about it once now, it was far too graphic in your mind right now and he respected that choice, he was surprisingly good at the whole comforting thing. John was surprised at Sherlock’s skill of taking care of someone who was dealing with traumas. 

“It’s already eight, John even is up. You’ve slept quite long.’’ Sherlock said whilst you were sipping your tea, you gave a nod and appreciated the fact that Sherlock kept the curtains closed, the light coming from the lamp was dim and it was a lot nicer for your eyes compared to the brightness you imagined was outside. Despite the nightmares there was progress, it became less and because of that you were able to sleep longer. “Thank you.’’ You said as you rested your head on his shoulder, he smiled.


After a few months it became more like it was before, obviously it wouldn’t ever be the same but that didn’t mean that it was getting close to how it was. You were mostly yourself again there were just a few things, most of it based on touch or certain things that triggered you but the three of you very honestly hadn’t expected less to happen, of course it couldn’t go back to normal because it wasn’t normal.

You had been getting involved in a few cases again but not too much, just a few that wasn’t too energy-taking, just simple things. Everything was starting to become simple until the appearance of Moriarty popped up. 

“You.. You can’t keep me locked up in here, you know that.’’ You said to Sherlock and he looked at you, a slightly annoyed expression was on his face, he slightly knew you were right in the sense that  everything had started to go back to normal again, somewhat and you really wanted to keep that going but at the same time his worry was completely justified.

“It’s dangerous.’’ He replied, he sounded stoic but his blue eyes showed only concern. John carefully watched the two of you, he was unsure whether to speak up, leave or remain silent. Now the last seemed the best to do, to just now interrupt the two of you unless it was getting really heated.

“Well then you can send Mycroft a text and he can place the British Government on me, or the secret service or the CIA or whatever in god’s name he had a ‘minor’ position in. he knows what happened and I’m sure he won’t mind, it’s not like he doesn’t do it all the time for you.’’ You were almost yelling and Sherlock rose from his chair and went over to you and slowly moved closer, not to frighten you, he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I know.’’ He whispered, something solemn in his voice. “But this is extremely dangerous.’’ 

“I just want everything to go back to how it was.’’ You admitted, it was basically all you wanted as you already had the rest. You had a surprisingly good husband from time to time, a best friend who was very loyal and an amazing doctor, a group of amazing friends and in general most things you wanted already.

 “I know.’’ He said.


Ever since your conversation with Sherlock the two of you had decided it was better to continue like everything was, only you decided it would be better to work a day less. Ever since there were also a continuous amount of men and women dressed in sharp suits following you, of course you knew it was Mycroft’s work, he had even sent you a text beforehand just so you were a hundred percent sure you weren’t being stalked by some random person or maybe even Moriarty again.

After two or three weeks you left your work and there was a sleek black car waiting, one of the women who had been keeping watch of you was standing, holding the door open and greeted you with a single nod. “Where are we going?’’ You asked before stepping inside. “A secret location where Mycroft is waiting.’’ You nodded and the door shut.

The car ride was at least an hour, you imagined you were far outside of London, and it made you rather impatient to wait all this time. Once you arrived it seemed to be something like a mansion you had arrived at somewhere in the country side, you stared at it for a while before someone came to lead you along. It was beautiful and massive and you were impressed Mycroft lived here, it’s what you assumed at least ,despite the fact that he does so many things and holds so many positions you never imagined him being someone who lives in a massive house.

Once inside you were lead up to the second floor to an office, it was simple but also quite beautiful. “What’s going on?’’ You asked as you sat down, Mycroft took a deep breath and in that instant you expected the worst that could happen already, Mycroft never seemed to bring that much good news.

“You need to trust me and Sherlock. This is a very carefully crafted plan and nothing can go wrong it all falls into pieces.’’ You nodded. “This’ll take a while.’’


It went completely as expected, it took as long as expected and despite all the warnings Mycroft had given you, you still weren’t ready. It wasn’t the fact that you had to pretend to be filled with grief, that was the easy part. Many people you had cared for died, that was part of life, lying wasn’t too hard either. With a bit of training lying is easy, anything can be with a bit of training. Still that didn’t prepare you for John’s response, for the crushing weight he seemed to be under and how to support him wasn’t told either. You had prepared for the worst and imagined the worst would happen but still, you didn’t imagine this.

You got a text from Mycroft saying ‘it’ had happened and it took twenty minutes to arrive in 221B where you were sitting, the second he came in and found you he immediately rushed towards you. He started to cry within a second and you did your best to comfort him but you weren’t goo great at it. Still you tried, comfort him in any way you could and try to make him at least feel not was worse as he was feeling then, not necessarily better but just less worse. 

In the end you managed to get him into a bed, with the help of something to drink and he started sleeping. You watched him for a while, how tightly he clutched onto his pillow and how harsh his eyes were shut like he was trying his best to keep them shut, fearing what would happen if he awoke. Eventually you left, getting into a cab.

Once you arrived at an abandoned building Mycroft had decided to use there was one of the men who was following you waiting outside who nodded and after that let you inside. On the second floor Sherlock stood with his back facing to you as he was speaking to Mycroft. Once the door shut Sherlock turned around and despite that it was a reunion, it was far from happy.

“I know what’s going to happen and I would kill that man myself if it wasn’t that this is for my safety and basically everyone’s safety. Just, just promise me you’ll be back.’’ Sherlock smiled in response.

“I will. Have I ever lied to you?’’

You couldn’t respond.

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Different anon, similar topic. It really is pointless, I have seen a of hate posts that start with "Ugh I turned it off as soon as they had a scene" or something similar where they admit that they don't even watch any Karamel scenes and then proceed to talk about how they're awful even though they just said they don't watch their scenes. How can you possibly make any kind of informed decision if all that you use to decide you hate something is heard about secondhand?! It makes no sense at all.

lmao right? like how can u make any judgement about them if u dont even watch their scenes? 

Meal accountability, weekly weigh-in, and blog-iversary post all in one!!

Breakfast started off as a failed attempt at making some baked oatmeal recipe I found online. It was bland and dumb and took me over an hour to make just to be disappointed. 😒 I decided to throw out the pan and get Panera for brunch instead. I had a very filling BBQ chicken salad and about a half cup of soup.

For lunch I had a veggie delite with apple slices and a peanut butter cookie because I deserve all the good things. 🍪

For dinner I had a protein bistro box from Walmart which had a boiled egg, cheddar cheese cubes, apple slices, grapes, and flax seed corn chips. I also had a huuuge cup of Moroccan mint tea. 🍎☕️

Weighed in this morning at 161.8 which means I’m 3 pounds down from when I started meal planning two weeks ago. Yay progress! I’ve only been weighing myself once a week which is a pretty big deal since I used to weigh myself everyday. No more scale anxiety!

I hit my calorie, protein, and exercise goal again today, too! 😊

It’s my blog’s second birthday! 🎉 I just want to say thanks for sticking with me through my whiny and weird commentary of my life. Thanks for sticking around while I complain about getting off track constantly. Thanks for sticking with me while I battle my eating disorder and hit rock bottom time and time again. You guys are such an amazing support system and it’s because of Tumblr’s fitness community that I find the inspiration and motivation to keep pushing forward in this “journey” every single day. ❤️

Workout time

I had a long week and I have to work this afternoon and we have a party to go to tonight. So I have to get out of bed and go to the gym.

For healthy habits challenge I have hit every single goal the entire week. So even if I didn’t get either goal today or tomorrow I would still be fine. But why got for 80% when I have the potential to hit 100%?? I really need to think about what my next goal should be.

Keto update: I am so sick of this keto group that I am in on Facebook. This may be an unpopular opinion, but if I’m craving something sweet on keto, I fucking make something sweet. If artificial sweeteners are going to keep me from deciding to drive to mcdonalds for late night cookies or milkshake or whatever it’s so much better than driving yourself crazy. Literally one of the people said when she craved sweets she read inspirational posts… that seems like that could eventually end up in a binge or going completely off track. But whatever. Who am I to know anything so I just stay out of it.

But for me and keto, it’s going splendidly. 7.5 pounds down since Monday! And I ran out of what I was having for dessert the last 2 nights so I had to make something the last 2 nights. Keto mug cakes aren’t the best, but they sure do satisfy!

Ok I’m really going to go to the gym now

going through the betty x jughead tags noticing these dumb fools either making posts about or reblogging posts adding comments or replying to posts about the ship saying it’s “forced het” and or that Jughead is “aroace” both of these statements are untrue and fucking stupid. 

As far as Jughead being Aroace, he’s not.He is asexual but that is only in the most recent canon of the comic books. As far as I know the comics have not written him as being aromantic so technically he could be in a relationship even in the comics if the writers decided to go down that road. And I don’t know if you’re aware but the comics and the show are not the fucking same. There are changes because Riverdale is its own thing drawing inspiration from these classic comics. They have already said Jughead won’t be asexual in the show maybe that will change if they can do more than one season but even if that doesn’t change they still have this character being asexual in the comic books so him dating Betty in Riverdale doesn’t erase that. Even if they did make him asexual in Riverdale he could still date Betty because being ace doesn’t mean not experiencing romantic attraction. It does depend on the character but asexual characters can still date and be in relationships if they want to be. And for these annoying ass people always adding “he’s ace” to Betty x Jughead posts I don’t see y’all doing that shit on Jughead x Archie posts. Is that because y’all wanna pretend to be fake ace activists when it comes to het pairings but not to fanon gay male pairings?

 The Archie comic book universe canon has over seventy years of story canon for the show Riverdale to draw on and in several of those stories Jughead has shown an emotional affection towards Betty, a romantic attraction along with a strong friendship. He has gone on dates with her, he’s kissed her, and he always has the highest opinion of her. He takes her side in any conflict she has with either Archie or Veronica. He’s always willing to help her out with anything that she asks him to do. He genuinely enjoys her company and he can confide in her so I don’t believe anyone who says the ship just “came out of nowhere” while watching Riverdale. This is a show with years of canon comic history to back this relationship up. 

I don’t understand how people can have the wrong opinion that Betty x Jughead ship is “forced het” Betty x Archie would be forced het since they have had the least amount of potential romantic scenes together and they’ve established that Archie has never felt that way about Betty and Betty is moving on from her old crush and becoming a more three-dimensional character in the process. 

How is Betty x Jughead “forced het” when they have a lot of scenes with them hanging out, working together, enjoying each other’s company, talking about personal things and using their common interest in writing in how they try to solve Jason’s murder. All of their scenes have very subtle romantic hints and flirtations so it doesn’t hit you over the head and instead the pairing comes off as a slow, realistic build-up that makes sense. 

The ABCs: A Riverdale Fanfiction-Four

Introduction/AN: Story progression! I wasn’t going to post this part until tomorrow but I have no self control lol

Word Count: 1,349

Warnings: None that I can think of?

Chapter Summary: Cassie decides it’s time to make new friends.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

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Chapter Four: Monday’s Lunch

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✩ Friendship Pt.1 ✩

Read from left to right

“Hello Miss Sachi…how are you? If I may ask.”

“Oh, Hello Taki-san, I’m perfectly fine, watching the others, and no need to call me “Miss” I’m not that old.”

“You know Taki-san, I’ve seen Nico and Upa together a lot lately, and they get along well… I’m really happy for them…such a perfect friendship, also along with his other friends. I’m really happy to be here, it’s been long since I’ve seen such.”

“Your right…I like it too….”

So I thought and decided to start a little of manga strips of Nanbaka and with my oc’s. My Oc Taki with Red and Blue hair, along with my other Oc Sachi the purple hair, she’s my new Oc I decided to make. More info of her will be posted soon. (๑´ㅂ`๑)

♡ Do not steal, thank you ♡

Quick PDFE update

So this time I have news. I should be getting my laptop back next week. As long as things go well and my schedule isn’t too busy. The blog should be coming off hiatus in about 2 weeks. Once I get my laptop though, I’ll make the huge post explaining why this hiatus took so long.

The update schedule will mostly remain the same. Tuesday and Thursday with 1-2 updates on those days. Getting 1 or 2 updates will vary on how busy my life is with school and personal side projects but there will be at least 1 update minimum those days. And once my laptop is back I’ll have a poll to decide which character will be the next icon and blog theme until May (since in May we will have a Shadows of Valentia theme)

If anything changes though with these plans I’ll let you guys know.

The day I stop changing things will prolly never come. Here have my horrible child :>
Also digital art just decides to hate me whenever It wants to, so this time It wouldn’t let me make a canvas bigger than this so I couldn’t draw his whole body lol

(Accidentally deleted this so re-posting it, sorry to those he already liked/reblogged it ;o;)

Well…that was it.

Like always,
It’s amazing to share this community with you all.
I love all 2,231 of you.
And I’ll love any more that come follow this page.

We’ve got such a great community here, with so much creative passion.
I’m so glad I decided to jump into something that let me express my own form of art with you all, and though sometimes I know my little tidbits aren’t that great, or that I take FOREVER to answer questions. I still get people liking, reblogging, even adding tags to my random posts, and i still get more and more questions each time I go through and answer them.
Which makes me feel as loved as I love you all.

Thank you for making my time in the rwby community absolutely magical.
I pray that I can do something similar like that to you all.

—  Admin

Prompt from @djinnapocalypse : “Can you draw your OCs in class doing what they’d normally do?”

Damon took one look at the magic chalk boards and decided to enchant his pen to take notes for him (like the chalk does for the professor). Ironically, he’s so focused on that that he missed most of the lecture and can’t take notes.

Vale likes to lean back in his chair, often making a snowflake to play with if there’s nothing else to keep his hands busy. When he gets bored he starts rocking on the two legs of the chair still on the ground and falls about once every few classes.

(A note on Vale’s classroom habits under the read-more)

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