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AN: I opted for the Tony X Reader as opposed to the Clint X Reader purely because I tend to like him a little more than Clint (NO OFFENSE CLINT BABY) Thank you for the request anon, I hope you like it! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Tony X Reader

Request: Would you mind doing some Tony x reader or Clint x reader? Also, I love your blog!💕 keep up the good work!😚

Prompt (that I made up due to the open request): The reader is sick and can’t get out of the bed, and currently Tony is the only one in the tower other than them.

((^^^It’s the first day of summer *YAY* but, I am sick out of my mind… I can’t get out of bed, I can’t breath through my nose and my throat feels like I swallowed knifes or something, and my dad keeps bringing me hot tea because I can’t even make it myself (He is so sweet omg). Hell of a first day of summer, am I right? SO, I got this idea for a prompt because I wish that Tony Stark was here to take care of me! *cries*))

Warning: Mild swearing and some snot. You have been warned.


“Nurse Tony”


You groaned as you went to pull yet another tissue from the box, only to find that there were no more left. For a second you just sat there, weighing whether it was actually worth it to get up and get anther box or not to move at all. But, by the third time you sneezed and your nose was completely filled again, you decided that you had to make the long journey to the other side of the tower to restock.

You wrapped yourself in the fuzziest blanket that you could find (which was so long that it dragged along the floor behind you like a tail or something) and slowly made your way out of the room and down to the elevator. Using the blanket to cover your germy finger, you pressed the proper button for the floor with the supply room.

You passed by Tony’s lab on the way to the storage room, and you were shocked to see him working behind a screen. You had thought that everyone had gone on the mission and that you were the only one in the tower.

He heard you walking and leaned over to the side to see who it was. “Y/N?”

You stopped walking and turned to face him, wrapping your blanket over your shoulders tightly and over your mouth as you muffled a nasty cough. It hurt your throat too much to speak, so you just grunted in response to him.

Wow. ..” He said as he got up from his seat and began to walk to over to you. “You look like you just rose from the grave! You look like shit.” ((That’s how I feel rn))

“Thanks.” You squeaked out between coughs and sneezes. “Why aren’t you on the mission with everyone else?”

He pointed over his shoulder, gesturing to a table with all sorts of bits and pieces of his suit covering it. “The suit isn’t functioning correctly, I had to repair it. The mission wasn’t that big of a deal so they just went ahead without me.”

You nodded. “Is it better now?”

“It’s better than you at least.” He said as he pressed the back of his hand to your forehead. “Y/N, you are really warm.”

Your cheeks blazed a bright shade of red, and it wasn’t just because of your illness.

You felt your nose begin to drip (ew!) and you began to walk down to the storage room with Tony hot on you tail.

He saw what you were after and snatched the box right off the shelve, ripped them open, and handed you a tissue. You quickly pressed it to your nose and blew.

“Let’s get you upstairs and on the couch, okay?” He said, and you could have sworn that you heard some concern in his voice. Tony Stark was concerned about you, your cold must be messing with your mind!

He wrapped one arm firmly around your shoulders to steady your woozy frame, then guided you to the elevator.

“FRIDAY, please save and shut down all my progress on my computers and the suit.” He said as the two of you passed by his still up-and-running lab. “And, also turn the stove top on and boil some tea water too.”

“Oh, Tony you don’t have to help me out or anything, you were busy–”

“It’s fine.” He said with a cocky grin. “And anyway, don’t feel too bad. I’ll just take this as a ‘I owe you’ sort of situation.”

“Oh.” You said with a roll of your eyes. “So you are getting something out of helping me?”

He tapped your shoulder lightly as he helped you get comfy on the couch. “Of course!”

He went over to the kitchen down the hall, then came back with a large mug full of steaming hot tea. You took it gratefully in your hands and took a sip, the sensation of the hot liquid going down your throat made you feel ten times better.

Tony pulled up a chair next to the couch and cued up some sort of documentary about robots. You couldn’t care less about robots, but honestly you didn’t care about what you were watching. You were sleepy and drowsy, and you saw that Tony liked it so you agreed.

Every once and a while Tony would run downstairs and grab a new box of tissues, refill your tea mug, grab you more pills, or whatever else you needed. Though he seemed to be very selfish at first, you could tell that he really did want you to get better, and that made your heart flutter.


The team got back later that night. Most of them were tired and ready to go to bed, the mission turned out to be longer than they expected.

“I wonder if Stark even left his lab long enough to see that Y/N was still here.” Steve said.

Natasha snorted. “I doubt it, and if he did he would probably lock her in some room so that she didn’t get him sick.”

The rest of the team nodded in agreement as they made their way to the common room. What they found was absolutely shocking:

Tony was laying behind Y/N on the couch together with his arms wrapped around her from the back. Y/N was out completely, even letting out a light snore, whereas Tony was staring at the TV screen with his head resting on the arm of the couch.

About ten tissue boxes were thrown everywhere along with an empty bottle of couch medicine, three mugs of tea, and four blankets thrown across the couple.

Wanda smirked and lightly punched her twin on the shoulder. “I told you this would happen.”

Pietro groaned and slapped twenty dollars in her hand. “Yeah, yeah, you win the bet.”

The rest of the team laughed, then Tony’s eyes snapped up at them from the screen.

“Would you all shut up? It took her forever to fall asleep.” He hissed in a whisper, pulling the blankets farther up her shoulder as she stirred in her sleep.

Bruce smiled at Tony then began to usher everyone out of the room. As the herd went down the hall, he heard Clint call to him in a mocking voice. "Sorry, Nurse Tony!“

"Why you–” Tony began, but only to be cut off by his own sneeze. “Fuck.”

((Sorry it was short! But, I should be in bed all day so I will probably post more, so yay! Send me some kind thoughts as I try to get better! And tell me what you thought of my first Tony imagine!))


Summary: You catch Daryl masturbating and decide to help.
Warnings: Swearing, smut.

Daryl stood there with Rick in the prison yard, Rick was talking about… something , but Daryl couldn’t tell you what it was because he was too busy sneaking glances at you. Daryl didn’t normally give a shit about women and sex, sure he had morning wood some days but that shit just happened. There was too much shit to worry about these days to feel like a horny teenager, but ever since you arrived at the prison a few weeks ago, he was hard nearly all the time. It was like his dick just woke up and had a mind of its own. You didn’t even need to be doing something sexy, just existing was enough most days. He was sneaking off and sorting himself out multiple times a day at this point, it was fucking ridiculous. And today you just had to be there in the yard when he was, helping Rick with the crops. The heat was sweltering and you were glistening with sweat, Daryl couldn’t help but admire your breasts. Oh how he’d love to feel them, taste them, see them bouncing as he fucked the shit out of you. There it goes again, he needed to get out of this conversation and sort himself out before people noticed his dick trying to break out of his jeans. This shit was getting out of hand.

Little did he know that you had the same issue. As you were working you kept glancing at him whilst he was talking to Rick, his dirt clad arms glistening with sweat, his muscles flexing as he moved. He was so fucking sexy. Since you arrived at your new home it felt like everywhere you turned Daryl was there. He made you crave things you’d long forgotten about and every night you found yourself thinking of him and touching yourself. You wanted to feel those arms around you, his dick inside you. You wanted him more than you ever wanted anything before.

That night you decided to have a nice shower, you had been working outside all day and were covered in dirt and sweat, it had been too hot and you needed to cool down. You grabbed a towel and some clean clothes and quietly walked to the showers so you didn’t wake anyone. You were a little surprised when you heard a shower running so you hid behind the wall to see who it was, and there was Daryl, in all his glory, stark naked. Your breathing hitched when he turned to the side and you saw his huge erect dick, you felt yourself get wet at the sight. He was bigger than you thought he’d be. You felt like a creep but you couldn’t help yourself, so you bit your lip and kept watching. He grabbed his dick and started stroking himself and it took a lot of self control not to moan as you watched. He threw his head back as he started pumping himself faster, letting out a growl that left your panties soaked.

“Fuck.” He growled, he was thinking about you, having your beautiful lips around his dick, your tongue gliding over it.
You slid your hands in your panties and started touching yourself, your self control was rapidly declining but it flew out the fucking window when you heard him moan your name. You abruptly stopped thinking you’d imagined it but he did it again. You smirked and decided to make a bold move. You walked in view and Daryl almost fell over in shock.
“The fuck ya doin’ here girl?!” He hissed, completely embarrassed at what you had clearly witnessed. But his embarrassment turned into surprise when you started to slowly shed your clothes in front of him with a smirk. He bit his lip and supressed a growl as he looked at your beautiful body, it was even better than he imagined. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He stayed stood in the shower, his dick still fully erect and was aching at the sight of you. You stepped into the shower and took the soap and started washing yourself, giving him a little show as you caressed yourself with the suds. He wanted to touch you but this was uncharted territory and he didn’t fully understand what the hell was going on. You dropped the soap ‘accidentally’ and bent down to get it, purposely grinding your ass on his dick as you did. He growled and his hands gripped your hips automatically. You slowly stood back up and turned around to face him, still in his grasp.

“Need a hand with that?” You smirked as you eyed his huge dick. You didn’t even wait for a response, you wanted it too much. You dropped to your knees and looked up at him through your lashes and he almost blew his load all over your face just looking at you, he felt like he was dreaming. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as you licked his dick teasingly from the base to the tip, he moaned when you swirled your tongue around the tip and then took him fully into your mouth. You felt so much better than he thought you would, and just looking at you with his dick in your mouth was enough to push him closer to the edge.

“Fuck, ya feel good y/n.” He moaned. He gripped your hair as his breathing started to get ragged, you knew he was close, his growls and moans were getting louder and more frequent. You started to play with yourself and you couldn’t help but moan. The vibrations on his dick felt amazing and it was taking everything he had to not cum.
“Just like that girl, don’t stop.” He growled. Your moans got louder as you rubbed circles around your sensitive clit, sending waves of pleasure through every nerve ending you had. You came undone trembling and his grip on his hair tightened as he bucked his hips and fucked your mouth. Your moans made him find his own release moaning and cursing as he spilled his juices into your mouth and you gladly swallowed every drop. You let his dick slide out of your mouth and looked up at him again. His muscular chest was heaving as he panted, coming down from his high. You stood up slowly, your legs feeling weak from your orgasm and you smiled at him. He couldn’t help but smirk at you, you had literally made his dreams come true.

You turned your back to him and started to wash yourself and actually have a shower, he came up from behind and wrapped his arms around you, making you sigh with contentment. He kissed the side of your head and took the soap from you, washing you gently. It was incredibly intimate and you leaned back into his chest enjoying the moment. You had no idea what the hell this meant but you hoped this wasn’t the last time this happened.

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