decided to make a picture post with it

So… I did a thing: an Emoji Challenge!! YEEE! (?)
I love to draw expressions, so I finally decided to make this!!

You are free to use and reblog it! (( and If you wanna tag me, do it without problems!! I’d like to see your works!!~))

Surely you can post on Facebook, but with the LINK source of this post!!

Do not remove the description of this Emoji Challenge


Enjoy it and have fun!! <3 


I said I’d update the collage, so here it is ~ RL Harumichi Shuu & Sayaka ♥

100 days of productivity

hey guys! some of you may have noticed that lately I have been posting daily pictures with a concept called 100 days of productivity. at first, this was just a method I was using to keep myself on track, but after receiving multiple messages either asking permission to use the idea or asking to explain the idea, I’ve decided to make a post to explain this and hopefully get other blogs in on it!

what is it about?

the general idea of 100 days of productivity is to make sure that everyday you do something- anything productive. it embraces the concept that by chipping away at least a little bit of that big pile of work we all have every day, we can make huge changes for the future.

how can I join?

its simple! just post a picture everyday with which day it is out of 100 (ex: 3/100 days of productivity) and tag it as 100 days of productivity. keep this going for 100 days straight and see how much you’ve accomplished!! 

help get the word out!!

reblog this post to help let other studyblrs know about this idea!! as I really would like this to get out there, I will be following many of the people I see using this tag!!

disclaimer: I am not claiming to be the first person to use this concept. I did not steal this idea from anyone and did come up with it on my own, but I have also been made aware that others have used this idea before!!

happy studying everyone!!

Charlies Christmas Wishlist!

I wasn’t going to make one this year but since so many of you suggested and it went so awesome last year I decided to make another one for her so that you guys can participate in making her christmas just a little bit more magical :) 

Just like last year every present you send her will be individually wrapped and put under the tree for her with your name or tumblr url (whichever one you write down when you get her gift) and i’ll take a picture of her opening it and send it to you!

Here’s the list for her wish list:

If you want to keep your gift completely anonymous I understand but I insist if you get her something please let me know! I’ll be following all the people that get something for her and I’ll also be making a huge thank you post and tagging everyone that decides to participate this year. I’m not sure how to end this post so here’s a picture of her opening her presents last year, enjoy!

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Pash! 2016/12 (p16-17)

This is an interview with Chacott’s Yuiko Sagiri that was published on Pash! Dec. 2016 issue. Chacott is a brand that mostly makes dance costumes/clothing/accessories, but they happen to create costumes for figure skating as well. She was in charge to come up with the designs for the original costumes appeared in the anime.

Usually I only post text, without images, and I was wondering what to do with this article, because it’s not as easy to understand without pictures. They have most of them on their blog too, but they’re all in different pages and it would have been a pain to link, therefore in the end I decided to include pictures taken from the magazine. Please understand that the pictures are only for reference and are not meant to be high quality scans (in fact I just took them with my phone and fixed them a little).

Since the post is heavier than usual because of the pictures I tried to use a cut for the first time. Maybe I should do it for long interviews as well…

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***
***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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Cleansing Shower Bag

I posted a bath bag recently, so I decided to make a thing for a shower bag. Here it is!


-3 rubber bands

- 1-2 coffee filters






-sea salt


1. Flatten out the coffee filter(s). If you have a more powerful shower head, I’d recommending using two filters instead of one to prevent the bundle from breaking.

2. Place herbs and salt near the center of the filter.  Here’s a picture ‘cause it’s pretty.

3. Carefully pick up the filter, keeping the ingredients in the center and far away from the edges.

4. Put filter over the shower head, positioning the ingredients on the bit of the head where the water comes out, and rubber band it in place. Also make sure that your shower is on it’s lowest setting or you’ll end up with quite the mess. 

Here’s what it should look like:

5. Enjoy a wonderfully scented, cleansing shower!

Science Aesthetics

I was feeling inspired last night, so I decided to make this purely for fun.

To the moon and back: Cold, dark nights clutching thermos flasks of hot coffee. Machinery whirring as telescopes trace a star across the sky. Intricate, geometric drawings of the celestial sphere. A messy bun and a NASA t-shirt. Filling in the logbook while punk rock blares in the background to keep you energised and awake. Pictures of nebulae and galaxies everywhere, because pretty space pictures is half the fun. Annoyed huffs every time someone mentions their star sign.

Natural Philosopher: Long, intellectual debates in coffee shops about mathematics, physics, philosophy. Chalkboards covered with equations and calculations in a precise, curving handwriting. That Eureka moment while deep in thought, expressed only with a small smile and a scribbled proof on the back of a serviette. Chaotic desks in front of bookshelves groaning with old textbooks. Antique lab equipment as functional decor.

Trust Me, I’m a Scientist”: Large computer screens running freshly-typed code. Neat lab books and PDFs of journal articles. The smell of whiteboard markers. Polished new equipment in a tangle of cables, hooked up to a digital oscilloscope. Exact amounts of chemicals in rows in metal shelves. Resting your feet up on the bench after a long day in the lab. The satisfying hum of your colleagues as they work on their experiments around you.   

Science Expedition: Dirt under your nails and a loosely-bound collection of field notes. Plant clippings carefully taken to be analysed back in the lab. Soft fur on tough, wild animals. The bitter smoke from eco-friendly firewood while you roast marshmallows and listen to a supervisor’s witty stories. Free-handing diagrams while looking through a microscope. Sketching flowers and that gorgeous ocean view from your last field trip. Reading Darwin on the bus home but falling asleep on your lab partner’s shoulder out of sheer exhaustion after the first three pages.

Life is a Science: Scrolling past an anti-vax facebook post and resisting the urge to burn down the internet. Shiny dissection kits and the sharp smell of formaldehyde. Making time to work out and pack a healthy lunch because your mind is sharpest when your body is well. Debunking the latest superfood fad with peer-reviewed journal articles. Making friends with some of the nicer med school kids in anatomy class. Colour-coded, neatly labelled diagrams and a thousand different terms memorised. Getting a double-helix DNA sculpture for your desk.      

What they show on TV isn’t real hacking: Rubbing your eyes after staring at a screen for five hours straight. Having a blank keyboard because all the letters are rubbed off already. Energy drinks in strange colours at strange hours. Being fluent in four different coding languages. Circuit boards and printouts. Ones and zeroes. Running jokes about turning everything off and on again. Rage-quitting when you realise you forgot a comma or a colon somewhere. Black screens with brightly coloured lines. The comforting click-click of fingertips tapping keys. Applying to intern at Google every three months because maybe they’ll take you this time. Writing a piece of code to do something simple just because.

They don't see him

I feel like when people, even liberals, look at Billie Joe they see someone who makes a scene on national TV and hates on Donald Trump a lot, but what they don’t see is his caring and collected side that goes hand in hand with his anger.
They don’t see him bringing up Black Lives Matter and Flint because they saw the “Trump is like Hitler” headline, and decided they read enough to judge.
They don’t see him talking about the working class getting screwed over because he posted a picture of hate speech sprayed on a wall after Trump’s win, and decided they saw enough to know his hate is dividing the nation.
They don’t see him eloquently reflecting the election, they don’t see him getting in touch with his fans, they don’t see him writing that we should reject hate and stand up for what we believe in, they don’t see him defending millennials for being demonized by his generation, they don’t see him reassuring minorities that Green Day will be a safe space for them, they don’t see his panic, they don’t see his outrage with injustice, they don’t see his knowledge, they don’t see how much he cares.
Because they saw an aging, rich, white man stomping his feet on live television and calling Trump a fascist, and allowed themselves to be smug and think they knew enough.

Hi everyone! I’m Katie, and I absolutely love taking pretty notes (which is why I decided to make a studyblur)! Foreign language absolutely fascinates me, along with biology, English, and history. I could never pick a favourite subject:) I’ll be posting pictures of my notes and general motivation

30.12.16 // 10:35

Hey, I’m Sophie and I’m kind of new to the studyblr community. I say kind of because I’ve been lurking around for a few months admiring all the amazing hard work and beautiful notes :3 I’ve finally decided though to start making my own posts in the hope that it’ll help me keep myself motivated.

I’m currently studying Chemistry while teaching myself Spanish and writing an extended project on gene therapy. If all things go well this year I hope to study Biology at uni :D

Thought I should start off with a picture me halfway through taking notes for my project. It’s pain staking work and kind of killing me but it is also very interesting stuff :)

Have a great day :D


the town of peaks

dream address: 7200-6815-3297

i love twin peaks a lot so i decided to make a town based on it! peaks is set on a foggy day, tinted with red undertones that enhance the autumn leaves. this town allows you to discover the secrets behind laura palmer’s death for yourself, filled with clues from dale cooper’s own dreams. make sure to stop by the double r diner for a slice of cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee ☕️

if you happen to post any pictures, tag #clovoid so i can see!


10 DAYS OF DODIE #10daysofdodie
To celebrate Dodie’s Intertwined EP coming out on November 18th, I decided to create this 10 day challenge which I will be starting on November 9th. I would love if some of you would join in! You can post whatever you want on the days (gifs, edits, pictures, videos etc). Please make sure to use the hashtag #10daysofdodie so others will be able to find your posts!

As we know, promo season is just around the corner for Harry Styles, with his upcoming debut album and film (!!!) so we decided to come together and form TheHarryDaily, a blog dedicated to all things Harry styles!

  • We’ll be trying our best to timely update you with all news, information, pictures, videos and more regarding the singer, songwriter and actor.
  • You can tag us in your edits! We’ll be tracking the tag #theharrydaily , and make sure to reblog all content!
  • We will also be taking edit requests, starting shortly.
  • We also have an icons page, with 50+ amazing harry styles icons. Just remember to read the rules here before using.
  • You can also contact us regarding questions about Harry’s projects, we’ll provide the possible answers. This doesn’t include questions regarding his private life.
  • This is a fansite created by fans, and we have no intentions to profit from it.

Follow for regular updates and please reblog to spread the word :)

Thank you!

anonymous asked:

WHERe do you Come up with your ideas from!?

I know my pictures are super strange. I know I am pretty out there.  I have no idea why I think of the things I do…  

But I have a pretty silly sense of humour. I just make things that either make me laugh, or make me confused.  

Honestly, I also don’t post a bunch of the things I start because i either hate it in the end, or I don’t think they are funny after all.

And I spend a lot of time in Google Image Search just deciding what I want to do, finding samples and content.  I also spend a ton of time with the screenshots just trying to find something to chop together.  

I just really like what I do, so I keep doing it. I think other people would get bored of my process. 

But so long as I make myself amused, I’m going to keep at it.

Randomly Giving Out Key & What To Expect

So, I’m randomly giving out keys to people that are interested in Undertale and potentially this game.

I’m just putting this here to let you know that if you’re a lucky keyholder there’s one golden rule:

You can post pictures, videos, thoughts and feedback on Tumblr but just make sure you state that it’s a tech demo meant for demonstration of the artistic and audio assets, and combat isn’t ready yet. Also, tag @underfellfangame and I’ll reblog your posts of your in-game UF experiences if you decide to put something up! Streaming is also allowed, private or public, but make the same statement as above: early version, no combat.

There’s no way to get keys by messaging me, it’s given out at random. This post is here just in case you happen to be one of them. Messages asking for keys will be completely ignored. If you don’t get one, you’ll be able to play it when the full demo finally comes out!

sherlock and john like to take selfies okay like one time sherlock does his little :^> smile and john sneaks a kiss on sherlocks cheek right when he takes the picture, and so they end up with a slightly blurry picture of sherlock making a startled little “oh” and john grinning into his cheek and they both set it as their phone wallpaper and then decide to print it out and frame it