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Hidden{4}[Peter Parker]

Pairing:fem!reader x Tom Holland’s!Peter Parker

Summary:The reader develops feelings for her childhood friend Peter Parker but is scared to admit it because she’s afraid it’s going to ruin their friendship.

A/N:Here’s a shoulder to cry on …because this part sucks,i’m sorry :( 

A really nice quote though!

“Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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Her phone had been buzzing for what seemed like hours but Y/N was too sleepy to reach the ground. She felt weak. She had fooled herself. She had played a twisted trick on herself. She had lied,she had given false hope,she had played mind games with her own stupid self. And all because of some boy who couldn’t be blamed for any of those.

Because Peter Parker is Peter Parker. He’s the charming,kind-hearted guy that had stolen her heart without her noticing. It was Peter Parker who helped her get through difficult times,it was Peter Parker who always made her laugh when she was down… At the end of the day,it all came to Peter Parker,her best friend,her rock.

If Peter wanted to be with Liz,then so be it. The girl really seemed to like him too.The truth is that it hurt Y/N. So much. But now that she knew that he couldn’t return the feelings she had for him,she decided to try acting normal,even though it was going to be painful. But it was for the best. That way,their friendship wouldn’t tumble down like some wall.

Eventually,she extended her arm and grabbed her phone which was dropped to the floor a few hours ago.

She had 4 missed calls-1 from Peter and two from Ned- and 2 voice messages.

She listened to the first one:

“Are you still coming over to Peter’s for movie night? Please don’t miss it,t’s a tradition! Whatever happened between you guys can be sorted out tonight! Please call me,okay? Maybe i can help!”

She listened to the second:

“Um…Hey…It’s Peter…So…I just wanted to say…Well,i-i…I miss you…” 

There’s a slight pause. The only thing audible is Peter’s heavy breathing…

“If you tell me what i did wrong,i promise i will try to fix it. It’s been a week since we talked properly and it’s killing me not knowing what’s on your mind…Movie night is still happening….You know where to find us, if you decide to come. I hope you do. See you,i guess…”

Y/N sighed deeply. To be honest,she had missed him too.More than he would ever know.

She was sick of hiding. All she wanted was to tell Peter the truth and ask him to try all over again. Ask him to give her another chance to be his best friend again. Go back to normal. No stupid feelings in between.

Confused. That’s what she was. Confused as ever. Mixed feelings. She was scared of losing Pete. She couldn’t imagine herself living without Peter Parker on her side. It would be a miserable life.

Homecoming was close and her plans were sadly ruined. All the heavyness in her heart was unbearable.  She needed someone to talk to. 

Without thinking about it much,she dialed Peter’s number.She wasn’t sure of what to say.Maybe she just wanted to hear his voice…

“Hey,it’s me…I guess none of us is good at answering phonecalls…Listen,Pete…I’m coming tonight,if that’s okay…I have so many things to tell you…I’m the worst best friend in the world…But,i’ll explain everything. Um…Anyway,i hope Ned has chosen a good movie this time…See you guys tonight…”


PART 2  





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got7 as fratboys: jaebum

a/n: ok so here’s the first one!!!!! it turned out waaaaay bigger than I expected but I hope y'all cope with me and read it all bc I think it’s worth it. as I said it, there’s a nsfw part at the end so skip it if you’re not comfortable with that. and please, hit me up with feedback!!!!!!!! those are very important so yeah


⇒ im jaebum: president

  • major: linguistics 
  • minor: philosophy 
  • ok so starting off with mr president himself: im jaebum!!!
  • ofc he was gonna be the president pls
  • so he majors in linguistics bc he wanted to do something different??? and like wanted to know the origins of words and its impacts etc etc LIKE DEEP STUFF
  • and he minors in philosophy bc well DEEP and he actually likes it a lot and he’s really good at it
  • you might think the guys don’t really respect him as a president but BITCH when jaebum is being serious they respect the hell out of him
  • he is the only one besides jinyoung that can actually put the place in order
  • a really good president???? like the university claims he’s an example even tho GOT had some complains in the past bc of it’s wild parties
  • he has this mysterious bad boy vibe all around him
  • but deep down he’s actually a softie
  • loves LOVES lOvEs his cat - her name is nora and she is the most precious thing to him
  • he wants to get more cats but he’s scared the guys will accidentally hurt them???? but getting more cats is totally on his plans
  • everyone on campus knows him - not just bc of GOT but well bc he’s that type of person that you just know who he is
  • he’s a MAJOR photography enthusiast
  • as you can see his instagram is totally aesthetic and with nice pictures
  • looks fucking good with a camera on his hands
  • actually looks fucking good doing anything
  • he’s also very passionate about music
  • like I told you he’s into deep stuff and he finds music quite deep
  • he’s actually a really good singer - youngjae said so himself
  • he also helps youngjae with his songs sometimes
  • they’re actually planning on recording jaebum a mixtape bc SURPRISE he’s really good at writing songs
  • has his earphones with him the whole time and don’t you dare touch them unless he offers to show you what he’s listening
  • yugyeom touched it without invitation once and well… it didn’t have a happy ending
  • his ipod is filled with pop punk songs and also rnb
  • reads a lot but not in public - no one actually knows why
  • maybe it has something to do with him wanting to keep this bad boy image around campus
  • has good grades bc he’s one of those people who are naturally smart and intelligent
  • he skips classes quite often
  • and when the guys wanna do it??? NO NO YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS TO CLASS
  • bambam tried to argue once that “why can you skip classes and I can’t????”
  • jaebum dead ass played the president card and bambam just lowered his head and went to class
  • he usually skips it when he’s way too hangover or he didn’t get a good night of sleep
  • has some trouble sleeping at night sometimes so you’ll often find him taking short naps at his classes
  • when he’s at parties he’s very lowkey unless he’s REALLY drunk
  • then he turns into the most extra person on the planet?????
  • he once went down the stairs with nothing but wipped cream on his Parts™ bc he lost a bet he made when he was drunk
  • no need to say the girls went NUTS
  • talking about girls…. they all want him
  • they all wanna know what’s his deal like is he really intimidating is he a bad boy etc etc
  • he didn’t use to hook up a lot
  • actually he kinda fell in love with this one person but it didn’t end well
  • he got hurt and since then he only has sporadic one night stands and they are with girls from other universities so he won’t have to see them often
  • no one talks about this girl episode tho
  • actually he doesn’t actually talk about his problems openly at all
  • when he’s too bothered he goes to jinyoung bc they go way back and are truly best friends
  • jinyoung just gets him and isn’t scared to tell him when he’s wrong
  • BUT he has everything written down on his notebook: his lyrics, his feelings and everything that goes on his mind
  • it is black and it says “people I want to punch in the face” in the cover
  • he thought about putting a picture of nora but decided against it bc it was “too soft”
  • he carries this notebook with him at ALL TIMES like truly 24/07
  • and he doesn’t like anyone touching it in fact it is his most private thing and no one can read it
  • jinyoung almost read it once and jaebum caught him
  • jaebum didn’t speak to him for a few weeks and shit got serious but they got over it after jinyoung begged for his forgiveness for like 15 days straight
  • he goes to the same cafe every morning ever since his first year
  • everyone there knows him and his order
  • he usually stays there for quite a while just scribbling things on his notebook and drinking coffee
  • he likes his coffee dark and bitter and he says it’s just like his soul
  • no one buys this analogy tho
  • you must be wondering where do you fit in this
  • well you’re quite of a coffee enthusiast yourself and you love to go around on campus and discover new cafes etc
  • one day after your children’s psychology class you were wondering around campus near the philosophy building and there was this small cafe with a cat by the window and you thought oh cute
  • so you decided to come in and order your traditional caramel macchiato
  • from that day on you started going there almost every day
  • a few weeks later you noticed this handsome mysterious guy writing down on his notebook and you couldn’t stop looking???? and then you realized he was there everyday too
  • you sort of wanted to talk to him but he’s too intimidating
  • one day one of your friends went there with you and he told you about im jaebum and how everyone knows him and how intimidating he must be
  • so then you kinda dropped the idea of talking to him until
  • well one day he left the cafe in a huge rush babbling something about forgetting a test and he ended up leaving his notebook on his table
  • you decided to pick it up and save for him so you could give it back the next day
  • and so on the next day you’re drinking your coffee and he arrives and as soon as he sits you go there with the notebook in hands but things don’t go that well
  • “hm hey so you forgot this here yesterday and I-” “oh my god what are you doing with my notebook” “calm down greg I just picked it up for you bc you forgot it on the table” “DID YOU READ IT?” “no???” “tell me the truth did you read it” “I said I didn’t” “just give me my fucking notebook I’m leaving”
  • you stood there with this confused look but then you got mad???
  • “well here’s your fucking notebook. I didn’t read it. I wouldn’t invade your privacy like that. I just kept it bc I also come here everyday and I thought well I’ll be nice and save it so I can give him back tomorrow. I would’ve left it on the table if I knew you were gonna be this rude. here it is. have a nice day”
  • and you left bc you were angry????? who does he think he is????
  • so from that day on you kinda changed the time you used to go to the cafe bc you didn’t wanna see him
  • fast forward a few days and a friend from your children’s psychology class - choi youngjae himself - invites you to a party his frat is organizing and you decide to go like why not
  • then you remember im jaebum is the president of the frat
  • but then you think OH SCREW IT I’m going and I’m gonna have a good time
  • so you’re there and a few drinks have settled in already. you’re not drunk you’re just a bit tipsy and joyful
  • you finally see youngjae so you go there to say hi and you two start talking
  • then you notice that jaebum is coming your way and you can’t not roll your eyes
  • “you know her youngjae?” “yeah jae. she’s in one of my classes. wait you two know each other?” “unfortunately. jaebum was an asshole to me a few days ago so excuse me I have to go”
  • and youngjae is giving jaebum this look that says wtf did you do dude go apologize
  • jaebum rolls his eyes but he goes after you and he calls you “cafe girl”
  • you turn and you’re not in the mood so
  • “what do you want jaebum?” “I wanna know your name so I can apologize properly”
  • you debate on just leaving but you tell him your name and he just stares at you
  • “are you actually saying something or can I just leave?” “hm no! don’t leave.. I just.. I’m sorry. I was an asshole. I shouldn’t have acted like that, you know, like a stupid rude asshole.” “yup you shouldn’t” “so I’m really sorry. and grateful that you kept my notebook. it’s really important to me and very personal so that’s why I acted like that.” “ok noted” “can I get you a drink to earn your apology and then we can talk like two normal people?”
  • you thought about saying no. you did. but he had the prettiest and most genuine smile across his face and you couldn’t deny
  • and then you two talk all night long and you find out he’s actually a really nice and cool guy with a great talk
  • so it’s late and you have to go home and he offers to walk you to your dorm and you tell him there’s no need but he insists and you let him
  • you two keep on talking and walking and he grabs your hand and when you look at him he has the cutest smile and that makes you wanna kiss his face but you don’t
  • you get to your dorm and you two exchange numbers and as soon as your inside your room you get a text
  • [01:35] jaebum: I really wanted to kiss you tonight. but I’ll take you on a proper date before that. are you free tomorrow?
  • so from that day on you two start hanging out and getting to know each other and going on dates and cute cafes and holding hands across campus and kissing under trees like this huge walking cliche
  • at first girls kept staring at you like they were surprised that THE im jaebum has a girl
  • and it was funny bc he walked with his arm around you like you were the most precious thing on the campus and the girls also looked kinda jealous
  • he allowed you to read something on his notebook once: it was a bunch of scribbled notes about you and it was so sweet and loving and then he asked you to be his girlfriend so BOOM you two were official
  • the guys start teasing the hell out of him because WOW you’ve turned jaebum into this huge ball of fluff
  • he’s really this soft dork whenever your around and that’s really cute
  • you two have this ritual of going to That cafe every morning and when one of you can’t make it the other one picks up coffee for the go
  • you had to be approved by nora in order for this relationship to work and sometimes he regrets it bc he swears you and nora like each other more than you two like him
  • it took him a while to open up to you but he did eventually
  • he makes you cds in a very old fashion way every month with songs he wants to show you or that make him think of you
  • and you give him this list with book recommendations so you can discuss later
  • you spend a lot of time at the frat helping him out with his president duties
  • he walks you to his classes
  • loves LOVES seeing you in his jackets or with the frat’s shirt
  • takes a lot of pictures of you - really, a lot. you’re having dinner? his camera is up. you’re putting make up? his camera is up. you’re sitting on the couch? his camera is up. like literally he has a ton of pics of you in his camera roll
  • you can keep him in check when he’s too nervous or too stressed and that’s great
  • he’s a bit jealous sometimes but he’s getting better
  • sex is a very important thing for him bc he belives that sex is a way to express love
  • like honestly he is very very sexy and he basically exhales sex so
  • usually he’s a dom and into rough sex
  • but there are some days when he just wants to appreciate you so he goes in deep for passionate sex and those days are amazing
  • sex is always very intense and intimate
  • not much into trying new things but will do it for you
  • never steps over your boundaries when it comes to sex (actually over anything but especially in bed) and you trust him a lot so
  • has a huge oral kink and also likes hair pulling
  • doesn’t care about doing it when the guys are around the dorm
  • overall he’s not the typical frat boy and a very soft person and you two became the bossy royalty couple and everyone loves you two
Insecurities (Newt Imagine)

Hello darlings! So here’s a little imagine I wrote playing with the idea of Newt’s harder times fitting in during his time in Hogwarts. It’s a quick little idea, but I hope you enjoy it!

“Newt!” You smiled calling out to the tall amber haired boy on the opposite end of the courtyard. A quick glance from your friend and a slight bend of the wrist in what you barely passed for a wave were all you received as he continued to slowly make his way down the stone halls toward his destination. You felt your smile fade as his usually cheery greetings blurred into the grey stormy skies above. What was that all about? Raising your wand to cast an umbrella like shield above your head, you stepped out into the soggy courtyard to make your way over and find out.

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saltyditty  asked:

can you make a fic about JD meeting veronicas family, like her family in michigan from your past fic :"00? (you don't have too if you don't wanna!)

Sure I can! I had a fun time writing this and I hope you like it too! I like drama and comedy so I hope it’s both of those!!!!! Enjoy!

Read the last one here!!!!

“Ronnie… Ronnie it’s fine.” JD tried to take her hands away but Veronica kept fussing over him. “Why do you keep trying to fix my hair?” He asked.

“I just want to make sure you’re… okay…” Veronica bit her lip.

“What’s going on, Ronnie?” JD asked. Veronica sighed and slumped down in the car seat. They had pulled over for a slushie stop.

“I’m just a little worried is all.” She sighed, stirring her slushie. “My parents are great, don’t get me wrong, but my aunt, uncle and cousins are… less great.” She sighed. “It’s not that I don’t love them they’re just… so judgemental!” She cried.

“Woah, this is all new.” JD smiled. Veronica made a face.

“I should have told you but I was afraid you’d back out.” She admitted.

“Come on, I deserve more credit than that, darling.” He laughed. “How bad can they be?” He scooted closer to Veronica.

“They’re rich.”

“Mac is rich.” JD reminded. Veronica shook her head.

“Mac has a lot of money, that’s one thing. But rich is a personality trait.” Veronica explained. “Mac is sweet and lovable, so she’s not rich. She’s just loaded. Somebody who’s rich is condescending and think they’re better than everyone and… This part of my family is rich!” Veronica cried, throwing her hands up. “And I don’t want them to judge you, or be mean to you or make you feel bad… maybe I should just put you in a little bubble for your whole life.” She joked, leaning on his shoulder.

“I do not want that.” JD assured. “Darling, I’ll be fine. I’ll be nice and polite and totally out of character and it’ll be fine. Okay?” JD asked. Veronica smiled and nodded.


“Veronica! Oh how wonderful to see you again! We’ve missed you so much!” Her aunt Sandy hugged her at the door. Veronica put on a smile and hugged back.

“Hi it’s good to see you too.” She tried to show excitement. Sandy pulled back and looked at JD.

“And is this the boy my sister has told me so much about?” She asked. Veronica nodded and Sandy gave JD a hug. He tensed up a bit and tried not to squirm. He wasn’t much of a “physical contact” person with people he didn’t know. But he tried to act “normal”. Sandy pulled back and smiled.

“Not much of a hugger? Oh well, come in!” She motioned.

“She seems really nice.” JD whispered to Veronica.

“Don’t fall for it.” Veronica huffed to him. JD followed the woman into the kitchen where a large family waited for them. They were all across from each other and seemed to go quiet when they saw JD and Veronica enter. A girl who seemed to be a few years older than Veronica looked up at JD and motioned to who looked like her sister.

“Him.” Was all she said. A few other people nodded and Veronica seethed.

“This is what I was telling you about.” She grumbled.

“So, JD we’ve all been eager to get to know you.” Veronica’s uncle Neil spoke. “What do you do for work? I assume a boy your age has a job.” He added. JD nodded.

“Yeah I work at a pawn shop in town. Right by school actually.” JD smiled a little. “You get some sketchy people trying to buy guns illegally but it pays good if you keep your mouth shut about what goes on in the back.” JD continued, speaking like this was a normal dinner table conversation. Veronica face palmed and her whole family stared.

“Oh… well isn’t that…” Veronica’s grandmother tried to find a word but she just trailed off. JD pressed his lips together, just now realizing he should not have said that.

“Sorry…” He rubbed the back of his head. “I don’t really do this sort of thing often so I’m not sure what I should and shouldn’t say…” He blabbered. Veronica just patted him on the back to get him to stop rambling.

“JD’s got a really outgoing personality!” She cut in. “It’s one of the things I love about him! In fact he was so forward when he gave me his mother’s ring, isn’t it pretty?” She asked, showing the group the ring that was hanging from a necklace. It was a sort of tradition, and once they decided to get married the ring would go on her hand. But as for now they thought they were too young and we’re just waiting for high school to end. But they both knew it was coming.

“He gave you his mother’s ring?” Sandy asked. “Oh isn’t that pretty… but a second hand ring doesn’t exactly scream ‘romance’, now does it?” She asked.

“This ring is actually really important to both of us, aunt Sandy.” Veronica told her. “And I’d rather have it than the pebble Neil bought you from KMart.” She hissed. The entire room went dead quiet and JD shrunk down with wide eyes.

“Excuse me?” Sandy asked.

“I’m just saying that your ring’s total value is the same as the ones kids get out of gumball machines. So maybe you should remember that before you judge somebody else’s choice of jewelry.” Veronica told her.

“You are such a brat!” Veronica’s cousin snapped.

“I’m a brat? You judged my boyfriend before he even spoke to you guys! And sure he’s a little weird, he doesn’t meet new people too often but I love him! And If you guys can’t even try to get along with the person I love then I don’t think you love me.” She continued. “This was a bad idea, let’s go, JD. I don’t know why I felt like I needed their approval.” Veronica huffed, and walked out the door, expecting her boyfriend to follow her. But he stood in the kitchen for another moment.

“I uh… thanks for uh… having us?” He shrugged. “I… I’m going to take this.” He said quietly, and reached out to take the pie off the table. “See you guys another time.” He backed out, but came back a second later. “I’m also taking this.” He said, taking a candle stick off the table, and leaving the house. “Ronnia wait!” He called to his girlfriend.

“Did you… did you steal a pie and candlestick from my relatives?” She asked. JD looked in his hands.

“Yeah… the pie looked really good and the candlestick looked expensive.” He explained. “But that’s beside the point… thanks for sticking up for me. I’m sorry the dinner went lousy. He smiled and Veronica gave him a kiss.

“No, it was fine, you were there and that’s all I really care about.”

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Greek God/desses doing life in the 1700's. Also, some of your regular recurring characters are there too. Bcos i really love Jenny...

(We all love Jenny, she can’t stand to have it any other way!) And I actually don’t know a whole lot about the 1700s, so pretty much all of this is based on wikipedia!

There’s a woman in her underwear standing at the far end of the room. Aphrodite isn’t entirely sure why no one else notices her, bedecked in what the humans called pantaloons (though they’re black, not beige as is the fashion), but that’s what makes this land so exciting. She’s not used to not knowing and these colonies are rife with secrets.

She wonders if this is what it’s like to be in love? Always trying to navigate the whirlwind of confusion, always searching for reasons, heart always pounding in her chest.

“May I have this dance, Miss…?” The young gentleman looks at her hopefully. He’s wearing the red coat of a British soldier, a somewhat tense addition to the dance, and it’s only the small heels on his boots that puts him at her eye level, despite being reasonably tall for a human. 

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After being inspired by @spiritscraft‘s article on local craft traditions, I’m going to attempt a sort of “treasure map” of my local area that highlights areas of interest and locations of useful flora. Something to stick in my grimoire, no doubt! 

I’ve already decided that I’m likely to need at least two maps - one that highlights the forests and hills around my town and how to get there, as well as a more “zoomed in” version that will be scaled enough to show specific features, such as good places to harvest specific wild plants, with some accuracy. 

This could turn into a fun little project! Wish me luck! 

Seven Kisses (one-shot)

Summary:  A kiss on the cheek is for kindness. On the hand means a kiss of respect. On the forehead means a kiss of friendship. A kiss on the palm is for longing. A kiss on the eyelids is for idolizing. A kiss on the arm and neck is for lust. On the lips means a kiss of love. And anything else is a sign of insanity.

Author’s Note: So this story is NOT meant to be read as a preference. It’s meant to be read as one story with a continuous flow. So the story takes place with the heroine (or rather, you) as Scott’s cousin, starting in season 1 shortly after Scott received the bite and vaguely ending beyond season 5b (however it ends). Scott and Stiles’ portions are platonic, Derek and Liam’s are slightly in the air, and Isaac, Theo, and Brett’s portions are different kinds of love.

This is a very old prompt that came from the writing forum I used to come from, but it’s long been shut down. I actually used this prompt before, but I lovee this one so I decided to write it for Teen Wolf.

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Concept art for we want to interact with as many characters as posible!

Ambitious but possible!

I decided to explore both ink!sans and paperjam, I found them to be very interesting characters and I also wanted to give a different interpretation on their designs.

Inks sans belongs to @comyet

Paperjam belogns to @7goodangel

For more information about the desings read below :D!

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lilysflowershop  asked:

27, 32, & 34

27.  Where would your dream vacation be?  I really want to go on either a tour of the British Isles or maybe Florence, Italy.  I haven’t decided yet.  I’m hoping to maybe go next year, though.

32.  Whats your favorite pizza topping?  Pepperoni, but to be honest, I am so sick of pizza now.  It’s sort of a weekly family tradition here.  Nearly every Friday night for over a decade?  It gets old. 

34.  Whats your favorite song?  You mean like, today?  Two hours from now?  XD  I could never pick just one song, but I have had You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon stuck in my head since this morning.

the cookie au- pharmercy edition

suggested by @madcatofmagic!!

  • fareeha sits on the couch next to angela, legs brushing. both of them are reading, angela’s little feet pushed under fareeha for warmth
  • hana walks into the room to collect her doritos, and sees them sitting together on the couch
  • ‘hey, mom,’ she says casually, and both of them look up
  • ‘sweetheart,’ angela greets, smiling. ‘how are you?’
  • hana shrugs. ‘just rekt some noobs.’
  • ‘that’s nice.’
  • ‘yeah. hey, isn’t christmas coming up?’
  • ‘yes. why?’
  • ‘i was just wondering about gifts. lena said a good thing to do was make things as a family. or some bull like that.’
  • hana salutes, disappears. fareeha looks after her, smiling slightly, and angela gets an Idea™
  • the next day is christmas eve, and that night, they’re making dinner as a family.
  • angela’s decided to make cookies but there’s one thing she’s overlooked
  • she can’t bake for shit
  • but fareeha can!
  • you see, when she was growing up
  • ana would come back from work every night fairly late so often fareeha would either go to bed hungry or scrounge up some food
  • and then one day reinhardt found her and gave her some eierkuchen (which is basically a pancake) and gave her the recipe for it with a wink
  • and it becomes sort of a tradition for reinhardt to give her a new recipe when he sees her, written in his beautiful handwriting on the fancy overwatch stationery
  • every time she’s on the overwatch base, he waves her over with a delighted bellow, and offers her a new one, and then the rest of overwatch catches on, and they start giving her recipes, too, with their own personal tweaks
  • she learns how to make food from all around the world, from gabe’s tortillas to jesse’s cornbread to jack’s burgers
  • and by the time she’s fourteen, she’s making full-course meals
  • when she’s in the army, she meets people from all over the place
  • one was her first girlfriend, jamila, who taught her how to make desserts
  • and it’s that knowledge she puts to use now
  • she walks over to angela, who’s struggling
  • ‘habibti,’ she says, a smile twitching at her lips. ‘do you need some help?’
  • ‘no!’ angela huffs, blowing a strand of gold hair out of her eyes and also sending flour flying in a poof. ‘i’m doing fine!’
  • ‘really?’ hana asks, carrying the carrots by them. ‘doesn’t look like it.’
  • ‘hana!’ fareeha scolds goodnaturedly, and then reaches for a knife, carving a pretty little angel shape out of the dough in like .11 seconds. 
  • angela gapes at her.
  • ‘that’s not fair!’
  • ‘what isn’t?’
  • ‘you can’t just-’ *cue very cute smol angry gestures* ‘-and make something like that?’
  • ‘it’s you!’ fareeha says, smiling, and hana whooshes in, plucking the knife from her hands and squishing in next to angela.
  • ‘you forgot something,’ she says, tipping some food colouring onto the knife and carving a little cross into the cookie. ‘you have that weird red plus sign on your left boob.’
  • ‘it’s the swiss-’
  • ‘yeah, yeah, whatever. fareeha, make me a mecha cookie.’
  • mercy tries for ages and fareeha attempts to show her how to do it
  • she gives up after the seventh misshapen splatter and just tosses the dough onto the sheet, declaring that it’ll taste good no matter what
  • they eat dinner that night with the smell of chocolate chips wafting from the inside, and it’s all happy and peaceful
  • until the rest of overwatch bursts in
  • ‘fareeha, angela!’ reinhardt shouts. ‘cooking again, my? well, don’t mind if i do!’
  • ‘actually, i do mind-’
  • ‘goodie! cookies!’
  • ‘damn it.’
  • they make a whole nother batch, one for each member, and by the end of it there’s flour in everyone’s hair and their cheeks hurt from laughing
  • lucio plays soft christmas music as they eat their cookies, and angela looks around the table of happy idiots
  • family, she thinks. 
  • my family.

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can yo do on where ant and jas are not together and a guy asks jas out but he does not take no for an answer so she has to convince him she is dating ant and ant and her kiss sorry if it is confusing

hope this is okay :)

The cast decide fairly early on that their favorite way to bond is by going out to the bar after a long day of rehearsals, often spending a few hours getting drinks and appetizers before they went home for the night, resting up to do the same thing all over again the next day. It had almost become sort of a tradition, and one that no one in the cast really wanted to stop, despite getting busier.

Jasmine and Anthony had hit it off pretty quickly after they had first met, obviously becoming close the further they moved along in the project. While they weren’t dating it didn’t mean that Anthony wasn’t thinking about asking her out on a date, really just waiting until the craziness in their lives slowed down slightly to a point where they would have time to have a date together.

After rehearsals finish for the day the big group of people who were going out that afternoon make their way towards the bar, Jasmine and Anthony spending a lot of time together. Jasmine opts to stay at the bar with some of the girls while Anthony goes and hangs out with the guys for a little bit, meaning the girls could ask a million questions about whatever it is that is going on between Jasmine and Anthony.

There’s a brief moment where Jasmine is left alone, and apparently there’s a guy that takes it upon himself to go up and talk to her. “Maybe you and I could leave here and go get some dinner,” He offers after introducing himself, Jasmine taking a sip of her drink as she quickly shakes her head.

“No thanks, I’ve had a long day and would much rather go home,” She explains, although this guy doesn’t let up, instead just leaning against the bar.

“You could really use some food before you go home. Let’s just go to dinner and get to know each other,” He presses, Jasmine twirling her straw, refusing to make eye contact with him as she just wishes he would leave her be.

“My boyfriend is here, and I don’t think he’d appreciate another guy trying to ask me out on a date after I’ve said no,” She says, a little firmer this time.

“If your boyfriend was here then why are you sitting at the bar by yourself?”

“He wanted to go see his friends for a minute, not that you deserve an explanation,” She sighs, glancing back to see that Anthony is walking towards her.

“Here he is now,” She glares at the man, Jasmine turning back to look at Anthony. “Hey babe,” She smiles, and for a moment she’s terrified Anthony isn’t going to go along with this.

It takes him a moment to survey the situation and catch on, but he smiles, leaning against the bar and looking back at her. He takes a deep breath, leaning down and pecking her lips quickly, pulling back and smiling.

“You okay?” He asks, Jasmine nodding as she hands him her drink, letting him take a sip.

“Wow, okay,” The guy sighs, backing off without another word. Anthony smiles, sinking down in to the chair next to Jasmine, reaching over to take her hand.

“I could tell you seemed kind of uncomfortable with him, so I figured I’d come over and make sure you were okay.”

“He wouldn’t take no for an answer about going on a date, even when I may have told him that you were my boyfriend,” She smiles, Anthony laughing as he steals another sip of his drink.

Jasmine had almost grown used to the creepy people at bars who didn’t seem to take no for an answer, but this time around she was thankful that Anthony had come to her rescue. While they may not have been dating now Jasmine was hoping that would be a reality soon, and she wouldn’t have to lie to strangers that she has a boyfriend just to get them to go away.


f(x) at Hogwarts: Song Qian

House: Slytherin
Wand: Apple with dragon hearstring, 12 inches, rigid
Patronus: Bear

The Song family is a very traditional family in the muggle world, and the news that her only daughter was a witch weren’t well received. Qian felt scared and confused at first, but slowly her mind became full of the possibilities of what being a witch would bring to herself. The feeling of having to prove herself was something always present in Qian’s life since a young age.

After some fight and the help of less traditional family members of her family, Qian was finally ready to start her life in Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat took a little more than one minute to decide where to put Qian, finally deciding to go with Slytherin.

Being a muggle-born in Slytherin was an unpleasant experience in the first years. Moreover, being a muggle-born that had no idea about the wizarding world was even worse. Qian thought about leaving the school many times during her first year, but the memory of her parents being disappointed and completely discontented with her being a witch helped her to keep going.

By her second year, things got a little better when a third-year student called Zhou Mi became friends with her and helped Qian to know better about the new world she just became part of. Decided to prove herself not only to her parents but to her housemates as well, Qian turned into one of the most brilliant students Hogwarts’ ever had.

Qian was very focused and passionate about everything she did, and a role model. She was loved by the teachers and respected by the students, and was always very polite and fair to everyone. In the fifth year, she was selected to be a Prefect and by her seventh year, she became Head Girl.

In quidditch, Qian joined the Slytherin team in her fourth year and became team captain by her sixth year. Her joining in the team helped Slytherin to win the Quidditch Cup for four years in a row since she could score so many times in a match that by the time that the snitch was caught, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

She was the youngest Slytherin student to conjure a full corporeal Patronus during her Defence Against The Dark Arts test in her third year. This achievement lead Qian to become fully interested in the subject, and during her sixth and seventh she had particular classes in order to practice advanced spells and skill like Legilimency and Occlumency.

Qian became a successful Auror, having Legilimency and Occlumency among her specialties. Over the years, Qian and her parents slowly made up with each other. The fact that she chose a job that was “kind like being a Police officer” helped them to get along.

avarice-of-two  asked:

Au you always wanted

I really haven’t put much thought into it. Most of the time an idea for an Au comes to me and then I talk to whichever partner i want to do it with and tadaa, the Au exists. The only one I don’t think I’ve bothered to bring up is that I want to make an Au for my OCs universe. 

Yaonari Lan Fan would have really long hair, unless she decided to go against traditions or if she was already married. Both make sense, so I haven’t made up my mind as to if she’ll have back-length hair or much shorter hair. Another thing I’m not sure about is what she would really do. I guess her and Xiao-xi would be sort of enemies since Xi-Xi wants to be Empress of Yaonari.

I think she and Asu would get along really well though, so I guess she’d hang out with Asu, Fen, and Berry (And Jin, depending on the verse). *Shrugs*

There’s a lot of other stuff I need to figure out, but this was probably confusing to anyone other than me.

Fiddauthor Fest day #3: Family

I decided to go with my Spy!Au for this one. They have a family tradition where they get together and tell stories before Tate’s bed time. Sometimes Ford will even give a few tidbits about his missions. 

After Ford is rescued from the cipher organization the whole family really wants to try and find some sense of normalcy again, so they get together and tell stories. Fiddleford takes the lead this time though, because Ford still really isn’t up to talking at great lengths of time, so he just sort of cuddles up to his husband while Fidds talks.

Also I’m probably going to start calling the Spy!Au , Spy Family, cause a lot of it does have to do with that.

@phosphorescent-naidheachd​ replied to your post “*snicker*. I had the sudden mental image of Chancellor Kenobi putting…”

<3 I love the idea of Obi-Wan being able to bury some of Palpatine’s influence behind living things that help him relax & reconnect to the Living Force.

I decided that he deserves some good things as well, the poor dear. <3 also should Palpatine come visit it will piss him off a lot and that’s what I’m all about

Also giggling at the image of the frustrated & confused politicians who are trying to find acceptable gifts for him.

How are they supposed to gain his favour if he wont accept any bribes?! ;D

Probably years and years into the future, it will have become some sort of tradition to give the incoming Chancellor potted plants, but no one will remember how it got started.

That, or the Jedi Temple is going to wind up with a truly ridiculous # of plants, as the word will spread that Jedi LOVE plants and that it’s the best way to thank them for their help. Several individuals within the Temple are probably cursing Obi-Wan for giving the population that impression, and quite a few of them are probably laughing about it. ;-)

Both. Both is good. Absolutely both. 

Newer Chancellors are sorta put out that no one gives them really valuable shit anymore (why can’t they get fancy bronzium statues?!) but at the same time, that potted Fern really does look nice on the desk.

Jedi keep being given plants on finished, successful missions and are like “??? where did this ‘Jedi love plants’ idea come from???” and then they get to learn in history class all about Master Kenobi who, among other things, refused bribes but really enjoyed being given plants as anonymous gifts—of course that turned out to be because the Living Force in the plants cancelled out the terrible feeling of the Sith artefacts hidden in his office—and now as far as the Galaxy is concerned, all Jedi really love plants.

Qui-Gon is so pleased. It’s his legacy to the entire order. lmao 


Title: Of Blue, Green and Gold (19k)

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus

Pairing: Annabeth Chase/ Percy Jackson

Rating: Teen

Summary: Annabeth Chase has been alone for seven years and that’s how she prefers it (or so she thinks). The last thing she wants after moving into her new apartment is a new friend. Percy Jackson, her new neighbor, probably didn’t get the memo.
In which Percy Jackson is a romantic dork with ancient wooing methods and Annabeth Chase tries to fortify her heart (but fails miserably).

Links: AO3 |

OTP PROMPTS: Person A of your OTP is a recluse and rarely leaves their apartment. Person B lives in the apartment next door to Person A and is secretly in love with A. Person B leaves Person A little notes on A’s apartment door (wishing them a good day or what have you) or attached to little gifts for Person A every day. Person A collects said notes and gifts and eventually starts to leave notes on Person B’s door. Whether they become an actual couple is up to you.

Optional: If an OT3, Person C can find out about A and B’s notes and decide to act as matchmaker for them.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters used belong to Rick Riordan.

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I will gladly defend MARTHA scene from anyone. What really annoy me is that everyone keep asking me why superman use his mothers name instead of just saying ‘my mother. They think MARTHA scene do not executed very well and is not logical when superman mention his mother name instead of saying save my mother. Sometimes I have a hard time explaining about this. I heard some people said the reason the dialogue intended to say MARTHA name is because it is rather poetic. What do you think?

Let’s answer this question from two perspectives: the narrative space of the film, and the narrative tradition that it draws from. In the narrative space of the film, Clark says Martha just after Bruce has spent the a very brutal battle dehumanising him. Clark is aware at this point that the only other vigilante capable of taking on Lex is probably Bruce. Clark’s windpipe is also being choked, which is why the less he has to say, the better. This also follows on Lex having said ‘Martha, Martha, Martha’ to him earlier on the helipad and that is probably the thought crossing through Clark’s mind at that moment, rather like how you can psychologically prime someone into reacting a certain way. (See: Pavlov’s dog, or on a lesser level that stupid joke about what cows drink after making someone think about white for a spell.)

Does Clark say the three-syllabled ‘my mother’, thus allowing angry!Bruce the opportunity to draw the inference that Martha is an alien/a witch like Lex did, and then allow him to go hunt down who Superman’s adoptive parents are? Or does Clark clob him over the head that a human’s life is in danger?

Yes, it makes sense given the emphasis that the only word Bruce remembers from the shooting is ‘Martha’, that the gargoyle in his dreams comes out of his mother’s grave and that the shot has Thomas’s name obscured, that Lex said ‘Martha, Martha, Martha’. That’s the application of the rule called Chekov’s gun, and I bet you nobody saw that coming and why it would be important. In a story about the dangers of dehumanisation, the protagonist who has dehumanised the Other always needed that reminder for anagnorisis to occur.

And then there’s narrative tradition. At this point I hesitate somewhat to deride the increasing trend toward extreme ‘realism’ where everyone is a rational person. Guess what, guys, economists will be the first to tell you that people are not often rational, thus screwing up all their lovely data. If you still don’t believe me go do a course in tort law where nearly every case might as well be a trigger for shouting UNREALISTIC and PLOT HOLE and People don’t do such things! Or do they? I raise narrative tradition as a yardstick because I want to demonstrate the boundaries for realistic and logical, as it were.

Firstly, it is normal to use the mundane on a symbolic level. Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman planting plants in his backyard, for instance. Secondly, it is normal for people to screw up as a plot point, see Hamlet stabbing Polonius through a curtain thinking he was Claudius, thus underscoring the genuine possibility of his madness. The core of the criticism against the Martha moment stems from the belief that one should not turn the plot around such a seemingly mundane occurrence, much like how the Bourne series should not be premised around the moment where Jason sees his target’s children and would have to kill them too, kill their father in front of them, or holy crap, my target IS a person!!! The problem with Martha in the minds of people who do not like this moment is that it is a coincidence, but hey, Oedipus Rex by Sophocles is premised entirely on coincidences. Oedipus literally goes to the oracle of Delphi, rage quits at the prophecy that he will kill his father and marry his mother and so flees his country, and then meets a cranky old man in his self-imposed exile on a random road. Oedipus kills cranky old man in a fit of rage, then becomes king of Thebes because their king died and Oedipus delivered them from the terror of the Sphinx, winning him the hand of the widowed Jocasta. And then it transpires that the man he killed on that random road was actually his birth father, and Jocasta his mother, leading to a scene where Jocasta hangs herself and Oedipus, saddened by the death of his love/mother/wife, takes her brooches and stabs himself in the eyes with them. Sophocles, my friends. Winner of the tragedy competition in Ancient Greece. Aristotle’s favourite playwright. But I am getting beside myself. In any story about free will v determinism, coincidence is the best way to show the hand of fate, as it were. And yes, BvS is about fate, see the conversation where Bruce thinks Clark is likely to go bad and his Knightmare sequence, or Lex’s mangled speech about Prometheus. 

What I’m saying is that the Martha moment checks both boxes of making narrative sense within the story, and the narrative tradition of tragedy which BvS borrows extensively from. So one can decide whether they liked it or not, and based on that, probably whether they can watch these plays or not (probably not), but I’m truly sorry to inform those people that the sort of ‘logical’ they desire only exists in formal philosophy where you can divorce the human element from it all. Then again, Aristotle did really like Sophocles… ;)

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Localization Blog #1

Salutations, true believers!

It’s been quite some time since I last bestowed upon you one of my verbose blog posts – almost a year, in fact! Since finishing up work on Story of Seasons, I’ve spent this year working on the sprawling, expansive project that is The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. It’s been a busy time all the way: this project has taken the full attention of two editors (myself and Young Kris, my star pupil), Brittany the Lord of Kiseki, and assistance from almost everyone else in the office. If it can be said that “it takes a village to raise a child,” then this game is certainly a child that all of XSEED Village pitched in to bring to fruition.

I’d like to take this space to sort of ruminate on some personal thoughts about the game, the experience of working on it, and how I’ve tried to bring you a good localization. Hopefully, in doing so, I’ll enlighten you about some things it took me a while to understand about the game, and offer some insights into the process.

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An Erik and Christine illustration. 

This is another older drawing that I decided to finish up. I used everything from traditional art materials to photoshop (I adjusted some of my original colors).

Oh and I am so lame for I can’t think of a good title for this one. help 

anonymous asked:

How is the wedding prep going? Do you have any visions for it that you don't mind sharing?

Well, Shaunas got her dress already, she’s going non traditional and it’s like a wine and forest green coloured ren-faire sort of medieval dress. I’m getting my dress probably in august. It’ll be more traditional but I’m getting accents and accessories to match hers. I might make the cake myself because I love to bake, but if it turns out too stressful we’ll just buy a nice one. 

We’re keeping it very small, mostly just immediate family. A friend of my mom is a pastor and she’s going to do a non-denominational service for us followed by a reception dinner. We haven’t decided on a location yet but it’ll be in April 2016.

Shaunas never stayed in a fancy hotel so for our honeymoon we’re going to get a honeymoon sweet package at a nice hotel and stay for a weekend and maybe get spa treatments. :)