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Top 10 surprise visits to each other while they're living apart ^^

 I’m going to have to cut this down to 5 because the majority of their trips to see each other were planned well in advanced to give them both things to look forward to and also because they tended to stay for a long time when they had the chance and needed to plan ahead for it. But there were a few very spontaneous trips before they eventually moved in together. There were several ‘just deciding to fly over for the weekend a few days before’ types (being a well-paid athlete has its perks) but here are the 5 best:

Top 5 Surprise Visits To Each Other While They’re Living Apart:

5) One time after one of their regular extended Skype sessions when Viktor was helping teach Yuuri Russian, Yuuri told him ‘You know, I’d really love to be able to practice my Russian in the country itself’ and Viktor got all heart-eyed like ‘you know you can come and visit me whenever you want’ and Yuuri just smiled and held up the plane tickets he had just bought like ‘I know, I’m flying out tonight’

4) During one of the longer periods apart Yuuri started to really, really miss Viktor and it was making him feel really down and insecure. Viktor picked up on it straight away and the next day Yuuri ended up crying to him on the phone like ‘I’m sorry for crying but I just really miss you’ and Viktor told him to ‘open the door’ and he was standing outside Yuuri’s apartment with a bunch of roses after taking the first flight to Detroit  

3) At the Four Continents after chapter 14 (so about a month or two after the GPF). Yuuri had come to watch Viktor at the Russian nationals but they had agreed that the dates of the Europeans and the Four Continents were cutting it too close for Viktor to be able to make it to cheer Yuuri on in return. Naturally Viktor showed up anyway, much to Yuuri’s surprise and delight and Yakov’s exasperation (he didn’t mind really though because Viktor was happier than Yakov had ever seen him before and that was what he cared about most).

2) At their six month anniversary Viktor planned in secret with Phichit to surprise Yuuri. Yuuri came home from training that day to find a note from Phichit on the door saying that he would be gone for the weekend and to have fun and when Yuuri walked into his bedroom Viktor was lying on his bed waiting for him (There were rose petals involved and very minimal clothing. It was very cliché but Yuuri loved it anyway. After he finished laughing). Phichit actually decided to stay away for a week just to be safe.

1) After the GPF in chapter 14 they spent a lot of time calling/skyping each other and making plans but they were still trying to work out how to do long distance until everything settled down and none of the plans were confirmed yet. But that didn’t stop Yuuri from flying out to surprise Viktor by showing up to give him a good luck kiss at the rink-side during the Russian Nationals, prove to the world/Russia that Viktor was his and he was Viktor’s and stay for Viktor’s birthday. They celebrated together in St Petersburg and Yuuri officially met all of Viktor’s rink-mates for the first time.

Japan (Shawn Mendes)

Hey! I’ve been inspired to write this fluff by the Instagram Shawn uploaded, plus I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, so here it is, I hope you like it :) Only thing I have to say, that Shawn’s girlfirend here’s 18!

Word count: 1.1k

Warning: none, just too much fluff

I tossed and turned myself to the point, that it became morning, and the sunrays – instead of warming my body – pointed right to my face, making me grumpy in a matter of seconds. I covered my face with my right arm, inhaling the dry air, then stretching my limbs. After I hid my face into the huge, white pillow it became quite obvious, that it wasn’t my usual one, judging only by the size of it. It took me a good two minutes to realize, I wasn’t in my own flat, neither in my country.

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Sixteen: Chapter 1 (S9 Highschool AU) - Gabe

A/N: Hi. My name is Gabe. This is the first fic I’ve ever written. I’m sorry if it’s not that good, I’m used to writing screenplays and stuff with lots of dialogue and little detail. The story will gradually include all S9 queens in a high school setting. The italics symbolize inner thoughts. Bold with a name next to it symbolizes a text message. This chapter will be told from both Shea and Sasha’s POV (at different times.) Also, English is my first language but not my strong suit. I apologize for any technical errors. My blog is @shea-velour, don’t be afraid to send me a message or request. 1300 words, 3 pages.

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Camping (Steve x Reader) AU

You should read the other parts before reading this

Chapter 1: Hot Mess
Chapter 2: Connections
Chapter 3: The Musical

“What was I thinking?” You open the bottle of tylenol, and fill up a glass of water. You lean on the counter as you rub your throbbing temple. Releasing a lengthy sigh, you close your eyes, and place the pill onto your tongue. You take a huge gulp of water and swallow the pill, anticipating it to soothe your pounding head as soon as possible. Unfortunately after reading the bottle, you quickly learn that it will take another hour of your relentless headache until the drug will kick in.

You let out a small groan as you walk into your, much too bright, living room. You sluggishly turn off the light, allowing a welcomed darkness to takeover the room. You lay down onto your plush couch and wrap yourself in a thick, warm blanket. You reach for the TV remote to turn on some sort of background noise, hoping that it will block out your thoughts.

Thoughts of Steve.

You cover your eyes with your arm as you grunt in frustration. “I’m such an idiot.” You mumble to yourself.

It’s been two days since you had made a complete fool of yourself.

“Who the hell tries to kiss their kid’s teacher?” You groan, “An idiot that’s who.” You silently thank the universe that Addison isn’t here to witness you in such a rough state where you resort to talking to yourself. At this current moment, Addison is happily roasting marshmallows over a campfire probably built by the man who you can’t get out of your head.

Her class left this morning to go on a one night camping trip to watch tonight’s meteor shower. You were supposed to have gone and chaperone the trip alongside Steve, but instead you called in “sick” late last night.

You know you’re completely over reacting, but you can’t seem to shake off the feeling of complete utter embarrassment. You allowed yourself to give into a moment of weakness, and now you’re suffering because of it. “This is why we swore off guys, [Y/N].” But as cheesy as it sounded, you thought Steve was your exception.

You do realize that what’s happened doesn’t mean that your chances with Steve are gone. All that happened was that you finally clued in. You aren’t meant to kiss Steve Rogers.

After using the past two days to think everything over, you’ve now come to the conclusion that you and Steve are a bad idea. A mom dating her child’s teacher? That’s a joke on it’s own. Addison would receive so much backlash from all of this. She would hear it from students, teachers, and even parents. Everyone would assume that Steve’s just playing favourites, and that could end up hurting Addison.

After all, Addison is your main priority, and no man will ever change that.

After several more minutes of thinking, you decide to call it in for the night. You much rather escape the world for a few hours in a deep slumber then sit here for any longer thinking ‘What if?’.

As you walk up the stairs to your bedroom, you hear the phone ring. You quickly drop the blankets from your shoulders and jog towards the receiver. The caller ID says your name and number. You stare at the phone in confusion for a moment before remembering that you let Addison borrow your cell phone incase she needed to get ahold of you. You quickly press the talk button.


“Hi mommy.”

You let out a small breath as you begin to pace around the living room. “What’s up, sweetie?”

“I want to come home.”

“Why’s that?” You begin to walk towards the kitchen to grab your keys. “Did something happen?”

“No,” You hear a small rustling sound. “I just want to go home.”

“Are you sure you can’t stay until the morning? Don’t you want to watch all the meteors?”

“I miss being home. I want to be home with you, mommy.” You can just imagine the small pout she has.

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes, okay?”


“I love-“ You don’t get to finish your sentence before she hangs up the phone.

You move the phone away from your ear and place it down onto the countertop. You take your purse off of the dining table, and put on a sweater. You look down to your outfit, not caring that you’re still wearing pyjamas, and hurriedly exit the house. You lock the door, and scurry to your car. You put the keys in the ignition, and speed off to the campgrounds.

Throughout your drive, you focus stays on the road as the same few top 40’s songs play through the radio. You can’t stop yourself from feeling like a terrible parent during the whole ride. Addison has never left the house for an overnight trip before, and that’s why you had originally signed up to chaperone. You should’ve known that something like this would’ve happened. Addison’s never had the opportunity to get to know many people before she started school. With your family cutting you out of the picture, and her dad leaving, it’s always just been you and Addie.

Reaching the camp grounds, you let out a long exhale of breath and park the car. You exit the vehicle, and search for any signs of a rowdy group of grade-schoolers. In the distance you spot a large open space with sparks of vibrant, orange flames. You proceed to walk towards the glowing fire you spot burning in the clearing. Laughter and singing begins to fill the air as you get closer towards the group of kids. A couple of girls are looking through a telescope, searching for planets, and a group of children sit around the fire roasting marshmallows.  A few kids say hi to you, recognizing you as one of their friend’s mother. You send the kids a wave as you continue to search for your daughter.

After a few minutes, you recognize a certain little girl lying on a blanket, staring at the stars. You let out a small breath as a smile works it’s way onto your face. You head off towards Addison, but the closer you get, you realize that there’s someone lying down beside her.

“I don’t see anything.” Addison states. You raise an eyebrow in curiosity as you proceed to walk closer. You try to keep out of her sight, wanting to overhear whatever she’s talking about.

“You’ll just have to keep on waiting.” A deep voice says next to her, and you instantly know who she’s talking to.

“The shooting stars should hurry up, because I’m tired, Steve.”

His voice holds a gentle tone as his eyes fixate on the stars in the sky. “They’ll be here soon.”

You stand next to Addison, feeling like you’ve heard enough. “Addie,” Both Addison and Steve jump at the sudden sound of your voice. Both of their eyes widen as they trail over to you. “Are you ready to go home?”

Steve looks down to Addie with a raised eyebrow. “Go home?”

Addison looks back and forth between you and Steve with an expression that could only be described as a deer caught in headlights. “I’m gonna go and eat marshmallows with Peter now.” She speedily stands up and runs towards her classmates.

“I should’ve known.” You sigh out.

Steve looks up to you, still extremely confused by the situation. “What just happened?”

You run a hand through your hair. “She called me here with no intentions of coming home.”

“She called you?”

“Yeah,” You have to give credits to your devious daughter, because one day she could be a fantastic actress. “She said she was homesick.”

Steve shakes his head in amusement as he looks back up to the sky. “Of course she did.”

You awkwardly stand in silence for a moment before deciding that it’s time to leave. “Well, I guess I should get going.”

“You don’t have to.” Steve gazes over to you. “Why don’t you stay and watch the meteor shower?”

You stand there trying to analyze his facial expression, but the light of the fire only lights up minimal features. “I think it’s best if I head out.” You turn around, and start to head off to your car. You only make it a couple of steps before a hand softly grabs your wrist. They slowly turn you around, making you look at them. You’re instantly met with the vibrant blue hues of Steve’s eyes.

“I want you to stay.”

You release a quiet sigh. “I don’t think that’s best.”

“Why not?” With every sentence the two of you speak, you subconsciously begin to come closer and closer to each other.

“Because what happened the other day was a mistake, and I’m sorry for-“

“Don’t apologize, [Y/N]. It wasn’t a mistake.”

“Yes it was, I shouldn’t have-“

“I wanted it to happen.” He confesses, “It just wasn’t the right time.”

“It’s never going to be the right time, Steve!” You nervously bite your lip, trying to avoid his eye contact. “You’re Addison’s teacher.”

“Only for another couple of months.”

“And then what?” You realize that all you’re doing is trying to persuade yourself out of this. Being with Steve is both a risk to you and Addison.

“What do you mean?”

“Addison’s going to be accused of being the product of favouritism. I don’t want the other kids thinking that she has an unfair advantage.”

“I treat all my students the same, and us being together isn’t going to change that.” Steve lets out a breath of air and rubs a hand over is forehead. “People already think that we’re together, [Y/N]. No one questions when I spend a little extra time with Addie.”


“I’ve been told so many comments from nosey moms about how we are the perfect couple. My coworkers have noticed, and even my boss has.” His eyes search your face for some sort of reaction. “Hell [Y/N], I know we would be one too.”


“Addison even wants us to be together, so honestly what’s stopping us?”

“I don’t want Addison or me to get hurt, Steve.”

“And I don’t want that either.”

You look to Steve’s eyes and find all the answers you need. Just the mere gleam of his eyes sends away any apprehension you’ve been holding onto.

Taking your silence as a good sign, Steve gently brings his hands up to cup the sides of your face. “Are we on the same page?” He asks shuffling closer, making your bodies nearly touch.

“I hope so.”

His hand moves up to stroke your cheek, then he closes the distance and presses his lips against yours. Your heart hammers against your chest even harder then it days before, as butterflies flutter throughout your body. He deepens the kiss, making you wrap your arms around his neck, holding him tight. You kiss him back with an overwhelming feeling of passion, desperate to be as close to him as possible.

Steve’s a risk you’re willing to take.

Next Chapter: Intentions

Gryffindor Meets Ravenclaw (C.H.)

A/N: I love reading hogwarts!5sos au’s and I decided to give it a try. I have minimal knowledge when it comes to Harry Potter so please don’t be so harsh if I make a mistake. I tried to get the facts correct. (also I did post it up earlier but accidentally deleted it when I was editing it)

Masterlist || Ask

Part 2 / Part 3


I watched him zoom around on his beautiful broom, laughing as he very narrowly dodged a bludger then shouting something to the other team’s beater that his team were currently scrimmaging against.
A small smile made its way onto my lips from where I was watching under the shade of a large tree as I read, or attempted to read, my Divination book.
“Whatcha starin’ at?” A voice asked as the person plonked down onto the ground beside me.
I quickly diverted my gaze and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, trying not to be so obvious that I had been staring at Calum for the last ten minutes.
“Oh. Maybe I should be asking you who are you starin’ at.” Michael smirked from beside me.
I groaned as I covered my face with my book, completely missing Calum’s glance over at us. “No one,” I mumbled.
“Ah, there there, my fellow Raven. You aren’t the only one swooned by the magnificent Quidditch captain.”
I lowered my book. “Stoooop.” I swatted him a few times in a feasible attempt at getting him to stop teasing me.
He laughed. “Why are you watching him anyways?”
“I’m not!” I protested with a pout and gestured to my book. “I’m studying.”
He rolled his eyes. “Sure and I’m not in Slytherin.”
I huffed and shut my book. “I only got distracted by him playing. I actually was studying, mind you.”
“Well, Miss Denial, Luke and I were wondering if you wanted to head to the Great Hall for some lunch?”
I stood up, brushing the dirt off of my clothes, and picked up my book. “Yeah, sure. I’m starving anyways.”
Michael stood up as well. “Let’s go. Luke’s already saving seats for us.”
Michael and I headed back towards the castle but not before I stole one more glance at Calum over my shoulder to see him already watching our retreating figures.

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Dai companions (romanced and unromanced) find out the inquisitor used to be a stripper? (And loved it) maybe they had to go back to their old club for info or something?


  • Iron Bull and Sera would get a kick out of it. “That explains a lot!” They’d exclaim if you had them in your party. They’d then demand a lap dance when they returned to skyhold.
  • Dorian would laugh, like a legit gut clenching laugh. He’d react similarly to Bull and Sera, being sure that the next time they made love, to see if he could spot some of the moves he’d see some of the strippers preformig when they were out investigating.
  • Cassandra wouldnt believe it, seeing the Inquisitor swinging their hips in the same fashion as some of the men and women dancing in the club. She’d be speachless, but would never admit to wanting to see the Inquisitor moving like that.
  • Blackwall would be hit with a bit of jelousy. ‘all these people have seen you like that?’ He’d act disgusted, but he’s into it. Sera would have noticed his eyes lingering on the ladies a little too long, giggling and snorting as a romanced Inquisitor scolds him. 
  • Vivienne is thankful the inquisitor doesnt dance like this anymore. Vivienne woudn’t necessarily disapprove of the stripping, it was the ‘dancing’ that was abysmal to her. ‘awful, these people have no rhythm.’
  • Cole wouldn’t understand, but he’d be entertained by the dancing as a regular child would be about watching someone flail their arms about. Lost of questions would be asked, all directed to Varric.
  • Varric would walk into the club the same way as if her were walking back to skyhold. Casual. Noticing the dancing women and men, and the partons who were sloppy drunk, tossing their coin and what not at the dancers. It wouldnt bother him, not even after finding out the inquisitor was one of them before.
  • like Blackwall, Solas would be really surprised and ask why they decided to become a stripper of all things. for real though, he’d disapprove when  around others, but would also want to see what the inquisitor can really do now that he’d seen what they used to do. He’s lowkey into it.

extra: all romanced companions would try and give the Inquisitor their best strip tease. Bull would find out that he’s great at it, and so would Cassandra. Solas would give minimal effort, but he’d blush hearing the inquisitor egg (HA!) him on. sera would trip over her own trousers and Dorian would try too hard. His strip tease would last about 23975975 minutes, while Blackwall’s tease would last 0.2985 seconds.

Hope Was'nt For Suckers After All!

Hey guys… This is my second Joshaya Fiction. It’s a prompt from..
fearerofoblivion said:
Josh sees Maya before and after the semi-formal and can’t help but stare.
I hope you like where I took your prompt…

“Hey Family…” Josh called out entering the Mattews apartment, shutting the door behind him before turing around completely.

“I’m absolutely free…”, his breath was caught in his throat. He had never seen something as beautiful as her.

Gorgeous. It was the only word that strikes him at the sight of her. He had never seen her in a dress. Scratch that, he had. On the subway, the night where he was dumped by the girl who pulled the three years old card on him, just like he had always pulled on Maya. But the one she was wearing at the subway was sparkly, a little too loud.

But now, she was pure angelic. Not that she always wasn’t. The red gown that ended a little below her knees was simple but elegant in the way that only Maya Hart could carry it out. Her make up had been done to a minimal keeping her look purely natural, which he loved.

Getting confused stares from Topanga, Cory, Riley and Maya herself, Josh snapped himself out if his thoughts, looking at everyone and observed that they were dressed, “Am I interrupting something?”, He asked sneaking a peek at the beautiful blond in front of him, he just couldn’t help himself.

“No”, Topanga decided to answer, judging by the way Cory was suspiciously eyeing him, Riley giving him a confused glare while Maya was trying her best not to look at him.

“Well, the girls have this semi-formal dance at their school, and I have to attend a colleagues baby shower. And Cory wouldn’t let the girls go alone with their…”, the doorbell interrupted her.

“Lucas… And Farkle”, came the voice through the buzzer before the boys entered the apartment.

To say Josh was shocked to see Dr.TurtleNeck would be an understatement. When Josh had last seen him at the family game night, that boy had barely been of his nieces’ height, and now he stood almost of the same height as Howdy, who was pretty much the same if not even more handsome.

Josh was sure about who was whose date, but little did he know that he was about to receive the biggest shock of his life. Finding out that Lucas had asked Maya out while Riley was going with Farkle didn’t settle well with him. But he shoved the thoughts of jealously that coursed through his veins at the thought of Lucas going out with Maya and immediately settled for an explanation that said he didn’t like his nieces’ crush betraying her.

“Josh, what were you about the tell us?” Cory questioned.

“Um.. Nothing important Cor, just telling that I was free tonight and wanted to spend it with you all. But now I’m gonna go, seeing you’ll are about to leave…”, Josh turned and was about to walk towards the door when Cory stopped him.

“Oh come on, join us…” Cory invited his baby brother. Truth to be told, Josh was hoping that someone would invite him to tag along. And the reason he wanted to be invited was nowhere near the desire to watch a certain blond. Nope.

“Are you sure, Cory? I wouldn’t want to intrude.”, Josh particularly aimed this at Maya, wanting to know wether she would be comfortable if he tagged along.

Receiving Maya’s enigmatic smile, he sighed in relief almost missing what Cory said, “Your family, you can’t intrude, strangers like Lucas and Farkle include”, with an disgusted face. Chuckling at his protective nature towards the girls, everyone made their way out of the apartment.

While everyone except Topanga headed towards the car, Josh almost yelled, “I’m not wearing appropriate clothes”.

“Oh believe me, you are.” Maya mumbled under her breathe, but luck wasn’t on her side as everyone snickered at her remark while Josh smiled.

“I like it so much…”, Riley yelled over the music. Everyone was enthralled the minute they had entered the hall where their Semi-Formal was held, seeing the scale it was set up at.

“Me too Riles…”, Maya responded to her overly-excited best friend. Though a part of Maya knew that Riley was sad over the fact that Lucas had asked her to be his date. But Maya also knew that Riley was the one to blame here, she had excepted to be Farkle’s date just because he had asked her first.

Lucas not wanting to go with Missy Bradfort, who by the way was throwing herself at Lucas in the school and now at Josh - which Maya didn’t like a bit, had asked Maya out. Because he knew that their relationship was strictly platonic with a little bickering here and there.

Sensing Riley’s sadness and not being able to sit through it without doing anything at all, Maya pushed Lucas towards Riley as soon as a slow song played in the background, “Ask her to dance with you Ranger Rick.” Though nervous, Lucas eventually asked Riley to dance with him, taking her off to the dance floor.

Watching her best friend with Lucas, gave Maya a feeling she couldn’t quite understand. And it’s wasn’t anywhere close to jealously, she knew how being jealous meant, thanks to a certain Mattews who was always with NYU girls and now Missy around him.

Longing, that was it. Longing to have someone who liked her as well. Who could be with her through thick and thin. She wanted to have someone. And that someone was Josh. And Maya knew that she couldn’t have him. With him always pulling the Older To You Card, she knew she would have to move on eventually. Even though her heart and mind were stuck on him.

A tap on her shoulder with, “May I have a dance with you, gorgeous?”, pulled Maya out of her deep train of thoughts. Her breath hitched when she heard him whisper against her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

She turned around, only to stare deep into Josh’s deep brown orbs which were looking at her like she was a precious thing, meant to be treasured. With a little hesitation, Maya placed her hand in his waiting one, ready to be escorted towards the dance floor.

No sooner did they reach the dance floor, the song had been changed to ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by 'Ed Sheeran’.

“You look beautiful Maya!”, Josh complimented with his ever charming smile, which was returned by Maya’s ever radiant smile. He gently placed his arm around her waist to pull her closer to him, loving how well they fit together. Just like Puzzle Pieces.

Placing her hand on his shoulder, they started swaying to the music, and purposely ignoring the shocked looks on Cory’s and Riley’s faces. This moment belonged to them. And they wanted it to be untouched. They knew tomorrow would be different again. Josh telling they can’t be together with Maya’s 'I’m always OK’.

She didn’t want to destroy what was going on, but she couldn’t stay longer without asking him the one question that had been shredding her heart apart. Daring to look him in the eye, she asked, “Why?”. But she immediately trained her eyes to the ground.

That one word was enough for Josh to know that his kinda rejection had hurt her more than he had imagined. What she didn’t know was that, it had hurt him equally if not more. Life wasn’t fair to him from the very beginning. He had to survive to exist in this world when he was born, and now he had to fight for the girl he loved more than he could have ever loved someone.

“Maya…”, he started, tenderly lifting her chin with his fingers to make her look at him, before he continued, “You have to know that the timing isn’t right for us… Look around you and you’ll know. Almost everyone knows you but that isn’t stopping them from passing judgemental looks at you. And that is just because your here, dancing with me, a guy that is older to you…”, Josh shook his head when Maya was about to interrupt him, but he however continued, “I know it doesn’t bother you, but it does to me. Because I don’t want anyone pointing a finger at you just because your with me. You mean a lot to me Maya, and I wouldn’t want anyone telling something against you….”

Maya never thought that Josh liked her and cared so deeply about her. She gave him a watery smile as a tear cascaded down her cheek, which Josh pushed away with a stroke of his thumb, cradling her cheek.

Before pulling away to path ways, Josh promised Maya, “Maybe not now, when three years later when your 18, you’ll be mine as much as I’ll be yours. Just let time pass by. After all I’m in it for a long game…”.

That were his last words before he pulled away, immediately missing the warmth she had provided as he held her, and went straight to Cory but not before smiling at his future wife. He shakes his head at that thought, chuckling to himself, finally walking away.

Riley immediately rushed towards Maya no sooner than Josh left, tormenting her with questions.

Maya just stood there, loving the feeling of hope that had filled her. She couldn’t believe that she always told that 'Hope was for Suckers’. She really regretted not hoping for things from the very start.

But just like Mr.Mattews has once said to her, 'The clothes looked good, but it was hope that looked great on her.“ She was going to hope for the best and would wait for the best to happen to her.

The journey to best had started after all.
That’s it for now, and as for the other 2 anons who requested for Jealous Josh and Maya’s 18th birthday, it’s coming soon. In this order itself. Look out for it. It’ll be up day after tomorrow. And if you have any other prompts, shoot them at me. Lol!

Blind Date Fiasco [1] (snowbarry)

Title: Blind Date Fiasco (1)
Author: Starcalista
Fandom: The Flash
Characters/Pairing: Barry Allen+Caitlin Snow (snowbarry)
Prompt: “Cisco, Eddie and Joe setting up Barry and Caitlin on a blind date,” Prompt from snnowfrostt. Hope you like it. Sorry it took me so long.
Rating: K+
Word Count: 2,476
Summary: AU since Eddie is alive. Cisco, Eddie, Joe and Iris sets Barry and Caitlin up on a blind date. However, Barry being Barry and Caitlin still thinking that Barry has feelings for Iris, things don’t go exactly as planned.
Warnings: None, I think
Notes: So I haven’t been on tumblr lately (all of my posts this past month were all queues..haha) and I think I missed snowbarry week :( I knew I should have prepared them in advance, but I just didn’t have time. I wonder if it would be okay to make a belated snowbarry week post? ..hehe… But there are so many beautiful posts in the snowbarry week tag. I’m so happy. Anyway, for the time being, here is part 1 of my snowbarry blind date story. It will be two or three parts

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Fated To Be

Having been told by the DM that my group was starting a fresh campaign with new characters. I finally decided to give Sorcerer with wild magic a try, going weird with a Teifling Noble who always has his traits covered and has an affinity for lightning spells. Being a larger DnD group less we were less inclined ending up with two wild magic sorcerers, two monks with swashbuckler and theif backgrounds, a rogue who is terrible at stealing, and white knight paladin. Tasked with escorting a supply cart with minimal teamwork.

Immediately within a few turns of our first confrontation our party is split as we’re ambushed by Goblins and Hobgoblins, our Paladin and one of the monks abandoning the cart. Not long after, the remaining monk and rogue are overwhelmed as both I and the other sorcerer continue to botch our rolls to protect them. Having been hit by an arrow I duck behind the cart before deciding something.

Me: So… It’s just the you and me left huh.

Sorcerer: Yep, I’m pretty sure we’re screwed.

DM: It’s your turn to go.

Me: All I’ve been doing is missing. Wait… *looks at spells* I want to climb the cart.

DM: huh? Sure, roll an athletic check.

*Passes with minimal requirements*

DM: Okay, now what?

Me: I want to crash down between the three goblins that are left and my downed allies using Thunderwave. Superhero style landing.

Downed Allies: Are you trying to kill us?!

Me: Trust me.

DM: Alright, *rolls savings throws* You kill one and the other two are hurt and knocked back. *he takes a moment before considering* Also, I’m activating your wild magic.

Me: Oh. Okay. *Nervously Rolls*

DM: *checks book* That’s… Your body still lingers with the static from your Thunderwave; as you straighten yourself suddenly an arc of lightning channels through your body and shoot out from your hands vaporizing the two remaining goblins.

Everyone ooc: Wtf just happened.

Sorcerer ooc: I think I’m the only one who actually saw that… From now on my guy will forever be jealous and strive to best you as a life goal for what he just witnessed.

Me: Haha, I guess lightning really was going to be my thing.

DM: Your Thunderwave also killed the animal driving the cart.

Me: I regret everything!!!

Everyone ooc: Noooo!!!


Made me some sort of mix between a bullet journal and a diary, I’m quite happy with how it looks so far. Today I wrote down all the questions for my science exam and I’ll try answering some in the evening.
Also I used to have a “bookstagram” but didn’t use it much and now I changed the username and decided to make it more personal, so it’s more about what I do - study, go out in nature, workout and try to make pretty stuff. If you’re interested - give me a follow @ whereismypug ✨

OK, Josh Duggar, I gave you a fair enough shake. When the molestation allegations came out, I condemned your actions along with everybody else, but I recognized that you had at least publicly apologized and it seemed you were trying to make things right, which is more than I can say of certain other celebrities connected with the molestation of their siblings.

But then this happens. You decide to betray the woman who decided to give you a chance even after you had confessed your previous sexual deviations to her. You, the leader of the family research Council, constantly calling people out on what you deem to be sexually inappropriate behavior. The molestation charges were one thing. They happened when you were minor and they were inside a sealed record. That certainly didn’t minimize the vileness of your behavior but at least it could be understood why you were not completely candid about it. But this happened far more recently and you betrayed people who have decided to stand by you despite your previous issues. You spent nearly $1000 actively betraying your family and lying about it to the public, while continuing to tout sexual wholesomeness and family values. This is the last straw. You’ve completely lost all credibility and if I were your wife I would strongly consider drawing up some divorce papers right about now.

I personally think Serena’s desire to keep their relationship under wraps was about something a little more complex… I honestly don’t think she would have reacted the same way if they had become a couple during Life in the Freezer and the flight to Ukraine never happened.

People have pointed out that now Serena’s the one being guarded and Bernie’s the one wearing her heart on her sleeve, and I think that even as they’re *cough* putting her OITNB binge sessions to good use *cough* Serena is holding her a little more at arms length than she might have done before, trying to minimize the damage if Bernie decides to bolt again. I doubt that she 100% trusts that Bernie has really changed.

Giving the rumor mill confirmation of their relationship opens them up to scrutiny now, of course, but more importantly it gives them more fuel for “Crazy Campbell… kissed the girl and made her cry” if Bernie runs again.

Imagine bucky and natasha just took a shower right? They’re lying in bed falling asleep and all, and he’s playing with nats’ hair because its calming ya know? It’s still wet and everything and that’s when bucky decides to try something. He wraps a strand of her hair around his finger and gives it a minimal shock/ heats up his finger or whatever (idk how it works). And the next thing you know natasha wakes up with half of her hair beautifully curled and the rest tousled from sleep and bucky is kinda like ‘she’s going to murder me’ but she just demands he at least do the rest because she’s not about to let anyone see her like that