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Tom Holland x Reader x Harrison Osterfield

Summary: You, Tom and Harrison are in quite the predicament when you unexpectedly meet your best friends other best friend. Sometimes, interests can overlap. Part one of three.

Word Count: 4,821

Warnings: cursing

A/N: well guys, remember like six months ago when i asked if anyone wanted a Tom and Harrison love triangle? this is it. 

Harrison’s apartment number stands right in front of you, a glistening silver number on an otherwise smooth white door. You wonder how exactly he’s able to stay in a cushy place like this for only a couple of weeks while he does something-or-other in Manhattan.

You thought about asking him, but his door opens, the rush of air making you shiver. Harrison stares at you with wide eyes for a moment, taking in your soaking wet figure. It’s uncomfortable, being under his gaze like that, even though you’ve been friends for years.

“Are you just going to stare at me, or can I come in?” you blurted, walking by him without waiting for an answer. He seems to regain his senses about thirty seconds later, closing the door and sliding over to you.

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The Carnival (Negan x Female)

Summary: The Saviors find a fairgrounds fully intact and Negan asks her to be his date.

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 1,920

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, and Swearing 

Author’s Note: This fic was requested by @prettyepiic who wanted “smut at the Carnival”. I hope I delivered! Fair warning, it’s pretty dirty. ;D

Thank you to @ashzombie13 for being my beta reader!

Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime! I LOVE feedback!

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One for the Books: Chapter 1


Summary:  Dan never expected Phil to seriously notice him. Sure, maybe he’d glance at his sign and laugh, but not even in his wildest dreams did he imagine actually getting called up onstage to do the one thing he’d dreamed of for years. But what happens when a simple kiss unexpectedly turns into something more? Musician!Phil/fanboy!Dan AU

Word Count (for this chapter): 3.1k

Genre: Fluffy smut

Extra tags: Musician AU, concerts, first kiss, getting together, first time

Warnings (for this chapter): Smut (but nothing explicit), swearing

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A/N: Based on a prompt from phanfic:

basically, dan is a total fangirl of phil, who’s a musician. phil does this thing, like halsey does, where he’ll be people’s first kiss at concerts. dan goes to his concert and phil notices dan, they kiss but it turns out to be a total make out session. you decide what happens next…

Yeah. Can you imagine how much I wanted to write this? Well, after nearly 3 long weeks, it’s finally here! I hope you enjoy!!

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Are You Flirting With Me?

Paring: Roman Reigns X reader
Rating: Teen? (There’s kissing, and implied pants-off stuff)
Length: 2.2k, long
Type: Request from @m-a-t-91 from forever ago (I’ll get better at request, I promise)
Warnings: Major fluffiness, comments about weight/fat, body image issues, poor self-esteem

Summary: Roman flirts with a new person, (y/n) backstage.

A/N: I tried very hard to make the reader gender neutral. It won’t always be possible, but I’ll make sure to have a gender neutral fic here and there. As always, thank you for reading! I genuinely appreciate your comments and feed back!

Working backstage during a WWE live show was an absolute circus. You were in one place when three different people would request your presence in five other places and that was just when you arrived.

Looking through different check lists, making phone call after phone call, and trying to tune your headset to the right frequency were manageable when you didn’t have to do them all at once. But this was your job now, and you kind of just had to /do it/.

After the show started, things settled down. Not so much at one time, but still hectic. Get Charlotte here. Seth needs something there. Don’t forget the props for New Day’s entrance. That kind of stuff was your purview as a talent liaison. You were a go-fer for the superstars.

As you caught your breath in a corner near the end of the night, you realized you were standing right next to Roman Reigns. He was a friendly guy. You two chatted it up in the halls quite a bit, but he intimidated you. He was talented, handsome as hell, and huge. Well, huge compared to you.

“Hey, baby, slow down. I see they got you runnin’ again tonight.” He smiled at you. Your heart jumped a bit.

“Yeah, I’m worried they think I’m getting fat or something, making me sprint like this… kinda seems like it,” you joked, hoping you didn’t sound lame.

“I think you look just right,” he shrugged, looking you over. ‘Oh, shit. Can he not do that?’ You thought, having to hold your knees a little tighter so you didn’t just melt.

“Thanks,” you smiled, trying to think of an excuse to leave, but the show was wrapping up and after that there wasn’t much to do.

“Have you eaten?” He asked. You frowned in thought. You hadn’t had anything since lunch.

“No, but-”

“There’s a great twenty-four hour joint right on the edge of town. Dean-o and I used to hit it up after shows here. Seeing as he’s on the blue brand now, I don’t have anyone to go with. Wanna come with me?”

“I’ve got stuff-”

“Hey, if you don’t want to go, I guess I can go alone.” He said, making his best puppy dog face at you, and damn if it wasn’t working.

“I, um,” you said, trying to think straight.

“Come on, y/n,” he pleaded. You were utterly shocked he knew your name, but a small part of you was doing your happy dance. “I won a hard fought match tonight and I just want to eat some good food across from a beautiful person.”

“I can try and find Tyler Breeze for you, but I think he already left.” You joked, defecting the compliment. Roman laughed out loud, and it made your soul sing.

“Not Tyler, you baby. What do you say?”
“Okay, that was some of the best diner food I’ve ever had,” you admitted as you and Roman walked back to his rental. You never rode with Talent, with a capital T. This was the first time, and it was just as fun as riding with the other liaisons. Actually more so. There wasn’t really any “shop talk” between you two. Other than making fun of Vince’s head set tirades. Roman confessed that sometimes when he was on commentary and Vince was going off he had to cover his smile with a hand.

“I told you it was a good place,” he said, sliding in the driver’s seat with predatory grace. “You staying at the same hotel as us?” He asked, starting the car.

“No, no,” you said, checking your email for your room confirmation. There wasn’t one. You scrolled through your emails again, and then checked all the deleted ones. “Turns out I might not have a room.”

“You didn’t book one?” He asked, turning back onto the road that led to the highway.

“I don’t know. Do you mind if I make a call? I know it’s rude in a car, but-” you were starting to freak out. It was a holiday weekend in a coastal city. If you hadn’t booked in advance you were screwed.

“I don’t mind.” He said, glancing your way with concern.
“Okay, nope, shit, fuck,” you said after hanging up with the last hotel in your destination city. “I don’t have a room. I guess I’m staying on someone’s floor.”

“Not after the day you had,” he scoffed. “Stay with me.”

You felt your whole body get hot. You could barely be in a car with this man, you couldn’t share a room with him. You would explode into hot pink flames just thinking about it too much.

“That’s very nice, Roman, but-” you tried, but he cut you off.

“No buts.” He said firmly. His voice making you shiver.

“Why?” You asked, feeling a little braver around him than usual. He invited you to dinner. Offered his room to you. You figured you were allowed to be curious at this point. You waited on baited breath for his answer.

“Because I’ve decided to be a very good friend of yours,” he said all smiley. You smiled back, feeling more comfortable and therefore impish.

“As long as it’s a one way street, Reigns, I’m fine with that.” You said, making him laugh again. You loved making people laugh, but making Roman laugh was kind of the best.

“Oh, but it’s not,” he said in mock seriousness.

“What?! I have to be a very good friend of yours back!? Ew!” You strained your voice to make it sound like a terrible request. A horrific burden. He chuckled knowingly. A smile jumped to the corners of your mouth at hearing his mirth and seeing the corners of his eyes crinkle.

“Yes. A very good friend of mine. Emphasis on very,” he turned to you just a bit so you could see him wink.

“Roman!” You cried, laughing and swatting his arm. Every inch of you felt warm with embarrassment.

“Hey! I’m driving here!” He laughed, pushing your hand away.

“And I’m just trying to live!” You giggled back, resisting his push a little. The two of you almost holding hands.

Suddenly, you realized those touches were the first time you’d touched each other. Then you realized just how flirtatious those touches had been. Was it your imagination, or had all of this been flirting? Certainly it was flirting on your part. He was so goddam handsome. But was it possible he was flirting with you? For weeks you brushed it off as wishful thinking, but now…

“So…? Music?” He asked, reaching for the media cord.

“Hit me with the jams, Reigns,” you said, thanking God that he was turning on music. That would give you time to think.
“I can’t believe you knew every word. Like, every fucking word!” Roman said, as he went to the trunk of the rental to grab your bags. You followed, smiling ear to ear. “If I hadn’t been driving, some of that would be on SnapChat right now.”

The two of you had just listened to the music for a while before it became carpool karaoke. And super fun, no judgment, no holds barred carpool karaoke, at that. Forgotten lyrics, cracked voices and all. He was so much more chill than you had originally guessed. You could just be you around him and he could just be him.

Right in that half hour space between the first sing along and arrival at the hotel, all pretense and unease left the two of you. It was nice. Easy. Relaxing. Wonderful.
“Which side of the bed do you usually sleep on?” He asked as you laid your stuff by the couch.

“The middle side, Reigns. I’m single,” you laughed.

“I’m serious,” he smiled. “I don’t have a preferred side. You can pick which one you want.”

“Wait,” you said as your mind came to a full stop. “Are we sharing the bed?”

“Do you see another bed?” He asked, quirking his eyebrow.

“There’s a couch right here,” you gestured to said couch. 'Couch.’ 'I will have couch.’ 'I will sleep couch.’ 'Couch.’ Your Brain was being really goddam helpful in this terrifying, yet thrilling, moment of confusion and realization.

“There’s a bed right here,” Roman gestured to said bed. You felt your knees go weak again. This man had some sort of power of you, and you knew what it was before, but now it was different.

Before it was muscles, and hair, and voice, and smile, and eyes. Now it was Roman. All of him, all at once.

“You want to sleep next to me? In the bed?” You asked, as he stepped over to you.

His hands gently found purchase on your shoulders, and you sighed at the touch. His broad palms and strong fingers felt right on you.

“I want to do more than that,” he spoke quietly. “In the bed.” You felt heat radiate from your whole body, but your analytical mind needed more than your body did.

“Are you flirting with me?” You asked, looking up at him.

“You can stop with the jokes now, y/n,” he chuckled. You simply shook your head. His soulful brown eyes changed in an instant. “It’s not a joke?”

“I- No? It’s not a joke. I’m not used to- People like you and people like me- We don’t…” you tried to explain yourself.

“People like me?” He said, looking a bit lost. Kind of sad actually. You had to make this better, and quick. So you just started blurting things.

“You’re very attractive. You’re like super-duper handsome, and I’m just me. I know you like me. Like who I am inside, and stuff.” Way to be articulate, you scolded yourself sarcastically. “But I’m not top notch, super-duper, crazy attractive like you. So, I guess, I just thought I was attracted to you and it wasn’t mutual. What I mean is- When I said 'people like you’ I didn’t mean vain or shallow or superficial, I mean very very very VERY pretty people. And people like that aren’t usually attracted to people like me. That’s all I meant.” You stood in silence for a moment aghast that all of that had just spilled out of you.

“Holy shit,” Roman said, putting his hands on your upper arms in mock support. “Breathe.”

“You got it,” you nodded quickly.

“To answer your question from before, yes. I have been flirting with you tonight. Basically since you started working for the company, I’ve been flirting with you,” he explained. “At first it was because of how you look, but then it was because of who you are. I like you. A lot.”

“Score,” you said blankly, making him laugh again.

“It’s stuff like that. These little things you do that just fucking tickle me. You’re a goofball. You’re light hearted. You like to make people laugh. You’re genuine and humble and smart.” The compliments didn’t stop and you did your best to just take all of it in. You knew it would be rude to interrupt him. “There are lots of very, very pretty people in this world. You included.” You blushed and look away at that, biting your lip to keep protests at bay. He continued.

“But do you know how many times I’ve met a pretty person who was bright and funny and sweet?” He asked you, and you looked at him again. He was very serious right now. Your instinct was to make a joke, but you knew what he wanted you to say, so you said it.


“Just once,” he said, brushing your hair off your forehead. “Just you.”

You didn’t know what to say. What did someone say after hearing something like that? You supposed… thank you.

You inched closer to him.

'Thank you for seeing me.’ You thought.

He leaned down to you.

'Thank you for getting to know me.’ Your heart sang.

You closed your eyes.

“Thank you for telling me,” you whispered just as your lips met. The kiss was soft, but strong. Emotions flooded your whole body as his arms wrapped around it. As your lips parted, you opened your eyes and saw he was staring at you.

“You’re welcome.” He smiled, resting his forehead on yours as you embraced.

“But, Roman,” you said as your brain became capable of thought again. “You know two people like that. There’s another person you know that’s gorgeous and smart and silly and kind,” you said, wrapping your fingers around a lock of his hair. “It’s you.” You kissed his cheek. “It’s you too, babe.”

He leaned back and smiled at you, shaking his head. “It’s just like you to say something like that.”

“Just say thank you and take the compliment,” you smiled, taking his lips again in a quick, sweet kiss. “Can’t be humble all the time, Reigns.”

“You’re right,” he smiled at you deviously. “Now let me brag about what I can do to you, so I can back it up later.”

You laughed, but quieted quickly so you could listen. Reigns was flirting with you and you didn’t want to miss a second.

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Happy you’re here (3/?)

Summary: You didn’t actually know who you were, rescued from H.Y.D.R.A, you suffered Dissociative Amnesia. The Avangers helped you, now was time for you to help Bucky.  

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,385 (Yeah)

Warnings: Cursing, FLUFF. violence, blood mention, torture mention, angst(??????)

A/N: LOOK AT THAT, ALREADY???? Yep, i’m truly bored, people seemed to have liked the last chapter, dunno, but the truth is that I just really wanted to write this part and some angst YEs HAtE mE, well I also got so carried away that I had to cut this part in two - maybe three -, or otherwise would’ve been like +3300 words, and i’m still writing! So yeah, there’s that. Oh fuck it, i’ll post it all. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Originally posted by spacesebby

Bucky couldn’t believe that you were able to fall asleep with your head on his shoulder. He couldn’t believe that you felt comfortable enough around him to grab his hand and place it on your tight so it was better for you to take a nap. He just… could not believe.

“Don’t look so scared, soldier.” Natasha said, sitting on his other side, making him place his metal arm closer to his chest. Her trained eyes didn’t lose that movement, she smirked at him before whispering “Steve called you, but since you’re busy… He was just going to tell you to watch over Y/N while we are in there, she’ll be staying with you.”

He just nodded with his head, feeling uncomfortable being around Natasha, but – weirdly – relaxed with you touching him.

Nat got up, strolling a piece of your hair out of your face and smiling gently at you, even though you were sleeping

“She’s a precious thing, isn’t she?” That was the first time he saw that true side of Natasha, the one with emotions and not calculated to be perfect and to analyze everyone and everything.

“She is.” Natasha straighten her shoulders, putting her mask again and going to talk with Steve about the mission and where they were landing.

His hand tighten in your tight when you frowned your brows, gripping hard into his uniform and mumbled something he couldn’t understand in a different language

He wasn’t able to tell if it was in German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, he knew that at least it wasn’t Russian. However, even though he didn’t understand exactly what you were saying, he knew you were denying something.

“Y/N?” He whispered, afraid of waking you too suddenly, since he knew that it would be a pain in the ass to calm yourself down, especially when you were about to enter into a mission. You didn’t answer, just gasped and frowned your brows even more, leaving him with no choice but to use his metal hand to poke you lightly in your cheek “Hey, Doll…”

“Huh?” You groaned, stopping the nonsense words and soften your grip in his uniform, sliding your hand down to stroke his arm, as if he was the one that needed comfort. Obviously, you were still half-asleep, your eyes were still closed and your head still on his shoulder.

“I think we are almost there.” He said – for his own surprised – softly to you, even if you didn’t ask him to wake you up before they got there, to give you time to recover from your nap

“Thanks, Buck.” You mumbled, yawning right after slipping away from him. Bucky even tried to slip his hand off of you, but you thought it was quite pleasant his big hand in you thigh, heating it. So, you slid your hand on top of his – as if you didn’t –, while with the other you itched your eyes. Buck hell sure felt surprised by your boldness, by how you did it as if you didn’t actually done, neither cared about keeping his hand on your thigh.

“Look if it isn’t Sleep Beauty awake! What, the prince charming here kissed you, already?” Sam mocked, making you giggle and tease back

“Prince Charming is Cinderella’s prince. Phillip is Sleep Beauty’s prince; go watch the movies before so you’re sure about the nickname, Tweet.”

“Are you inviting me to a cinema night, hottie?” You just laughed at the usual flirty Sam, you knew he was only messing around and you did indeed always – jokely – flirt back

“You tell me, handsome.” Bucky slowly slid his hand off of yours, while you and Sam glanced at each other, controlling your laughs.

Natasha, noticing Bucky’s weird gaze, interfered with a surprised smirk, her mind already planning a way to get you to tell her that you at least thought Buck was cute.

“Y/N, stop your games with Sam. Steve wants to talk with you, now that you’re awake.”

“All right, Nat. You don’t have to be jealous; you know my heart is only yours.” You mocked, passing by her and hugging her by her waist and almost singing the last part.

“I knew that you turned me down for some reason!” Pietro’s voice was heard somewhere on the jet, making you all – Buck included – laugh. He liked the atmosphere, how you made him interact with the others, even though he stayed away.

“Just go already, you little flirty thing. And you, Sam, stop teaching her these kind of stuff.” Natasha laughed slightly while you entered more the jet, searching for your “old man”.

“If you’re going to tell me to hide behind someone I’ll use you as a shield to the bullets.” Clint and Steve giggled at your groan, but Captain just denied with his head and pointed at the table, showing you the plant of the base

“Is not that. Well, since you didn’t accept staying in the jet, I went through the plan and decided that you and Bucky would be better together, you’re good at looking at others back and since Natasha and I will be the ones to search your files, I thought you two would make a good pair.” I kept looking to the plant, trying to memorize everything I could about there.

“Okay, where will my sister and Pietro be?” You ask, Wanda smiled at the back of the jet, hearing you talk about her with her powers.

“They’ll be the ones covering me and Nat’s back, you and Buck will cover theirs and ours while you clear this and the others floors.” Steve pointed at the floor you were supposed to be “So we’ll make our way up to you two and help to clear the rest of the facility. Tony, Vision and Sam will clear the upper floors, Clint will be flying here and helping occasionally.” You sighed in relief; you hated to see Clint of all people entering dangerous missions, because you had met his kids and wife.

“Ok. But what if we found prisoners?”

“We don’t think that they have any in there, Natasha tried to hack them, and she didn’t found anything about new victims before they shut her down.” You agreed, reviewing the entire plan again in your head “Y/N?”


“Don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger again and please follow my orders.” Steve almost begged at you, probably remembering your last mission with him and Clint.

“Oh c’mon! It was just one time, and I didn’t even harm myself that much!”

“You broke your hand, lost more blood than possible, broke three ribs and almost fell from a 39’4 foot tall building!” You chuckled and shrugged your shoulders

“But at least Clint got in time, and with no bruises, to his’s son birthday party.”

“You mean the one you were invited to and that I had to explain to Cooper that “Auntie Y/N” didn’t show to his birthday party just so I could look good at the family’s photo?” You chuckled again, hearing Steve huff

“But you can’t say I didn’t give him a hell of a present.” Steve crossed his arms in front of his chest, glancing sharply at you “I gave him his father to his birthday.”

“Okay, show off, we get it. You’ll do anything to protect everyone; just don’t get yourself killed on the process, all right?” Clint said, and you nodded with your head, turning again to the base draw, a weird feeling filling your chest.

“I’ll talk to Buck; see if he’s really okay with entering an H.Y.D.R.A facility.” Steve murmured when seeing you weren’t going to leave there until you recorded every corner of the place, even though he knew it wouldn’t take you long to.

“Hey, guess who will be waiting for us when we get back?” Clint asked

“Sorry, Katniss. I forgot to bring my crystal ball.” He chuckled at the sassy you, knowing it was a way for you to hide how nervous you were and also because he interrupted your “recording process”.

“Your boyfriend.”

“Which one of them?” He laughed loudly while you were still with your eyes pierced at the map in front of you.

“Parker. He’ll spend a week with you guys; Tony thinks that Peter might be the one to beat you at a training.”

“Really? What makes he think that?”

“The fact that the boy has super strength, spider things and shit.”

“He also has a nice ass.” You murmured, smiling when finished your study

“You are a little pervert thing, you know that, right? Please, don’t harass Peter.”

“Can’t promise that, you know how I feel about cute, shy, awkward people.” He chuckled while you left with a smirk in your face, being surprised when Buck’s face appeared in your mind.

You smiled at yourself when remembered the face he did when you kept his hand where it comfortably was, you thought that he looked cute looking shocked.

When you all arrived at the facility, you took a deep breath, trying to control yourself and be there. Your family’s life was also in your hands, focus and attention.

“Buck, Y/N, you two enter first, than Wanda and Pietro, than me and Natasha.” You heard from the speaker in your ear, nodding and making your way to the place with The Winter Soldier by your side.

You didn’t want to cause too much attention when at first there was just you and Bucky in there, so you just silently brought down each person there with the help of your teammate.

“Nat is bringing down the security system alarm. Y/N, Wanda and Pietro are coming in as soon as you two are able to tell how safe it is.” You heard as your hand grabbed a men’s face, tapping his mouth to stop him from screaming and shit, while you kicked behind his knee and made him pass out with a single strike.

Your eyes met an amazed blue ones, but you just pointed at the two last men on the floor before a door that leaned to where the others were going to enter. Buck nodded with his head and was head to fight one while you took other, quietly, but the loud screams and gunshots at the upper rooms made you sighed.

“Thanks fucking a lot, Tony.” You Sam giggle while the both men turned screaming something when they saw that theirs partners were all down. They started shooting when Bucky and you protected yourselves, you moved fast, shooting at both men and running with light steps at the door. “soră mai mică, your turn.”

“Coming.” Buck stayed at the other side of the door, still amazed by how you were fast on the trigger and with your body. He knew you had powers, since he asked Steve about you, but you didn’t like using them.

A few seconds later, the door was ripped from it’s place and Bucky and you entered the place, cleaning what you could for the siblings. They began fight too, Pietro knocking down whom he could with his speed and Wanda throwing men to all sides.

A bullet passed right in front of Pietro’s face to a man that was going to shoot him in the head, he glanced at your angry face.

I’ll pay more attention, sorry, Y/N” He said while continuing to clean the floor.

What happened?” Steve voice was a little tense, but you just ignored and sticked to the plan, making your way to where you were supposed to.

Nothing new, just my beloved future wife saving my ass.” Natasha giggled at Pietro’s voice, she knew that you wouldn’t give him a chance, since you could only see him as a little brother, as someone that needs to be taken care of.

“You wish, shithead.” You used your elbow to hit one of them in the face, lowering your arm to lock his, grabbing his gun and kicking him to the floor. “Steve, Nat.” You warned, continuing to make your way with Bucky.

Captain was right; you two did make a good pair. You protected his back, he protected yours, and you both moved synchronized, as if you two had been partners before.

Maybe was the training that H.Y.D.R.A provided, but Steve was still surprised that you both made to where he said in less time that he expected.

“We are coming in. Y/N, Bucky, change of plan. Y/N, remember the entry you saw that give to the labs?”

You even ask?” A giggle came out between heavy breaths, well you were fighting at that very moment. You broke the men’s wrist to make him drop the knife and made him kneel while he screamed “What about it?”

I need you two to go there and destroy what you can while you search for files about others victims, see if there is anyone that need saving.”

“Can you two go without our help?” You asked, dodging kicks and punches just so you can come closer to Bucky.

Yes, mom.” You laughed at his ironic voice and finished with another one, pointing with your head to where Bucky should go. You didn’t touch him, knowing that if you did, he would punch you because of his “fight” state.

“Buttercup, let’s go!” You called, finally getting his attention. He walked to you, but he didn’t see one of the men lift a gun and shoot.

You were fast in kicking, with all your strength, Buck’s chest. Making him get out of your way and lose his balance a little confused, you felt a sharp, blazing pain in your shoulder when you lowered your gun after shooting the men.

A groan left your mouth when you pressed the injure to stop the blood from coming out

“Fuck!” The second Bucky understood what happened, he got close to you again, checking you with a worried gaze in his eyes.

What happened?” Bruce voice was heard, when The Winter Soldier opened his mouth to say ‘Y/N got shot’, you were quicker.

“Nothing, I hit my ass on a balcony.” You continued your walk with Buck at your side, looking for more threats while glancing constantly at you.

You felt the shoulder of your black suit soak with blood, but ignored when entered the labs, paralyzing with the vision of a familiarity. The scars on your back started to burn as you looked at one point of the lab, the cells.

Luckily, they were empty. So you just shaked your head and started to search what you needed, Buck stood behind you, trying to pull the fabric of your suit so he could see the wound, but by reflex, you grabbed his hand and turned pointing the gun at his face.

He didn’t hesitate in ignore the gun to pull the fabric while you apologized and turned again to continue your chase, allowing him to take a look.

“Is it too bad?” You asked, ignoring the pain to do your work

“No, the bullet passed right through.”

“Yay.” He chuckled at your cheered impression, deciding to help you “Steve, the labs are empty and there is nothing here. What do you want us to do?”

“Remember when I said we could do without you guys? Well…” You two laughed at his tone

“We are coming to rescue you, Steve.” Bucky liked the way you said ‘we’, but obviously he ignored the warm feeling in his chest, thinking that it was caused by the adrenaline

Oh, we are good. Wanda is taking care of everything, but Sam, Tony and Vision might use a little help.”

“Sir, yes, sir.” And Steve was out, you didn’t know that he and Natasha were painfully watching a video of you in there, when you were still just a kid. 

The Captain locked his jaw with the vision of you being whiped with something that had metal, sharp points 

“What do we do with it? Do we destroy?” Nat asked to Steve, making sure nobody else listened to it

“No” he sighed, knowing that you would punch him if he didn’t give you the choice to watch it or not “save it on the flash drive and then, destroy it.” She nodded and saved everything they were there for, Bucky and you already helping your teammates.

We are done here, we got everything we need. Everyone to the jet now! Tony, you know what to do.” You smiled at Bucky and made your way to the closest way out, that in that case was a window.

You jumped, seeing that it wasn’t a big height from the floor you were to the ground. But obviously, you forgot about your injured shoulder, so when you rolled to cushion the fall, you let out a painfully groan and stood on your knees, waiting for Buck to jump. He did the same as you, the exact movements but without the groan part.

“Are you too hurt?” He asked, helping you to get up while you denied with your head, smiling gently at him.

“No, but Steve will make me be.” He let a relieved laugh come out and you were the one breathless, that time. His expression was relaxed and even a little tired, but wasn’t grumpy.

You two went to the jet waiting, but dodging Pietro’s quick hand. He tried to use his fast speed to carry you in the arms when he saw you were bleeding

“What happened?” Wanda asked worried, helping you sit down while Bruce were already starting to work on your injury.

“I got shot, but don’t worry. The bullet came out and it doesn’t hurt that much.” She sighed and kissed your forehead, siting on your other side, since Pietro was already stroking your hand from the sit next to you.

“I was the one supposed to take the bullet.” Bucky said shortly, giving space so Bruce could take care of the wound.

“Yep. But it was going to hit your spine, and even if you’re a super soldier, I think it would make a big mess.” He still didn’t understand why you took the shot for him, he never experienced that before. Beside Steve, he wasn’t used to that kind of affection and with somebody taking care of him. “That reminds me, sorry for kicking you. But I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to push you.” He smirked with your flirty tone; even he was able to tell.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N. Calm your hormones down, Woman!” Sam said, making you giggle and wink at Bucky before he went back to his previous sit.

“You’re luck it didn’t hit anything important, Y/N.” Bruce said serious, giving you a harsh – but worried – glance. “Did something happened there? You seem more off than usual.”

“No, not at all.” You forced a smile, not wanting to give Steve the word. You would never admit that the labs made you remember something, and hell sure you weren’t going to sleep that night.

“Do you want something for pain?” He asked, not wanting to pressure you, knowing that when you were ready you would tell him.

“No, thank you, Bruce.” He stroked your head before you got up and kiss both Pietro and Wanda cheeks, seeing that they were worried. “I’m ok, don’t worry.”

You smiled before going to sit next to Bucky, giving him time to get used to your sudden approach.

“Thank you.” He finally said, for your surprise.

“I told you, any time, love.” He grinned and you grabbed his arm gently “Is it ok if I use you as a pillow again?” Bucky studied you for a while before nodding with his head and looking straight to the jet’s sit in front of him.

You weren’t going to sleep, just pretend so no one would bother you. He didn’t know that, so he got surprised when in the middle of the travel back you stroked slightly his arm again. You couldn’t help, you were a clingy person. You liked human contact and hugs, kisses, touches, the warm and soft feeling of someone’s body… Maybe it was because your whole life you hadn’t be able to feel those things.

You crossed your legs and tried to find a more comfortable position, Bucky sighed and with all his courage, he moved his hand so it stayed on your thigh again. A smirked formed in your lips as you slid your hand to his, kind of hugging his arm, and hell, if that wasn’t the most comfortable thing ever, you didn’t know what was.

7 Days of Heaven (Prologue)

Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Day 1-Jaebum  Day 2-MarkDay 3-Jinyoung Day 4-Jackson  Day 5-Youngjae  Day 6-Bambam   Day 7-Yugyeom

Before everything and anything goes downhill, here’s to give you an insight on how the story will start.

This is short, plain, and very simple.  No warnings involved or anything like that!


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Request: Business call - Part 1

Request: I would like to request, a story out of Tigs POV. Where he should call someone for club business, but he has a wrong number and ends up at readers phone. At the end they end up together.. perhabs a bit smut if it’s posible for u :)

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of alcoholism

Originally posted by sikanapanele

Tig’s POV

There was so much work to do; they had been in runs and countless meetings lately, doing everything to help SAMCRO’s president. Jax Teller had been trying to change the MC’s path, to make it right and at least close to what his father had devised for them. The club would be out of the gun business, but there were still many loose ends to tie up.

Tig absolutely hated the “I know a guy who knows a guy” talk and the last thing he wanted to do was that call. He was supposed to call a number Chibs had given to him and settle a meeting with a person, someone who was interested in doing business with the club. He just had a feeling this couldn’t turn out good. However, orders were orders and he dialed the number.

“Yeah?”, the person on the other side of the line answered. The voice was muffled and Tig couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, but it seemed he had just awakened him or her.

“Hm…Who is this?”, he carefully asked.

“Who is this?”, the person repeated.

“What?”, Tig grimaced. He didn’t have time for jokes.

The person growled, “Are you the guy from last night?”, now he knew it was a woman talking. It was supposed to be a man, he was sure Chibs had said a man, “Shit! I thought I had given you the wrong number”

“Apparently, someone did that”, Tig sighed.

“What?”, the woman clearly had had a blast last night, sounded like she had a hangover, “Aren’t you sweet? Calling me on the next morning… Listen, it was great, it truly was, but it was one night thing, I’m not looking for a relationship okay”

“Good to know, but-“, Tig chuckled, “I’m not the guy from last night”

“What?”, she asked again.

“I was trying to call someone, a business call”, Tig didn’t even know why he was bothering to explain the situation to her, “They must have given me the wrong number”

“Oh sorry business man”, the woman sighed on the other side, “Have a good day”

“Thanks. Have a good day too”, he mumbled and was about to hang up when something caught his attention, “Wait… Girls really do this thing of giving the wrong number?”

“Hm…Yeah”, he could tell she was thinking he was weird and anxious to end that call.

“I wouldn’t know”, Tig admitted to the stranger, “I’ve never called back”

“Uh oh”, she mocked and giggled, “A business man and a heartbreaker”

“No, I’m not the one who gave a poor man the wrong number”, he laughed, thinking a wrong call had never been so nice.

“Ouch!”, the woman laughed.

“Sorry to bother you”, Tig apologized, “Sounds like you had a great night, go back to sleep”

“Yeah, I did”, she said but didn’t sound so happy anymore, “Have a nice day business man”

The line was silent and Tig stared at the phone for a minute. He should have told her he wasn’t a business man, but then, he had to reason to do so, she was just a stranger. He sighed and decided to find Chibs, complain about the wrong number and try to get the right one before Jax ask about the meeting.


My phone never rang, only my best friend and boss had that number. It was a burner phone that I would throw away in a few weeks, so I didn’t bother much when that man called me this morning. He had the wrong number and I tried to be as nice as I could with a headache killing me. When I hung up, I laid down and tried to sleep again in my hotel room. I smiled, remembering the confused man. Yes, we girls give guys the wrong number sometimes. No, he wasn’t bothered, he said he never had called back. Heartbreaker. Yes, I could say I was one. I would never stay or give the right number. I couldn’t get attached, ever again.

Tig’s POV

Chibs had finally found the right number; Tig called and settled the meeting for the next day. He had a beer with his brothers, let a crow eater give him a massage and went to bed. Sons would have to be up early and Jax wouldn’t tolerate people late. It was the middle of the night when Tig woke up with his phone ringing. He growled and grabbed it on the nightstand.  

“Hello”, he barked, not bothering to be nice to whoever was awakening him.

“What’s wrong with you Cindy?”, it was a familiar voice, but it sounded distorted, weird. The woman calling laughed and Tig finally recognized her, “Cindy? Answer me!”

He didn’t know her name, so Tig called her the first thing it came to his mind, “Heartbreaker?”

“Who?”, she snorted and then cursed about something that had just happened with her.

She clearly was drunk and didn’t know his name either, “This is business man”, he used the nickname she had given him that morning.

“Oh man! I’m sorry”, she whined, “I was trying to call a friend”

“Are you drunk?”, Tig cut her off, suddenly getting worried. She was alone somewhere, drunk, confused. Besides, when he had called that morning she seemed to have a hangover and she had been drinking again. Something was wrong with that girl.

“I’m not sure”, the woman mumbled, her voice shaky, “How many shots you must have to be drunk? Shit! I can’t find my car keys”

“Okay, you are drunk”, he sat in bed, turning the lampshade on, “Tell me where you are, I can pick you up”

“I don’t know you!”, she scoffed, mumbling again about the car keys.

“I’m not a serial killer doll”, Tig sighed, already grabbing his jeans to put them on.

“No”, she laughed, “You’re a business man”

“No quite”, Tig smirked, “Now tell me where you are”. Suddenly, the line was silent just like that morning, “Damn girl hanging up on me again!”, Tig cursed and tried to call back, but she didn’t answer.

He got up and began to pace around the room. He wasn’t the regular Lancelot, not even close, but he was worried about the girl, he couldn’t tell why, he just had a feeling she would get hurt somehow. It was frustrating; he didn’t have a clue about her, no name, no address, just a phone number.

A phone number Juice could track, so Tig ran to the boy’s room and kicked him out of bed. Obviously, his brother wasn’t happy about being awaken in the middle of the night and Tig refused to explain why, just threw the laptop to Juice and told him to track a number. In minutes, Juice had a response that didn’t please Tig. She had a burner phone, he couldn’t track it. He thanked Juice and let his brother go back to sleep, telling himself to do the same and let the girl handle her problems alone. However, he couldn’t close his eyes.


Charming had a few bars where someone could hang out, some of them nice, some not. I worked in a nice one, earning enough money to pay for my hotel room, food and gasoline. My shift started by the end of the afternoon, when working men walked in to have a beer or two after a long day. I served drinks, I talked, I ignored the old and ridiculous lines and when I was off duty, I had a few shots. Okay, maybe I had a few more drinks than I should and left the bar tripping on my legs. I knew where I was, where my car was and how to get back to the hotel, but for some reason I thought it was a good time to call my friend, Cindy. That was a sign I had drunk too much.

The rest of the night was a blur and I woke up in my car, the morning sun hurting my eyes. I had a confused memory about finally find my car keys and pass out inside the vehicle, but what was bothering me was a conversation on the phone. I grabbed it from the passenger’s seat, searched through the calls I had made. Yep, I had called him. The mysterious man who had called me last morning. Why in the bloody hell I hadn’t erased his number?

“Idiot”, I said to myself as I dialed again.

Tig’s POV

The meeting had been good, SAMCRO had a new business partner and Jax’s plans were going well so far, but something still was bugging Tig. He knew what it was and he was feeling a bit stupid about it, but he couldn’t help it. He was still worried about the woman, Heartbreaker, and being grumpy, just minding his own business and not actually talking to anyone. His friends had no idea what was going on, but they knew it was better to leave him alone.

Tig noticed a missing call on his phone when they got back to the clubhouse, but before he could check it, the phone rang again. He recognized the number and walked outside to answer it.

“Business man?”, she yawned at the phone.

“Are you okay?”, Tig barked and then regret it, not only about how he had talked to her, but also for being worried to someone he didn’t know. It was surreal.

“Yeah?”, she yawned again, “I saw a hundred calls on my phone and decided to call back to ask what stupid thing I said to you, maybe apologize too”

“Yes, we talked last night, you hung up on me and I tried to call back, but you’ve never answered”, he admitted, sighing, “You don’t have to apologize for anything, but you were drunk and trying to drive. What happened?”

“I fell asleep on my car, woke up this morning and drove back home”, she explained, “God, I have the worst headache ever!”

“Jesus! Girl what were you doing?”, Tig growled.

“You’re too sweet business man”, she laughed, “Business man… What’s your name by the way? You can say a fake one if you want to”

“Alex”, he blurted, not actually noticing he had said his real name.

“Nice name”, the woman said, “You can call me Y/N”

“Nice name”, Tig repeated, making her laugh.

“I’m sorry for calling you in the middle of the night Alex, it won’t happen again”, Y/N promised, “It was a pleasure talk to you again, but now I need to go back to sleep”

“Take care”, he mumbled, but the line was silent again.


Y/N. Why did I say my real name to him? I was always someone else to everyone I met. However, this guy, Alex, not only knew my real name, but I also had called him back to apologize and say I was okay. I never did that. We didn’t know each other and he only had found me because someone had given him the wrong number. It didn’t matter, I would leave Charming soon. Another city, another phone and Alex would be just a nice memory, a nice stranger I once met.

To be continued…

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Alternate Methods. [Smut]

A;N: So without further ado here is the first smut of 2017 from yours truly. I wouldn’t have had the idea if not for the help of the lovely @writing-obrien She helped me so much with this! Also shoutout to my hoes and @we-are-like-a-timebomb for being there to tell me it’s not shit. Love you guys. Enjoy! xoxo

Pairing: StilesStilinskixReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut.

Word count: 7,071

Listen to me.

Originally posted by procrastinationoutlet

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I have a confession to make: I’ve been slacking on the omgcp train because… I got a Nintendo Switch… and the new Zelda is just too good

It did get me thinking about how the Haus (really the frogs) would react if someone brought home a Nintendo Switch though. Probably Bitty (who’s in his senior year at this point)? As a gift from Jack, who bought it deciding he wanted to give it a try after a life of non-video gaming? The two probably had some fun playing Zelda and 1, 2 Switch in Providence but decided it was too much of a time-suck for the two of them (senior year, Bitty’s Samwell captaincy, NHL captaincy), so Bitty drags it along with him back to Samwell.

Of course, Chowder’s been keeping track of Nintendo stuff, and his family/friends back home have been posting on social media about it, taunting him, when he knows they’re sold out within a twenty-mile radius of campus, so the boy is DYING to play it. When he sees the Switch in front of the television downstairs, he lets out a squeal an opera singer would applaud at. Nursey and Dex are very confused.

Nursey and Dex have probably all played at least a few staple video game franchises in their childhood, but Nursey abandoned them kind of quickly in his attempts to “chill”, and Dex couldn’t really afford consoles as a kid, so he’s only really played them at someone else’s house or something. Chowder plays a bit of Zelda with them as witnesses, and they pass it off as “cool” and go on with their day. (Very reminiscent of a certain confession about someone dating a certain professional hockey player tbh)

Except they’re secretly fascinated by it. For different reasons. They sneak downstairs and swipe it to play for a few hours when they know everyone else is in class. Sure, they both know fuck-all about the plot, but they get the basic premise – walk around, explore, complete quests, kill monsters, stop Ganon – and that’s more than enough for them.

Dex loves it like he loves any good puzzle. An encampment of monsters hoarding a treasure chest to themselves? Obviously, it’s time to start a fire and ride the updraft it produces to get the drop on them. Enemy that’s way too big to take out one on one in a thunderstorm? Bait it with food and turn that sucker into a lightning rod by chucking something metal. Dex is all about this. (He does, however, wish you could repair equipment instead of passively watching it slowly get worn down.)

Nursey’s more into the exploration and the sights. He’s a hazard to himself, really. Chowder leaves off after the introductory tutorials and dungeons, and Nursey decides it’s a good idea to make a beeline for the castle swirling with black and purple clouds and a ravenous demon circling it. He dies. A lot. Until something pretty and glowing red calls his attention to the east, at which he point he turns his focus on it. And dies. Again. A lot. Even death in this game - in the form of crisp, deep red laser beams and soft blue, plush as hell explosions - is a thing to behold. There’s just too many beautiful sights and only four measly hearts to spare, but Nursey’s a trooper. Or a troubadour. Whatever. He perseveres.

And the game is great! What’s not great is the fact that, at least twice a week, the two of them have a similar gap between classes, and they are itching to play. They’ve only played individually though, and they’re probably not looking to share, until one day, Dex cracks and asks, “If I get the game for the first hour, you get it for the next, and we just trade off, okay?” Nursey’s indignant and puts on a front to make things difficult, even though it’s a pretty reasonable offer, but ultimately gives in. Dex returns with the Switch in his hands like a kid stealing a cookie from a cookie jar.

But playing/watching each other play is an exercise in restraint.

Dex wants to work through whatever obstacles and monsters are in his way and complete the main story, but Nursey keeps pointing out randomly glowing things off in the distance no less than twice a minute, and it drives Dex crazy. He blows himself up on his own explosives no less than twice the first time they do this. It’s hard to play while swatting Nursey’s grabby hands away from the screen. (He also gets his hands on some pretty swanky treasure and weaponry thanks to Nursey’s observational skills, but he doesn’t say anything about that.)

Nursey just wants to go climb those icy peaks with the three oddly conspicuous conifers all in a row at the top, or go wander deep into that forest with the monstrously large skeleton in the center as dusk falls, but Dex is just screaming at him and playing backseat Zelda player the whole time. “You can’t go up there. You don’t even have a jacket for the cold! You’re gonna die!” or “Exactly what part of traipsing over the corpse of a dead monster, in a forest where there’s nothing else but undead monsters, is a good idea, Nurse?” Nursey starts to listen after the (reanimated!) skeleton sits on him to death a few times. Dex gives him the idea to maybe wait until the sun comes up before approaching the thing again, and if Nursey waits until Dex isn’t in the room before he tries it, well, that’s just a coincidence. (A coincidence with some kick ass swords as a prize, but hey.)

The third week they do this, Nursey grabs the Switch first and tries to suggest something new. “Yo, instead of us just messing with each other and pissing each other off, maybe we can just, you know…” He waves a hand in between them, half-sure Dex is going to do that squinty thing with his eyes to tell Nursey he’s making no sense and say no.

“Yeah, I actually did some research on that skeleton that dropped its ass on you last time. It turns out it-”

“Wait, bro, are you saying yes to this?” A pause. “And did you seriously just call googling Zelda tips and tricks ‘research’?”

Dex goes red in the face, and Nursey’s almost sure he’s about to take back his tentative agreement until Dex, the dick that he is, makes a solid case for why they should be working together. “Look, the game rewards exploration, and you’ve clearly got some affinity for the type of shiny things game designers set up as bait, but none of the survival skills. We’ve got what the other lacks.” Nursey’s mouth splits into a shit-eating grin. “Just work with me, Nurse.”

Nursey turns his head up in mock reconsideration for a second before remembering he’s one who asked in the first place; he knows it’s fruitless to keep it up any longer. So, he just does what comes naturally and opens his mouth again. “Aw, Dexy, that’s probably the sweetest thing you’ve said to me this year.”

And so begin their new Zelda escapades, whereby Dex picks an objective related to the main quest, and Nursey points out things that might be worth checking out on the way to their destination. They still trade off every hour, but there’s a lot less dying, and a lot more sweet, sweet treasure.

Chowder gets back from class early one day, and considers giving himself some Switch time before he notices it’s not in the dock. He decides he’ll live and is about to turn down the hall to his room when he hears some very distinctive piano notes echoing weakly from the attic.

‘Those fakers,’ he thinks to himself. He creeps up the stairs and swings open the door at the top, a chirp on his lips when he sees them. The chirp dies on the spot.

They’re both conked out, and Dex is lying next to Nursey on the bottom bunk, his head most definitely resting on his shoulder. Nursey’s is resting on top of his, the Switch still in his hand by the floor of his bed.

Chowder just giggles and snaps a picture of them before turning back around and leaving.

(Blackmail, he decides, is an even better way to get Switch time.)

Benevolence 2

2/20 I just so happened to read the first chapter and realized my dumb ass spelled ‘hear’ instead of ‘here’. Anyways here the second chapter 

Word Count: 2,198

    “When you create a piece of fashion don’t compare it to someone else. That’s the entire point of being unique, your pieces won’t stand out unless they’re unique.”

            I’m sitting in the middle of my lecture usually I was all up for paying attention in class but, I was more focused on the lecture I would be getting when I got home. If I recall correctly Baekhyun said “Family meeting as soon your class ends Y/N we have things to address.”       

                                                   It took everything in me not to start cackling at the word ‘family’. This was anything but a family this was pure bullshit. He wants me to get along with Taeyeon so damn bad yet, when he saw us in the shower he looked anything but happy. Baekhyun behaves like a child meaning he’s still upset about last night. I can’t focus on that right now these assignments are going to take ages. Then on top of all of that I still haven’t finished my birthday dress, I’ve been working on it for almost six weeks. I’m adding each individual diamond, it’s costing me thousands. The only reason I’m putting in so work is because, Baekhyun promised to spend the entire day just us on my birthday. Another thing he had decided to bribe me with when I tried to leave, again.       

 “Y/N and Lisa will be working on the designs for the school’s annual ballroom party. I expect no mistakes to be made.” Our Professor spoke sternly. 

I look over to my left and saw Lisa, I didn’t know much about her other than what she told the class. “I’m a trainee who will debut soon enough.”  I never really paid much attention to anyone in my fashion course honestly because there were too many people in the first place. If there was one thing that I’d always choose over Baekhyun it would be my job. 

“Hello Y/N, nice to see you again.”, Lisa whispered as she caught my gaze. 

“Same to you, Lisa” I gave her a small smile. “I’m thinking lace gowns with 1 and a half inch gold threading.”

Lisa looked taken aback, I hope she didn’t expect our project meant getting personal. However, she quickly masked the expression with a large small, my biggest pet peeve. When people gave me those big ass fake smiles.

“Once we get the stencils with the correct sizes we can start.”, She declared, grabbing a sheet of paper and jotting something down. “Here’s my number we could meet tomorrow maybe?” Gazing down at the paper with numbers on it, I tore a small piece of it off and wrote down my own number.

“Sorry tomorrow is actually my birthday but, we can meet the day after. Here’s my number give me a call if you need anything.”

“Sure, Happy early birthday.”, She spoke gathering her things once the bell rang.

Giving her a small nod I walked off preparing myself for what was going to  happen once I returned home. My mind soon wandered off to Baekhyun and the days we used to spend alone. Our relationship was never just about sex we used to actually spend still with each other enjoy each other’s company. It’s more than obvious that that’s all done with now. I scold myself sometimes for evening going back to those memories because, with the way things are now his love for me was always lust.

“Y/N you work too hard nowadays come on, let’s rest for a little while.”, Baekhyun whined from the sofa.

“You know how important it is for me to get this work done. If I miss making one design my entire career could be over. On top of all that I still have to make the outfit’s for your Lotto video.”, I ranted grabbing my hand sewer to hem the last part of the shirt. It’s sweet how much he wants to spend time with me but, this work has to be done.

“Do you at least want me to make you something to eat?” 

A chuckle escaped my lips before I could stop it, Baekhyun couldn’t cook. I knew this for a fact when he made me ramen instead of sweet and sour pork like he promised. I didn’t say anything because I honestly didn’t care the ramen was still delicious. But I did mutter a few mocking words toward him at the  end of the date. “I didn’t know sweet and sour pork came in ramen form. I guess I should tell the chief down at my favorite restaurant that he’s doing it wrong.”

            I’d never forget the way his smooth pale skin turned a light peach color. I’m guessing he just thought I didn’t notice the switched menu items. He quickly apologized and said he had forgotten that I requested a specific menu item. It was cute how embarrassed he had gotten. The next we had dinner I ended up making it myself. “You could’ve at least let me help you.”, He grumbled stuffing his mouth.

 “I like cooking Baekhyun, you don’t have to go through the trouble.”

Chuckling again at the memory I turned towards him. “Yeah can you make some of your ramen shaped sweet and sour pork?”

I scowl took over his usually happy looking face as he remember the night he tried to cook me sweet and sour pork but failed desperately so, he made ramen hopping I wouldn’t notice. He always tried to feed me little white lies to make me think he was great at anything and everything.

“At least I tried to make it for you, do you even realize how hard that shit is?”, He pouted.

“Baekhyun it took me twenty-five minutes to make it, it would’ve been fifteen if someone wasn’t kissing down my neck every five minutes.”, I giggled at his reaction.

“Well I’m used to watching the cooking not actually doing the cooking.”, He mumbled going into the kitchen.

 “I can make you the best ramen you’ll ever taste.” He declared snatching a pot down causing the rest to fall on top of him.

“You idiot.”, I laughed going over to get them off of him. “I don’t need you to cook for me because, I know you love me.”

“I’m still cooking the ramen.”, He muttered as he pressed his lips against mine.

Oh has the time gone by, what makes me feel even more stupid is the fact that he was lying. He knows how to cook a decent meal, he does it for Taeyeon all the time. He saw my reaction the first time I caught him making sweet and sour pork for her. He claimed to ‘just gotten the hang of it’ but, I smell bullshit all over that excuse.

           Walking into the apartment I could feel that something was off. Sprinting back out the door honestly seemed like a better option. I had no idea what to expect all I know is that Baekhyun was and still is angry. But over what? It’s not like he didn’t invite Taeyeon in the shower whenever I got in him with him. I mean shit it was a rare occasion when she wasn’t present whenever we took a shower. It had gotten to the point where I had to sneak him into the bathroom to be alone together.

“Y/N, come here.”

Shit.                                                                                                                       It was too late now, I couldn’t just run off. Taking a deep breath I walked further into the apartment only to see Baekhyun sitting on the couch. Where was Taeyeon? She was always here for shit like this, she used it as an excuse to speak to me.

“Where’s Taeyeon?”, I asked slipping some design stencils onto the coffee table.

“She’s at the studio trying to talk about a solo project.I already talked to her about it when you left for school. I wanted to speak to you alone, Y/N.”

Taeyeon working on a solo project is not my business. I guess she really is trying to ‘work hard’ again. Baekhyun however, I knew he wasn’t going to let this one go. I saw that look on Baekhyun’s face this morning it would’ve sent shivers down any man’s spine. I’m glad he isn’t pushing anything about last night.

“There’s nothing to talk about, at least I won’t do the talking you’ll just sit and yell at me.”, I remarked.

“Y/N, stop getting smart and just sit down.”, He barked smacking his hand on his thigh. Rolling my eyes I sat on the far end of the coach away from him. If I was being truthfully with myself I wanted to roll on his side and cuddle up to him but, I see no point in trying at this point.

“Now I want to you to tell me what happened this morning AND I want to talk about last night.”, He expressed firmly.

“I was going to take a shower when Taeyeon suggested she’d hop in. She slipped and fell on top of me right before you came in nothing else. I didn’t even want to take a shower with her I don’t even like her.”, I replied crossing my arms over my chest. It was true, only reason I even let her take a shower with me is because she asked so damn fast about it.

“There’s nothing to talk about last night either. You and Taeyeon didn’t care about the fact that I had to get up early today but decided to have sex while I was in bed. Don’t worry that’s not even the worst part you Baekhyun, had no problem with me leaving the room last night. Then you waited till after you got done fucking Taeyeon to come ‘check on me.’ “, I snapped at him

“First, I don’t like you or Taeyeon even touching yourselves let alone each other. Second, I was still hard Y/N what did you expect me to do?”, Baekhyun barked back at him.

Was he serious?

Was he fucking serious? I couldn’t stop the smart remark from rolling off of my tongue.

“I didn’t fucking want Taeyeon touching me and I really don’t see the problem with me touching myself since you never do.”

“Is this what’s this about sex? God Y/N, I could fuck you anytime you want me to you know that.”

“Really that wasn’t the case last night Baekhyun, you pushed me away!”, I shouted.

“Because, you had just got done complaining about not getting any sleep from having sex I wasn’t going to fuck you with your damn attitude.”, He snapped “While we’re on the topic I think I’ve had enough of your attitude towards Taeyeon. She’s trying her best to make this relationship work while you’ve been shitting all over it.”

“You both knew I never wanted this bullshit excuse for a relationship to even happen! I’m not going to sit around and be fake smiling in her face like I don’t want you to myself.”, I hissed at him. I was now getting up to walk away to finish some work upstairs.

“I’m not yours anymore Y/N, at least not completely. I think your being a little greedy and selfish by not even trying to make this work. Tomorrow as your punishment, Taeyeon will be coming with us for dinner.”

 She really just had to fucking ruin everything did she? I can’t completely blame her Baekhyun is taking this way too far as well. He knew how excited I was for my birthday this year. I wanted to spent the day alone with him.

       “Fine it’s just the dinner anyways.”, I mumbled getting ready to head back upstairs. 

“I’m not spending the day with you either I have practice tomorrow.”

I froze, no, no, no,no, he couldn’t be taking that away from me too. I’ve been working on this damn dress since forever because I was so excited to spend my birthday with him. He couldn’t take the day away from me fuck the dinner.

“Baekhyun, are you serious you told me you had cleared your schedule for this.”, I spoke this gritted teeth turning around to face him.

“Well, some things came up I’m sorry baby.” Liar he was lying he purposely filled his schedule so he didn’t have to spend my birthday with me.

“Baekhyun please, I just want to spend some time alone with you on my birthday. You know how excited I was for this.”

“Enough  Y/N, Taeyeon is coming with us or Taeyeon and I go to dinner alone.”, He snapped at me before going into the kitchen.

I dragged myself upstairs into master bathroom locking the door. I didn’t even want to seem weak for even a second in front of anyone. I just don’t understand why this was even happening. Why out of all the times for Taeyeon to come back into the picture is when I love him. I felt my eyes begin to water.

“No Y/N you will not cry over any man.”, I yelled at myself. Unlocking the door I tried to put myself together. 

“You have to go finish that dress to have dinner with Baekhyun and Taeyeon.”, I mumble to myself.

Next chapter is birthday chapter I’m going to honest there’s no happy moments. It’ll be some smut towards the end but pure angst. Thanks for reading.

Be Careful (Wroetoshaw)

Be Careful

 Wroetoshaw x reader 

Slight angst, but fluff at the end 

Requested? Yes! “Hey, r u still taking requests? Can u write about Harry getting hurt cuz he’s dumb and reader taking care of him and telling him he needs to be more careful? Pls n thx” I hope you like it love! 

Warning: Cussing 

“What’s up guys! I’m here with my girlfriend Y/N, in Guernsey, and on top of my roof… again.” Harry practically screeched with excitement, but slowly trailing off when he realized his current situation. Y/N snorted at his face of realization, a Cheshire Cat like smile on her face. Harry’s eyes trailed to hers at the sound of her laugh, the normally wide eyes squinted into slits. 

 "You’re lucky we’re on top of a roof right now" Harry grunted, but Y/N shrugged, jumping off of the roof, face towards the sky and landed on the mattresses at the bottom, letting out a loud “woo!” when her back hit the soft texture. Harry let out a chuckle as he glanced back down at her, shaking his head.

 "You need help getting back up?“ Harry asked, but he already knew the answer, Y/N was a gymnast, and a pretty damn good one to. Y/N pointed her finger at him as if she was drunk, her body nestled between the the mattresses. 

 "Hey! Do you know who you’re talking to!” She slurred, but then her eyes widened, realizing that she was on camera. “Don’t keep that in”

 "Oh I’m keeping that in" Harry grinned, already knowing how he wanted to edit it. 

 "Harrrryyyyy" Y/N groaned, slinging her head back into the mattress, not wanting to get up. 

 "Come on babe, we need to get this video done" Harry ushered her to get up, and with a groan, Y/N complied. She jumped back into the roof with ease. Letting out a huff and straightening out the hoodie she had bored from Rosie. 

“Right ok! So today, were going to be jumping off of my roof and onto those mattresses, doing tricks and shit, but here’s the thing. We’ve got Rosie and Josh at the bottom, throwing soccer balls at them, and we have to avoid them. Who ever gets hit the least, wins” Harry explains briefly what the idea was of the video was, Rosie and Josh taking that as their cues to throw soccer balls at us.

 "HEY! HEY!“ Y/N screeched, both siblings targeting her. 


 "You’re an idiot” Y/N murmured, stroking Harry’s limp hand. After the pair got done with Harry’s video, they decided to keep jumping off, Y/N taking the time to practice some old tricks, and Harry trying to impress his beautiful girlfriend. Most of the time, Harry’s pretty in touch with his athletic side, but there’s always that one out of many flips that goes bad, and well unfortunately for Harry, he experienced that very flip. The blue eyed boy was trying to impress his girlfriend, attempting a triple back flip off of the roof, but it quite literally, went south. 

     Harry’s body had fumbled when he fell off of the roof, completely avoiding the mattresses and landing on his leg. It was gruesome sight, Y/N almost crying at the state of Harry’s leg, but managed to call an ambulance. Now Harry is in the hospital with a cracked ribcage and a broken leg, knocked out by the overwhelming amount of pain killers. 

 "Knock knock" She heard a quiet voice behind her, two soft taps following suit. She turned her head and was met with the sight of her Cousin, Chris Dixon. “Hey” Y/N murmured, a sad smile tugging at her lips.

 "I got a fairy ride as soon as I could" Chris smiled assuringly, sitting down in the chair next to her, his eyes trained on the limp body in front of him. 

 "I think this is the most still I’ve ever seen him" Chris joked, Y/N giggling a bit. 

“Yeah, always moving, even when we’re asleep. It’s damn well annoying sometimes.” Chris snorted at his cousins statement, taking note of the irritation that lingered in her tone. 

 "Yeah?“ Chris mocking Y/N with a grin, but before she could respond, Harry shuffled, groaning, opening his mouth to speak.

 "Stop talking about me you fucks” Harry grumbled, his eyes still shut and feeling extremely Drowsy. 

 "Fuck Harry, you’ve got to start being more careful" Y/N breathed, diverting her attention to the grinning boy. Harry, slumped against the bed, feeling guilty. “I know” Harry whispered as if he was a child who just got scolded. Y/N squeezed his hand, her fingers coming up to brush his jaw. 

 "Hey, show me those bright eyes of yours" Y/N demanded, her voice gentle, but stern. Harry looked to her, a shy smile tugging at his lips. 

 "Ah, there they are" She coos, smirking at his flustered face. Chris snorts from beside me, trying to contain his laugh, but when he saw how flustered Harry was, he couldn’t contain it anymore, a loud burst of laughter filling the room. 

“Mate, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so vulnerable, oh my god” Chris teased, gripping Y/Ns shoulder to support himself. “Fucks sake. Do you see what you do to me?!" 


 "Alright, slow and steady” Y/N eased Harry into his bed, his body aching in pain. When he was finally comfortable in the bed, he let out a loud breath.

 "It’s been a long week" he muttered, grabbing for Y/Ns hand hanging at her side. 

 "You’re telling me" her body sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to avoid Harry’s leg and rib cage, placing her palm on his chest, rubbing softly.

 "Lay down please" Harry pleaded, whining like a child, tugging at her hand. “I don’t wanna hurt you” Y/N frowned, her eyebrows furrowed as she swing Harry’s hands around, their fingers intertwined.

 "You’re not going to hurt me. I haven’t cuddled with you all week" Harry groaned, pulling Y/N down with a yelp, her body landing next to his, practically on top of him. 

 "Please be more careful ok?“ 



Prompt: Please please please do a sequel where reader does give Chekov is exam and Chekov is being a little shit the whole time, being suggestive and stuff lol. I would love to read it!!

Warnings: Suggestive language. Kisses, Chekov is a little shit

Pairings: Chekov/Reader

A/N: Spiritual successor to Getting Caught making out with Chekov, But could be read alone. Also, SMUTTY PART THREE

Word Count: 1444

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The Joker x Pregnant Reader

Well, it happened and that’s all there is to it. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. At least he didn’t try to kill you…yet.    T__T

Read part 2 here:

“No better time to tell him then now,” you think to yourself, stretching your back and your arms like you’re about to run a marathon.  The Joker was able to retrieve the building plans for the Arkham Asylum and now he’s going over them in the living room, trying to see how he can use them next time you guys might end up in there. You take a deep breath and walk over to him, then you just kind of sit there, waiting to get his attention. He finally notices you and lifts his non-existing eyebrows, question-like expression on his face.

“I have something important to tell you, J.”

“You’re wearing the pink lingerie I got you yesterday?” he winks, glaring at you up and down.

“Well, in the matter of fact I am, but that’s…”
“Show me!” he impatiently demands, crossing his legs.

“Ummm, I would love to, but first I need to tell…”

“Just take the damn clothes off, Princess, I wanna see!” the Joker raises his voice, starting to tap his pen on the table, making obnoxious noises.

You roll your eyes and take your top off, revealing your pink bra and that earns you a very load roar and a whistle.

“Oohhh, daddy likes…Continue!”

You don’t have time for this, you’re on a mission.

“I’m pregnant,” you quickly say, placing your hands on your hips.

J drops his pen.

“No you’re not!” he squints his eyes, moving his jaw sideways.

“Well, the 7 different pregnancy tests that turned positive beg to differ.” You smack your lips, looking him in the eyes.

“No way!” he opens his mouth, amazed, still not getting the picture.

You point your finger towards your pelvis and accentuate each word:

“See this  “ Property of J” tattoo? Baby right under, yours and mine.”

He looks stunned.

“I thought we… can’t, we tried before…” Mister J gets up and walks towards you in slow motion, like he’s afraid you might blow up soon and take the penthouse down with you.

“Apparently you’re that good, Puddin,” you snicker excited, running in his arms.

He lifts you up the ground and hugs you so tight that you gasp when you kiss him.

Just when you’re about to get lost in the kiss, he breaks the magic, puts you down and purrs in your ear:

“Is it mine?”

You squirm and reach for his holster, taking out his gun really fast and point it to his temple, outraged at the question. Safety clicks.

“What did you just say?!”

He starts laughing maniacally, gripping your wrist and pushing it down.

“It’s not even loaded, so don’t bother.”

“You’re bluffing!” you sneer, fully knowing his gun is always loaded.

“God, I love it when your feisty, is it going to get worst with the pregnancy?” he says in a low voice, licking his lips. He violently pulls you in his arms again and you let go of the gun.

“So I’ve heard,” you sigh and let out a soft moan as he starts biting your neck.

“Oh, goody, I can’t wait!” He unhooks your bra, grazing your shoulder with his silver grill.

“What about you show me the bottom part of this pink stuff?”


“So Frosty, what should I do?,” J asks his trusted henchman, gesturing with his hands like he’s waiting for a very philosophical reply.

“Ummm…I don’t know, sir…” Frost answers, lifting his broad shoulders.

“But she’s pregnant. Should I kill her?”

“You realize I can hear you, right?” You scoff on the couch while changing channels on TV.

“No you’re not hearing this, baby doll. This is guy talk.”

“Whatever,” you nod your head, annoyed he’s teasing you so much.

“I’m the Joker,” he continues his conversation with Frost. “What am I supposed to do as a dad, hmmm? I really can’t take care of anything…that’s alive.”

“You’re taking care of Y/N sir.”

“HA!!!!” you let it out, fakely amused. “That’s a good one!”

“Pumpkin, I told you you’re not hearing this!”

“Whatever!” you protest.

“Did you hear her, Frosty?… I hate being in love, it really sucks,” J complains, sighing.

Frost is determined not to let a single muscle move on his face when he hears such abomination coming out of his boss’s mouth. He seriously doubts the Joker understands the concept of being in love, but he can’t say shit.

“That’s it, I’m done!” you say, irritated, leaving the couch and going towards the master bedroom.

“I think I pissed her off,” Mister J whispers to Frost, proud of himself.


Problems arise:

** J flips when he hears you want to sleep in the baby’s room for a while when he or she is born. He thinks your place is always by him, no matter what. After getting tired of explaining without any results, you both settle for the baby to actually sleep in the master bedroom, this way he still has you in bed with him.

** ”I hope the baby has your blue eyes,” you smile, thinking how nice that would be.

“No, green like yours, this way I don’t miss you when you’re going somewhere without me.”

“Awwww, are you trying to be cute, J ?  BLUE!” you frown.

“NO, green.”


After fighting for half an hour, you give up, exhausted.

“You better have blue eyes,” you whisper, caressing your abdomen.


How the hell did he hear that from the hallway?!

** ”If it’s a boy, we’ll name him J Jr. and if it’s a girl Emma,” Mister J decides.

“ I like J Jr. but if it’s a girl her name will be Ella.”


“Don’t start, J. Ella!”

After an hour of bickering, both commonly agree you’re going to leave this to faith so you flip a coin.

J wins.

You don’t talk to him for a week.

** ”My son or daughter is not going to be allowed to have any tattoos , ever!” you stump out of the shower, leaving J in there alone.

“Come on, Princess, why not? We have a bunch!”

“NO! “ you grab a towel and wrap it around you.

He gets out of there, water dripping all over the floor, stroking his green hair, fully aware he can make you change your mind.

You face the mirror and he comes behind you, wrapping one arm around your waist and using the other hand to draw a smiley face on the steamy glass right where your mouth’s reflection is.

He starts rocking you slowly and takes your towel off, pressing himself against you.

“Kitten, what about 5 tattoos, hmm? It’s not a bad number,” his hands slide down your thighs, proud of his negotiation skills.


His hands stop.


“Four, baby, take or leave it. Or…do you want me to leave you hanging?! You’ve been wanting this all week,” you seductively moan, biting your lip.

“…Dammit, fine!”

You finally got something going for yourself.

**”I’m not putting away the guns, I like them all over the place,” he pouts, unhappy.

“You gotta. Not right now, but we can’t have Ella…”


“Emma,” you mock, “running around the penthouse with loaded guns all over.”

She’s not even born yet and he feels his life is going downhill. So depressing. “Why did Y/N even get pregnant for?” The Joker thinks, irritated. “Probably did it on purpose to antagonize me”. He would never tell you, but he Googled “How to be a father” and read a bunch of scary stuff about the wonders of parenting. He would rather deal with Batsy for that matter.


**This is unbelievable, but your little girl has your eyes, not his blue eyes. J wins again and you have to deal with it.

“Daaaaddy…pic’ ‘e up!” she whines at his feet, reaching her tiny arms for him.

He grunts, pretending she’s so heavy when he lifts her. She chuckles, kissing his pale cheek and he just stares at her, not really knowing why he feels so delighted. He tilts his head close to her forehead so she can play with his bright green hair and she loves it.

“Little Princess, you can’t really call me daddy, we have to find something else. Only mommy can call me that when I…”

“ J !!!” you shout, “What the hell?!”

“I think we upset mommy,” he crinkles his nose and Emma smiles, not understanding of course. “Daddy wants to get some tonight and we can’t risk make mommy mad.”

“J, are you serious?!”

“What? I’m just having a conversation with my daughter and she doesn’t even know what I’m saying. “

“Well, if Daddy wants to get some,” you ironically say, “he should close it down.”

The Joker kisses Emma’s nose and she giggles, ticklish.

“You think mommy’s bluffing?” he whispers. “I bet I can get some no matter what, she can’t resist me.”

“You realize I can hear you, right?” you lift your eyebrows, annoyed.

Needless to say Daddy slept on the couch all night.

 Requested by anon:

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Maybe that’s the problem


Word count: 2939

Summary: You go to one of philip hamiltons famous parties, and next thing you know, you wake up in his house. shit happens.

Au: Highschool Au

Pairing: Philip x Reader

Warning:  Uh. French, mentions of sex??? but really just. the word, underage drinking/smoking (dont do drugs kids) i think thats it.
Note:good god guys, I really loved writing this. Also, I always think of so much to say in the notes when i’m actually writing, but now i forgot all of it. No proofreading, we die like men. I love Georges, anyone wanna see a georges fic?  AND Want this to be a multipart fic???? And yeah. I listened to Initiation from The Weeknd, so i recommend you do to. Even if it doesn’t have much to do with the story YET.  And georges is sleeping with philip, im sure. (you will understand later) Enjoy. Thats it. Also thanks to @fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines for helping me with the name so philips generation. Check her out guys. She hella cool. Done. Oh. @lookaroundlookaroundhowlucky wanted to be tagged. okay im out.

“You’ve never been to a Hamilton-Party?!”

You couldn’t help but giggle at your friend Abigail, her eyes were widened in shock. “I’ve already told you a thousand times I’ve never been to any parties, Nabby”, you reminded her, before taking a seat next to the girl. Abigail lifted her shoulders, giving you a shrug. “Yeah, but the ones at Hamiltons’ are different. I didn’t know you meant those too”, she alleged, plunking down into the chair. Raising an eyebrow in amusement, you explained yourself. “I told you my parents are trying to prevent me from underage drinking at all costs. How was I supposed to find a way to go there anyways?” Your words made your friend twist her mouth. “Hmm”, she hummed, hesitating. She seemed to be contemplating something, which made you curious in an instant. “What are you thinking about?”, you asked her, shifting around in your seat. “Oh nothing”, Abigail informed you, as a wide smile began spreading across her face, “I was just wondering what I should borrow you for tonight! We’re gonna pay the Hamilton Estate a visit!” Reluctant, you crossed your arms. “I don’t know. I mean, I’m not even invited. And if my parents would find out…”, you didn’t even bother to finish your sentence. Your parents were horribly strict and it already took you almost a week to persuade them to let you stay overnight at Abigail’s home. “Come on, don’t be such a party pooper! I’ll be with you, and it’ll be fun. Trust me!”, she reassured you, grabbing your shoulder. “Nobody will find out! And you don’t need an invitation! Everybody can go. Okay? Are you with me?” A deep sigh escaped your throat, before you slowly nodded. “I’m not gonna regret this, am I?”, you joked, but all you received was a shrug, before Abigail left the room.

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Cinderella Pt. 3

This is part three of the Cinderella fic in which the Reader and Michael meet in the Eden Club to a rocky start. He’s just walked her home and she’s inviting him up for tea.

I know I’m a bit behind on things, but I’ve been quite ill as of late so I’m struggling to keep up. Again, I welcome feedback and would love any and all criticism because I want to get better at writing. I hope you enjoy. Cheers!

Michael x Reader

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anonymous asked:

Would you do a blurb/scenario? Writer Y/N meets Harry at a party and she works with press for some rock band he likes and he is sooo impressed by how smart and fierce she is. So they end up going back to the same hotel and *insert smut*

This ones long AF, and as such I decided to turn it into an actual oneshot. I’m quite proud of how it turned out.  Enjoy. ;)

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Just for a second, let me pretend

Because we obviously needed a fake dating au. 

Chapter 1

“Do you remember how many times have I saved your ass from something?” Is the first thing Matteo says letting himself fall on her couch.

“Hello to you too, is so nice to see you.” Luna says not looking up from her phone. “What are you doing in my house? Besides not starting conversations like an actual person.”

“Answer the question, Valente.” Matteo says nuzzling her feet with his.

“I’m not sure.” Luna sighs.

“But you do agree that it has been a shit ton, right?” He asks and Luna rolls her eyes, still not looking at him.

“I guess so.” Luna admits. “Why?”

“I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.”

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Not A Date (5/?)

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an infamous player with a well-known reputation. Can he woo the wary girl who had her heartbroken too many times? Or will she woo him so he changes his ways?

Warnings: Swearing, College AU

Words: 1.4k

A/N: This is part five to my College AU! I’m assuming it’s gonna be within 4 to 5 more parts! Hope you guys enjoy. Also, my requests are still open! You can send requests/tag requests/ feedback here.


| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Originally posted by little--batman

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I’m trying to study! Part 6

Originally posted by ironmanwastaken

Bucky x Reader College AU   

Catch up here!


Hey ducklings, sorry for the long wait! I have had a lot of coursework and assessment stuff from my college, so this took a bit longer than i expected. However, now I am pretty much work-free and very very happy! 

Also, if one of you beauties has any requests or prompts, please send them to me! I love interacting with you and writing exactly what you want me to write, so please send in anything you want me to write :)

So, without further ado, here is part six!

Word count:1956

Warnings: fluff, teensy bit of embarrassment, sexy Bucky, surprise at the end!

Bucky smiled softly at you and you felt like you were in paradise.

The kiss tasted like heaven and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Bucky had been so gentle, his lips seeming to melt all of your worries away. You craved more of that feeling and you could already tell that you were addicted.

Taking his hand, you pressed your lips to his cheek and grinned. “We should go back inside. Sam’s probably worried.”

Bucky grunted. “I kind of want to stay here.”

Laughing, you pulled on his hand slightly. “Come on. You’re not that mad at him, are you?”

Bucky pouted. “He’s…mean.” Immediately, he blushed at his own childishness. You cracked up, laughing so hard that you began to slap your knee with your hand. Bucky pouted even more at your actions.

When you finally regained your composure, you got up and dragged Bucky back downstairs, ignoring his grumbling.

Just before you entered his bedroom once again, Bucky gripped your hand tightly and moved closer to you. Shaking your head with a wide smile, you walked into the room.

Sam wolf-whistled once he saw you. “Finally! I was getting sick of seeing you guys make doe-eyes at each other without doing anything about it. It was making me wanna puke”, he smirked. Bucky rolled his eyes.

“Shut up, Wilson”, he shot back, kissing the top of your head. Sam cackled at this, slapping his hands together.

“I’m so glad you two happened just now. Steve owes me twenty bucks because of this.”

You stared at the smirking man in disbelief. “You guys had a bet on when we would get together?!”

Sam grinned. “Not only us. Nat and Wanda bet too, as well as Vision and Thor. Pretty much everyone did, actually.”

Both Bucky and you rolled your eyes. “That’s so childish”, Bucky told him.

Sam snickered. “You’re one to talk, Mr. Jealous.”

Bucky blushed and looked away.

“Sam”, you scolded. “That’s not nice!”

“Sorry, mom”, he mocked you. “Anyway, I’m done here, so I’m heading home. You two have fun”, he waggled his eyebrows, causing a large blush to erupt on your cheeks.

As soon as he left, Bucky smiled at you again. “So, (Y/n), how does a movie and plenty of snacks sound to you?”

The shrill sound of the alarm made you jump up, wide eyed, from your warm bed. Muttering soft curses, you turned the noise off and slid out from under the covers, padding quietly to the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror, you picked at your face slightly, messing up your hair a bit as well. Glancing at your reflection, your cheeks blossomed with pink as you thought of what had happened between you and Bucky only a few weeks ago. Giggling like a schoolgirl, you thought of the numerous kisses you had shared with the brunet since, which instantly made you long for his presence once again. As cheesy as it sounded, every single one of his kisses made you feel more and more in love of him.

Quickly finishing up in the bathroom, you put on some of your nicest clothes and nearly danced downstairs to join Natasha in the kitchen. When she saw you, a knowing smirk painted her face.

“Look, you’ve finally turned into a morning person! I wonder why that is…”

Blushing, you shook your head. “Shut up, Nat. Can’t I be up early and ready for once?”

“Of course you can, dear. But it didn’t exactly happen before. Like, ever.”

You laughed. “Well then, surprise to you.” You poured yourself a cup of coffee and grabbed a breakfast pastry from the basket on the counter.

Natasha raised her eyebrows at you. “Since when do you eat breakfast?” She gasped, quickly putting down her own coffee. “You’re not…you know…pregnant?”

You choked, coughing violently and spitting some coffee out onto the kitchen table. “ARE YOU CRAZY?! WE’VE BEEN DATING FOR ONLY A FEW WEEKS! WE HAVEN’T DONE…THAT YET!”

Your red-headed friend shrugged. “I don’t know, (Y/n). You might’ve been eager or something. I don’t judge.”

You scoff, a large blush dusting your cheeks. “Don’t be stupid. We’re not sex-crazed teenagers. We’ve got self-control.”

Natasha nodded sarcastically, letting you know exactly what she thought of your “self-control”. You stuck your tongue out at her, turning your attention back to your breakfast.

A few moments of silence passed before Nat spoke up again. “Just so you know, if you ever need protection, there’s condoms in the top drawer of the cabinet in the bathroom.”


“Hey, baby girl”, Bucky greeted you as you took your place beside him for your Mathematics lecture, which was led by Professor Tony Stark. Grinning at the pet name, you made yourself comfortable in your seat.

“Hey, honey.” Bucky chuckled and reached over to place a kiss on your cheek.

At the front of the room, Professor Stark cleared his throat. “Mister Barnes, I hardly think all this PDA is appropriate for my lesson.”

Bucky pulled away from you, a small groan falling from his lips. “Yes, professor.”

“Now, then”, Stark continued. “Why don’t you start this lesson off by solving this equation?”

Bucky made a miserable sound in the back of his throat as he made to get up and, fully aware of his fear of public speaking, you reached over and squeezed his shaking hand, offering him a reassuring smile. Bucky smiled back at you, letting out a shaky breath.

As soon as he neared the board, Stark turned to you. “I certainly hope you’re ready to solve the next equation, Miss (Y/L/N).”

Groaning, you mentally stuck your tongue out at your professor. Why is he so mean to us?

As soon as classes were finished, Bucky was by your side, cursing out Professor Stark. “I don’t understand why he hates me so much. What did I ever do to him? If anyone else is acting lovey-dovey in his class, he doesn’t give a shit. What’s he got with me?”

You put your hand on Bucky’s chest. “Just ignore him, Buck. He’s just trying to get under your skin. I don’t know why, but don’t give him the satisfaction, please.”

Bucky nodded, sucking in a breath slightly. “Anyway, it’s Friday, doll, what do you think about us getting takeout and watching some of that not natural show you’re obsessed with?”

Scoffing, you glared at him half-heartedly. “It’s supernatural, Bucky. I’ve told you that at least a million times!”

Bucky gave you a sly grin. “Well, you’re gonna have to think of some way to make me remember, doll.”

Grabbing his face in your hands, you kissed him, feeling the same spark you felt during all of your other kisses. Pulling away, you smirked. “How’s that for a reminder?”

Bucky pretended to think about it. “I dunno, (Y/n). Why don’t you try again?”

Chuckling, you pressed your lips to his once again, making you feel like you were on top of the world.

“So, are we watching that not natural show, like I said?” Bucky questioned you, his mouth full of popcorn. You rolled your eyes at him, a small smile on your face.

“Obviously. I don’t want to miss a single episode of the insanely hot Winchesters being badass, do I?”

Bucky gave you a hurt expression as he sat down beside you on the couch. “Ouch. Am I not hot enough for you?”

You squinted at him, scrunching up your nose. “Well, you’re not that hot again…”

Bucky wiped a fake tear from under his eye. “Why don’t you date those Winchesters then?” Even though he knew you were just joking, you could still hear a hint of jealousy in his voice.

You moved over and hugged Bucky, stroking his hair. “Aww, my poor Bucky. I was kidding. No one is hotter than you, honey.”

Bucky smiled at your words. “Really?”

You bit your lip, grinning. “Yep, really.”

Bucky let out a laugh and hugged you back, almost squishing your smaller body with his huge wall of muscle. “Good.” He took a deep breath. “Also, thank you for… you know, helping me when my mom was in hospital. It turned out that she fainted due to work overload and her body had a bad reaction to it afterwards. She’s still in hospital, but she’s feeling so much better. I’ll even be able to visit her soon! Anyway, thank you. So much.”

You smiled. “No problem, Buck. Always happy to help.” Staying in his embrace for a while longer, you inhaled his scent, which reminded you of sandalwood and violet. His scent was intoxicating and it made your heart leap with love.

Pulling away, you grabbed the remote off the coffee table and plopped down onto the couch. “Sit down, Bucky. It’s Winchester time!”

Bucky let out a mocking groan before joining you. “Y’know, doll, I don’t nearly get as excited as you at seeing guys wander across the screen.”

You nodded sarcastically, muttering something about Steve. Bucky raised his eyebrows but didn’t say anything. He knew full well what almost all the girls were saying about him and Steve and to be honest, he had gotten so used to it that it didn’t even bother him anymore.

Halfway into the episode, Bucky was hogging up an entire bowl of popcorn and staring intensely at the screen. “That Dean guy’s gonna be okay, right? Ugh, hurry up, you idiot. DAMMIT! NO! STOP THAT!”

You giggled at him, contemplating taking a video, but decided against it. “I told you it’s good!”

A small smile curled on Bucky’s soft lips. “Yeah, you were right, (Y/n). I love it.”

When the episode finished a few moments later, Bucky was staring horrified at the screen, then quickly turned to you. “Please tell me there’s more!”

Laughing, you shook your head. “Sorry, sweetie. That’s the latest one.”

“Dammit!” Bucky yelled, throwing his hands up in frustration.

You chuckled, taking a piece of popcorn and putting it into your mouth. “I love it, too. What else do you want to watch?”

Bucky thought about it for a moment. “How about that Stranger Things show?”

Your eyes lit up at his suggestion. “Yes! Great idea!”

You don’t know how or when it happened, but somehow you ended up sitting on Bucky’s lap, your tongues tangled up in a heated dance. Bucky groaned slightly, hands placed firmly on your hips, while you gripped his hair tightly, pulling slightly every now and then. Bucky let out a low growl before moving his lips to your neck, latching his mouth onto your collarbone and biting down, sucking on the mark he had just created. You mewled at his actions, tugging harder on his hair and panting out his name. Bucky glanced up at you through his long lashes, his cheeks a vibrant red and his whole face flushed. Shifting around, Bucky let out a moan when his hips rubbed against yours. You shut your eyes tightly at this, taking a few deep breaths.

“B-Bucky…” You gasped out.

“(Y/n), if you keep saying my name like that, I won’t be able to hold back…” The handsome brunet murmured out, pulling back his hands and searching your eyes.

You met his gaze and, staring deep into his eyes, brought his hands back onto your hips. “Then don’t”, you whispered, meeting his lips in a searing kiss that made your heart burst with desire.

Bucky kissed back just as passionately and right then, during that moment, you felt like your whole world was complete. Bucky was the missing piece your heart had been searching, and you sure as hell weren’t going to let him go.

‘'Cause your love’s a fucking drag, but I need it so bad…

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Steve Rogers/Captain America - My Doctor

You were always the bigger, curvy girl, the nerdy one, the one guys just didn’t seem all that interested in. You spent more time hitting the books than the gym, just like most medical students. Now, you’re the on call Doctor for the Avengers and it is the best job you have ever had. There’s a huge plus side to your new job, Steve Rogers. You fell for the Captain as soon as you met him, but you think you are nowhere near good enough for him because he’s Captain America and you’re just ordinary, so you try to keep it all business. What you don’t know is that Steve also has the biggest crush on you, but whenever he tries to get close to you, you find some kind of excuse to leave. Your birthday is coming up, but you don’t tell anyone because you simply don’t want to make a fuss, but Tony finds out and throws you a surprise party. You are shocked that they threw this party for you, so you decide to have a good time and talk to them all while they aren’t bleeding on you. During the night, you can’t help but notice that Steve keeps staring at you, you just brush it off to the fact that you’re wearing a dress, which in your own head makes you look ridiculous. What you don’t know is that Steve is looking at you because he finds you absolutely mesmerizing and he finally makes the decision to tell you how he really feels and his confessions lead to something you never saw coming.

Steve x Curvy!Fem!Reader, Avengers x Curvy!Fem!Reader

Requested by the beautiful @theoneandonlysaucymo! Happy birthday, babe! I hope you have the wonderful day you deserve. I love you!

Warnings: Swearing and Smut

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