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☆Dating Jungkook would include☆

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-A WHOLE LOT OF AWKWARDNESS (before the emergence of the cocky muscle pig)

 -We all know kookie is a shy bunny so dont expect much from this fluffy meme ball at the begininning

-It would probably take few months(or years) for kookie to hold your hand 

 -FoR rEaL Tho

 -This bunny would be his own enemy when it came to intiating skinship 

 - ‘Y/N LimBs aRe finAlLy FreE–..oh no .. s/he’s eating some chips now… ‘oh man holy shit’ “ 


 - Your messages between each other would just be full on meme

 - because meme is his favourite language

-only being able to talk to you through text 

 - tHe poor bOY woUld bE fRoZeN iN front of yOU

-Going to the hyungs for advice

 -but ends up getting teased T.T

-Lots of amusement park and active dates… you better bring your asthma pump with you..i mean you are dating jeon jungkook after all


 - Taking nothing but ugly pictures of each other

-and using them as blackmail weapons

 - YOUr wHOle family lOVe hiM

 -you look like the devil besides him to them he can do no wrong

-you two being the 'no you hang up first’ couple in the beginning but now he just hangs up 

 -tbh you both get off of annoying each other

 - (video calling your dad) 

You:Daddy! How are you? 

《A wild Jungkook appears behind you》 

Jungkook: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Daddy’s fine… wHO iS– 

 Throws your phone out the window 

 -” Lets never speak of this again" 

“Since when did you become 'Daddy’? ” 

“Hussshhh~~( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”

 - You going to watch their dance practices = him forcing the memebers to dress up in live performance attire 

 -Jimin having to accept that kookie is taken T.T

- “Im okay rlly..anyways Taehyung’s free ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…”

 -If you’re short》You being teased mercilessly; Picked up at random times; literally being smothered when you hug him ; being called cuTE all tHE tIME; SPINS ALL THE TIME

 -If you’re tall》 marvelling at your beautiful long legs; no discrimination YOU’D ALSO BE CALLED CUTE ALL THE TIME; Seriously kookie would marvel at how elegant you looked; him being able to rest hishead on your shoulder,; KOOKIE SAID HE LIKES TALL GIRLS SO~~(i nEeD tO gROw) 

 - A lot of inside jokes… people just end up thinking you two are dumb beans -

 - Dont forget all the meme dances #1 Dance couple

-You guys would probably end up uploading a video with all of your signature meme dances combined 

 -Anime marathons~~~ if your not a fan of anime. you soon will be



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-You’d probably have to initiate any kind of intimacy 

-but once he feels comfortable with you –_-_-_-_-_-_ R.I.P YOU

-sERioUSLy- This boy would be a fuckin incubus once his shyness is gone

-kOoKiE tHe pErvErT iS bOrN

-You’d have to fence him off from you

-He wouldnt really be into public teasing because he’s a really private person

-if he decided to initiate it, he’d be fine




-You getting angry when he leaves visble hickeys but him still continuing

-You then plan on getting him back but then realise the massive sHit StOrm it would create so you back down

-instead you hide all his timberlands and replace all his white shirts with brony merch because you believe everyone should love my little pony 

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- He wouldnt really be into PDA especially in front of the members. it would be too embarrassing for him.. he stiLl sHY and the hyungs have no mercy

☆Overall kookie would be a fun and chill boyfriend, a bit sensitive as long as you’re okay with dishing out hugs and affirmations then there should be no problem☆

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So I wrote this as a continuous post on hangoverwatch’s post, but I then decided to just rewrite this as my own text so the general public can read it.

Although I enjoy and appreciate the characterization that Jesse Mccree can be a bumbling goof at times (cause I mean, have you seen his outfit?) And how people portray him as a down-to-earth kind of guy that can and will sweep anyone off their feet with his Southern cowboy charm is great all, but I feel like we as a fandom forget that he is an extremely dangerous man.

In canon terms, his bounty is worth a hell of a lot more than Roadhog and Junkrat’s combined. “But Jess, JR and RH’s bounty are in pesos blah blah blah.”  Look, I already did my math, and when RH and JR’s bounties are converted to American currency their amount comes up to $1,371,704.48 each (A total of $2,743,408.96 USD combined) Compare that to Jesse’s whopping $60,000,000 USD bounty, their crimes pale in comparison to Jesse’s. Also, I (for those who need a little more convincing) went ahead and converted Jesse’s bounty to pesos and his came up to a total of $1,093,530,000.00! That’s 2x more than JR and RH’S combined and then some. This guy is a more wanted criminal than them, and they’re known for robbing, bombing, and even killing innocent people. And even if their bounties weren’t in pesos, Jesse’s bounty is still 10,000,000 more than theirs combined.

How he got his reputation to be so notorious is up in the air and will most likely be open to our opinion until we get more history between him, Gabriel, Deadlock, and Blackwatch. (Obviously Deadlock is more of a threat than we may perceive due to them [in the process of] hijacking a government train, and Jack’s voiceline in game saying that Gabriel should have ended Deadlock a long time ago. He of all people should bring up red flags when in comes to gangs considering how he views Los Muertos.)

So knowing that Jesse was part of this group at a young age (in my headcanon he was 15 going on 16) is really terrifying. That gives him a brief time period of a year to get him recruited into Deadlock, figure out his role, steal a lot of government items (successfully might I add), hone his skills as a marksman, and all while making a name for himself. Now, a lot of these things are easy to accomplish at an early age(honing skills, filling a role in a community, and making a name for oneself is all based on dedication.) The thing that’s scary is the fact that more than likely Jesse went on these assault missions and lived while doing the other 3 to the point that he was the only one considered to be taken into OW. Again we don’t know if he was threatened to join or he was offered a spot in OW peacefully. On his bio, it’s said that due to his resourcefulness and expert marksmanship Jesse was given a choice to join or not. So obviously, the person who recruited him (more than likely it was Gabriel) knew about Jesse McCree enough to want him on their team. And as posted by hangoverwatch, OW only has eyes and ears for the best. 

So let’s look at the facts:

Like from earlier in this post, Jesse McCree is a highly skilled man. Skilled enough to:

  • Sit on a train moving at the rate of 640 kpm/h (which is equivalent to 397.678 mp/h. Basically hella fast) with no signs of bodily distress.
  • Able to jump off said moving train with no struggle against wind and gravity while holding himself long enough to break a window.
  • Slaughter an entire Talon operative team BY HIMSELF without killing civilians with pinpoint accuracy even in the dark.
  • Knows he’s capable enough to kill Gabriel–a war hero, super soldier, and the Blackwatch figurehead (his voiceline proves that he feels like he’s the one that should kill Gabriel.)
  • Was able to survive long enough to earn himself a $60,000,000 bounty while still able to somewhat stay in public without being recognized (the event at Hanamura shows that he’s resourceful enough to cover his tracks to where people still don’t know who saved the shop even with his bounty.)

But that’s not it. He’s also the down-to-earth, snarky man that everyone writes/draws him to be

  • While a lethal killing machine can be quite the gentleman (stated by Ana who recalls him being “quite the charmer.”)
  • Has a competitive side (The new summer game line: “I don’t like much losing.”)
  • He’s a cheeky little shithead (ALL of his interactions with Reaper.)
  • He’s a cowboy fanboy (Upon closer examination, Jesse did not get his full cowboy get up until AFTER he left OW. Hinted by the voiceline between him and Reaper. R:You look ridiculous. J:Looked in a mirror lately?) He only had his hat and belt buckle throughout the Golden years. Serape, boots, and spurs came later.

So to everyone that thinks that Jesse McCree is an idiot let me be the one to say that you have never been more wrong. This man is a conniving, calculating, murderous, son-of-a-bitch with a cowboy/vigilante complex. He wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in your head if you stood on the wrong end of justice, and the problem is, is that it’s his code of justice. It’s whatever he deems is good or evil. This guy is seriously not a force to be reckoned with. Although he may not be as book smart as Winston, Mei, and Satya, and even Blizzard stated he can be a bit of an irresponsible adult (not being able to schedule appointments on his own) He can and will outsmart you in a game of wits effortlessly while also make you question your own intelligence. Long story short: Jesse McCree is a goofy, knowledgable, badass that won’t hesitate to kick your butt if you pushed the wrong buttons. So basically don’t get on his bad side and we’re all golden.

The Storm

Request: Numbers 1, 16, 17, for the top thing. Theydon’t have to be in the same fic.

1.“I said I’m hungry, not horny. But now that you mention it…”

17.“The power’s out. We have two options. Have sex, or I got ‘Back to the Future’ on my laptop.”

Request: hi! idk if you’ve already done this (im sorry if you have!) but it would be cute if peter and the reader could have a movie marathon? like hp or something. i know its not much but I hope you could find somewhere to go with it!

A/N: I decided to combine these two requests because I thought I could make some magic with them. Also sorry, I know nothing about Harry Potter so I didn’t really include much of it in the fic. ~Also, let me know if you want a part 2 to this, (I am open to writing smut guys)~

Word Count: 1355

Warnings: N/A

Part 2


Peter Parker was one of your best friends. Ned always called him the love of your life, jokingly of course. But, Ned was right. Kind of? You were in love with Peter.

Usually every Friday night, you, Peter, and Ned would ave movie night. Peter would come home early from being Spiderman and you would all watch movies at one of your houses.

Today you were supposed to go to Ned’s house, but he went away with his parents for the weekend so you and Peter had yet to decide what your plans were.

You and Pete were sitting in chemistry working on a lab when your nudged him “Hey Parker what are we doing tonight,”

“Christ, Y/N, you almost made me spill this sulphuric acid,”

You looked up to Peter who had his googles on and was holding a test tube filled with sulphuric acid, going to pour it into a beaker. (Lol I’ve spilt sulphuric acid on my hands multiple times cause my science teacher would never give us gloves to wear during labs).

“Whoops, sorry,”

“You can come over to my house tonight. Aunt May’s out with friends for the weekend so we’ll have the place to ourselves,” Peter said

“Perfect. I’ll come over around 6pm? And, being the generous friend I am, i’ll bring the pizza,”

“Sounds good,”

After school, you went home and tried to do some of your homework, but you couldn’t focus. Movie nights with Peter (and Ned) were the best part of your week. If Peter didn’t have to go out and be Spiderman you would already be at Peter’s apartment, sitting together watching movies.

But since that wasn’t the case. You patiently waited a few hours before heading to Peter’s.

Before leaving you threw your pjs, and some movies into your backpack. Regretting the decision of promising Peter pizza, you decided to just order some to his apartment.

When you arrived at Peter’s apartment, you knew he would have left the door unlocked for you so you walked right in.

“Honey, I’m home!” You said, walking inside. You dropped your things and walking over to join Peter on the couch.

“Man, its pouring outside,” you continued.

“Welcome home, honey. Yeah, the rain had kind of prevented me from being Spidey tonight. You could have come over earlier,”

“Well thanks for the heads up Parker,”

“Sorry. But did you bring anything for me?” Peter asked

“Bring you anything like what?”

“Well, i’m very hungry,”

“Well if you’re horny I could definitely help you out with that, but I thought we were going to have a movie marathon?”

“Oh my god Y/N. I said I’m hungry, not horny. But now that you mention it…”

You opened your mouth to respond, but before you could get a word out there was a knock at the door.

“Pizza’s here. Looks like that’ll solve one of your problems,”

You grabbed your wallet, paid the pizza man and then brought the box over to Peter on the couch.

“What movies are we watching tonight?”

“I put Harry Potter in the dvd player. You feel like watching that?”

“Sure,” you nodded.

Peter turned on the movie and the two of you sat on the couch. You only made it 20 minutes into the movie when the lights started flickering.

“That doesn’t seem good,” you said.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Peter said, moving his attention back to the movie.

You rolled your eyes, knowing a storm like this would most definitely knock out the power.

Sure enough, a few minutes later the power went out.

The apartment went silent as the tv shut off. You could hear thunder rumbling in the distance. It was pitch black besides the occasional flash of lightning outside.

“Told you,” you muttered.

You didn’t have to see Peter to know he was rolling his eyes.

“What now?” Your asked.

“Well, the power’s out. We have two options. Have sex, or I got ‘Back to the Future’ on my laptop.” Peter said.

“I mean, we already explored the idea of sex so that seems like the best idea. I’m down,”

“If Ned were here would that still be the best idea?” Peter asked

“I mean, if Ned wouldn’t mind sitting out here while we fuck in your bedroom, then sure,” you joked.

Peter laughed “Back to the Future?”

“Sure,” you agreed.

Peter disappeared for a moment, making his way to his bedroom to find his laptop.

There was a loud bang and you heard Peter say “Fuck,”

You laughed, knowing Peter must have walked into something.

“Thanks for asking if I’m okay,” Peter said, walking back into the room.

“You’re spiderman. I’m supposed to be worried about you walking in the dark now?”

“A little concern would be nice,”

Peter came and sat down beside you. You were leaning on him, as he placed his laptop on his lap and looked for the movie.

“Hey Pete,”

“Mmhmm,” Peter mumbled, still searching his laptop.

“You know I wasn’t lying when I said I was down,”

“What?” Peter asked

“I wasn’t lying when I said I was down,”

“No, I heard what you said I just… I don’t believe you,”

“You don’t believe me?”


“Why not?” You asked.

You felt like you had made a fool of yourself to Peter. You had just admitted that you would be open to doing things with Peter and all he had to say was that he thought you were lying.

“Come on, Y/N. We joke about this all the time. We joke about sex and being in a relationship and living happily ever after one day. But we joke, I’ve accepted that that’s not actually going to happen because we’re just friends and you don’t feel that way about me,”

“Have you ever thought that maybe I actually do feel that way about you?”

“Don’t joke about that Y/N, you could never like someone like me,”

“What on earth are you talking about Peter?”

“I mean you’re so amazing, how on earth could you actually like me? You’re just fucking with me. It’s really not that funny,”

“Peter i’m not fucking with you, but I would like to fuck you. Jesus Christ, Peter. I have feelings for you,”

“Wait… you do?” Peter asked

“Yes!” You exclaimed.

“I have feelings for you too, Y/N,”

“So about that ‘best idea’…” you said, raising your eyebrows in a suggestive way.

Peter laughed “I mean, like you said, I’m down,”

“Then what are you waiting for Parker?”

Peter quickly placed his laptop on the coffee table in front of him and leaned down to kiss you. He moved his lips against yours, using his teeth to lightly nip at your bottom lip.

He moved his hands to your waist, so they were slightly riding up your shirt.

You pulled away, “You could at least take me to your bedroom before you tried to take your clothes off,”

Peter laughed, “As you wish, my dear,”

Peter stood up and offered you his hand. You graciously took it and let him lead you to his bedroom.

“Man I am so happy Ned’s away this weekend,” You said.

Chasing Ghosts

Request: I rly love your blog a lot!! I was wondering if I could request a newtxreader song fic with the song “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap? Where the reader tries to warn Newt about Leta, but he gets mad and they have an argument? Then he loses contact with the reader for several years and tries to find her, but each time he gets close to finding her, she gets farther away? Really angsty please??? Thank you so much!!!❤️❤️❤️"

Word Count: 4,359

Pairing: Newt x Reader (Platonic)

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @studyforthreehands @whatinbenaddiction @thosefantasticbeast2 @benniesgalaxy

A tinge of despair so intense it seems tangible still clouds Newt’s mind as he digs into the box of mementos, deeper and deeper until his dirt-caked nails crack against the bottom of the wooden crate. Nothing of significance. Nothing of importance. Nothing of use to him unless he wants to remember.

Cursing, he shoves himself to his feet. This room, this hall, this house is all useless junk now. He may as well burn it down; it’s not as if you’ll be returning at any point, not now that you know he’s discovered it. With a growl, he kicks the box, sends it tumbling onto its side. Its guts spill out, rolling across the ground, creating a mess that will remain until the landlord comes knocking for the next month’s rent. Already, it’s too late. You’ve vanished, and the short and chubby landlord with the beady eyes and missing smile won’t be able to track you down.

My fault, my fault, my fault.

No, finding you is Newt’s job, and he’s determined to do it.

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Marauder Headcanons

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- I would just like to state that like it or not, Peter was a Marauder.

- They’re all terrible liars. It’s a wonder no one knew Remus Lupin was a werewolf…

- Well, no one other than every Gryffindor/Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw in their year, plus a few of the good Slytherins.

- Just because no one said anything doesn’t mean they didn’t know.

- Contrary to popular belief, Remus is not the best a hugs. Neither is James. Or Sirius… Actually, it’s Peter.

- James is sooooo the Mom friend.

- They each have something stashed under their bed. For Remus, it’s a ton of chocolate, for James it’s a bunch of Quidditch books, for Sirius it’s a bunch of Muggle magazines… mainly ones with half-naked girls, but there are aslo some motorcycle ones, and for Peter it’s a bunch of different pictures and candy.

- Lots of deep conversations that start out with a simple question.

- Ex: “James, will you pass the chicken?” “Hold up, guys. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I NEED TO KNOW!” 

- Remus is the best at DADA, James is the master of Transfiguration, Sirius is amazing at Astronomy, and Peter is the bomb at Charms (though at the beginning, he was literally the bomb when it came to Charms, with a little bit of help from his friends, he eventually got better than any of them combined.)

- After one night in a Muggle town near where Remus lives, the four decided to start a band. Remus was the lead guitarist, James played the drums, Peter did the piano, and Sirius sang. It didn’t work out well.

- Long story short, a guitar string may have cut Remus’ finger wide open, a drumstick was in James’ ear and the drum itself seemed to have become a hat, Peter swallowed a piano key, and Sirius’ voice was suddenly louder than usual for a few weeks, until the boys finally convinced him to go to the Hospital Wing to get that piece of magical microphone he swallowed out of his system.

- Birthdays become a week-long celebration for these idiots.

- So many stupid dares.
“Remus, I’ll bet you 20 galleons that I can eat three whole pizzas in twenty minutes.”
“Whatever, Prongs.”

- Needless to say, James was throwing up a lot that night and Remus was 20 galleons richer.

- The most common phrase you’ll ever hear any of them say is, “Sirius don’t!”

- When Peter joined the Death Eaters, he tried so hard to work up that Gryffindor courage and tell the Order. Maybe that way, he’d get some help. But whenever he tried, the smile on James, Sirius, a Remus’ faces kept reminding him of the first time they met, and all of the sudden, all the courage would disappear, and he’d only think that they’d hate him.

- Whenever Voldemort would call Peter ‘Wormtail,’ the no-longer-a-Marauder would feel his heart literally hurting.

- Those twelve years that Remus was completely alone, he’d try to drink away his pain. Finally, during the eleventh year, Dumbledore came and told him that if he could clean up his act, he could teach at Hogwarts next year. Dumbledore knew that Lockheart probably wouldn’t last. That seemed to be enough encouragement for Remus.

- When Sirius turned into Padfoot during his time in Azkaban, when everything became too much, the only reason he felt any better was because he could remember the old days, before all the drama, before all the betrayal. However, minutes later, he would have to change back because the memories made him long for something he could never have again, which, to him, was worse than any Dementor.

- The last thing James said to any of them was, “When this is over, we’ll be a proper family again, yeah?” Everyone had agreed. 

- And in a way, those words had come true. Not in the ideal circumstances, but the war was over, the Marauders were dead, and in the afterlife, they could finally go back to being the family they were always meant to be.

imagine haikyuu characters in the pokemon universe for a sec

like holy shit this thought just came to me

Game rivals would be Hinata/Kageyama, doing the whole dual rivalry like what happened with Cheren and Bianca in B/W. Sometimes, one might act like a psuedo-rival and give the main player stuff
(ie. Hinata: “Hey, [f/n]! Uh, I wanted to thank you for helpin’ me out there… so… here! Have this!” [Obtained a max revive]” or alt.
Kageyama: “Are you an idiot?! Going into the forest with your Pokemon in that shape will only have you heading to the Pokecenter! Here, I’ll heal them up.”)

both are super proud of each other’s progress low-key and they both high-key really wanna beat ushijima.

Coach Ukai, because there’s always been something between the mom of the game and the professor i know it he inherited the title after his old man, the genius professor, retired.

Professor Assistants
Shimizu Kiyoko and Yachi Hitoka. Shimizu’s about to go out and become a proper trainer, so she gets Yachi to fill in her spot while she’s gone.


Tanaka - the fighting type gym leader. wANTS TO SHOW YOU ALL HOW TO RESPECT A REAL GYM LEADER, DAMMIT. when you’re beat he’s just like “wow not bad i didn’t expect that from you but pssht don’t get cocky” (also knows you’re good and have potential and thinks you may become champion). PERSONALLY LEADS YOU TO THE NEXT CITY, all just so he can see noya-san, the returning gym leader.

Nishinoya - the FIRE TYPE GYM LEADER BECAUSE LOOK RYUU!! FIRE!!! HAHAHAHAH. these two definitely make the strongest start to a video game. like, ever. very loud, and energetic. 

Tsukishima - the poison-type gym leader, actually? i dunno i just can’t see him trying too hard, so he’s only the third. still, he has lots of potential (that half of the elite 4, kuroo and bokuto respectively, recognize–which leads to constant pestering from their part), and despite only being the third gym leader, if unprepared, his poison affects are devastating to newcomers. 

Asahi - the game’s lovely high-strung steel type, with nerves that DO NOT MATCH. gets super nervous before a match, and although he does very well and is very strong and gets more motivated as the match goes on (and holy crap if this guy had a legendary pokemon it’d be regigigas or something because of the slow start ability RESONATING from this guy). visited often by nishinoya, who often complains about asahi’s nervous demeanor.
also want one point where they have to fight the enemy team of the game and they buddy up and defeat them because hey who doesn’t want a sprinkle of asanoya in their life

Iwaizumi - the rock type gym leader. sorry, it didn’t even take me long to decide on this. His last name literally comes with the word rock in the first character pls. Combined with his steadfast personality, it works perfectly. When you beat him he just asks for you to kick shittykawa’s ass. Even tells you his pokemon type and starts telling you his pokemon and their dreadful moves until he’s cut off by some random plot device.

Akaashi - i honestly can’t help but say he’d be the ghost-type gym leader. he doesn’t put his gym in a freaking cemetery or have ghosts wander around, but he’s actually rather nice about it all and takes pity on the ghosts because seriously have you read some of their pokedex entries yeesh. his signature pokemon would be a drifblim, because of the dual flying/ghost nature. it’s his favourite, and it’s bokuto’s favourite, too. loved by many, and goes out of his way to help out even the most dramatic pokemon. maybe you’d meet him if there were a rogue ghost in the city, causing damage, and akaashi walks up and helps it calm down (almost the same way he does with bokuto)

Sugawara - i really wanted to make sugawara the nurse, but in the end i feel like he’d be a really strong grass-type gym leader. the healing thing still came to me though, so i’d see it as a strong type with annoying healing abilities. right when you’re about to defeat his pokemon, he hits you up with ingrain or synthesis and saves by a sliver, making the battle that much harder.
another thought was that at the end of the game he’s actually offered to become an elite 4 but so is kageyama. he’s been a gym leader for a long time, but steps down so kageyama can have it.

Kenma - surprisingly, (or maybe unsurprisingly) the psychic-type gym leader. as the final gym leader before the elite 4, he’s really strong and definitely has a good grasp on all the types of moves there are (stats, inflicting damage, reducing, as well as extra effects) and even accounts for the type weaknesses. often hangs out with kuroo and grows to be friends with your rival hinata. although kuroo never lets him explicitly state that he’s the dark type elite 4, it’s implied. refuses to become an elite 4 personally, because it’s already too much effort being a gym leader. 


Daichi - the grounded leader is now the ground-type elite 4! has really strong and nice pokemon. hangs with suga. i don’t know why, but i’d imagine that they garden, since he’s the ground-type elite 4 and suga’s the grass-type gym leader. at the very least, his area has flowers growing somewhere in homage to their friendship.
idea was that he steps down from being an elite 4 to go focus on other things and become stronger, allowing suga to become one. read suga’s section for more.

Kuroo - dark-type elite four! debated on fire vs dark for a loooong time, but couldn’t help but see dark as the strongest feature. plus they’re badass, so kuroo would def brag about that to bokuto. First seen talking to Kenma at his gym, saying that he should hurry up and become an Elite 4 member already, since he already knows he’s qualified enough.

Oikawa - water-type elite 4. probably the most well-rounded elite 4 in terms of stats, with pokemon that can heal and attack strong and defend well and everything. wants to become champion (beat ushiwaka), but realizes he has to get stronger before doing that. really playful. his identity is not kept secret at ALL the entire game, as he has his own radio channel about him with water pokemon (looking cute while using cute pokemon to gain fans) and iwaizumi namedrops him earlier on during his battle.
(lowkey inspired by ao3 superpower haikyuu fanfic, “baby, i can give you wings” by Metis_Ink, which is wonderful and can be read here:

Bokuto - THE FLYING-TYPE ELITE 4. I don’t know why but i can’t imagine him taking the battle completely seriously and just doing some dumbass strategy that proves to be super broken. Something like Drayden from BW2, with some stupid dialogue like “AAARGH JUST WAIT FOR THE FINAL ATTACK!!! IT’LL BE AWESOME!” while doing 2-3 stat-raising moves or charging moves and then one broken ability that does a shit ton of damage. Kinda like the papyrus we never got in undertale. Alternately, a one-hit K.O. move. Gets super depressed when defeated, and can be seen after at a cafe with Akaashi, complaining.

This would undoubtedly be the prodigy we all know and love, Ushijima Wakatoshi. Trained since a kid, and worked really hard. A good champion, and definitely worthy of the title. 

Takeda-sensei - the ‘mom’ of the game. Not an actual Pokemon trainer, but wishes the best for the main character when they go off, making sure they’re well-prepared and researching enough to send them off with a smile. (also dropping by with occasional “hey, hope you’re doing okay!”s) while you’re on your journey.

Lev - while you’re with kenma’s gym (with a visiting kuroo), there’s a little unskippable side-quest where Lev begs kenma to teach him how to catch pokemon, much to kenma’s annoyance. kuroo eventually defeats all his pokemon (doing something like beating a level 6 pidgey with a level 60 hydreigon, or trolling him by pulling out a lvl 60 zoroark that’s disguised as a small grass-type), but teaches lev good lessons in the process.
is also trying to be taught by Yaku, an actual experienced ace trainer who just can’t help but be annoyed at Lev. 

Yamaguchi - some guy at the beginning of the game who shows you how to use pokemon and stuff. he’s either a normal-type trainer or a fairy-type trainer, or at least has an affinity with those two.

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twenty-Two

Summary: Keeping the adoption a secret for so long comes back to bit you in the ass, and Jared has some age-related hang ups
Words: 3.5k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, Danneel, Zep, Tom, Shep
Warnings: mild angst, bearded Jensen, shirtless Jared
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

Your name: submit What is this?

Everything had been going great until you woke to eight missed calls from your agent and three group emails from higher-ups at Supernatural.

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Alright, you asked for it. Buckle up, guys, this is a long one:

Anti doesn’t want forgiveness.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t need it.

I hope @thrillinghowell and @idontexistanymore1 don’t mind me combining their requests, but they worked so well together for what I had in mind. I decided to keep it rough and sketchy, it seemed to fit the tone of the comic better. Thank you both for the inspiring this. ♡ 



since you guys seem to have enjoyed a lot my do it for vitya and do it for yuuri stamps i decided to combine the best of both worlds and, tadaaaaa~


but then i was thinking… it’s not fair… there’s someone missing. and of course i had to create:

DO IT FOR THEM, the podium family edition!

these are available not only as tshirts but as stickers, posters, bags and mugs!

i hope you guys enjoy <3

Jealousy - Alec Lightwood SMUT

REQUESTED: YES! Finally, I HAVE RECEIVED REQUESTS FROM YOU LOVELY LOT! I kinda decided to combine two of my requests because they were quite similar, and here are the requests below:

I was thinking that Y/N is Izzy’s parabatai and alec’s girlfriend…and after a mission they decide to go to a mundane club/party. They didn’t tell Alec or anyone. it was like a mini scape from literally everything! Izzy is with Merlion while Y/N is dancing with another guy. When Alec notice they are missing they go and look for them and when they found him things get crazy! Alec and Y/N get into an argument that leads to smut. Can you do that? ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

HI! i was wondering if you could write a Dom!Alec/Fem!reader(who’s Izzy’s parabati) , where he gets jealous that you and Jace are hanging out a lot-just as friends, of course- but he thinks it’s something more and he decides to show the reader that she’s his and only his(smut, teasing, and fluff). Thanks! p.s i love Malec, but i like to pretend that Alec is my boyfriend hahaha *blush*

WARNINGS: SMUT AF bc jealous Alec is hot Alec ;)

SUMMARY: Izzy, Alec, Jace and Y/N decide to blow off steam after a mission by going to a mundane club. Multiple drinks lead to risky dancing on the floor with Jace, and Alec is not happy…

NOTES: Again, YES ALEC IS ACTUALLY GAY I REALIZE. These are REQUESTS. I will go with REQUESTS. Also this is me again procrastinating revision (what? I’ll watch the film version of Of Mice and Men later, as well as the BBC version of An Inspector Calls with Inspector Lupin. I have been revising trust me ;) ) so it’s hopefully better writing because I’m more focused working on this and not on thinking about my exams (of which I have one tomorrow. God save us all).


Originally posted by themeowood

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Ride me princess | Sweet pea smut

Requests: Hi! Can you do Sweet Pea imagine, where he is getting jealous of that reader is spending time with Jughead lately, so he wants to show her who she really belongs to (smut)? (Btw, sorry if I did some grammar mistakes, it’s not my first language.) + Can you write like a long sweet pea smut please 

A/N: I decided to combine these requests, I hope you don’t mind, I also decided to make the reader Toni’s sister, to give more of a background! I’m not that great with smut so I hope you like it

You were a serpent by blood, your whole family was part of the serpents and you and your sister Toni kept the family tradition going. You and your sister joined around the same time as two other guys, Fangs Fogarty and Sweet pea. You and Sweet pea hit it off and started dating, you had been together for years now still going strong. That didn’t stop him from getting jealous though, he was very protective over you so even when a guy looked in your direction, he was dead meat.

That didn’t change when Jughead Jones transfered to South Side high it got even stronger. You and Toni had kept the red and black intact together and as Jughead was very interested in joining, you spent much time with him. You were a writer aswell and had a lot in common with Jughead, Sweet pea on the other hand didn’t like the Jones boy very much. Not just because he dishonored the serpent name but also because he spent a lot of time with you and kept you away from him with newspaper business.

Sweet pea lived on his own and you basically lived with him but since Jughead joined the newspaper, you were at southside high till late and spent less time with Sweet pea, so when you came in late one night he decided it was enough. Jughead had kept his girlfriend away from him for long enough, he’d make Jughead back off a little. ‘’Hey babe sorry I’m home late’’ You gave your boyfriend a quick kiss before removing your jacket and joining him on the couch.

‘’Are you okay? you seem upset’’ The tall boy turned to you ‘’I just don’t like how much time you’ve been spending with the Jones kid’’ You smiled, you thought it was cute he still got jealous after all this time ‘’Toni is with us, besides we just work on newspaper stuff it’s nothing’’ Sweet pea moved to kiss your neck ‘’I just want you to spend more time with me princess’’ Sweet pea liked calling you princess during sex so when you heard your nickname you swallowed hard. You were suddenly very aware of his lips on your neck and his fingertips who were outlining the snake tattoo on your hip.

‘’’What’s the matter princess? You’re so silent all of the sudden’’ You could feel him grin against you as he continued making lovebites around your neck, trailing down. ‘’I j-just’’ You stuttered, your neck was your sweet spot and he knew it, sucking on your skin ‘’I’m marking my territory’’ He pulled away and looked you in the eye ‘’Seems like I have to’’ The way he looked at you sent a spark to your core, you needed him right now.

You pulled him closer by his dog tags and crashed your lips against his, your hands going through his hair as he roamed his hands over your body. The kiss got more heated by the second and you felt like the two of you were wearing way too much clothes. You pulled away and took of your shirt, he did the same and lifted you onto his lap. The two of you continued your kiss as your hands fumbled with his belt, he pulled away with a grin ‘’Eager are we?’’ You nodded, the things he made you feel were insane.

‘’Too bad princess, you’re mine tonight so we’ll do things my way’’ He smirked and the dominant side of him made you even wetter than you were. He lifted you up and took you to the bedroom where he roughly dropped you on the bed, you didn’t know what he had in store for you but you couldn’t wait. He ghosted over you, he loved seeing the effect he had on you, his lips were attached to your neck again and you groaned, his pace was slow and you didn’t want to wait any more. He made lovebites all over your body, focusing on the neck area so they’d be visible. ‘’You’re all mine babygirl, don’t you forget it’’ You moaned as he finally got to the place where you needed him the most, he removed your panties and quickly inserted two fingers inside of you. The cold of his rings against your skin sent a shiver down your spine.

His pace was slow making you groan again ‘’Please baby, I need you’’ He smirked ‘’You need what?’’ ‘’I need you to fuck me, only you baby please’’ He grinned and quickened his pace ‘’All you had to do was ask’’ You moaned loudly as he kept hitting the right spot, his thumb was massaging your clit and you knew it wouldn’t take long before you came. You hadn’t felt like this in some time and everything overwhelmed you ‘’I’m close’’ You moaned loudly when he pulled away. ‘’Not so easily baby’’ He liked his fingers clean and it was the hottest thing you had ever seen. You pulled him in for another needy kiss, he flipped to two of you so you were on top.

‘’Why don’t you ride me princess? You look so good on top of me’’ You nodded, eager to finally get somewhere. You got rid of his boxers and grabbed a condom. Once everything was ready you slowly lowered yourself onto his length, Him being tall also reflected down there, you needed a little time to adjust before you started moving. Sweet pea let out a low groan as you started moving, he loved it when you rode him. He thought you looked absolutely stunning like that, seeing you all undone. He grabbed your hips to guide you and soon you were bouncing on him, The two of you were moaning loudly, both feeling an intense amount of pleasure.

‘’You look so good bouncing on me like that baby, and you’re all mine aren’t you princess?’’ You nodded ‘’I’m all yours and only yours baby’’ you breathed, He brought his hand to your clit for extra stimulation and it didn’t take long before you were close again ‘’I think I’m gonna..’’ ‘’Come for me princess’’ That was all it took for you to orgasm. It was one of the most powerful orgasms you had and Sweet pea came soon after. You rolled off of him and looked at him, the two of you panting. ‘’That was amazing’’ He grinned and pulled you against him ‘’You are amazing’’ He kissed the top of your head ‘’I love you Topaz’’ You smilend drew patterns on his chest ‘’I love you too sweets’’

Some info concerning Top and his court hearing

Since there’s alot of misinformation about Top and the hearing that took place today I’m doing a summary of the actual facts.

The hearing that took place today was a hearing where the court got the info from defense and prosecution. Top also gave a statement where he said that he understood what he had done is against the law and that he’s going to do better (standard procedure). He also gave a statement to the press.

The prosecution is pleading for 10 months in prison which in reality will be 2 years of probation. He will, if committed (!) for the accused crime, have to re-enlist for his military service and the probation period will run as he finishes his military service all over again.

On July 20th there will be a sentencing hearing where the court announce their verdict and Top will get his sentence. The court might sentence him to a completely different combination of prison and fines and probation than what the prosecution is pleading.

(I’ve been looking up similar cases and the court usually sentence people with fines and a limited amount of days in prison - not months. But we’ll have to see what they decide on July 20th)

If you want sources I can link you guys but this was not information that was hard to find. You guys have to be better at finding good info because I see some completely illogical info floating around here abt this case.

RFA + Saeran and V meet MC’s really nice ex

I decided to combine these two since they’re similar. And can I just say how I’m all yours when you start a request with “I always see things like this and that, but I want you to do different”?Iit makes me feel really special <3

So here it is, hope you like it! ^^


  • He thought he was the perfect man… until he met your ex.
  • What the hell? The guy is handsome, smart, rich and… did he mention he’s handsome?
  • Like, this man looks like he just stepped out of an Emporio Armani ad! Zen never advertised for Emporio Armani.
  • And the way he interacts with you, fuck! He’s a true gentleman, Zen bets he never has to be worried about a beast trying to come out everytime you smile.
  • He wanted to hate the guy, but… ahhh, it’s impossible! He’s nice as fuck!
  • “Babe, why did you two break up?” he needed to know, he asked as soon as the guy got in his hybrid car and went home.
  • “We just realized we were better as friends.” “Why? Why weren’t you better as a couple? He’s… great! He’s… perfect, MC!”
  •  “Yeah, and perfection is boring!” well, at least he knew he wasn’t boring, but that meant he wasn’t perfect either…
  • You notice he got insecure. “Look, Zen. Nobody is perfect. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, he’s not perfect. And he is somebody I chose to share a friendship, you’re somebody I chose to share my life with.”  Oh wow…
  • “And you have better abs too.” You winked and smiled at him, and the beast woke up immediately. This time he wasn’t worried.


  • Oh shit! This poor cinnamon roll…
  • He can feel the smell of testosterone emanating from the guy. It’ just Old Spice, Yoosung, chill
  • And he’s so manly, but he’s also cool and fun. And he’s also a gamer, how come he doesn’t have dark circles under his dreamy eyes?
  • He’s making you laugh all the time! Yoosung wished he could be this funny, he’s always so flustered around you…
  • He’s not jealous of you two, he’s legitimately envying the guy!
  • “Why did you break up, MC?” he felt awful and great at the same time.  Great for being able to say this out loud, awful for sounding so bitter.
  •  “He is great, but just as a friend.” “But MC, he’s amazing! Why did you let him for… me?”
  • You were legitimately shocked, sometimes you hated he couldn’t see himself the way you did. “I never compare the people I date, Yoosung. Everyone is unique.”
  • “Yeah, he is a unique good and I’m…” “You’re both unique. Period. And he’s a good friend, you are the greatest boyfriend ever!”  you hugged him and he knew you weren’t comforting him, you were telling exactly what you felt.
  • “Also, let’s say his gamer fingers aren’t as good as yours.” You kissed him, and it was halfway through the kiss he actually got it what you meant. For the first time, he wasn’t flustered (not that much)…


  • Your first girlfriend, the woman who introduced you to all of this.
  • Now she could see why you were so chill, this girl definitely was a great influence on you embracing your own sexuality.
  • Yes, she was so chill, so confident, so adorable, she was basically a older and more experienced version of you.
  • You two laugh together loudly over the silliest things, she never feels that comfortable like this, she barely giggles when you two are watching Zen’s musicals.
  • She wants to be besty with you two. Well, mainly with you, but the girl seems so cool…
  •  “She’s really nice, MC. What happened between you two?” something must have happened, right?
  • “Nothing. It didn’t feel like a romantic relationship anymore, she was like this big sister, you know?”  “Oh, but sometimes I feel like I’m your big sister, MC…”
  • “You do? I never noticed, I think you’re great at showing your… romantic affection.” “That’s because you’re blinded by love, I’m actually terrible at it.”
  • Oh god… you hated when she got all insecure… “If you were terrible, we wouldn’t be together. Do you think I would stand a relationship where I’m not appreciated?” you got a point, yes, she really appreciates you.
  • “Now, can I show you how much I appreciate you?” she laughed, but you weren’t joking, she got that pretty quickly…


  • He wasn’t really seeing the appeal of this guy at first.
  • Yes, he’s interesting, he’s smart, his jokes make sense, he looks elegant and refined even in a casual outfit, he… okay, Jumin sees now.
  • He could do business with this guy, he felt reliable and professional, and also very comfortable and never tense about anything.
  • And the way he treats you, he knows the perfect balance between being a gentleman and being a buddy. Jumin still struggles on the buddy part…
  • Ugh, this guy has charisma, he hates how not even him can dodge from all this charisma…
  • “Your friend is quite something, MC. Why did you two decide to keep it as friends?” he didn’t want to sound bitter, but… he was.
  •  “Hmmm, no special reason. We didn’t work as a couple, I guess.” “Why wouldn’t you work together? You look like a soap opera couple…”
  • “Well, and this is real life, so…” “So you’ll realize that, realistically, I’m not a good match for you.”
  • Oh my god… insecure Jumin was the weirdest and saddest thing ever. “No, realistically I’ll just enjoy a good friendship while I get to spend the rest of my life with the man I chose and love.” You swear you saw a blush there…
  • “Now, realistically, it’s time for me to fulfill some fantasies of you, right?” oh, and now there was a blush, but it quickly faded away…


  • That guy was a professional comedian!
  • He’s also really hot, clever and his glasses look cooler too!
  • Saeyoung is almost leaving you for him, lololol
  • Seriously, this guy feels… natural. Saeyoung feels like he has to try so hard with you, this guy is effortless.
  • “He’s really cool, MC. Why did you break up?” he asked as casually as he could.
  • “No special reason, we realized we worked better as buddies.” “Oh, sometimes I feel like I’m your buddy, does that work for you?”
  • “If I weren’t so desperately in love with you? Yeah, sure.”  He gagged on his Dr. Pepper,
  • He wasn’t waiting for such a honest and direct answer like this, though it was exactly what he needed to hear.
  • “Now, buddy, why don’t you give me a little of your Dr. Pepper?” he was reaching his can to you, but you stopped him “I meant from your lips.” He smirked, well, he didn’t really need to effort to oblige your wish this time, did he?


  • Okay, even if the guy were a prick, he would feel intimidated
  • But that’s not the case, the guy is cool! The super confident type who doesn’t give a shit about what other people can think about him
  • It’s almost like he’s a male version of you. He’s not that cute, tho, but… you get my point.
  • He usually doesn’t feel comfortable around your crazy and loud friends, but this is one he feels he could hang out with if he… wasn’t your ex, as in the man who probably saw you naked.
  • “He’s cool, why did you leave him?” he asked all of a sudden, you looked at him, puzzled.
  • “I… didn’t leave him, we decided together that we were better apart.” “Why? Do you really think you’re better now that you’re apart from him and… together with… me?”
  • “I do. Why? Is that a problem?”  “I don’t know, you tell me.” “Tell you what? That I love you?” “Yeah, exactly that!”
  • What was happening? Was this a fight about… you loving him? And he… loving you back, apparently?
  • “And I love you back, okay?” yep, it was a fight about love.
  • “So prove it. Show me how much you love me!” you tried to stay at that mad tone, but you couldn’t, now you were both smirking mischievously to each other, you know where this is going…


  • V would  like this guy no matter what, ad you told him how much this you admired and respected this guy
  • And yes, he was everything you said he would be.
  • He was a trustworthy and respectful young man, so clever and sweet!
  • And the way he treated you, not even V could compete with how much he cherished you.
  • Of course he liked this guy, he was the one you loved before him. Any person that is worth of your love has V’s unconditional respect.
  • “He’s amazing, MC. I almost don’t understand why you two broke up.” He just noticed the resentment when he said this out loud.
  • “Well, we… didn’t really have a reason. We just worked better as friends, I guess.” “I see… you guess.” Shit, you didn’t mean it like this…
  • “I mean, I… am sure. He’s really great, but…” “You can’t really finish this sentence, can you, my love?”
  • “Yes, I can! I’m in love with you now! Can you blame me for having such a good taste in men?” he blushed, he couldn’t blame you for anything, never. So he just gave in to your charms…

whisperingshade22  asked:

Hello! Congratulations on 707 posts~ Your guys' writing is amazing!! How about a fluffy HC where RFA+V and Saeran talk about having kids for the first time? Or they talk about their future together? ❤️❤️❤️

Anon said: Hi! >\< I love your writing ❤❤ What about a reaction of the RFA + V and Saeran of MC wanting to adopt children instead of having them naturally? (Sorry for my English :’/)

Thanks so much to the both of you! We decided just to combine these into one since they were on similar topics:) 


  • He was the one who brought it up
  • He started it out with subtle hints
  • If you’d tell him to go the store for groceries, he’d bring baby peas or baby carrots
  • He was a little too excited about modeling for a diaper commercial
  • “I look like a dad, right, MC? Right?”
  • Finally, he slips one day and you two have a serious talk about it
  • You two agreed on that two was a good number
  • Years later, you actually did have two but whoops there’s a third in the picture now
  • You two do have a bit of a disagreement when it comes to the gender reveal
  • Zen doesn’t want to know until the baby is born, but you want to know as soon as possible
  • In the end, you compromise and have one of those huge baby reveals for both of you together
  • As far as adoption, he would be for that too
  • He was pretty indifferent until you actually get to meet the kid for the first time
  • He’s as ecstatic as if it was his biological child


  • It was pretty obvious this boy wants a baby
  • Eventually, you’re ready to talk about it for real
  • He’s so excited even if he seems like he wants to keep cool
  • You just hadn’t realized he’d been thinking about it so seriously
  • He has a list of names ready to go
  • Most of them are girls’ name, you noted
  • He really wants a girl first, but you kind of want a boy first
  • Yoosung talks about having like five kids, but in the end you settle around three
  • If you wanted adoption instead a natural birth, he’s a little disappointed but he won’t say it
  • He really wants little versions of you and him running around
  • But when you guys actually start the process, he’s getting into it
  • You two are searching through the matches and there’s one where Yoosung just feels so connected
  • He’s all for adopting as many as you can


  • To be honest, she more for adoption than anything else
  • She has a heart for kids whose parents had died when they were young
  • She hadn’t really thought about kids though
  • She had just gotten her business running and finally on a career path that she enjoys
  • She would talk about it in the future, but even so the plans are vague


  • So you brought it up after getting a bit of baby fever
  • Jumin liked the idea of kids…especially after a few years of being married
  • But he wanted to take it slow…so your talks only involved one kid
  • He secretly wanted a son, but he kept it to himself
  • He wanted to show his son how much he really loved you…and just you
  • He just wanted to be a good father
  • But after one kid…well, you two had another talk about the future
  • Soon enough, there were another crib and more bibs
  • You thought you would stop there, because that’s all you talked about for the future
  • Then one anniversary and a little too much wine and voila, you had a third child
  • You two were happy nonetheless
  • On the other end, if you wanted to adopt instead of having kids, he would be a bit reserved at first
  • He would try to convince you to have some kids of your own
  • He just wanted to experience that with you
  • But after some serious discussions later, he’ll respect your decision and look into it
  • He prefers to adopt children who were in rough situations so he can provide the best life for them


  • He’s been talking about having kids with you since the tenth day you knew him
  • When everything settled with his brother and Mint Eye, he would still talk about kids
  • They would be more joking sort of comments though
  • That was until you actually ended up being pregnant
  • It wasn’t completely unplanned, but it came as a shock and everything just sort of hit him
  • He talks more about the serious future while you’re pregnant
  • He gets into these long spiels about what parts of house he has to baby proof
  • He’ll even start putting those foam things on the edges of furniture
  • You’re only three months in at the point, but he says he’s “belly-proofing”
  • He’s kind of hoping for twins at some point down the road, but he’s not sure that will actually happen
  • If you wanted to do adoption instead, he was a little disappointed
  • He kinda wanted a biological kid, but he wouldn’t be against adoption at all
  • In fact, he’d love the opportunity to possibly help a kid/kids who were in a home like his and try to give them a better life than he had


  • He avoided the topic of kids for awhile
  • Whether adoption or having his own, he really wasn’t a fan of the idea
  • He was just dealing with his own issues and still recovering
  • And he was just getting used to opening up to you
  • He was terrified with the idea of being a father
  • But years passed by, and he slowly got used to the idea
  • You helped him warm up to it, and eventually you would have/adopt one child
  • No more than one though, but he still loved your child to pieces


  • He didn’t want kids right away, and he made it clear
  • He needed time to heal from past wounds
  • He was just learning to love himself, and he wanted the process to be complete before he involved other tiny people into it
  • It’s much later though when he gets into one of his thoughtful moods and starts pondering about a little family
  • You guys take a kid at a time
  • He was actually more open to the idea of adoption if you brought it up
  • He would love adopting kids for all sorts of countries
  • Especially if he could help them get a better life

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Characters: Bucky/You

Description: “ Reader is devastatingly ticklish & Bucky abuses this (super cute & fluffy)” AND “ Hi!!! So I had this cute idea and it was like what if bucky was working out and the readers like sitting on his back reading while he does push-ups or something? Does that make any sense?? You can change it if you want!! I just thought it was cute :D” (requested by  bisexual-watermelons and anon)

Word Count: 734 (not my longest, but I hope it’s still okay!)

Warnings: Sexual comments, but nothing explicit

A/N: I hope you guys don’t mind that I’m combining these requests, I just thought they would work well together :) Also, I changed it a bit so that instead of the reader reading on his back, she’s motivating him. 

It was a Saturday, and neither you nor Bucky had many plans for the day. The two of you had training in the morning, but after that, your schedule was clear. 

At 10:30 you were finished with your training, so you went back to you and Bucky’s shared room to change out of your sweaty clothes. 

You decided to put on a pair of black leggings and a red sweatshirt, wanting to be comfy for the rest of the day. After throwing on a pair of fuzzy socks, you left your room without bothering to put shoes on to look for Bucky. Assuming that he was still in training, you made your way to his usual training room.

He was in there, confirming your suspicions, hitting a punching bag with his left arm. He had recently been told that he was relying too much on his robotic arm, so he was working on strengthening his other arm. 

“Looking good,” you commented, leaning against the door and smiling. 

Bucky looked up and saw you, and grin finding its way onto his face. “Are you done with your training?”

“Yeah, I finished like 10 minutes ago. When are you done?”

“I have to do push ups and then I’ll be finished,” he answered, walking over to you and leaning in for a kiss. 

“Noo, you’re all sweaty,” you complained, giggling and moving away from him. 

Bucky rolled his eyes and turned back around before dropping to the ground. “Well then I’d better finish soon, then,” he winked as he started his push ups. 

You weren’t sure how long you were expecting him to go, but you definitely didn’t think he’d still be going after 3 minutes. “Buckyyy,” you whined, crossing your arms. “How much longer?”

“Just a sec, doll,” he grunted, more focused on his form than you. Sweat was glistening off his whole body, and the fact that he was shirtless was making him look like a Greek God or something. You hated to admit it, but he looked hot

Bucky’s version of a second turned out to be different than yours, because a minute later and he was still going. 

“Alright, you’re askin’ for this,” you mumbled, going to the side of Bucky and then sitting on his back. 

“What’re you doing?” he wondered, breathing heavily, but you could sense the amusement in his voice. 

“Maybe you’ll get done faster with me sitting here. Maybe my added weight will make it harder and you’ll give up earlier,” you stated, smiling. 

“Oh, doll, I was just about done before you sat down, but now I’m gonna go even longer. Just for you,” he said, lowering himself to the ground once more. He must have heard your groan, because he laughed and continued, “You can be my motivation, though.”

You nodded, determined to get him to finish while also “motivating” him. “Alright, Buck, let’s go! You’ve got this!” you cheered, relishing in his giggle from under you. His giggle. God, he was adorable. It wasn’t much longer before you noticed he was slowing down, so you decided to give him one last bit of motivation. “When you get finished, we can go back to our room and I promise you’ll be breathing hard for a different reason.”

With that, Bucky flipped over and you dropped to the floor, laughing at his red face and determined expression. “You done now?” you teased, going to stand up. 

“You’re not going anywhere just yet,” he growled, grabbing your hips and pulling you back down. His grip tickled you, and you squealed in shock. Bucky’s eyebrows rose, and he looked entertained by the situation. “I almost forgot that you’re ticklish,” he murmured, squeezing your sides once more and laughing at the noises that came from your mouth. 

 “B-Bucky! Stop it!” you gasped out between cackles. He remained relentless, and you decided it was time to take drastic measures. “If you don’t stop, w-we won’t be having sex for a whole m-month!”

That got his attention. He quickly let go of you, horror filling his eyes. “You wouldn’t actually do that…right?” 

“Oh, I definitely would,” you stated, standing up again and praying he wouldn’t bring you back down to the floor. “Now are you coming or what? I have a promise to fulfill,” you winked. 

Bucky scrambled to his feet, grabbing your hand and rushing down the hall. 

“Well, someone’s eager.”

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Make Me Not Quit

 Ahem…Well JungKook’s lastest airport fashion

… just put me through pain. 

And by that I mean … SMUT on the way.

I just decided to combine these two requests as they fit what I have in mind.

I love Ur writing so much can I request a Jungkook smut the sex in car thing when we are traveling from Seoul to busan

hiii! can I request a smut scenario based off of Ariana’s song every day w/ rapmon or jungkook 

So I hope its ok and you guys enjoy it.

(If you want you can enjoy the song too)

Dirty Talk, Thigh Riding Smuttish Something

JungKook… Your heaven and hell… Your cute yet way too stubborn boyfriend. He was away for concert and it has been two weeks. He should have been back that day but you missed him so bad.

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Author’s Note: Hey guys! @lucifer-in-leather sent this gif in to me a while ago (sorry this took so long!) and I decided to combine it with a challenge…it seemed to fit well! This is for @beckawinchester ‘s Birthday Challenge! Prompt will be bolded in the fic. I hope you enjoy it and as always feedback is welcome and appreciated! I love all of you. If you would like to join my tag list, send me an ask. I don’t bite. ;)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,000-ish

Warnings: Fluff, SMUT, Language

Prompts: #5 “How the hell am I supposed to fit in that?” and #1 Bar (Place)

Song: “Teacher” by Nick Jonas (I highly suggest you listen to this song. I love it!)

Originally posted by frozen-delight

“Fort Wayne, Indiana,” Sam confidently slid his laptop toward you as you sipped on your whiskey while Dean sighed and laid his head back in frustration. “String of female deaths at a bar. Apparently they do an amateur night for girls to dance up on the bar. The girls make some tips while they compete. The top two girls who collect the most cash move on to the finals, ya-da ya-da…”

You rolled your eyes and set your drink down, “Classy.”

“But get this,” Sam started and Dean raised his eyebrows expectantly, “The past three females that have died were one of the finalists. All found in the same dressing room. No forced entry, no sign of struggle. And the cameras show no one going in or out of the room but the girls.”

“Coyote Ugly gone bad,” You muttered and Dean snickered, enjoying your reference. “I will assist on this hunt under one condition…I am not dancing on a bar under any circumstances. You understand me?”

“Crystal clear,” Sam smiled and you stood up, then made your way to your room in the bunker to start packing. “Let’s leave within the hour.”

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Everyone’s reaction to the test at the mixer is exactly what you would expect from a group of people labeled “the best and brightest of humanity that signed up” because these people were most likely a combination of both the “athletes” and the “gifted kids” during school so of course these fuckers turned it into a competition. They never said it was a competition, they never said “whichever table can leave the room in the right order first,” you just had to leave the room. But of course these guys and their student athlete/gifted kid asses decided that of course this is a competition, like everything else. We’re being judged against our peers not just the test itself. We gotta be the best. We’re us.

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Scenario: Voltron Team movie night, everyone is watching some unspecified movie, when Lance's crush (aka Reader) falls asleep and ends up leaning against him.

Hello! It’s mod Enki again. :0 I decided to put this in a domestic AU kind of idea so there would be more content. I hope that’s okay!


It was I regular day much like any other. You farted around doing chores around the house and did other mundane tasks like finally getting around to emailing some guy about a topic you forgot ages ago. That task in itself took more time than all your other chores combined and honestly left you mentally exhausted. You mulled over going out and getting a bite to eat before attempting to do anything else. As you sat completely useless on the couch due to your indecisiveness, your phone buzzed. You pulled it out to glance at the screen assuming it was a wrong number since no one ever texted you. Your eyes widened slightly. It wasn’t a wrong number but you certainly didn’t recognize it. The preview message told you all that you needed to know. 

“Hey (Y/N)! It’s Lance, I just wanted to…”

You unlocked your phone and read the full text expecting some cheesy one-liner but were surprised to find not a single one. He did remind you of the fact that tonight was movie night with the rest of the gang and that everyone was supposed to bring something. Groaning you typed in a short reply and hit send before smelling yourself. You had completely forgotten about the whole thing and you were not in any shape to be around any other human being. You had also spent almost your entire day doing chores so the movie night was going to start in at least an hour. The idea of getting a bite to eat was scrapped and you bounded to your shower as fast as you could to get rid of your hazardous body odor. Everyone was supposed to go over to Pidge’s house because she had managed to rig up a killer surround system. It made you pretty excited knowing how good Pidge was with all her tech so tonight’s movie night was definitely going to be super fun. 

Once you had completed your shower and thrown on some clothes, plus performing other hygienic tasks, you finally decided to get a bite to eat from your kitchen. It had to be quick considering you still had to go out and get something to bring. Chips and a some soda would be good right? You didn’t doubt that everyone else would be bringing popcorn so might as well stay the safe course and bring chips. They’re just as addicting as popcorn is when watching a movie and the paladins will eat anything you put in front of them really. Anything from Earth anyways. After wolfing down a cup of noddles like the healthy person you were, you grabbed your keys and departed from your humble abode. 

You sped to the nearest convenience store and nearly hit a pedestrian on the way there. They quickly became someone who didn’t wave with all their fingers and you contemplated actually hitting them. You decided to be a good citizen and continued on your way. You sprinted to the entrance and through the automatic door like a lunatic before grabbing all your required goods in record time. You practically slammed your things down on the conveyor belt earning a concerned look from the cashier. Apologizing you quickly payed for your things and left as quickly as you’d arrived. If you hurried you’d get there right on time. So you hauled your ass as fast you could legall-ishly could. 

Much to your joy you had managed to get there at the time you predicted you would. With arm fulls of goodies you somehow managed to ring the door bell and the door swung open. Peeking over the bags you saw Lance with a smug grin on his face. You braced yourself for the bomb drop that would be his just as equally smug remark. 

“Oh, (Y/N)! Is this all for me? Why, you shouldn’t have!” He cooed. You rolled your eyes.

“Just let me through you turd, I’ve got a lot of stuff.” You responded pushing your way through. 

As you made your way through the house to the snack table you got a plethora of greetings from everyone else. Setting down your things you eyed the big screen and the amount of speakers located all around. Whistling appreciatively you watched as Pidge came over to greet you. 

“We almost thought you wouldn’t make it. You didn’t forget did you?” She asked coyly. 

“What? O-of course not! I just lost track of time…” You stuttered trying to come up with a cover. 

“Oh yeah? Well, your shirt’s inside out. Just letting you know.” She pointed out. 

As she walked away you mentally kicked yourself for just throwing on the nearest shirt. You opened a bag of chips before pouring them into one of the large bowls set out. Once you had acquired your absurd amount of chips you made your way to the couch to the only open spot on the end by none other than Lance. If the movie didn’t keep you from falling asleep he would. A yawn escaped you as you plopped down beside him. 

“Hey, no yawning!” He said lightly jabbing you in your side. 

“I can’t help it.” You whined rubbing the sleepy tears from your eyes. 

You continued to have idle chat with Lance for the remainder of the time before everyone was settled down enough to start the movie. By that time you were struggling to keep the conversation going with Lance without yawning every 2 seconds. You were half tempted to ask Pidge if she had some instant coffee you could quickly heat up in the microwave but decided against it. Besides, there was no way you’d fall asleep during the movie. No one in the group liked anything super boring and mushy. The movie no doubt was going to be action packed. 

To your joy when the title screen popped up you could tell it was going to be a horror movie. At least you’d stay awake being scared right? Horror movies are the best cure to being sleepy so you had nothing to worry about. Oh how wrong you were. Any jump scare that popped up on screen had about the same effect as someone blowing on your face. In all honesty you felt pretty close to nothing. Lance sat next to you and although he tried to play the whole bravado act you could tell he was scared. Not you though, you sat about as immovable as a sack of potatoes. 

That’s when you started to doze off. Your head kept dropping causing you to yank it back up while fighting the urge to sleep. It went on for a while and you weren’t quite sure when you had passed the hell out but you did. And you somehow managed to pass out on Lance of all people. Not the arm of the couch, the one person you were sitting next to was what you had managed to fall asleep on. No one noticed except for the boy himself since the room was extremely dark save the light from the screen. And now about a million thoughts were running through his head. What should he do? Wake you up? Let you sleep? Did you choose to fall asleep on him? Was this intentional? An accident? 

Lance felt his face getting warmer and he started to fidget with his hands as he nervously tried to think of what to do. He was no longer watching the movie and all his focus was on you so he swallowed hard before attempting to nudge you awake to no avail. You were in a pretty dead sleep and it looked like you weren’t going to be awake until movie night ended. Not that he minded in this case. He’d been trying to chat you up all day and had somehow managed to convince Pidge to give him your number. She was pretty skeptical about the idea but gave it nonetheless. He wanted it for obvious reasons, that being that he totally liked you and now having his crush asleep on his should was a little too much for him.

He glanced around at the others making sure they were watching the movie and not him. Slowly he leaned his head to the side until it snugly rested on your own. He then glanced back as best he could at the others before locking eyes with Pidge who had the smugest look on her face. Lance mouthed out, “don’t you dare,” before giving her a small glare. She rolled her eyes and mouthed back, “You owe me,” and went back to watching the movie. 

Lance closed his own eyes to try and better enjoy this little moment he was sharing with you until he ultimately ended up joining you in a much needed cat nap. 

Tea Spell for Colds and Flu

🔮With fall comes cold and flu season. As I am already afflicted myself I decided to share this spell I came up with



-Favorite tea

-Boiling water

-Sugar (optional)

-Honey (optional)

🔮Combine basil with your favorite tea and seep in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. While stirring the sugar and honey in a clockwise motion chant “this herb will heal me” three times. Drink and enjoy!

(Warning: your tea will have the slight taste of basil in it)

Let me know if this works for you guys!