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What exactly is Sex Mens about? Is it NSFW? What's the plot? (lol I'm too deep I need to know it all)

To start it off, its a webcomic done by the same author and artist as for Nanbaka. 

Our main characters are: Takumi, Jyunpei, Kai and Subaru 

and our sadistic gaylord bdsm fanatic Saiha

Well, as my points of view on the series, it has changed alot by getting some help from my friend John who has raw translated 5 chapters as for now and still works on them, and i find it even more interesting! The plot… is alittle hard to explain, since there are still things i dont know much about. You can find the raw translations here if you decide you want to check it out 

If you´re talking about smut and such. No, the main series is NOT NSFW (apart from a shit ton of beating, blood, some boobs, Takumi taking a bath and Jyunpei and Saiha interrupting him and so on) and Saiha himself ( trust me, you´ll understand soon ) 

There are a total of 53 Chapters which you can find here, and also, a series on Pixiv done by Shou that goes alittle further then the manga that has more NSFW content in it, aswell as there are more artwork by the author. You can check them out here if you want to 

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Oh. So um. I decided to check the pixiv artist of the pieces you reblogged. I would advise against doing so with the R-18 filter disabled. If at all, that is.

Oh yeah… Forgot about that bit… Too late for me I guess, but for others I’d advise not to check it out with r 18 mode active… Less you’re… “Into” that kinda thing….

(hint: Like… Don’t be into that kinda thing. For legal reasons. Just don’t please-)

regarding eren/levi & levi/eren (again)

this is a follow up to my post on how to use the borrowed tags of ereri/rivaere correctly. if you have not read that post yet and would be so kind to wish to read this post, i greatly encourage you read that post before this one.

a big issue is the borrowed tags are being misused by advertising content that does not exist in the work

i have created a guide to help promote people to not support misuse of this manner

this post pertains to fanart works. i will be using pixiv as the main objective since pixiv is the most popular place where people borrow/steal content. pixiv is a website where almost only japanese artists post their fanart; since it is a japanese website

typically when fanart is posted in the tags on tumblr it is not by the OP / original artist. if it is by the OP, then whatever the OP has decided to tag the work is what goes (unless the content is R18, then rules must be abided; ambiguity allows the multiuse of tags- please see my original post linked above if you do not understand)

before reblogging fanart always check if there is ALL of the following

1. permission for repost: permission for repost will include a link to either a page or an image that will show the artist of the work has given the reposter authorization to repost their art, if a repost lacks a link to evidence of permission DO NOT REBLOG, DO NOT LIKE, report to tumblr (the flag this post bit) 

if no permission is given the work has been posted without it. the majority of artists PROHIBIT ANY REPRODUCTION/REPOSTING OF ANY KIND

2. a source to the original work: if there is no source DO NOT REBLOG, DO NOT LIKE, report as above. the source is a link to where the work originally is posted. the source will enable you to confirm that the permission granted is authentic. the source will also enable you to check which tag should be utilised. answering “Which pairing tag should be used?”

3. refrain from reblogging reposts that have been tagged wrongly

the pairing tag that should be used for the repost should only be the tag the artist themselves has tagged their work as-

if the work contains this tag

“ereri” then the artist has defined their work as “eren/levi”

if the work contains this tag

“rivaere” then the artist has defined their work as “levi/eren”

if the work contains both tags

“ereri” “rivaere” then it is most likely a log (many different works) that contains pieces for both preferences of the pairing and the artist has defined their works to be either “eren/levi” or “levi/eren” 

if the work contains this tag


or even this tag “rivaereri”

then the artist has defined their work as “both” (switching, there is no clear top/bottom) or it is a threesome (and there’s a multi of one of the characters)

please always check if the original tags are being used for the work before reblogging the work, do not support reposts where a misuse of tags are being conducted

why is this important?

even if permission has been given to repost. artists who have given their permission are not aware that in western fandom the original rules of these tags are not being adhered to. extremely specific tagging is utilised in japanese fandom and it is almost unheard of to not extend this courtesy. some artists probably won’t mind, but the majority of artists who create their work and label it a specific way do it with all the reason those tags exists as they do to begin with and would care if they knew their work is being tagged incorrectly

with that, please understand, i am not telling you to ship our pairing any differently than you are doing now

i only want you to acknowledge that even though we ship the same pairing we may ship it differently

this is an extremely popular pairing (yay!) and as such has a wide variety of interpretations and as such there is a wide variety of fans. we do not all share the same view and we do not all like the pairing in the same manner

and that is why tags exist.

to make sure the manner you wish to see the pairing and i wish to see the pairing, be they not the same, is regulated (and if you like it either way, you can go through both tags! but i won’t because i’m not you and i am picky)

everything may be alright to you, but everything is not alright for everyone.

japanese fandom understands this without exception which is why their tags- we, the western fandom are borrowing- have the meanings they do. it is also why there is no such thing as a unanimous tag.

we cannot take what is theirs and claim it as our own. that is selfishness and stupidity. it is ignorance and arrogance. you cannot change the meaning of a tag that has but one meaning from its origin.

please correctly tag your work and please even more importantly, correctly tag the work of others.

thank you so very much for your reading and your consideration, until next time~
「Long Distance Rela - Act 1 [Eng]」/「SIRI」[pixiv]
OSMT fan comic about long distance relationship. Part 2 will come. Eventually. ;w;

Hey y’all, thanks for the wait! I’ve decided to put the first part of LDR up on Pixiv for easy viewing (because tumblr’s weird about their upload sizes and constraints), so please feel free to check it out!

Now to finally format for print fjadklfsdlaf

tuskietyrantyokokurama submitted:  I know right?! I still have my doubts about the photo because if it were official,Tumblr would have blown up by now. But I haven’t seen a thing about it and when I was going through Twitter, this photo has been going around since like the middle of February, maybe even earlier but I didn’t check every account that retweeted it. But thanks for confirming this for me because it was eating my alive. xD

To answer  tuskietyrantyokokurama ’s question, basically they asked if this was an official art and i asked them to please send the photo in ‘submit’ so I can see it. I haven’t seen a single ‘official’ art of shizaya in wedding photos, and i figured it’s probably from the anniversary event. 

To put it simply, YES THIS IS A FANART, NOT AN OFFICIAL ART <- capped just in case someone decides to skim read lol. This is a photo taken from the fan-made Shizaya Wedding anniversary event. This is already their 10th anniversary wow! That’s impressive, I only own the 3rd anniversary book. They do this Shizaya wedding event few times a year I think (i know they do it once a year for sure. I’m guessing they do it about twice a year? ) So we always get tons of nice shizaya wedding arts <3

I checked pixiv and i confirmed that that anniversary event was held in February 12-14, 2016. Valentine’s day pretty much. Although I can’t find the exact art on pixiv, here’s plenty of doujin artists who attended, as well as the invitation art: 
Invitation page: 4213 
Anniversary promo art (i’m gonna guess it’s this artist?) : promo art link

And I found the tag for the event attending artists ♥ Enjooy! LINK 


EDIT: I found out that めか is a girl.

Okay, so I’ve been seeing this piece of artwork pop up a bit on here.

I’m getting fed up because it seems that people aren’t checking the artist’s profile.


“転載はお断りしています。許可を求められてもお応えできません。”  means “I do not allow reprints. Even if you ask me for permission, I will not answer.” (I checked with raspomme to make sure that I was correct.)





If this keeps up, めか may just decide to delete her Pixiv account altogether. I don’t want that, and I’m sure you don’t either. So please, do your part and make sure that this situation doesn’t get worse.

Thank you.

A small determined Genos for your dash. (Tumblr kept stretching the image so this is the only way I can post this without it being too blurry r.i.p.)

Been checking out the One Punch Man parts of Pixiv the past few weeks and fell in love with the way Nice Boon draws Genos, so I decided it was time to draw my cyborg son again (this time while actually referencing a picture of him whOOPS).

I love how Genos is always pictured sitting properly whereas Saitama’s usually sprawled on the floor reading manga I love them both so much. I’ll draw Saitama again whenever I figure out how to (I think Saitama’s lack of hair throws me off haha).

Signature’s a lot smaller than I like but I’m trusting people won’t repost this *shakes fist*  ᕦ(ò_óˇ)

so i decided to check out the shinkawo tag on pixiv because i saw someone post about how no one looks at it. my reaction to finding out why:

“hey this wordless comic looks pretty goo-abort aboRT ABORT ABANDON SHIP SAVE YOURSELVES FROM A TIDAL WAVE OF TEARS”

EDIT: now with spoiler- and capslocked-filled explanation from anon, thank