decided to add another pic to this


More bloodswap designs to my AU! Hope soon I’ll make another post with the rest of the trolls I decided to add to this story as well + full pics with the old ones I introduced long time ago ;v;

Forgot to mention that most of the desings are by @pinkcuttlefish <3

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talk about the pic dan just put up

(referring to this pic)

they are disgusting assholes in love and phil’s fav thing is stumbling across dan being odd and quirky and WEIRD (because let’s not kid ourselves, the boy is fucking weird) all over the place, and his immediate gut instinct is to document, document everything, every one of these soft little moments that make dan so lovely and wonderful and complex and strange. it’s another great photo to add to the collection of domestic shots phil has taken of dan in the last year, and i love that this time it was dan who decided to share it and whereas normally he might’ve just posted it and made a typical ‘look at me lying on the floor and clearly craving death’ joke, he also took the time to conscientiously credit phil for the shot as though, ONCE AGAIN, to clear up any doubt in any person’s mind that phil is the person with whom he shares his life. and he then also chose to talk about him some more in his replies just to really drive the point home. seems like a big deal but like. also just a continuation of this blatant togetherness they’ve been pushing for the last few months. so lovely :(


NEW JOURNAL PAGES!! My collection of sigils and symbols is finally beginning to grow. I decided to start out I’d only write in the ones I’m familiar with and use in my own whatever projects. Later down the line I might add more cause as I continue with my studies I’m finding more symbols that could come in handy later :)

Also another insert pic I made cause I had some free space. (written/drawn back in January) Inspired by @anothersusurrus because she’s my lovely lady Sprout VuV and the quote was for myself cause I was having an off day ;)



I kinda made @shinyzango another 2D Bendy pic… but digital? Cuz I got really bored, and decided to commit after I got into it…?

I think I went a bit too far on the detail, but that’s just me. Hope ya’ll enjoy this new piece for the Bin, have a good one!


Breadcrumb timeline

I decided to put together a timeline of SH stuff because I’ve seen a lot of people asking about one…..annnnnnd it’s almost five pages long (on Word). Didn’t expect that when I started, but wanted to go ahead and post it going into TCAs. 

I’m going to put it in another post, but I want it to be known that this isn’t every little interaction, special look, sighting, or picture of them because DO YOU SEE THIS LIST? It’s freaking long.

Also, the dates probably aren’t perfect but this isn’t a history book so 🤷🏻‍♀️.

I didn’t add any pics, videos, or screen shots because that’s beyond my skill level, but you can see everything I’ve talked about either on @zumpie & @juggiexbets‘s master posts, lilincole or sprouse.hart on Instagram or looking through the sprousehart tag. I also love and used the alexaedits on youtube as reminders. 

(If anyone can add pics, videos, etc to this, i’m all for it.)

Happy reading!!

Since Ameile was a huge hit on here, I had to do another pic involving her encounter with the Mystery Skulls, namely Vivi and Arthur ( who I can see having doll phobia ). Vivi, on the other hand, decides to take it for investigation, much to Arthur’s dismay. Though Mystery is not seen, he’s probably sensing bad vibes from Amelie off screen. I might do a visual encounter with him another time. This is also one of my “hybrid style” pics, which combines the series’ official style with my own ( structure, extra details ). Also included Artie’s eye bags seen in the “Freaking Out” video because I’m sure he’s still staying up endless nights looking for Lewis ( as he appears to have no memory of the cave incident ). Plus, it adds to his character.

Mystery Skulls Animated © Ben Mangum/MysteryBen27
Ameile © Mine!


Today I was messing around with normal maps for the stone fence. It turned out pretty well! So another fence type is done. Four types left. I’ve also decided not to add gates to every fence type that left. I’ll make about 3 stand alone gate types instead so it would be possible to combine each low fence type with the gate of choice.

You can also check out (on a couple of lot mode screenshots) the way hood deco stone fence looks next to the lot mode stone fence.


Vegan Banana Pancakes with homemade apple sauce, peanut butter and homemade maple granola.(vegan,healthy,filling,perfection)

Because I got many asks the last days about the recipe of my vegan pancakes from last Sunday’s brunch, I decided to post the recipe and some other pics for you lovelies. Please tell me how it worked out and send/submit a pic, message or something, would make me so happy to see the results!! :)

Vegan banana pancakes:
- ½ cup whole wheat flour
- ¾ cup vanilla soy milk (or any other vegan milk)
- 1 banana + ½ as a topping
- 1 tablespoon baking powder
- cinnamon (if you’re in xmas mood)
(- 1 teaspoon of peanut butter) 

First mash the banana in a small bowl with a fork till it gets really creamy and soft. In another bowl add all dry ingredients together and mix. Then add the banana, as well as the milk, into the bowl with the dry ingredients, mix for maybe a minute and make sure there are no chunks in the pancake dough. 
If the dough is ready, heat a pan with some coconut butter and bake the pancakes for some time, till they golden on both sides. 
Last but not least: the toppings
I topped my pancakes with homemade apple sauce with cinnamon, banana, creamy peanut butter and some homemade granola chunks. 
Feel free to add anything you want: berries, peanut butter, coconut, smoothie, chocolate pieces or sauce, caramelized oranges, soy yoghurt (…) Be creative and have fun!! :) 

- Amber 


So a couple months ago I go bored and decided to build the angel statue from Planet Saints in Minecraft.  I worked on it off and on in my spare time for about two weeks before it was finally finished.  Then I promptly forgot about it, which is why I’m only now uploading these pics.

I forget what the final count was, but if memory serves, she’s a little shy of 200 blocks tall.  The hints of yellow you can see are glowstone that I lined her wings with so you could see her at night.  Plus, I believe the original in-game statues also glowed, so there’s that.  I had to take a few liberties with coloring since there’s not a wide enough selection of block colors to really do much in the way of shading, and i was more concerned with her being recognizable than I was with accuracy.  All in all, I’m really happy with how it came out, and I think she’s a pretty damn faithful recreation.

Originally there were going to be Gat and Genki statues to go with her, and I may still add those at a later date.  

Click on the pics for captions.  I hope you guys like her!

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Top 10 dallon pictures go

ok here we go sorry for taking 8 billion years to respond also these are in no particular order but I point out my absolute faves if you read my commentary :)


This one is Dallon being hecka cute and sassy but also kind of demonic but i enjoy it like look at that cute lil pick on his forehead!







I just love this picture because I don’t understand why it exists?? BUT ITS FLIPPIN ADORABLE and probably one of my ultimate ULTIMATE fave pics of Dallon as well he’s such a cutie aw 


HAIRHAIRHAIRHAIR just look at it?! And honestly he just looks to perfect to exist. As usual. Another one of my ultimate faves


Oh LAWD he just looks so good i want to cry. You can NOT hate this man. Not only is he a super sweetie but also a super hottie aw yea


OK HERE IT IS. THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PHOTO OF DALLON WEEKES EVER. THIS PHOTO RIGHT HERE. His hair and his eyes and his face are all super perfect?!?!?


Ok I also decided to add my favorite pictures of Dallon that I have personally taken and here is one from about a month ago that was featured on their website and everything?!?!? And HE LIKED IT. I PUT IT ON INSTGRAM AND DALLONS PERSONAL ACCOUNT LIKED IT I STARTED SCREAMING but yeah he just looks super rad in this pic so i love it :)


This is another pic that i took, but back in December! I absolutely adore this picture because even though Bden is blurry, Dallon is making the BEST bass face EVER and i adore it (and am super happy i got it on camera!!)


Here it is!! My tenth picture, which i also took at the december concert! It’s my favorite (good quality) photo I’ve ever taken of Dallon, I mean just look at him. LOOK AT THIS DROPDEAD GORGEOUS MAN. 

I hope you enjoyed my pictures :D

I really hope when SW4 happens, SHINee won’t come up the stage and see how half the gymnasium is empty or of another fandom’s color ocean. But knowing our boys, they’ll most likely still perform with their hardest and be the pros they usually are, so what breaks my heart is how it’s the shawols who won’t get to watch when it’s supposedly a show meant for them.

–Plus, even if a lot of international shawols won’t get to attend in the first place, it is still a matter that will affect us(in a large scale),why? Because without the fansites getting inside, none of us, who depend heavily on them, will also see SW4’s fancams or pictures(no sw4 edits for tumblr shawols), perhaps except if exo-ls there decide to take fancams and pics inside and again sell them to shawols for yet another round of profit making…

—-I may sound ridiculous but I hope this issue gets big enough that the media would be able to sniff it out and when it gets to the public, EXO, or SME(idk,add another date or another location?), they can take an action or at least let the good exo-ls punish the rude ones.


Hi, guys. Whilst we’re waiting for some action in Lashton relationship, I’d decided to make that =))))

{I wanted to write here some words about Lashton 2014 year but I’m way too…er, I love to write you know. So, I think it’ll be another post :)}

|Best moments are in the first pic, I think. However, I really had to add Shazam there too where Ash kisses Luke in the shoulder, mm, shit. Sometimes at first I make, then think. Not sometimes. Always. :/|