decided that there is not nearly enough art i love on this blog

anonymous asked:

lyfe update please! your blog is so motivating me at art school x

Awww thank you lovely anon😘💕

My life is busy busy with work at the moment. I was in London at the weekend for my friends’ birthday and I had the best time, got very drunk and had a lot of fun! His other friends were really nice and we all got on well.

Now I have 2 weeks at work being the only paralegal in my team (the other one is on holiday) so I’ve just had so much work and not enough time to do it. But it’s okay, I’m getting there nearly through week #1 💪🏼 we have a charity bingo thing tonight so that will be fun.

I’m meeting some friends on Friday eve for food and drinks. I’m also struggling with a really bad cough/cold so that’s awful.

Also kind of crushing on someone atm but I can’t decide if they’re just really nice and a bit cheeky or being flirty? Sussing out these things is not my forte😂

But all is good, thank you for caring about my life. Best of luck with school, I hope you’re enjoying it💕

Thank You

Dear followers and Sweet Elite fans,

I’ve started this blog back in February, scared out of my mind and unsure whether or not I would be able to get enough people interested in this project. Having limited experience, but a burning desire to create, I decided to go for it anyway. Since then, the response to Sweet Elite has been overwhelming. 

Day after day, I am amazed by your fan art, your questions, your interest, and your support. We’ve received so many positive comments and so much love…It’s really kept us going. You are such a creative and supportive bunch, and we adore interacting with you guys.

But today, I want to thank a particular, more subtle group of people. I want to thank the followers that like and reblog nearly all of our posts. Those who go out of their way to read every single answered ask, who visit our page everyday, and who aren’t afraid to express their excitement for Sweet Elite. You may not draw fan art or have dozens of OCs planned, but whether you realize it or not, your enthusiasm is contagious, and you have contributed a lot to our growth by making us known in the community.

We are getting closer and closer to 1000 followers, and as we approach this great number, I just want you guys to know that we really appreciate your support, no matter how small it may be.

Thank you for following the development of Sweet Elite!