decided on black and white instead of the colour one

We all know that Kai is colourblind, and that Grif doesn’t make a huge deal out of her colourblindness. Probably because he’s so used to it and he doesn’t really see it as making his sister any different.

But imagine them growing up together and her being sad and upset because some asshoes were teasing her because her clothes colours don’t match right, and Kai slowly replacing the colours in her wardrobe with black and white and grey.

And Grif sees this and it pisses him off. He finds those kids and deals with them because no-one messes with his lil sister. Then he takes her shopping and he buy’s her colourful clothes, and sorts them by colour for her and tell’s her what will go best together. Imagine Grif describing different colours for her, using emotions and feelings and concepts instead of telling her that ‘the sky is blue’ like everyone else does. He creates these big long descriptions of things and her deciding that she likes the way Orange sounds best.

So when Grif goes away to the army he chooses orange armour to remind himself of what he’s fighting to protect.

Rainbow Splash

And so it started…
So there I was with some Rainbow stained pig leather and some dream instructions to make a book out of it. What good was making a book going to do? It’s not like a book can stop a rainbow…
Maybe the pig wanted me to bring this to the attention of the world? Maybe I just needed to finance a quest to go kill the vile beast?
Either way, I couldn’t do anything without real supplies.

A block of book guts turned up in my craft cupboard. Imagine my luck. It was already trimmed and had the spine rounded. It even had this odd rainbow staining around the edges. Perhaps someone had spilled several bottles of ink on it? who knows?! I’m not questioning it. It’s the perfect size… huh… that seems almost TOO coincidental.

This little block of paper I found is fairly thick. Nuggety even comes to mind. Now I don’t have a laying press or those fancy boards that other, more fortunate binders have to mushroom the spine of a book. That didn’t get me down, though. I simply made some of those boards out of pine. A quick whirl in the workshop and I had a bevel on the top edge. Woo.

See? that works perfectly! Wait… why isn’t it mushrooming itself?

Oh yeah… duh… Hammer. Hmm… Are “claw” hammers part of bookbinding? I vaguely remember the Rainbow in my dream having claws. I’m sure there is some connection here. It’s like it was meant to be.

Smack! Smackedy smack smack smack!
HAH! That’ll teach you to not mushroom yourself! I started on the edges and gently hammered them down. Almost like I was petting it with a hammer…

I’m cursed! Imagine going to pour a little bit of glue out of your container only to have the top come off and it vomit all over the place. Dramatisation aside, I didn’t need that much glue… thanks glue. Really helpful.

Simple covers! Four pieces of 1.2mm cardboard. Two of them with a design cut out of them. I think that simple covers lend a lot to a book.

Preparing for headbands! To be honest I wanted to continue with the rainbow themed thing I’ve got going but I messed up terribly. I was foolish and didn’t measure where I should stop one colour and go onto the next and it was just… terrible. I could hear the rainbow laughing at me in the back of my head.

So I decided to go with a black and white double headband instead. This is only my second attempt at this kind of headband and I found it a lot easier the second time around. I even managed pearling on the bottom. I’ll post a simple 4 step guide on how to do this in the future.

The hollow and spine were added

And false bands were added. Amusingly enough I was on a quest to clear out a room when I found some BBQ tools still in their packet. They had these square leather cords tied to them. Since I was currently lacking in square leather cords for this project, this was again almost TOO coincidental.

Okay… make or break time. I cut the Rainbow stained leather to size. It was heartbreaking to have to cut off some really pretty parts.

I always glue the leather onto the spine first. This is how I define the raised bands. Firmly holding some tough string or cord  down on either side of the band for a dozen seconds or so works quite well.

And a wood folder on the covers helps to define the underlaying pattern if it’s simple enough.
Even though the leather was Rainbow stained, it still retained its softness. I was worried that the venom from the Rainbow would have some detrimental effect on its workability, but I’m glad that is not the case.

I garnered a small amount of the Rainbow Venom from the offcuts of leather and poured it over some paper in an attempt to make some end pages. I think it turned out quite well. I used all precautions to not get any of this stuff on my skin.

Then it was just a case of cutting the paper down to size, gluing it in and voila! Done!

I have fulfilled the Pig’s dying request… Now lets go hunt this Rainbow.

Fictionality aside, I really enjoyed this build. Like I said I was worried that there would be some ill effect from staining the leather in the way that I did (there isn’t any information on the net about it that I can find).
I quite liked how the attempts to stain the edges of the pages bled into the book, even though I don’t really like the look of the actual edges.

I have plans to work on this for my next project so there will be a return of the colour bleeding effect on the inside of the book I’m sure.

Double headbands! I can’t believe how easy it was this time round. The first time I did it I had a lot of trouble. This time I just thought about how I wanted the thread to end up at the end of a wrap and went backwards from there.

The book ended up being 15.2cm (6 inches) x 11.4cmm (4.5 inches) x 3.4cm (1.25 inches).  320 pages of 110gsm paper.

If you have any questions or comments drop them down below on a reblog or disqus. Alternatively, drop me a line using the ask function.

NEUTRALISING COLOURS, a tutorial by evansyhelp.

I promised a friend I would write this a little while back because the tutorial that taught me this trick has since been deleted, so under the cut, I’ll be teaching you how to neutralise faded, dark, or strongly coloured images on Photoshop with a single Curves layer. I’ll be using Photoshop CS6 for this tutorial.

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shitty humanoid reptillian-esque alien ideas im literally not very inventive like i COULD BE but nah LETS MAKE SPACE YAOIS INSTEAD!!!!!!!!yes

they’re v monochromatic, being mostly stark black and white, and the tones fade as they age? Some are light grey and so on
they cover up their chest/throat colour! its a very established social convention thing for modesty??? like idk i guess its a v sexual/private thing for them or smth space nuns im laughing bEATA MARIA BEM SABES QUE EU SOU CASTO E BOM

i havent decided on the colour spectrum, but i guess there should be a lot of colours? whatever but the most saturated ones are considered more beautiful and attractive, and duller colours are seen as ugly? 

the bone crests come in a general shape, but longer ones are considered more elegant, and shorter ones cuter etc

they all use either veils or full body clothing wow fashion


I couldn’t decide on what version to post  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also shoutout to my Australian friend who suggested adding the black background instead of white. Good call, bro.

Lost in Time | Past Meets Modern


‘Where am I?’ was the first thought that popped into her head when the bright light disappeared.

This definitely isn’t Fan Castle, for it didn’t have block-like structures growing out from the ground and so tall, it made her feel inferior. The air around her was thick too, enlaced with a funny smell causing her to choke slightly. Even the ground beneath her was different, a cracked black colour that fades into a scorched grey unlike the pale browns or greens she was used to seeing. She gazed around. She supposed she was on a street of some sort. There is a huge crowd, but no one dorned the tattered shirts and shorts like she was used to. Instead, it was crisp white and black while the more energetic ones were clothed in bright colours. There were shiny, monotone coloured monsters passing by her that rolled like juggernauts and roared as loud as tigers would. Wuoling began to feel a bit overwhelmed and helpless. Where is she?

She decided to explore, and took a few steps towards the grey part of the ground, gazing around at the new sights with every small stride. As she stepped down the curb and onto the road, mesmerised, she couldn’t see what what coming from her right…