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every westallen scene ever (124/?)

idk, it would be hilarious to see a fire/heat oriented beast clan that are lizards that have a DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME DRAGONKIN complex but also, i just really want a fox-like beast clan okay…

In the past few months Brendon has gotten attacked at an airport, stalked, had the milk fic brought up, been asked about Ryden numerous times and now he feels so unsafe that he’s decided to sell his house. What is wrong with people. Let him live his life.

You know, I love how insane the gear up/transformation sequences are in KanColle. I mean, it starts sensibly enough: Step on the thing, it attaches your boots and torpedo launchers:

But why keep loading them up there? JUST SHOVE THEM DOWN A WATERSLIDE:

But wait, that loadout’s not done! Where’s her gun and funnel pack?

…you do realize steel and salt water really don’t get along, right? Why the hell are you storing this stuff down here?

Jesus that’s coming in fast-

Ouch! At what point in the design process did they decide the only way they could achieve this was by smacking a 14-year-old directly on the spine with 250 pounds of steel at 120 miles per hour?

Just throw the gun at her. It’s not like it’ll be hard to find if she misses the catch and it keeps doing warp speed out over the ocean! Somehow the torpedo launchers needed to be carefully and methodically attached, but the gun turret can literally be thrown at her.

It’s one of the few things from the show I unironically enjoy just for how bonkers it is, all while dramatic music is playing.


Steve + Bucky

The heart is always the last one to leave the fight 

Anabasis adventures: the mountain murder episode

When we last saw the Greeks, they had decided, after really annoying the King of Persia, having all their leaders murdered, and being chased for hundreds of miles through enemy territory by an angry Persian army, to head north into the hills of Kurdistan - the territory of the Carduchi, a people so warlike that even the Persian imperial army takes one look at them and goes ‘uh, you know what, never mind’.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Piko (utaite) is having a birthday celebration soon, and Utatane Piko merch is being sold at the event! I really want it, but I can't go, and I believe it'll only be sold there.. do you have any advice on where to look for the merch after the event?

After some intense googling I finally found the event you were talking about.

You have two options as to obtain these goods

Option A: Stalk Yahoo Auctions/Surugya by searching  歌手音ピコ or  ピコ生誕祭2017 for goods relating to this event. The advantage of this is that you won’t have to hire someone to go to the event for you to buy these goods. The disadvantage is that you can’t be picky as to what people decide to sell online.

Option B: Hire a personal proxy to go to the event on your behalf and to buy you the goods. The major disadvantage to this is that it will be very expensive (ticket cost for event + proxy fees + additional transportation costs + shipping + any other misc fees). 

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I realized something looking at the Beauty and Beast sorting. That's if you look at the bestselling books and most popular movies and you try you sort the characters into houses you can't get just one. Because more than likely they fit into more than one. Just like people and that's why we fall in love with them. Any books or movies or tv that stood the test of time. It's just another way for people to make complex characters.

It’s very true! It’s rare for a character or characters to fall completely into one house, especially because different people will interpret them differently. 

There are, of course, exceptions to that. There are characters and books and movies where one house stands above the others.

But it’s like we’ve always said, unless we have an actual sorting hat or JK Rowling decides to sort every fictional character ever, we will never know what house everyone belongs in.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

For all of you curious about what Mod Senpai does in her free time...

So Mod Senpai has been pretty elusive as of late (like a shiny Pokemon but with responsibilities) and I myself was wondering what she’d been doing sometimes since she’s been giggling over her laptop for the past couple of hours. So I decided to have a little look and what I found was…well…

so apparently her paint skills are better than I thought (I kid you not I legit nearly choked to death on my food when I saw these) and I decided that it’d be a great idea to show you all! 

So yeah…..enjoy!

- Ghost

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Guyyyysss heeelllllp I don’t know what to draaaaaw!!!
I’m in an art mood but I can’t decide what to make! I’m just gonna make a list of ideas and if anyone wants to they can vote.

1. More Calvin and Hobbes parodies of either Voltron or Star Wars

2. Transformers characters

3. My Transformers Dragon Age Inquisition parody poster

4. Star Wars characters

5. Voltron stuff

6. Bram Stoker au stuff

I can’t decide what to do! Let me know what y'all think.

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so @hpdnaruto brought up to me the concept of gaara being the Initiator in the early stages of gaara and naruto’s relationship and it got me thinking about what a good and accurate interpretation that is?

because in canon, gaara is the one who initiates physical contact with naruto (handshake and hand on shoulder). and especially in that handshake scene, naruto is just standing there really awkwardly, that tiny smile on his face, the hint of blush on his cheeks, saying he’s not good at saying goodbye or having Moments with people or whatever. but gaara is totally chill, totally controlled, and seems very sure of what he wants and what he’s going to do. he’s the one helping naruto figure it out. he has naruto shake his hand because naruto is too flustered to do anything.

naruto is very much in his feelings at all times and sometimes i think that makes it hard for him to actually decide what to do?? so i think it’s really sweet to imagine gaara as being aware of this and being capable of taking some of the first steps when naruto is just a lil bit too overwhelmed (too in love? probably)

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