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Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know


Decide Toi Chapter 12 - A Stroke of Misfortune, go read the new chapter here!

Marinette couldn’t take it anymore. “I said go away!” She shrieked and swatted her hand out as hard as she could. Her knuckles hit Tikki and sent her flying, sailing away from Marinette until she slammed hard against the opposite wall and fell in a crumpled heap on the floorboards. She blinked away her own tears and grunted, getting her bearings. “Mari…” She croaked, but Marinette was no longer listening.

No; instead, when Tikki looked back up, she found Marinette listening to someone else entirely.

The purple glow of a an akuma mask illuminated bright against Marinette’s pale, rain-soaked skin, contrasting against the cold, grey sky. Her face turned dark, as she mumbled something to someone.

Tikki struggled to hear what she was saying and called out to her again, “Marinette!”

But Marinette had better people to listen to. Or, a better person to be exact. The promise of all her deepest desires fulfilled blocked out all other sounds and sensations. The rain was no longer a problem, there was only one thing on her mind. Revenge. It clouded over every other thought in her brain, blackening her mind, her vision, her body.

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Décide Toi

Ever heard of the butterfly effect? All it takes is one flap of the wings to make a storm. You never quite know why, but the choices you make can change your fate, all you have to do is make up your mind.

a guide to stim toys!

trying to decide what stim toy you want? i’m here to help !!

(note: this is based off me n a few others’ experiences)


  • tangle toys
  • fidget cubes
  • spinners
  • bike chains
  • other moving part toys

-easy to get your hands on
-typically not expensive
-wide variety

-not very discreet

a popular, well-liked type of stim toy! good for keeping focused, self regulation, and they’re pretty fun to play with ! there’s quite a variety of them out there, some may not even be marketed as stim toys (ex: plastic toys from stores).


  • chew jewelry (necklaces/bracelets)
  • chew toys
  • teether rings

-meant for chewing! you won’t break em
-no more chewing on wires/fingernails/etc
-jewelry can be designed nicely to look like regular jewelry

-actual chew jewelry/toys are harder to get and can be pricey
-teether rings aren’t discreet

many autistic people never outgrew the instinct/need to put thing in their mouth or chew on things! and some other nd people chew for other reasons! that’s what these are for! plus, they can also help with anger management!
tip: if you don’t want people to see your chew necklace, tuck it under your shirt and chew when you’re alone/no one’s looking!


  • stress balls
  • moni moni animals
  • stretchy rubber toys

-fairly easy to get
-stress balls are a “normal office toy” (less chance of judgement)

-monis and rubber toys aren’t as discreet

a calming stim! very soothing, good for relieving stress and anxiety. i like to roll my moni moni animal between my hands a lot!


  • weighted blankets
  • weighted lap pads
  • weighted stuffed animals

-fantastic sensory input
-good for insomnia

-harder to get
-not discreet

i LOVE weighted stuff!!it’s a great feeling. super calming and soothing. really good for helping you sleep!!


  • stuffed animals/plush toys

-very easy to get
-varying prices

-not discreet
-seen as immature and babyish (unfortunately)

plushies!! super important. super good. soft, huggable, lovable things. many people have them as comfort items!! it’s so good to hug them and pet the fur


  • bristle brushes
  • spiky toys
  • fur
  • many more

-wide variety
-there are good textures in a lot of places!
-spike toys are slightly painful and can leave little indents, which is a good alternative to self harm!

-spike toys are harder to get

textures!! we all know n love our textures. my favorite is fur!! sometimes i stim by petting my pets! (my hamster is especially good, she’s so soft!). textures are everywhere and everyone likes different things! but there’s also specific toys/tools that can help! like bristle brushes and spiked things!


  • stim jars
  • glitter containers
  • fish tanks
  • online videos/gifs

-wide variety
-easy to make
-there are a lot of gifs online

-no tactile stimulation

popular!! easily found online, and easily made irl! fun things to watch. i especially love to watch fish tanks!

Slime, Sand, and Orbeez

  • slime
  • kinetic sand
  • moon sand
  • sandbox
  • orbeez
  • jelly/gelatin

-really fun
-unique textures

-a stay-at-home toy
-needs to be kept in a safe dry space
-harder to get
-fancy slime is expensive

these things are the most popular in stimboards and videos, because they look so cool!! if you make your own, you can do whatever you want with it! they’re all really unique textures and feelings and super fun to play with!
tip: be careful when using borax! it’s toxic


i hope this helps!! feel free to add on if you have anything!

A compilation of Our!Ciel being a boss ass bitch

In light of the recent chapter I decided to pay tribute to and compile iconic smug/very-pleased-with-himself moments from a cinnamon roll Our!Ciel from the first chapter to the most recent. Enjoy~

Chapter 1 (or, in which O!Ciel sees himself as an adult and is very pleased about that)

Chapter 2 (or, in which he plays it cool after nearly slapping his fiancée)

Chapter 3 (in which he realises Sebastian is going to save his arse so he decided to toy with Italian dude)

Chapter 6 (in which he enjoys the look on Madam Red’s face as Sebastian manages to compile a list of Jack the Ripper suspects all in a matter of minutes)

Chapter 8 (or, in which he enjoys holding the leash)

Chapter 14 (or, in which he lands a draw in hunting and manages to annoy Aunt Frances all in one day)

Chapter 15 (or, in which he smugly announces his title as the Queen’s Watchdog to piss off Lord Randall)

Chapter 16 (or, in which he’s glad he takes fencing lessons and Prince Soma doesn’t)

Chapter 19 (or, in which he realises he’s going to win the curry contest)

Chapter 20 (or, in which he’s equally amused by the idea of not winning)

Chapter 21 (or, in which he takes down Harold West)

Chapter 23 (or, in which he uses the Scotland Yard policemen as his dogs)

Chapter 25 (or, in which he feels like a boss ass knife-thrower)

Chapter 26 (or, in which he puts poor William in his place by placing him lower than Grell and calls him “glasses” later on as well)

Chapter 28 (or, in which Sebastian left him at the mercy of venomous snakes due to his orders and this was O!Ciel’s only way to get back at him)

Chapter 36 (or, in which he is really feeling himself)

Chapter 38 (or, in which he’s about to pull the biggest prank on Charles Grey. Ever.)

Chapter 39 (…and on Arthur has well)

Chapter 40 (or, in which he’s about to unleash ‘the Phantomhive hospitality’)

Chapter 43 (or, in which he can’t wait to turn the tables)

Chapter 47 (or, in which he has)

Chapter 48 (or, in which he displays his grim sense of humour)

Chapter 49 (or, in which he realises how great of a stunt he just pulled just look at that grin my goodness)

Chapter 50 (or, in which he realises lies became his truth boi if only he knew what was in store for him)

Chapter 51 (or, in which he employs Snake as his servant but Sebastian has to do all the teaching)

Chapter 58 (or, in which he shows how good of a fiancé he could be to Lizzy after Edward dismisses him)

Chapter 63 (or, in which he believes he’s a professional horse-rider)

Chapter 64 (or, in which he hates losing)

Chapter 66 (or, in which he feigns a cough attack against Team Soma and Agni and breaks their egg)

Chapter 67 (or, in which he realises he’s going to get away with everything because Sebastian is about to become Mr. Michaelis)

Chapter 68 (or, in which Ciel the flatterer is born)

Chapter 69 (or, in which Maurice Cole should be very, very scared)

Chapter 70 (or, in which he has the support of MacMillan & Co. to testify against Maurice Cole’s false allegation)

Chapter 71 (or, in which he gives Maurice a taste of his own medicine #exposed)

Chapter 72 (or, in which he succeeds in becoming Clayton’s fag)

Chapter 73 (or, in which he believes he’s managed to lure out Derrick Arden)

Chapter 74 (or, in which he’s one step away from being invited to the Midnight Tea Party)

Chapter 76 (or, in which he’s about to win the cricket competition. By cheating. Or, in which he revels in the power of laxatives)

Chapter 77 (or, in which he believes he’s about to capture the principal)

Chapter 78 (or, in which he has something up his sleeve)

Chapter 79 (or, in which he displays his power as predator)

Chapter 81 (or, in which he gets an invitation to the Midnight Tea Party)

Chapter 87 (or, in which he is rich enough to buy a carriage to get him to the Werewolf Forest)

Chapter 95 (or, in which he finds out it’s actually poison gas all along)

Chapter 96 (or, in which he’s being a manipulative little imp)

Chapter 99 (or, in which he allows Sebastian to let loose)

Chapter 100 (or, in which we will never see him be this pompous or polite while cross-dressing ever again)

Chapter 101 (or, in which he still manages to be a little shit despite being hurt and bleeding by poking fun at Diedrich’s weight)

Chapter 102 (or, in which he realises Bard is useful after all #BardAppreciationBecauseWhyNotHeDeservesIt)

Chapter 107 (or, in which he fires back at Sebastian after said butler accused him of being too aloof)

Chapter 108 (or, in which this was his face after the Queen likened him to Vincent)

Chapter 110 (or, in which he believes he’s about to debunk Bravat’s fortune-telling)

Chapter 114 (or, in which he disregards Abberline’s noble attitude)

Chapter 115 (or, in which it’s one of those conceited Watchdog moments)

Chapter 116 (or, in which Sebastian becomes Nina Hopkin’s dress up doll)

Chapter 118 (or, in which the Funtom Music Hall is born)

Chapter 119 (or, in which he proves he’s an analytical and deductive businessman boy?)

Chapter 120 (or, in which he displays his talent at annoying torturing Sebastian)

Chapter 122 (or, in which he’s come to gloat in Bravat’s face after a successful performance from the Phantom Five)

Chapter 124 (…and in Abberline’s face)

And there you have it! In light of the recent chapters I thought this would be a cool compilation to make as Our!Ciel is currently stuck in a super duper luper distressed mode. I mean, just look at the poor boy:

Somebody protect this fearful little bean.


CYR has stronk You
AAA has stronk Kanan
GK …. #RIP Riko (・д・`o)

So… which is your favorite subunit? -rolls

Added an illustration to chapter 14. Thought about adding more like I planned originally but I’m just not feeling it anymore. 

Adrien nodded and wrapped an arm around her waist. She leaned over the edge of edge of the platform, hurled her yo-yo and high as if would go, and together, they swung in a grand arc towards the top of the tower. As they soared through the air, a tear escaped out of the corner of her eye.

“Are you okay?” Adrien asked.

She nodded, “Yeah, sorry. It’s just the wind.” Her guilt-ridden moment was interrupted by the sound of her miraculouses as they blinked with her first warning. Four minutes. Fantastic.

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Kuebiko: A state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence. jester and molly platonic

Kuebiko: A state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence: Molly/Jester  

Molly wordlessly produced a handkerchief from some inner pocket and handed it to her. 

As she might have expected of Molly, it was silk, embroidered, and almost ridiculously flamboyant, but she blew her nose into it all the same, and dabbed her eyes with the corners. 

She was always trying to be as a elegant, as poised, and sophisticated, and strong as her mother. She was failing miserably at that today. 

“I would have brought you a doughnut, as well,” Molly said, settling himself uninvited onto the bed beside her. 

He had waltzed into her room, also uninvited, a minute before this, and seemed to have been sent by Beau, who had probably heard Jester crying from the hallway and immediately about-turned and fled back to the safety of the common room. 

“But I feared it might not taste as good wet.” 

“Doughnuts always taste good,” Jester informed him, through a hiccup. 

“Very true.” Molly hummed thoughtfully. Then he said, voice quiet and more gentle than she’d yet heard it, “What happened?” 

She blew her nose again on his handkerchief. Molly winced slightly, apparently coming to terms with the knowledge that he wouldn’t be getting it back. “Stupid people,” she said, rubbing irritably at her eyes with the back of her hand and wishing The Traveller had thought to teach her a spell to make them stop crying when she didn’t want them to. 

“That defines almost everyone in this world, sweetling,” Molly observed languidly, “You’re going to have to be a bit more specific.” 

Jester hiccuped at him in response. 

“Can I guess?” he asked her, eyebrow raised questioningly. 

She glanced at him, blurred through her streaming eyes, then shrugged and nodded, wiping her nose with his handkerchief again as she did so. 

“Hmm,” Molly said, frowning in an exaggerated way and stroking his chin with his thumb and forefinger, “You’ve been recently informed that there’s a critical, world-wide doughnut shortage, and you’re never be able to eat another one again?” 

She couldn’t help the squeak of distress that burst out of her at the very thought of that. 

“I would be doing a lot more than some silly little crying in my room if I’d been told that, Molly,” she informed him firmly. And she would, too. 

“Good, good, at least it’s not the worst thing that could possibly have happened to you, then,” he said, nodding and making the jewellery on his horns click together and tinkle in a way that would probably have made her laugh if she wasn’t so upset with the world right now.  

“Let me see, let me see,” he said, apparently still considering this. “Caleb has vowed never to bate again, no matter how often you or I suggest visiting a bath house?” 

She frowned at him, still hiccuping a little as she tried, and failed, to stop crying, “No,” she said, a little irritated now that he wasn’t taking her seriously. He knew that they all thought that she was silly, and sometimes childish, but she had hoped when he had come here that he at least would understand. “I wouldn’t be crying about that,” she said to Molly, “I’d be too busy throwing buckets of water over him.” 

Molly laughed lightly at that. Then he sobered up a little, his expression becoming more serious as he said, “One more guess, then.” She nodded. He pretended to consider for another long moment, then he said, “Alright. My final guess is that the result of your distress was three human men in fine clothing, with a lot of opinions, no sense whatsoever, and very large sticks up their arses?” 

She blinked at him, shocked, “How did you know?” she said, surprised. 

He smiled sadly at her, “I ran into them as well, earlier today. Fjord told me that you’d gone to the same market, then Beau told me you were crying. It wasn’t too difficult to string them together.” 

“You really do know everything,” she mumbled, blowing her nose again. 

He laughed softly at that, “If only,” he muttered. Then he leaned forwards, placing a hand on hers, “But I do know that whatever they said to you was bullshit. The opinions of people like that means less the mud-filled contents of Caleb’s coat pockets.” She wrinkled her nose at the memory, but smiled at the comparison. “You’re beautiful,” Molly told her quietly, “And you’ve got us, and you’ve got The Traveller, and you know that if you say the word, we’ll make it as though none of those bastards ever existed.”

Her grin widened at that. “Really?” she said. She wouldn’t actually ask them to do it, of course, but she wanted to see what he’d say. 

“Oh absolutely,” he said, nodding seriously, “Yasha in particular takes great pleasure in it.” 

“Has she done it before?” Jester asked. 

“Oh a few times, if memory serves,” he said casually, leaning back in his chair. “The last one was by far my favourite. Knocked the bastard cold in a single punch. I’ve never had such a peaceful night after that.” 

She stared at him, amazed at how calmly and casually he could speak about this. The words had felt to her like knives being rammed into her heart over and over again. Yet here Molly sat opposite her, smiling and shrugging it all off. Maybe she was just pathetic for getting upset, then? 

“Doesn’t it upset you?” she blurted out. 

“Of course,” he said, quietly, “It’s difficult not to let these things upset you. But I’ve experienced a lot of it in my time, more than I daresay you have.” 

She nodded at that. It was taking time, and she still had a long way to go, but each day she realised how little she had seen of, or understood about the world growing up, and how much more there was to learn. Both good and bad. 

“Do you just…Get used to it, then?” she asked him wiping her eyes as they finally decided to stop making tears. 

“It’s not something you should ever have to ‘get used’ to,” Molly replied, sharply. “But…Well, I’ve come to find uses in it. In fact, I think we’re rather lucky, you and me,” he said, gesturing between them. 

She goggled at him. Even for Molly, who said some pretty weird shit sometimes, this was something else. “Lucky?” she said, finally, “That people call us monsters and demons and tell us we should die just because of the way we were born?” 

“Sure,” he said, easily. 

“You’re bullshitting me!” she shouted at him. 

“Not at all,” he replied, shaking his head, “We can tell almost immediately who we should avoid in life. If you walk up to a person and they look at you strange, or make a nasty comment, you walk away and never have to deal with them again. it saves a great deal of time in life I’d rather be spending on almost anything else. People like Beau, well, it could take them weeks of hard-earned time to discover that person’s true colours. If they ever see it at all! Meanwhile you and I have been happily engaged in much better uses of our time, see?” 

She considered this for a moment, then she eyed him shrewdly, “Is that why-” she began, “With the, you know-” she gestured at him, the elaborately pierced horns, the ostentatious peacock tattoo, the marvel that was his coat. 

Molly laughed, “Certainly,” he said, flourishing the coat a little as he did so, “If they’re judging me already, I might as well give them all the ammunition I need to decide if they’re worth my time or not.” 

She smiled a little at that. “So, this better use of our time,” she said slowly, “What exactly could we be doing with it?” 

He winked at her, “What do you have in mind, dear?” 

“Eating doughnuts,” she said, immediately. 

He smiled and held out a hand to her, “Come downstairs with me,” he said, “And I’ll see what the barkeep can do in the way of doughnuts. My treat.” 

She bounded to her feet, never one to turn down doughnuts. But she did more than just take his hand. Instead, she barrelled into him, nearly knocking him off his feet, and hugged him tight. 

“Thank you, Molly,” she said, a little thickly because the words were muffled against his scarred chest. 

“Not at all,” he replied lightly, kissing the top of her head, and fondly patting one of her horns. 


Lviv’s Yard of Lost Toys

Liviv, located in Ukraine, is the home to a makeshift museum consisting of old toys. In one of Lviv’s oldest neighbourhoods, Mukachivska, there is a shrine to childhood toys that have been left behind. This shrine started when a resident of Mukachivska, found a couple of discarded toys and decided to place them in the shared courtyard of the apartment block. They had hoped that whoever owned the toys would be back to retrieve them. However, they never did come back for the toys and over the forthcoming years, more and more discarded toys were added to the shrine. The collection is ever expanding, with some owners coming back to retrieve their forgotten belongings.


I had schemed out with Amanda [Segel] how we were going to try to get that flavor out of the scene. And, this is when we knew we were going to work with Amy Acker for a long time to come, because Amy wandered over – and I hadn’t worked directly with her as a director – so I started talking through the scene, and Amy said, ‘I think there’s a bit of a sexual thing here, isn’t there?’ And Amy is not that person, but it was like, ‘Okay.’ And she’s 'How about I… Would it be okay if I sort of pull her in close and lean in really close to her?’ – Jonathan Nolan

This year, when we decorated our Christmas tree, we decided to put up some little plastic apples. The moment we took them out of the box, Nick decided cat toys were boring and this was what he was born to hunt.

While we were decorating, that apple kept disappearing and rolling out from behind the sofa a few minutes later. When we finally put it on the tree, Nick searched the whole room for it, looking in the spots where it had previously “hidden”, sniffing all over the place for its scent… all to no avail. Apparently it was just too well hidden in the tree.

And this evening, as I’m just about to go to bed, I hear him yowling all through the house. Worried something is up because something about the yowls sounds different, I go to check…

… and as soon as I step out of my room, I realize that was a “look human I brought you prey” yowl.

Nick found the apple again.

Thorin Responsibility

aka stargazing with his dwarflings and being an overall fantastic uncle uvu

One of my pieces for the HobbitCon 4 fanbook project!