decide in the eyes

Stanley Uris hated Richie Tozier. He hated him. Every little thing about him.

He hated how his stupid curly hair fell into his face. He hated how his coke bottle glasses amplified his warm brown eyes. He hated his perfect lips that framed a mouth which never stopped talking.

But most of all, Stan hated how loving Richie was.

He hated how he would drape him self all over everyone, an arm around shoulders, feet resting on a lap. He hated how he would freely throw out crude insults and follow them up with affectionate smiles. He hated his overwhelmingly kind soul.

So really, Stanley Uris didn’t hate Richie Tozier. Stanley Uris loved Richie Tozier.

But Richie Tozier didn’t love him back.

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verratenduo  asked:

Hi, I just had a quick question. Do you think the character parallels set between Eren and Reiner are on purpose? The more I think of it, the more likely this would seem. I mean, Bertholdt and Armin had similar personality traits, same as Eren and Reiner, is this isyama saying he could have taken the story any direction at any time and even he has a hard time deciding what to do next? Just curious.

In my eyes, the thematic basis for Attack On Titan is in the heart/mind/body triad  - how the characters complete each other and what the relations between them are.

The main trios are, of course, the Titan trio and the Shiganshina trio. 

I’ve made a couple of posts on this topic, but it kind of has fallen to side in terms of discussion. It’s no less relevant, though.

For me, Eren and Reiner are the spirit of their respective trios, while Annie and Armin are the mind and Mikasa and Bertholdt are the body. They aren’t the same characters, but share similar characteristics.

Armin and Annie are extremely smart. They also share the same self-depreciation issues, but for different reasons. Their general struggle relates to the morality of the situation they’re in. Initially, Armin makes morally questionable decisions very easily, but has to be reminded of it, but that might’ve changed after he shot the woman to protect Jean. Annie is extremely self-aware of the morally awful decisions she makes and those decisions eat at her and cause a lot of guilt, also similarly to Armin (see: Levi’s talk with him after he shot the woman in chapter 59). As Armin’s reflection, she is physically extremely capable.

They are the voice of reason for their respective trios and if Annie would’ve been there when Reiner was about to blow their cover after Utgard, she probably would’ve been able to prevent it.

Bertholdt and Mikasa are protective figures, physically strong, but opposites of each other because Bertholdt is pretty passive and accepting of his fate, while Mikasa will fight till she has no strength left to fight anymore.

I’ll leave the other two parallels out for now, but Eren and Reiner are characterized by their spirit.

Reiner became a warrior candidate because he was so devoted to his cause. He was weak in body and mind, but he had a very strong spirit.

(Chapter 94)

Eren, too, is extremely dedicated to his cause of killing all of the Titans.

(Chapter 18)

Both steadily improve in everything just because of their strong spirit. They’re clear reflections of each other.

Chapter 100 was really good at making a comparison in terms of their lower points and specific character struggles, which are all based firmly in emotion. Of course, most of the characters’ struggles involve dealing with the morality of the fight they’re fighting, but for Eren and Reiner, the center of their character is about staying strong in a cruel world.

(Chapter 66)

(Chapter 100)

(Chapter 42)

(Chapter 100)

Their struggle is all about learning to see the world in a more morally complex light, dealing with the consequences of their actions, all that leads up to developing a much more complex perspective on war and that both sides in it are all human. Reiner’s wake-up call was simply more severe (though Eren’s wasn’t exactly gentle, either).  

(Chapter 97)

They are as clear parallels to each other as they can get. They simply have different types of “Titans” to deal with.

Tl;dr with so much shipping within the community, Reiner/Eren sure is a pairing that is overlooked a lot.

Thank you for the ask!

The Last Jedi

Rey looked searchingly into Luke’s eyes and asked, “Are you my father?”

Luke shakes his head.  “No, Rey.  I’m sorry.”  He looks away, briefly, while deciding, then turns to meet her eyes.  “You are my father.”

“What?”  This was not how she had expected this conversation to go.

“In another life, you were once Anakin Skywalker, my father.”  Luke clarified.  “That something inside of you that’s awake now…  That had awoken when you touched the lightsaber you made in another lifetime.  Search your feelings, Rey.  You know it to be true.”

“You’re right.  Somehow, I think I’ve always known….  My son.”


After the war the Flame Alchemist and Hawk’s Eye disappear deciding to take on the corrupted military from the underground rather than within

Aka the mafia AU no one asked for with a bit of a role reversal with Hawkeye as the head and Mustang as the second in command although no one thinks it that way…

Oh sea, my first lover,
you always find a way
back into my life.
That quiet night, when
you were at your calmest
and I was seeking your
words of wisdom, you
finally confessed;
when Aphrodite
emerged out of your
violent waves, you
gave her a part of you
to gift to whoever she wanted.
And after centuries of
searching and watching mortals
loving and lusting and hurting,
she decided to pour you
in my girl’s eyes.

Lovely sea,
we lived apart and
I avoided you,
yet you never stopped caring.
When I look at her,
I remember your soft whispers
and your tender touch,
your vivid outbursts
and your salty taste.
When she looks at me,
I feel like I’m home.


RFA in Winter

HELLO I’m back from my sort-of hiatus ;;v;; I got sick akjsdhask ((still kinda am)) O<-< I hope to draw some more again soon ♥

Fluffy snow makes me smile :D V was taking the photos (he’s nOT BLIND IN THIS SET) and wanted all of them to smile for the camera AAA ♥

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Second batch of bnha icons. Again, free to use, credit appreciated. Thank you guys for all the suggestions!


They are finally done! My 5x5 mini icon/print collection!!  。:゚(;´꒳`;)゚:。
I am very excited…. this will be my first prints ever! Hopefully the first of many to come~

As of yet I will still be figuring out how things work since I am very new at this, but hopefully have a shop with accompanying acrylic charms one day  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
(there are many more ideas in my head… buttons, lanyards… They are a lot of fun to create!!! [Also really excited for Atlantale 2018!!!!!])

Special thanks to @wildunderbeastly for commissioning four of these! I decided to add the rest and make them all super nice!!

I hope you guys like them!  ♡ ~(‘▽^人)


“I still don’t understand why I wouldn’t just say ‘Voltron’. It - it’s so much faster! One person says it. Right? Done. I say ‘Voltron’ and then the chant is over, it doesn’t have to be complicated!”