even tho im trying to stay away from all the drama i have to say something, even though i dont really have a point and even tho im not gonna tag this

larries are fucking bullies, you bully the boys for deceving you, you bully the boys for not being what you want them to be, you bully them for telling the truth, you bully them for lying, 

there are people in their 30′s who think they have a PhD on whats going on in private lives of people they have never met

the only reason i wish larry were actually in a relationship is because then larries would still be bullies but at least they werent wrong

ive seen so many gross and offensive tweets, even from a friend of mine, and it makes me so frustrated, that people cant just let them BE

why do you have to be nasty to people you, supposedly, love? ive seen people tweet at louis things like “bitch you are gay” and then when the twitter account gets unfollowed by Louis they have the audacity to be outraged, and they scream at him YOU UNFOLLOWED ME BECAUSE ITS TRUE, and Im like….? YOur point? Because even he was anything other than straight, its none of your bussiness

also larries with a saviour complex are another thing. FREE THEM, they scream. they are multimillionars, they are as free to do what they want as it comes. oh? we are arguing the legal process? hm, funny thing that, no contract lasts forever and if they DID signed away their freedom, they did it and THEY have to deal with it, not you

im all for fun and games in this fandom and i do love the jokes, but there IS a line and many of you have crossed it