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How would you rank the Sallys in how much you like or don't like? For me it's Pink Sally (she's rather bland but she was the funniest Sally and I have a soft spot for her), then Reboot Sally, Pre-Reboot Sally (Under Flynn and some others) and last is SATAM Sally. Penders Sally and Bollers Sally I would rather not talk about.

Reboot Sally=/> Gallagher/Decesare Pre-reboot Sally> Pre-reboot Flynn>Cow shit>  Pre-reboot Bollers> That weird Sally sex doll made from bones> Penders Sally

Can’t rank SaTAM Sally because I haven’t watched SaTAM in YEARS


GOALKEEPERS: Brittany Anghel (Syracuse), Caroline Casey (William and Mary)

DEFENDERS: Lindsi Cutshall (Brigham Young), Caitlin Foord (Australia), CoCo Goodson (UC-Irvine), Kristin Grubka (Florida State), Maya Hayes (Penn State), Meg Morris (North Carolina), Kelley O’Hara (Stanford), Christie Rampone (Monmouth), Erin Simon (Syracuse), Erica Skroski (Rutgers)

MIDFIELDERS: Nicole Baxter (William and Mary), Rachel Breton (Rutgers), Kelly Conheeney (Virginia Tech), Kim DeCesare (Duke), Theresa Diederich (Alabama), Shawna Gordon (Long Beach State), Sarah Killion (UCLA), Taylor Lytle (Texas Tech), Raquel Rodriguez (Penn State), Domi Richardson (Missouri), Nikki Stanton (Fairfield)

FORWARDS: Krystyna Freda (Winthrop), Leah Galton (Hofstra), Kelsey Haycook (La Salle), Tasha Kai (Hawaii), Sam Kerr (Australia), Danielle Schulmann (UConn)