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Noticed something: Those with a navy Gem have surprisingly deceptive side. Your analysis?

Well, every navel Gem we’ve met seems to be breaking the mold- that’s probably their major characteristic. 

Rose was the first Gem to ever lead successful rebellion against Homeworld. It couldn’t have been easy amass other soldiers- she’d need cunning to get them on her side. She’d have to be deceptive, promising them that they would survive, that they would live, even when the chances were so depressingly low.

Steven’s very existence is a rebellion, an oddity. Not only is he odd for a Rose Quartz (considering his mom), but he’s also created his own powers. He doesn’t have healing tears. He has healing spit. We’ve never seen Rose make a spiky bubble.

And then there’s Navy, who is much more gentle and feminine than a normal Ruby.

I… don’t see any of that as an act, really. Her obliviousness, definitely, but not her girlish nature. Navy likes being feminine. She likes being cute. For a Ruby, that’s very odd, judging by the six Rubies we know. 

Not to mention that, after the war, it wouldn’t surprise me if naval Gems aren’t considered very trustworthy in the first place, which makes it all the more in Navy’s interest to learn to trick like she can.

Putting it bluntly, naval Gems just seem more likely to pop out the oddballs of whatever caste they’re born into. And, on a place like Homeworld, that can be life or death. Having a naturally sneaky and deceptive side is probably paramount to their survival. 

Rose and Navy learned quick to maneuver Homeworld, and Steven learned as he realized what a good tactic it could be.

Outlander 02x03 Useful Occupations and Deceptions

After what I found to be a disappointing episode last week, I was more than a little excited about the fact that Anne Kenney was the writer behind this week’s “Useful Occupations and Deceptions” - and she (and the episode) did not disappoint. This episode managed to balance both plot and character development beautifully and the camerawork and movement of the episode emphasized the forward progress of Jamie and Claire’s plan regarding the rebellion while simultaneously underscoring the distances that have crept up in their marriage. 

Break not for spoilers but for length (I loved this episode so I have a lot to say).

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