Neo Politan – Disguise

Another application of Neo’s Semblance is the creation of self-bounded holograms over her own body, which move as she moves. These moving holograms can give her the appearance of completely different coloration and even clothing, though her height, frame, and posture all remain unchanged. She has not been seen to appear significantly taller, shorter, thinner, or thicker than she ought, nor does this application seem capable of obscuring her actions.

Neo can apparently maintain these self-disguising holograms without significant strain or concentration, even in combat, and neither she or Cinder seemed to fear that her disguise would shatter from an unlikely but possible strike from their opponents in their Teams Match. Small as the possibility would be, I don’t see Cinder taking such a risk. This suggests to me that Neo’s disguise holograms are much harder to break than her free-standing constructs.

Neo’s mastery of her Semblance is such that we cannot even be sure we have seen her true appearance.

Something interesting to note is that Neo’s eyes seem to change involuntarily, especially when they both turn white from fear. Neo has nothing to gain from revealing to someone that she’s terrified. But the interesting part is that her eyes do not change color in response to her deliberate actions. They do not signify that she is using her Semblance.

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Outlander 02x03 Useful Occupations and Deceptions

After what I found to be a disappointing episode last week, I was more than a little excited about the fact that Anne Kenney was the writer behind this week’s “Useful Occupations and Deceptions” - and she (and the episode) did not disappoint. This episode managed to balance both plot and character development beautifully and the camerawork and movement of the episode emphasized the forward progress of Jamie and Claire’s plan regarding the rebellion while simultaneously underscoring the distances that have crept up in their marriage. 

Break not for spoilers but for length (I loved this episode so I have a lot to say).

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