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¿Recuerdan cuando el Shipp wigetta era un secreto y El Rubelangel el "verdadero"?

¿Recuerdas cuando wigetta y Rubelangel iban agarradas de las mismas manos, y no separadas? ¿Recuerdan cuando Samuel y Guillermo, se decían tantas cosas lindas frente cámaras sin miedo a lo que digan los demás, y ahora no pueden por miedo a la burla? ¿Recuerdan cuando el fandom era paz y armonía, y no insultos y peleas? ¿Recuerdan cuando Rubén y Miguel Ángel eran como hermanos y no les importaba lo que dicen los demás, y ahora solamente son amigos? ¿Recuerdan cuando hablaban del Rubelangel o Wigetta como sí fuera algo extraño, y no como ahora si lo mencionan, tienen miedo al insulto? ¿Recuerdan que el Fandom Se basaba en Rubelangel, Cheetolexby y Lutaxx, y no necesariamente en Wigetta? ¿Recuerdan lo que fue hace un año y medio? Hace un año el mundo del Fandom era discreto, seguro, libre,humilde, alegre, HONESTO, ahora el Fandom es como muy País (Mexico ) Corrupto, grosero, irrespetuoso, ORGULLOSO Y DESHONESTO. Señores no quiero que pongan sus insultos, es una opinión y la tienen que respetar, por que ahora si opinas te critican, yo no pido que maduren, pero si que aprendan del error, en fin, Ojalá y el wigetta no fuera tan berilico o el Rubelangel, recuerdo la época dorada de este Fandom, ahora es otro tiempo, otra manera, otros pensamientos, pero como el hubiera no existe, me tengo que aguantar con esta realidad, lo digo, por que ahora estoy sentada en mi salón, y me puse a pensar, ¿qué pasaría si todo el Fandom no hubiera salido a la luz?, pero como dije el hubiera no existe, es mejor ver las cosas que suceden por los actos míos y de ustedes, Tengo más que decir pero no quiero aledrear mucho así que, buenas tardes/noches y pregúntate:

¿Qué hubiera pasado si los mismos Youtubers no hubieran mencionado los Shipps? ¿Crees qué este Fandom sería discreto aún?¿crees que ellos seguirán actuando natural? ¿Crees qué todo sería mejor? ¿Realista?


aura218  asked:

You really shouldn't speak for the whole fandom w/r/t Maureen. I've been reading marauder fic for 10 years and I haven't heard of her outside those passing references until your blog. "Hardly any fics without her" is an extreme overstatement." If you like her, fine, but it's not like she's a requirement, considering she's absent in every fic i've ever read.

No one’s trying to speak for the whole fandom, we can only speak for trends that we’ve noticed. Admin Owlpostagain only said that Marlene tends to crop up in mwpp school-age fic, and I think that just comes from authors trying to flesh out more students for the marauders and Lily to interact with by using names that we already have. But the marauders fandom is deceptively large and different trends are picked up by different portions of the fandom and they might not intersect with everyone’s fandom experience.

That’s the fun thing about this fandom, it’s 90% fanon so everyone can interpret the characters any way they choose to and it’s neither right nor wrong! I mean I’ve only seen her in maybe half the fics I’ve read, but I’m relatively new to this section of the hp fandom and I’ve mostly read newer fics that focus on wolfstar/jily. In a lot of the fics I read that have Marlene in them, she dates women and I think that’s pretty great because imho this fandom needs more f/f fics. 

But that’s my taste. Admin Raylee loves blackinnon and jily and prongsfoot and that’s her taste. You don’t care whether Marlene’s in a fic at all and that’s your taste. None of us are right. None of us are wrong. We can share our opinions and the patterns for a character that we’ve seen in the fics we read. That doesn’t mean we’re trying to speak for the entire fandom, it just means we’re answering the questions we get with the information we have, and in such a fanon-based fandom a lot of that information is naturally biased by the kinds of fics we read and that’s okay! I think it’s interesting to see how different people interpret the characters outside from what I usually see inside my fanfic bubble!

EDIT: Admin Morgan here with her interpretation: I think it also really matters what part of the marauder fandom you’re in.  When I read jily fics, the ones I find tend to be written post 2005, and the great majority of them include Marlene (in my experience, as always, since nobody can speak for anybody but themselves.)  But when I read wolfstar fics I tend to find a LOT that were written in 2000 and the following few years, moreso than I seem to find with jily.  (The reason for this burst in Y2K wolfstar fics is of course because POA was published in 1999 and people went bananas for these two new characters.)

What I’m getting at here is basically that a good portion of the wolfstar fics I’ve read don’t include Marlene simply because they were written before she was around.  I tend to read newer jily fics, though, and I can safely say that I almost always see Marlene somewhere in those.

And then, of course, there’s the rpers.  They bring even the most insignificant characters to life and have complete backstories and pages of headcanons for them.  If you’re familiar with the Marauders Era RP world, then chances are you’re familiar with Marlene, even if she’s characterized differently.

If you’d like to read more Marlene, we can all recommend some fics where she is either a main or secondary character!