decepchen replied to your post: “so much is happening in the philippines right now and all i see is…”:

what happened

Typhoon Haiyan, or in the Philippines, they called it, Yolanda.

Death toll feared to be 10,000.

My grandparents and cousins and uncles and aunts lived mostly in the capital but I still have a good amount of relatives where the path of typhoon was headed— Surigao and Hindang located in the Leyte Islands.

I contacted them and fortunately, the damages done were only broken trees but still there are thousands and thousands of homes and families that were destroyed by the typhoon. I know typhoons are normal there, I’ve experienced them 12 years of my life there but this is the worst one yet and the tragedy is unspeakable and the only thing I see people talk about is how Ms. Venezuela won the crown. 

I wanted to do this earlier but finals, man. Anyway, finals are over and it’s time for some holiday cheers. I hope all of you have beautiful holidays and have a blast (not with a wrecking ball though). I’m thankful for all the blogs below for a wonderful year and I give you a toast with this post in hope for another wonderful year. If I forgot anyone, yell at me. 

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