i actually pay for the vrv combo pack but almost all i ever watch is mbmbam and bee and puppycat

i have a vague hope that they will look at their numbers and say “THE PEOPLE (who give us money) HAVE SPOKEN” and then there will be more of those things

Okay so APPARENTLY people are complaining about USM and how they’re the exact same games as Sun and Moon. Um. HELLO???? Did you forget that every sequel game is like this? Over the past 20 years Pokemon has been a franchise they have always made improvements and bonus stuff to put into the sequels, not an entirely new game with a brand new plot. Let’s take a look at Pokemon Yellow. Or Crystal. Or Emerald. Or Platinum. All the same as the original games, just with extra stuff. And I’ll say that yes, I believe B2W2 pulled off the whole sequel thing the best with the “two years later” thing, but essentially it is the same game as BW, just like USM is to SM, and people need to stop whining about how it’s the same game because guess what? It is. That’s how it’s supposed to be, that’s how it’s always been, did you really think that would change? We’re going to find out more about the UBs and all of the other mysteries that are still unsolved—in the next generation. That’s how they do it. That’s how they get people to keep playing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gloomverse week day 4: draw a character as if they were from another country or a crossover with another fandom!

Today the Judge meets…The Judge?!?? What.

Okay, in all seriousness, I’ve wanted to draw Pablo (the cat) meeting Ylil for a while. They’re so different in personality. We have a snarky 4th wall breaking cat who acts a lot like a cat (of course) and an emotionally closed off leader of a closed off country, yet she is intrigued about other cultures she’s also my waifu

Also click the image for better quality, since dumblr is a dumb

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// BLUE //

Last day of being a 20-year-old
Though a number was added,
I still do not feel so old
Dark lipstick shade
to look a little bold
And even though the weather was cold
Inside I am feeling gold

You might not know,
But my favorite color is blue
Just like the sky today
We don’t need any other clues
I know that no matter what,
looking up to the clouds
is what I am going to be into

Another year is added,
another adventure ahead
So bring a friend or two
and go wear your best shoes
I know this girl will always stay true
Happy birthday, boo <3

Me, grilling a chicken breast on the stove at 9 pm, avoiding gre prep and preparing a vodka on the rocks: procrastinating, making a responsible choice for my futuuuuure


♡21/10/17♡ - 🐚 saturday 🐚

finally! the end of my almost-three-weeks long hiatus (ive been living in queue for so long) even though i already have a good two spreads completed (´~`ヾ) just been way too lazy to take good photos because i have to wake up at exactly nine in the morning to do so~

anyway, this is my exam schedule and spread! didn’t have time to complete a full one during the exam week, but i think i did decently on time for once. ♡ remember to check out @doctorsafraid and her stickers on etsy @mochiandmoon - quote ATTICSTUDIES for a discount! ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

colour scheme: 🐚💫🐚💫

anonymous asked:

Could we see more of the actor au because it's adorable? (maybe behind the scenes or some snapchats or something because that would be really funny)

Dogs are not communal property.

Hi friends. I’m currently on a rage because my best friend & I are service dog handlers and people have zero respect for us as handlers.

If we are in public:

  • staring is rude
  • petting is rude
  • distracting my dog is rude
  • taking photos are rude
  • “OH MY GOD DOG” is rude
  • do not let your dog meet mine
    • mine is life-saving medical equipment, yours just peed on your foot

……Have you really never seen a dog before?

If we are in dorms/halls and not working our dogs:

  • yelling at our dogs is rude
  • pushing our dogs is rude
  • smacking or negatively interacting with our dogs without explicit consent from the handler is unacceptable

In training service dogs are not perfect especially when young and not working. Dogs are not robots and they are not yours. My service dog is mine and no one but me has the right to interact with, punish, or do anything with my dog without my explicit permission. This should be common knowledge even for pet dogs- you wouldn’t punish a strangers child.

A dog in training will not learn if 10 people are yelling at them for what the handler wanted to be a recall training session. A dog needs constant and consistent rules and I don’t care if you had a dog as a kid, a service dog is an entirely different ballgame and you don’t know about it until you are a disabled service dog handler.

My dog is the only reason I can go out in public most days and no one has the right to ruin that for me. A single distraction/bad interaction for my service dog can ruin our whole day. One bad interaction with my dog set us back months in training. It could even wash my dog out of work- wasting thousands of dollars and hours of work.

Dogs are not communal property and fuck you if you feel that you petting a dog is more important than me being able to function like a regular human being. You aren’t entitled to anything from me or my dog.