to do list: gently damage benedict cumberbatch's motorcycle
  • me: I'm going to need some information for insurance policies..
  • Benedict: okay
  • me: for example, your personal number.
  • Benedict: okay
  • me: your address
  • Benedict: ...this sounds sketch-
  • me: your personal schedule
  • Benedict: ...
  • me: for insurance purposes you know
  • Benedict:
  • me: and feel free to set an extra place at the dinner table
  • Benedict:
  • me: for insurance purposes you know
  • Benedict:
  • me: and an extra pillow in your bed
  • Benedict: someone please get this person away from me
  • Benedict: okay security
Re: The discussion on why the #BenedictCumberbatch tag sucks so much

As you might remember, I recently ranted about the Benedict tag and that there’s so much disgusting stuff on there at the moment. I’ve been tracking the tag ever since I started my Sherlock blog and to me it seems that it gets worse and worse. Only the day after my angry post, the beautiful Sarah here got quite annoyed over a pornographic photoshop of Benedict, which led to the idea that we should start an alternative tag for nice things about Benedict, so we don’t have to scroll past all the weird stuff that seems to be in people’s minds lately.

I’m sure it was mostly meant as a joke, but after thinking about it for a while, I decided that it’s not such a bad idea after all.

So I invented the #decentbatch tag.

I don’t know if enough people are interested in this to get it started - but I decided to give it a try.
What is important, though: This is not about spreading hate.

People can blog, tag, track, and enjoy whatever they like. I don’t care. I just don’t want to see or read it.
I always try to bear in mind that I’m posting about a living, breathing human being, somebody that actually exists, and that this requires some respect.
It’s got not so much to do with wheter or not I have a problem with pornographic content (I haven’t, and I don’t care if it’s about fictional characters - I don’t like it, but I can just scroll past it and pull it off with a shrug), but about showing some decency and, well, brain.
If you come to think about it and decide that you could still look that person in the eye after putting your sexual phantasies about him on the internet - fine for you.

Everyone else who don’t want that kind of stuff on their dash, but would instead like to enjoy beautiful pictures, lovely interviews, and other nice things, are hereby heartily invited to use and track the #decentbatch tag.

I also want to add a shortlist of things we don’t want to see on the #decentbatch tag:

  • “dirty secrets” and sexual phantasies about Benedict (or any living person at all)
  • pornographic pictures and photoshops
  • whining about whether Benedict has a girlfriend or not
  • paparazzi pictures
  • all kinds of stuff that can, in common sense, be considered as invasion of privacy (including Thriller!batch content and the like)

If I forgot something, feel free to complete the list.

If you like the idea, you can help spread the word!

Of course you can use the “normal” Benedict tag additionally, and you don’t need to agree with my arguements to use the tag - as long as you consider your posts fitting into the description, just feel free to add the #decentbatch tag to your stuff. If you like the idea but don’t usually post original pictures or whatnot, you can also help with linking / telling people who post lots of original content to use the tag if they like to.

That’s pretty much about that. Head out, have fun, and in case of doubt, the me is to blame. As always.


Benedict Cumberbatch: New Jaguar commercial voiceover

Or in other words: asdfghjkl