No freedom for Nazis calling for a return to Auschwitz. Those words have context and a history of mass genocide. In any decent society these people would be shunned and suppressed to the point where they aren’t even been able to organize or get jobs.

You are not a fighter for liberty defending these people or any organization letting off the hook, you are a coward and willingly throwing people’s lives away.


A user just messaged us asking if we could talk about community college and I cannot resist this topic. I’m about to go full-on rant in favor of community colleges, so sit tight.

Community college is fucking amazing. It’s a great way to get all of your prerequisites out of the way and kind of feel out the whole college experience without having to amass a lifetime of debt in the process. People give community college kids hell because they think it’s somehow lesser or makes you trash and I hope you spit on those people. I hope you laugh at their crushing debt. I hope you make them cry. Leave community college kids alone. They are doing the best they can and they are the ones who are out there taking advantage of what little their country is doing to help them with education and they deserve your respect. Anyone who wants to further their own education in any way deserves your respect and you damn well better recognize.

I was extremely fortunate to go to community college and have the state completely pay for it  completely (sometimes it pays to be poor). That’s right: the state of Illinois, that money leech of a state, actually paid for 2.5 years of my education and even let me keep what money I didn’t use on tuition for books and clothes and gas and all that other shit that colleges don’t tell you about when they tell you how great they are. These grants would not be possible had I not gone to a community college and that allowed me to knock off all those classes I didn’t want to take. At community college, you take all the low-level shit like math and bio so you don’t need to worry about taking them at a 4-year university, should you decide to transfer later.

The best thing is that there’s less risk. Sure, you still need to take specific classes to earn your associate’s degree, if that’s the route you want to take, but if there’s a class that interests you, you can take it and it won’t cost very much. No education is completely cost free or guilt free, but community colleges come pretty damn close. The best thing to do to figure out your major, I think, is take the lower level classes in areas you might want to major/minor in and then see if you actually like them.

I’ve known so many people who go to a 4-year college for a specific major only to find out they like it in theory, but fucking hate it in reality, and then they’re totally fucked because the major they want to switch to doesn’t exist at their university. That issue doesn’t come up so much with community colleges because everything is generalized. Community colleges want to serve the community at large, not focus in on specifics. 

Another thing to remember is that there are multiple paths available to you with community college. You can earn a 2-year degree and transfer somewhere without them looking too closely at your piss-poor high school grades. Actually, if you have a degree, most schools won’t even ask for your high school transcript, which is lucky for you, I’m sure. The other thing is that you don’t need a degree, you can just transfer because like my counsellor once said: once you have your bachelor’s, no one fucking cares about anything you earned before that.

But hey, maybe you don’t want to transfer to a 4-year school, that’s okay too! There are plenty of fields that only require a 2-year degree. You can be an LTA or a vet tech or whatever the hell program it is that your community college is really trying to sell you on. Not every job needs a 4-year degree, which no one seems to tell kids anymore. Yes, a college education is important, but not all college educations are the same. But that doesn’t mean people should look down on your associate’s degree. Seriously, fuck anyone who disses you for wanting to better yourself.

Another pro for community colleges: campus resources. Not everyone who goes to college is just out of high school, so not everyone has access to all the super cool shit that you ungrateful bastards are currently ignoring in your career services office. Maybe you’re just finishing high school and you’re now realizing what a dipshit you were to think you could figure out your college plans after graduation. It’s okay! Community colleges have your back. Community colleges have excellent career advisors and college counsellors on staff to help you make the most of community college and make it easier transition to a 4-year university—or into your field of choice. Again, your life is your own fucking life, you get to choose what you fucking deal with it, but they’re here to help you. They will help you do research, find the best schools, help you find money, tell you about internships in the area, and help you get your shit together and hide the evidence of your previous academic career. They’ll full-on Pygmalion you, if you let them.

Another great campus resource for figuring out your major/life are school activities. There’s such a wide variety of things offered on campus that can help you try things out without having to take classes or pay out the nose. And they make your resume look good. I wrote like three book reviews for the school paper and they still let me put it on my resume forever that I was involved even though I was too damn lazy to attend a single meeting and colleges ate that shit up. Plus, you can have a lot of fun and make lifelong friendships and meet the person of your dreams and all that high school hallmark shit that teen tv shows try to sell you on.

Community college is for everyone, it’s about making the community as a whole a better, more educated place. Its sole purpose is to take sadsacks like yourself and turn you into decent members of society (or at least half-decent, they’re not miracle workers and some of you need a shit ton of help). They help newly graduated teens and they help stay at home moms who want to get back to school and they’re even there for the people who don’t want a degree, who just want to learn how to swear in French so they can understand the locals when they travel abroad. There are so many options offered by community colleges!

So, I say again: stop shitting on community college kids. Or community college adults. Stop shitting on people for wanting to better themselves. Stop shitting on people for trying to get a better education. Stop shitting on people for trying to save money. Stop shitting on people for making the best of their situations. Just stop fucking shitting on people and grow the fuck up.

Tourette's is not schizophrenia.

I have a mild form of Tourette’s Syndrome, which usually manifests itself in a verbal tic (like a small yelp or grunt) and a shoulder/arm spasm. It doesn’t affect my motor skills, my mental processing skills, or anything really important. Sometimes I just twitch, and most people don’t freak out over it. I work at a supermarket in the hot deli section, which consists of making breakfast burritos and scooping food into plates. Today, there was an old lady, probably 70-80, looking at our overhead menu, when I twitched. She gave me this look of shock and walked off. I shrugged, and didn’t think much of it at the time. She came back not much later, and said to my coworker, “I’d like to be served, but not by the schizophrenic.” And proceeded to shoot me dirty looks during the entire transaction with my coworker, like how dare someone with a neurological condition work in decent society. My coworker is a nice older lady who was VERY upset that this lady was being so rude to me right to my face. I was just flabbergasted because I haven’t ever had someone be so outright rude to me like this at this job. It’s kind of a joke in my family now, but it’s still so hard to believe that in the twilight of her life, when the moments are fewer and time is precious, that she decides to be shitty to a 20 year old she doesn’t even know.

Every Single Companion Condemns Anders for the Chantry Explosion
  • Alistair: “You... You killed all of those people! All of those women and children, and Priests and Templars who were just there to guard some finger bones! And now what? You’re going to watch a bunch of other mages take the blame for it and get slaughtered? Do you really think you’re making anyone’s life better by doing that? No, don’t answer that. It’s time for you to just die.”
  • Loghain: “Funny. I’ve just watched you murder all those innocents, and I don’t even hate you. Outrage is a luxury for younger men, I suppose. I actually think I understand you. I know what it is to try so hard to protect something that you destroy it without even noticing. I’m doing you a favor, right now, as a young hero once did me a favor. I regret merely that I can’t do it as kindly as it was done to me; you do have to die.”
  • Oghren: “I knew I never trusted you. Squirrelly little mage. The Commander should’a given you to the Templars! I’ve done some messed up things in my life, aye, but I’ve never bombed a bunch of orphans! Killin’s all I know how to do, but ‘least when I kill you, I’ll know it’s the right thing to do.”
  • Shale: “I find it hard to be upset about the deaths of a few hundred humans. Humans are always dying; perhaps they should stop making you all so squishy. It will squish nicely, though, I think. I understand that it has done this in order to unleash even more mages upon society. Decent mages exist, but only a small quantity, as I think it has just proved. No, best to squish it, and its little revolution, and call it a day.”
  • Sten: “I must thank you. During my time in the south, I have met mages who lead honorable lives despite their lack of faith in the Qun. Never before have I met such an obvious example of why the Prophet Koslun demanded additional submission from the saarabas. Your kind are dangerous, and when I return to Par Vollen, I will tell the Arvaarad of what you have done, and they will tell the saarabas, so that the saarabas might better understand the weight of and the need for their sacrifice. Know then, that your death will inspire young saarabas to choose glory under the Qun rather than misery and death in their doubt. This is more comfort in your final moments than you deserve, but I offer it, regardless.”
  • Leliana: “Grand Cleric Elthina? But Justinia spoke so highly of her! Why would you do this?! You are a Grey Warden, sworn to abstain from politics. You do not even live in a Circle anymore! Everything Most Holy has done--everything Cassandra and I have done--to keep this under control... You just... blew it all up! And there is only one way to mitigate the damage. You have to die.”
  • Zevran: “Ah... Far be it from me to make a moral argument against murder, but this seems a tad artless. Perhaps even tactless. How do you know who was in or around that building at the time, or who might even now be burning to death in one of the resulting fires or trapped under a Darktown landslide, where she will die a slow, agonizing death while awaiting a rescue that will never come? You don’t know, of course. You couldn’t. Which makes this... rather less of an assassination and more of an indiscriminate slaughter, something that even the Crows did not allow. As you die, remember that you have fewer morals than the Antivan Crows.”
  • Morrigan: “How utterly pathetic. You had many opportunities to strike at your real enemy, but instead you struck at an impotent old woman, like a coward. And now you expect these Circle mages to fight your battle for you, in your name, as if what you’ve done is a rallying cry rather than a death sentence? Hmph. I will live to see the Circles fall. You, however, shall not.”
  • Wynne: “I remember you. The boy with such a talent for healing, who squandered what could have been a bright future in the Circle out of spite. We used to feel sorry for you, you know. Irving in particular always tried to be so gentle with you. I hope you realize that what you’ve done will weigh on more consciences than yours. The least I can do is make sure Thedas knows that the Circle that produced you also stopped you.”
  • Aveline: “Don’t! Whatever it is you were going to say, just don’t. There is no justification for this that could ever make it okay. I should have turned you in years ago. I didn’t, because the refugees needed you and because I was trying to be a good guard captain for the mages. Unfortunately, I’m not the one that paid for that mistake. The least I owe your victims now is justice. You’ll die for this.”
  • Carver: “Are you insane?! You can’t possibly think that helped?! Grand Cleric Elthina wasn’t the bad guy! I’m not even sure there *is* just one bad guy, but I know it wasn’t her. She was one of the few who just wanted to help. Everyone. And now she’s gone, and that’s exactly what you wanted. You don’t know as much as you think you do about Templars, Anders. Sometimes, I wonder how much you really know about mages. But it doesn’t matter now, because my duty is clear. You have to die for this.”
  • Fenris: “There is nothing to say. Death is the only thing left for you.”
  • Isabela: “I... Look... Shit, Anders, what were you thinking? We’ve talked about this before: about justice, and all that bollocks. You hurt innocent people, so now they deserve justice. I’m probably the last person who should be doling out justice, but here we are. I just hope you think this was worth your death. And theirs.”
  • Varric: “Oh, Blondie... It didn’t have to be like this. You killed innocent people, and destroyed who knows how many other lives. You’re not the man I thought you were. I guess that makes what I have to do next a little bit easier...”
  • Sebastian: “Your death will never be enough, but it’s a start.”
  • Bethany: “How could you do this?! The Circle never wanted this to come to all-out war, with so many innocent people dead and an army of Templars descending upon us! This wasn’t your decision to make. If you wanted to help, you should have TALKED to Orsino, and--You know what, forget it? You didn’t want to help, did you? Not the mages of Kirkwall, anyway. It makes for a better narrative if the largest Circle in the Free Marches is slaughtered, sacrificed for your narrative. I can’t let you do that; not to the Kirkwall Cirlce, and not to anyone else. This ends here, Anders. I’m only sorry it has to end like this; we could have worked together and found a non-violent solution, if only you’d reached out.”
  • Merrill: “Anders, you know there were people in that Chantry, right? That doesn’t sound like justice to me. And if it was vengeance, it wasn’t very good vengeance, since it hardly killed any Templars, and killed a lot of people that weren’t Templars! I’m sorry, Anders, but that spirit of yours is out of control. I can’t let you do this anymore.”
  • Blackwall: “Huh. Dare I even ask what your justification for this was? No. I don’t. All murders have their justifications. One day you wake up and realize that it was all just lies you told yourself so you could sleep at night. Maybe you really do think you’re helping; that lives have so little value that they can just be sacrificed to some greater cause. Maybe it’s a mercy for me to kill you before you can realize the truth.”
  • Cassandra: “The situation in Kirkwall has been out of control for some time, but your actions will only serve to make everything worse! The suffering of innocents has gone on for too long! All who fight against peace must be stopped!”
  • Iron Bull: “You know what I really came to hate during my time in Seheron? ASSHOLES WHO BLOW UP BUILDINGS FULL OF CIVILIANS! I don’t care if you’re Tal-Vashoth, Fog Warrior, Vint, or whatever the Hell you are, if you do that, you’re an asshole, and when I meet assholes, I kill them.”
  • Sera: “Oi, mage-tit, do. you know how many innocent people you just killed for your stupid war?! If you wanted to attack the Knight-Commander, you should have just attacked the Knight-Commander. Stupid! This is why no one trusts mages. ARROW TO THE FACE.”
  • Cole: “I used to think that I could free mages with death. When they’re dead, you don’t hear the pain anymore. Sometimes the silence is worse, though. It’s silent in the Chantry but the rest of the city is screaming. You’re screaming too. It won’t stop when I kill you, but it will be quieter. Better.”
  • Dorian: “Hm. A bit of fire, grandiose speeches, and a mage sacrificing people for his own political agenda. This feels downright homey. I detest when the south feels homey. You know, it’s times like this that I wonder: Is it true that if you give mages an inch, we’ll take a mile? Is my homeland the inevitable consequence of mage freedom? I don’t want to believe that. There has to be a way for mages and non-mages to coexist as equals. But as long as men like you are about, we’re not going to find it, so I know what I have to do.”
  • Vivienne: “Shall I even bother to point out the irony of you using magical talents you honed at the Circle to bring about their downfall, or would that go over your head, just as the fact that your actions here tonight will only serve to turn the people of Thedas against mages did? There were abuses in this Circle, certainly, but only an idiot or an Abomination would think that the solution was to murder innocents and provoke a slaughter. Whichever you are, you are a danger to others, and the people *will* see a mage put you down.”
  • Solas: “An interesting way of achieving justice. You look at a world where the Chantry violently oppresses mages, and decide to give it even more ammunition. I know much of rebellion. A good one takes years to plan, and starts not with an explosion but with a ripple. All you’ve done is throw unprepared mages throughout Thedas on the scant mercy of angry mobs. Perhaps you meant well, but that hardly changes the fact that the mages are better off without you.”
  • Cullen: “Maker help me. I never wanted to see the Kirkwall Circle annulled, and now you’ve guaranteed it by pushing this conflict to its breaking point. Perhaps the Knight-Commander was wrong--IS wrong--but so are you, and I must stop you in order to have any chance of stopping her.”
  • Josephine: “All that innocent life, destroyed for a war that most of them had nothing to do with... I do not enjoy being in this position, but I cannot stand by and let the slaughter of innocents go unpunished. You, Anders, have to pay for your crimes.”

The Signs as my Favourite Women in Literature pt.3 (Air)

Gemini - Scarlett o’Hara (Gone With The Wind)
Scarlett o’Hara is a dark-haired, green-eyed Southern-beauty. She inherited her fathers stubbornness which sometimes conflicts with the decent behaviour, society expects from her. On the outside she potrays the busy, kind and strong woman but her inner self only longs for her neighbour Ashley Wilkes. A great part of the young woman’s personality is determination, which helps her achieving everything she needs and wants in life. This determination conveys itself either through arrogant and backstabbing behaviour or through the sole will to survive and hard work. She is a woman who starts at the bottom just to end up at the top and she doesn’t even need help for she is strong enough on her own. That’s why she makes a great leader and businesswoman, bulding up her father’s plantation after leaving it and achieving great success. She is almost exlusively driven by logic and she has a hard time figuring out the feelings and motivations of others and herself. She can only see what’s happening on the exterior which is why she has no problem being ruthless and not bothering with kindness or honor especially in topics of business. Nevertheless, she has a bright mind, always coming up with unique ideas and evaluating situations perfectly. The only man she can’t think of in a logical way, is her neighbour whom she admires through the whole book. In matters of feelings she turns into a childish, insecure and overthinking girl, who didn’t notice her real love when he stood right in front of her. Scarlet knows exactly who she is and she never made any excuses about ignoring social norms, being manipulative or  probably hurting a lot of people. But we see her searching for love and stability like every other woman back then. And even though she never really knew where she belonged, she developed such a brave and independent personality, that she was able to be her very own protection and stability and the one she coud rely on.

Libra - Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)
Elizabeth is the second daughter of the family and like her sisters she acts lively, carefree and playful. Unlike her siblings she is good at seeing through people’s exterior, noticing their truest intentions. The young women is really proud of her quick wit and her ability to read people like a book. While her younger sisters are mostly interested in men, Lizzie is attracted to everything that conveys beauty, like literature and art. She can’t stand the frivolity of Lydia and Kitty and her mother who encourages both to act like they do. When she first meets Darcy, she discounts him as proud, snobbish and bad company whereas he notices her as one of the most beautiful women in the room. Elizabeth belives that she finds a lot of validations for her judgement about Darcy such as his behaviour about Wickham who she has found to be an honorable and kind man. While Darcy grows more and more attracted to her, she is drawn away from him especially when she finds out that he destroyed the relationship between her older sister Jane and his friend Bingley. Hence, Elizabeth refuses his proposal and tells him bluntly that his cold and pride behaviour prevented her from developing any feelings. As a result, Darcy writes a letter, clarifying things like his role  in the break of Jane and Bingley or his relationship to Wickham. Lizzie has to admit, that she made a mistake by judging him so hasty but she is too embarassed to apologize. Henceforth she is beginning to look at him with other eyes, slowly falling for him as he reveals a soft, protective side and becomes a man who would do anything for her. She sees her belief in true love becoming reality and shows a genuine gentleness and real affection instead of mockery and arrogance. In the end, Elizabeth remains in the reader’s head as a woman with a lot of self-respect, who isn’t afraid of honesty or using her sharp tongue. Lizzie is able to love with her whole heart, but only if her partner understands her deepest desires and respects her as his equal.

Aquarius - Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)
Anne Shirley is extremely curious about life. She experiences every subject in its individual way and drinks in everything she senses. Anne has a vivid imagination and is an expert in telling fantastic tales about haunted forrests or ghosts. She loves to show others the beauty of life and the possibilities it has to offer. The red-haired girl has a strong sense of right and wrong as well and she posseses unswerving opinions. She romanticizes everything and operates a search for the pure and genuine. She tries to find good characteristics in every person she comes across and she wants to be and do good herself. But most of her life is taking place in her head. It’s easy for Anne to portray a completely contrary exterior to the way it looks inside of her. When you see her smiling, it’s possible that she really feels lonely and insecure. That’s why she needs friends who grant her attention and who are always there to listen to her. She even reads her books aloud to hear herself talking because she can’t stand being alone. She will give you her undivided loyalty if you’re always there for her. Anne Shirley can get pretty passionate about things and her fiery temper shows especially when you cross her. At the same time, she is one of the most friendly and kindred spirits you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. Unfortunately, Anne has to go through mistakes and errors to learn important lessons and life can get pretty tough for her. But after all it’s just beautiful to watch this adventurous girl floating between dreams and reality and getting to know her through her crazy exploits.

Why elect a woman chief? Because she is dedicated to improving conditions without any reservation. Further, she is a wholehearted being. Her keen sense of perceiving things and arranging them meticulously is genuine. In addition, she does not hedge, but she acts promptly, because she is devoted to constructive causes. Since actions speak louder, the present conditions in the country show the incompetent of male’s leadership. He has actually failed the ancestors’ integrity, loyalty, justice, love, devotion and respect test which is the basic requirement needed to build a decent society. A man has broken the ancestors’ law, so to speak.
—  Africa Presents The Congo RDC And A Congolese Woman Chief (Mfumu-Nkento) By Bepona Collection
dreams, daises, and sunlight

these fists
more than blood
the backs of
these knuckles
are masoleium doors
if I uncurl my fingers
you can see the stories
buried underneath each
one, the flowers laid out
behind the barred gates
of dreams buried by time
or mistake

grave one
the orange bmx bike
never by the tree

grave two
air force
apparently colors
are needed to fire missiles

grave three
heather glen choir
I cried in third grade
my crush made it, I didn’t

grave four
dallas cowboys
middle school football
and high school are different games

grave five
hollywood seems like bullshit
I can’t play past barre chords

grave six
my grandpa never got
to read my poetry

grave seven
we can’t go in this one
it’s just boxes of unanswered prayers

grave eight
I exist outside boundaries
decent society believes redeemable

grave nine
little Ollie
this is where I keep his first words
his first steps and every year
I don’t see him
this is one I visit every day

grave ten
em (every day)
before I changed, before I lost
my fucking mind I had
a chance to do the right thing

I didn’t

there are more tombstones
scattered from the backs of
my hands, that dive into
my veins and line ventricles
that feed memories in my
frontal lobe
giving me every fucking reason
to quit because I’ve psalm
twenty three’d every thing
or everyone I’ve ever known

all these ghosts walk hallways
climb from tombstones
begging me to give up
to quit dreaming

but I can’t
I move forward
there isn’t any space left
for failure

I’m gay and I know there was a time when serious respectable adults - doctors, presidents, prime ministers, queens, kings, scientists, parents, police officers, therapists - were in total agreement with utter certainty that to allow people like me to live openly and freely would mean the molesting of children, the destruction of families, the crumbling of armies, the annihilation of manhood, womanhood and all that is decent. Society itself would perish if we got equal rights.

Well, we’ve pretty much got equal rights and.. check it out. Nothing bad happened. Nothing. Turned out society could accept us and our differences and absolutely everything would be absolutely fine for everyone, if not better. All that drama, all that hell you put us and yourselves through? It was for nothing. What a waste of energy and lives and tears and humanity all those years were ay?

That’s why it is so funny for me that the exact same sorta people that made such a stink about us queers are now doing it about Muslims. With utter conviction they are utterly convinced that society will topple if we accept Muslims living among us (like they haven’t already been for yonks).

And if you honestly think people didn’t believe with all their heart that us gays were as big a society-destroying force as Muslims are being touted as now, read more queer history.


How To Survive a Plague (2012)

dir. David France

“The question is what does a decent society do with people who hurt themselves because they’re human; who smoke too much, who eat too much, who drive carelessly, who don’t have safe sex? I think the answer is that a decent society does not put people out to pasture and let them die because they’ve done a human thing.”

@katsudeku-week​ day 1: internship/teamwork

at least we stole the show

Summary: It’s the start of Izuku’s second year in his internship, and he’s already utterly done with it.

Read it @ AO3!

It’s the start of Izuku’s second year in his internship, and he’s already utterly done with it.

“Fucking cheap shot thinks he can get away with this shit?” Katsuki growls next to him, “I’m going to end him.”

Katsuki has grown a lot since their first year in U.A., but he still has ways to go before becoming a decent hero that society will feel relief instead of dread when he shows up to save them. Still, despite the harsh words, Izuku agrees with him.

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anonymous asked:

A friend of mine was told by her best friend's bf that the only guy that would like her is mineta and made fun of her for liking Iida and Shinsou. can we get some HCs for them standing up to this douche mcdoucherson please?

I really hope their best friend dumps their boyfriend for being a garbage person; if my husband said something like that about any of my friends, especially my best friend, he’d be gone faster than you could say divorce papers.

Tenya Iida

+ when he first finds out about what happened, his first instinct is to comfort her; I don’t mean to sound forward, but you are a lovely person, and there’s a lot about you that is likable, exquisite even. Please don’t allow someone so short sighted and foul to get under your skin.

+ once he’s finished comforting her, he goes off to find the person who said it; when he finds them, he goes into a full blown lecture about how to be a proper member of decent society, which includes not speaking poorly of people that are friends with your significant other for no reason

+ if the guy is disrespectful towards him, he doesn’t take it personally, because this isn’t about him; if the guy continues to berate their partner’s friend, he just gets more upset and continues to lecture them

+ if the guy ends up apologizing, he’ll force him to go to the friend and apologize to her; there is absolutely no need for anyone to be that rude to someone else

Hitoshi Shinsou

+ who said that to you? Point them out to me.

+ he has a bit of an ill temper, and he’s already decided to make an ass out of the person who hurt her feelings and made fun of her

+ once she points out who it was that upset her, he walks up calmly and initiates a conversation

+ are you the one who insulted ___?

+ once they respond, they’re done for; he activates his quirk and brainwashes the guy

+ he spends the next fifteen minutes ruining his life; he makes the guy text his girlfriend really embarrassing things, things that might potentially cause a breakup, makes him do stupid things in front of everyone around them while taking video of it to keep as blackmail material for later, and the icing on the cake is when he forces the person to apologize to her

+ he doesn’t take kindly to friends of his being insulted, and while he recognizes he’s gone a bit overboard, he doesn’t feel at all bad about it; they brought it on themselves, being so cocky and disagreeable, he had to knock their legs out from under them in that way

anonymous asked:

It's nothing "beautiful" about it, it's called being a decent member of society. Although I appreciated how honest they have been about every main's emotions, a lot of things have been sugar-coated since the show started. And calling it a misconception completely erases the experience of those who have met such boys. Idk what point you were trying to make, but keep in mind that brown boys can be just as shitty as anyone and shouldn't be free of criticism, or held to a lower standard.

but i do think it was beautiful? i do think it’s a beautiful thing for this incredibly popular show to actively try to break harmful stereotypes. i do think it’s a beautiful thing to see these boys appear so fun and kind and loving when in many other shows or movies they would’ve been portrayed as harsh and rude, as bad boys. i do think that the sincere respect they seemed to feel toward sana, this amazing, amazing girl, was beautiful 

i never said that muslim boys can’t be sexist. the misconception people have is that muslim boys who happen to be sexist are because of their religion, the misconception people have is that all muslim boys are sexists. but the reality is that sexists are, sadly, everywhere. there are religious people who are sexist, there are non-religious people who are sexist, there are poc who are sexist, there are white people who are sexist. the common trait these people have is their sexism. being a sexist, having sexist beliefs….that is what makes you a sexist.  

I am boycotting Tumblr for 1 September 2017 to protest the lack of action against white supremacist and neo-nazi users of the site.

I will not be posting or viewing Tumblr for the rest of today (1 September New Zealand time) or tomorrow (equivalent to 1 September in North America where I gather most of Tumblr’s users live). I encourage my followers to do the same and make a post explaining why.

@staff you need to follow the lead of other major social media sites and delete neo-nazi and white supremacist themed blogs from the site. Dragging your heels on this issue makes you look weak, cowardly and lacking in morals. Do not just tell us to block these offensive and threatening blogs which undermine the civilised and decent society we at least aspire to have. Tell the neo-nazis and white supremacists “You are not welcome here” and stand by your words. This shouldn’t be a tricky decision so pull your socks up and get on with it.

Yours truly,


reasonable people

When most bloggers talk about ideology or ideological people, they are talking about the extremists. They have in mind some activist who’s read a lot of theory and is always saying radical stuff about revolution or something outside the box of normal politeness (like “all sex is rape”.) It’s true that taken literally these people say a lot of things that could hurt the vast majority of humanity. You can usually pick apart their arguments easily, for they are either poorly thought out or rely on assumptions most people would not be willing to agree with.

I’m not actually interested in those extremists.

Because, there are always extremists, arguing for basically any perspective. The campus feminist is a figure going back over half a century, and it certainly was prominent in the nineties. And you won’t ever find a time when some right wing edgelord wasn’t saying we should have a king with absolute dictatorial powers. There is always some person arguing for far out ideology, and you’re never going to stamp them out.

What is fascinating to me is the reasonable people. The vast majority who don’t think of themselves as holding any “out there” political opinions, and who look down on revolution or extremism as too risky. They just see themselves as holding up the same normal, common sense morality everyone else feels, or should.

There’s nothing “natural” about their positions though - the “normal” opinion is affected by cultural change as much as any extremist. Which is why the positions of campus feminism in the nineties became the positions of all “decent” upstanding citizens in the modern era.

The extremists you usually can argue with. As SSC points out, the extremists have no other options. But once “reasonable people” have a moral opinion, they enforce it brutally. They do not want to talk about it, they consider their opinion on formerly controversial issues now a “solved” discussion, closed for debate. And if you’re labeled a dissenter to that, your life is basically over. The reasonable people control all social discourse.

(There were always neocons who wanted the US to pave the mideast. What was really scary was the post 9/11 environment that made even questioning the sources of terrorism into something that would get you shunned from decent society.)

There may be an inferential gap here. To anyone who hasn’t experienced, it’s hard to express how scary it is when you have an opinion you think is acceptable, and everyone insists it’s just not allowed to be discussed. When people you respect are blithely ignoring their most fundamental principles because “this is the way everyone does it now” and with no further explanation.

Extremists at least usually feel they have to justify themselves.

I suspect though, that anyone reading this tumblr has felt something like that. You shouldn’t be afraid of the radical saying they want to “kill all the X.” You should be afraid when “well of course some X will die” becomes the sad song of the common man.

I’m super interested in how this happens. It’s not like there’s some great evidence-based debate and one side wins, and everyone agrees to accept that side as Correct now. And just saying “it’s cultural” sounds very superficial for a mind-virus that causes people to ignore and forget their most deeply stated principles. So that’s why I want to figure out “how ideology works.” Not the ideology of extremist provacateurs, but the ideology of normal people who never ask themselves how they justify their beliefs.

A second level of that is how even these reasonable people, when cornered one on one, will admit their ideology should be tempered by compassion and skepticism and consideration of other points of view. Most humans are very, very good at saying “well I don’t buy into the whole ideology, I just think it has some good points.”

But when these people operate as a group, then the forgiveness or skepticism seems impossible to find. Institutions just don’t know how to use such fuzzy concepts, and the institutions become much more ideological tools than the messy humans ever could be. So I’m really interested in how ideologies function above the level of the individual.

I suppose all this self-defining and goal-setting is not interesting to anyone on tumblr. You’ll read my posts and enjoy them on their own merit, or they won’t.

So if you need some closing message here its: worry less about the extremists, both on the other side and your own. Pay more attention to the unspoken agreement among the “reasonable people” for things that make no fuggin sense.

I still taste the words off your tongue

the way you walk into the room
demands attention in ways you
won’t receive

you still have everything of me,
wholly, like broken tongues blubbering
and choking on the

universal texts detailing how we
should live and let love run its

instead of making your own path
off the speedway and stealing
the fucking racecar

the way you held my tongue
between your teeth smiling
closing your eyes and unbuttoning
those bothersome things a decent
society requires

You can brown bag me
like yesterday’s special

because I used to be


fluffy yellow towel


Stiles should have known better than to answer a call from an unknown number at almost midnight on a Tuesday. But it’s Beacon Hills. It’s bound to be an emergency.

“Coach?” he asks in surprise, because who else calls him Bilinksi? And also, what the ever-living fuck?

“Bilinski,” Finstock barks again. “I need you! I need you now!”

Um, okay. Weirdest booty call ever, or… no, Stiles really has no idea.


“I ran over a goddamn dog!”


Fifteen minutes later Stiles is pulling up outside Finstock’s house. It’s a small bungalow in a quiet neighborhood. The dead lawn is covered in Halloween decorations. In April. Stiles isn’t even surprised.

He climbs out of his Jeep and heads to the front door.

Finstock throws it open before he has a chance to knock. He looks a little more manic than usual, if that’s even possible.

“Where’s your stuff?” he demands.

“What stuff?” Stiles asks.

Finstock makes a vague gesture. “Your vet stuff, Bilinski. Jesus!”

Stiles sighs. “No, that’s Scott. Scott McCall. He’s the one who works at the vet. I’m the one who…” He actually has no idea how to finish that statement. “I’m his weird clumsy friend with ADD?”

“Aw, hell.” Finstock glares at him like this is somehow his fault. “Well, you’re here now. Want to see a squashed dog?”  

What the hell, right?

Stiles steps inside.


Finstock’s house is kind of a disaster. It’s like part of it was decorated by a mad crazy sports fan, obviously, but the other part of it was decorated by someone possessed by the spirit of a sweet old grandma. There are doilies. Lace doilies. With lacrosse sticks embroidered on them.

That’s not normal, right? Stiles is pretty sure you can’t even find shit this weird on Etsy.

“It’s in the bathroom,” Finstock says, gesturing.

Stiles wonders, not for the first time, what he’s doing here. Did he really get out of bed to come and look at an injured dog, all because Finstock can’t tell the difference between him and Scott? And what sort of guy calls a high school student who works at a vet clinic instead of an actual certified vet? Because Stiles is pretty sure the only thing Scott has mastered working for Deaton is mopping up puddles of puppy pee.

Stiles heads for the bathroom. It’s the door at the end of the hall. Stiles has been in houses before where there are cutesy little signs with pretty patterns on them and “Bathroom” written in fancy cursive script.

There is no cutesy little sign on Finstock’s bathroom door. Instead, the word “BATHROOM” has been printed there in block capitals. Right on the door itself. In Sharpie.

Stiles squints at it for a moment.


Then he sighs and opens the door.


Holy shit.

Two things.

Firstly, the dog is not squashed at all. It’s very, very mobile, and very, very angry.

Also, it’s not a dog.


 “That is not a dog!” Stiles yelps, and pulls the door shut again. Behind it, he hears the scrabble of claws. And possibly the gnashing of jaws. There is also a lot of growling.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Finstock asks.

“That is a wolf!” Stiles exclaims.

Finstock snorts. “It’s a husky.”

“It has yellow eyes!”

“So?” Finstock shoots back.

“It’s black!”

“Why are you racist against huskies?”


Finstock’s left eye bulges. “I thought you were better than that, Bilinski.”

Stiles groans. “I’m not being racist against huskies. That is a wolf!”

“Whatever,” Finstock says. “Just fix it. It likes you.”

Behind the bathroom door, the growling and scrabbling has subsided.

“I’m not a vet!” Stiles reminds him.

“Do not make me get my whistle, Bilinski.”

“Oh my god,” Stiles mutters. He’s in a fight with a crazy person. And there’s no way he can win. So, crazy person or injured wolf?

Stiles goes with option two.

It’s actually not as brave as it sounds.

Because he knows that wolf.


“Hey, Derek,” he whispers, closing the bathroom door.

The wolf bares its teeth in a growl that’s more pissed off at the world than pissed off at Stiles. Well, who can blame him? He got run over and abducted by a man who apparently uses bubble gum scented shower gel. And has a Sponge Bob toothbrush.

Stiles steps forward and reaches out. “You okay, big guy?”

Derek’s claws click on the tiles as he turns in a series of tight circles, but he lets Stiles card his fingers through his fur, looking for obvious injuries.

There are smears of blood on the bathroom tiles, and a small pool of it over by the bathmat, so Stiles knows he was hurt. He’s relieved that he can’t find any injuries now though. That means Derek is healing.

He runs his hand down Derek’s spine, not even registering the fact that Derek is shifting back into his human form until it’s way too late, and then it’s already happened, and Stiles is… oh mother of God. Stiles is stroking his very naked ass.

And what a fine ass it is too.

Stiles meeps and flails backward as Derek uncurls and stands up straight.

He glares at Stiles.

Stiles very pointedly does not look at his dick.

Well, okay, once.

Fine, twice, but it’s right there.

His mouth’s not watering. Shut up.

Derek glares again, then reaches past Stiles to grab the fluffy yellow towel hanging from the rail beside the shower. He tucks it around his hips.


Wait, what?

Stiles forces his gaze upward again. “So,” he says awkwardly, “you got hit by Coach’s car?”

Derek huffs. “Apparently.”

“That’s gotta suck.” Stiles swallows, and wrinkles his nose. “Anyway, you’re gonna have to shift back, so I can get you out of here, okay? I’ll tell him I’m taking you to the vet or—”

Derek’s eyes widen in horror as the bathroom door flies open.

Stiles spins around to see Finstock standing in the doorway.

“Jesus Christ!” Finstock exclaims. “What the hell is this?” 


This is bad.

This is really bad.

There is no way, in any reality, that Stiles can explain how a minute ago he was in the bathroom with a wolf—or husky, or whatever—and now he’s in the bathroom with a naked guy.

Ta da?


“What the hell?” Finstock exclaims again. His face is pale and his eyes look like they’re about to pop right out of his skull. He points a shaking finger at Derek. “You do not put your dick on another man’s towel, you understand? That violates every decent standard of polite society. My dick has been on that towel, and I don’t care if you were raised by goddamn wolves, Hale, that does not give you the right to be my Eskimo dick brother!”


Stiles’s jaw drops.


Derek looks just as stunned.

“Jesus Christ!” Finstock throws his hands up. “Fucking werewolves, seriously!”

He storms out of the bathroom.



Stiles finds Finstock in the kitchen, eating kibble. He really wishes he could focus on the kibble thing, because it’s sort of hilarious. But it’s not the craziest thing that’s happening here right now.

“Um, Coach?” he asks warily.

“What?” Finstock grizzles, crunching a fresh mouthful.


“Spit it out, Bilinski. How do I know about werewolves?” He rolls his eyes. “Because I’ve lived in this town for twenty years, and I’m not blind?”

“You totally knew he wasn’t a dog!”

“So?” Finstock demands. “You gonna sue me or something?”

“What? No, why would you… ugh.”

“I have seen things in this town that would make your hair curl,” Finstock tells him, then looks critically at his buzzcut. “Well, maybe not yours. What’s even going on there? Is that supposed to be a style?”

“Can we not talk about my hair right now?” Stiles feels like he’s lost all control of this conversation. Then he realizes he never had any to begin with. “You knew he was a werewolf? And you called me to deal with it?”

Finstock shrugs and rummages in the bag for more kibble. “He’s your boyfriend, isn’t he? Hale?”

“What? No!”

“Then why else does he stalk you at practice?”

“He’s not my boyfriend!”

“Don’t get so defensive, Bilinski.” Finstock shrugs. “I might be straight, but I’d still seriously consider sacrificing my remaining testicle to get a piece of that.”

“You are certifiably insane!” Stiles hisses, turning around to stalk away.

“I remain undiagnosed!” Finstock shouts at him. “And tell your boyfriend he owes me a new goddamn towel!”

“Insane!” Stiles yells back.

What is his fucking life, seriously?


He drives Derek home, and doesn’t at all stare his towel-clad ass as he climbs awkwardly out of the Jeep.

Well, okay, maybe once.




Two days later he and Derek are standing in the parking lot at the mall.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Derek mutters.

“Shut up,” Stiles says, grabbing him by the hand and dragging him toward Bed Bath and Beyond. Maybe they have Sponge Bob towels?

Finstock would probably like those.