decent tunes

Megalovania - VY2 Acapella
Megalovania - VY2 Acapella

i tuned this thing at one million miles per hour

i told you it would be dumb

MIDI transcription by Manel Návola

&&. elucidations.  Alphonse is a decent singer.  Not special or anything, but he can carry a tune decently and his voice isn’t bad.  In terms of vocal range, he’s a  tenor/high baritone stretching around two octaves on average, though he tends to linger in the middle octave that spans the middle tenor range.

i saw beauty and the beast tonight and i cannot even just???

i went in with no expectations because yes, i was really excited, but i didn’t want to be underwhelmed (bc secretly all these remakes i’m kinda like you’re so obviously money grabbing but they look gooood), so went in like ‘ok let’s just see’

and flipping noodles

it was BEAUTIFUL (pun unintended there)

emma’s singing was incredible, yes, you could tell there was autotune in places, but autotune isn’t a magic wand, you can’t autotune unless there’s already a decent tune there in the first place

the music, the cast, the BEAUTIFUL scenery and costumes, and the added comedy and just!!!!

it was absolutely incredible yOU MUST GO AND SEE IT <3


“It’s the path I’ve walked to get here. And the path that’ll take me as far as I want to go.