Confession: I don’t do very well at Christmas. I’ve been trying to combat that by focusing on things that take me out of the December sads. I decided I’d create a Fulton-themed tree this year, since all things Cunning Man makes me happier.

What I used: feather-filled glass balls. Thimbles. Bronzed scissors. Little bouquets. Crosses. Black umbrellas. Framed Psalm 135:16-18 (because: Gino.), and since I didn’t want to sprinkle salt all over the place, I found these great branches with giant crystals that reminded me of salt.

The tree is topped off with a black bird, and red thread is haphazardly strung everywhere, creating a chaotic garland.

Pretty happy with how it turned out, but a ton of credit has to go to @nodoubtaholic and @lovethypenguin who gave me a lot of great ideas :)