Maggie Stiefvater Q&A #3

Are there any parts of the predecessor to The Raven Cycle that you wrote when you were 19 that are still included in The Raven Cycle today? Do you think your 19 year old self would recognize the series in its current form? Asked by decemberequestrian

Maggie answered:

Oh, most certainly. Those two central inspirations, the sleeping king and the powerful dreamer, are as central in this draft as they were in that old terrible one. Even though 99% of the details have changed, 19 year old me would recognize it in a heartbeat. Details (numbers of brothers, age of characters, names, hobbies, cars) can change fairly easily. The story is the same: find a king. Dream a world. The theme is the same: what makes a hero? 

My questions for you: 

What makes a hero a hero in your eyes?

Who do you consider to be heroes in The Raven Cycle? Why?