when i was reading naruto last december i remember i kept waiting to start hating sasuke because i was led to believe that was the typical opinion but here we are still runnin the sasuke love blog

everyone: talking how tiresome is to deal with thanksgiving

me: remembers december is coming and also that means the so frustrating full house cleaning, the nightmare that is setting the christmas tree and also helping make some fucking tamales (tho tamale season is fucking great).

i want death


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a/n: Idk what this is and if there will be more, but I’m posting it so.

cold isn’t the word to describe the chill caressing your bones. not even fucking close. freezing, could be decent enough but still, not really. you don’t want to walk to catch the train, you’re begging God to miraculously will a bus to course this street or your friend Tristan to have worked a late shift, but you face a truth harder and colder than the 5 AM air: he never takes the night shift.  It’s always something about the uneasiness that creeps up his spine when someone walks through the entrance past 4 AM. Is it illegal to crave a short stack at that hour?

the trek is just as creepy as it was yesterday, and the 3 years before that you’ve been working at the mom and pop diner and taking the late night shifts. the journey never changes, just the amount of death you wish upon yourself between the change of seasons. “goodnight Melina, see you Monday.” you call behind you, exiting the back door. the dark alley set before you sent a whole new line of chills up your spine. mom always warned you that the dark can be murderous.

the memory of her vice-like grip that used to run through your hand as she picked you up late from the babysitter when you were little, always tingled when you walked someplace shrouded in black. It was like she was there with you, without the embarrassing “be careful, baby!” she’d shout after you if you’d stray a little too far. she knew you’d be fine. you were just like her in every way, so she was never scared for you.

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This is going to be a little mini series with various stuff to new about when liking B.A.P so sit back, relax, and stan these talented boys


Part 1- Music Videos - so let’s start with their awesome music videos, enjoy :))

2011 (PRE DEBUT)

Banglo NEVER GIVE UP (december 1, 2011)

BYG- I REMEMBER (AUG 11, 2011)


Debut: WARRIOR (January 25, 2012)

POWER (April 26, 2012)

NO MERCY (July 18, 2012)

Crash (Aug 28, 2012)

STOP IT (October 22,2012)


RAIN SOUND (JAN 14, 2013)

ONE SHOT (February 11, 2013)

COFFEE SHOP (Jun 27, 2013)

HURRICANE (Jul 16, 2013)

BADMAN (august 5, 2013)

WARRIOR JP ( SEP 13, 2013)

ONE SHOT JP   ( OCT 10, 2013)


1004 (February 2, 2014)’

NO MERCY JP (MAR 8, 2014)

Where are you? What are you doing? (Jun 2, 2014)

EXCUSE ME JP (AUG 11, 2014)


Young, Wild, & Free (Nov 15, 2015)


FEEL SO GOOD (Feb 21, 2016)

KINGDOM JP   (MAR 4, 2016)

FEEL SO GOOD JP (JUN 24, 2016)

THAT”S MY JAM (AUG 7, 2016)

SKYDIVE (NOV 6, 2016)

FLY HIGH JP (NOV 18, 2016)


WAKE ME UP (MARCH 6, 2017)

WAKE ME UP JP ( MAR 31, 2017)

#RomanceGate - A Survival Guide

Okay, so I know a lot of people in the Reylo fandom are hurting right now. I have closed my ask box because I was only getting the same questions over and over again, and I felt it a better use of everyone’s time for me to just put together one big post covering what I reckon are people’s main questions.

1. What actually happened?

This was published in a web-only article on Vanity Fair:


A big, central-to-the-plot romance. For all the fan-fiction fantasies of “Reylo” (an imagined union of Daisy Ridley’s Rey and Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren) or “Stormpilot” (the same, for John Boyega’s ex-stormtrooper Finn and Oscar Isaac’s pilot Poe Dameron), Johnson says that The Last Jedi offers “no one-to-one equivalent of the Han-to-Leia, burning, unrequited love. In our story, that’s not a centerpiece.”

And, on cue, all hell broke loose.

2. Oh my God! Does this mean Reylo is dead?!

It means we’re not going to see a full-on romance between Rey and Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. It doesn’t, however, mean that we’ve been seeing things or that Rey and Kylo aren’t important to each other’s stories. We have lots of good reasons (in TFA and in external stuff like the Databank) to believe that they are. There’s still a fascinating and compelling dynamic there, and we know that The Last Jedi is going to explore that in more depth. The Vanity Fair quote just means that the dynamic won’t be blooming into a passionate love affair in Rian’s movie.

3. So there’s no romance whatsoever in The Last Jedi?

We don’t know. Rian’s quote simply says that there’s no analogue to Han and Leia’s central love affair, but that doesn’t mean there’s no romance at all. It’s perfectly possible that they will subtlety allude to attraction and tension between Rey and Kylo without that developing into a full-on romance. But again, don’t take that as a promise - it’s a possibility, not an inevitability. 

4. So, does that mean we should pin all our hopes on Episode IX?

I don’t think we should pin our hopes on anything. The best way to enjoy these films is going to be to try and go in with as few expectations as possible, and take them on their own terms. There is, of course, a chance of Reylo becoming romantic in Episode IX, but I would advise against counting on that or believing it’s inevitable. We can’t think that far ahead without seeing The Last Jedi first.

5. What happens to the Reylo fandom?

It should 100% continue. Period. I want to see it flourish and thrive. I want to see people write their stories and create their fanart. I want people to discuss the characters at considerable length and be excited about seeing them again in The Last Jedi. And I really don’t think this news should affect how we engage with fandom at all. I do think it should make us moderate our expectations for what we’ll see in the films, but we absolutely should not let it kill our enjoyment of the characters and their dynamic. 

6. How do you feel about this?

Personally, I’m mostly annoyed because of the response that this news will inspire - it will unleash an onslaught of antis in the Reylo tag, gloating on fanboy enclaves, and outpourings of despair from shippers. All of these reactions are inevitable, and in the case of shippers’ feelings I totally understand the sadness and disappointment. I empathise, because I feel those things too. I’m the first person to admit that I let my imagination run away with me and set my hopes/expectations too high when it comes to Reylo, so the Vanity Fair quote came as something of a reality check for me. I’m a little sad, but I have absolutely no intention of quitting Star Wars or quitting Reylo fandom. I love Star Wars, and the Reylo fandom has been a cornerstone of my experience of it. I love what we create as a community, and my main concern right now is that we remain resilient and continue doing what we do best. Block antis and haters without prejudice. Try to be realistic, but still be enthusiastic and excited about seeing your faves on screen again come December. Most of all, remember that fandom should be fun - focus on the things that you enjoy about Star Wars and Reylo, keep on creating, and remain strong as a community. I’m not going anywhere, and I’m still just as excited for The Last Jedi as I ever was. Bring it on.

The 10th Anniversary Kagamine Birthday Collaboration 2017 - APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN!

Hiya Kagamination,

The team at the 100 Kagamine Collaboration is finally back and raring to go for their 10th Year Anniversary!

If you are new to the project, you can view our previous birthday collaborations as examples. The aim of this collaboration is to recruit 100 artists to draw various versions of the Kagamine(s) as a pair stated in a list where Kagamine songs, modules from Project DIVA and costumes from Project Mirai, alternate outfits, CD jacket art etc. are compiled.

And finally, everyone’s drawings will be compiled onto a huge canvas as one piece and will be uploaded on Rin and Len’s birthday (December 27th). But do remember this is a first come first serve basis, so be quick! We’re now looking for more great artists who can make this project a success!

We’ve changed the sign up system this year to be more efficient for old and new members so please be sure to read through the rules stated in Google Forms.


Please fill in all your details in this google form! All applications must go through this form for them to be considered. Our email will only be used for sending out responses and answering questions from now onwards.

For any other inquiries, feel free to drop us an ask on our tumblr page or contact any of the mods in our fabulous and hardworking team! We’ll be looking forward to seeing all your applications, artworks, your enthusiasm and most of all, the final product (in the end)! Let’s make this a 10th Kagamine Anniversary to remember!

-The 100 Kagamine Collaboration team

Amber Heard photographed by Nino Muñoz for GQ Australia (December, 2017)

“I remember ten years ago I went to hold my girlfriend’s hand and I was told that was a death sentence in Hollywood. Ten years late the whole plane was clapping (for Marriage Equality). It brought a tear to my eye, I feel very honored and humbled”.


summer nights in my hometown.
humid air and a cold breeze– cloying. everything smells like old perfume, scents from decades past.
dimmed lights in my room and nervous hands, heavy breathing.
tear stains and shattered bottles.
don’t you ever just want a hand to hold?

taking the train into the city at the break of dawn. shitty earbuds but it’s enough. grey skies. raindrops on the windowpane.

the sickly light from a streetlamp. headlights sweeping past me on the road, the quiet rumble of an engine sounds like a beast and goosebumps prickle my arms.
people are drinking in the graveyard. their laughter stabs through the night like a knife.
i smell smoke, but i can’t tell where it’s coming from.

bloodsuckers popping pills to calm their shaky nerves.
cracked mirrors. cracked sidewalks.
spitting blood onto concrete
soft hands in the darkness.
bruises i don’t remember getting.

locked doors. locked drawers.

is there some kind of secret they’re not telling me?

the months slip through my fingers like sand from that hourglass i had when i was twelve.
july to august to september
to october to november to december
i can’t remember the last time i cut my hair.
i’m trapped. i’m trapped here.

i’m lying down in a casket. i just want to test it out.

my jaws ache and bright light hurts my eyes– i’m cold. i’m always so fucking cold.

an old church with crumbling bricks and rusted railings. people look straight down when they walk past it.
they’re burning things in the woods. i’m afraid.

bite my nails, fall to the feet of cold unblinking statues– should i pray? can i even pray anymore? will anyone listen? does anyone care?

i’m not what i used to be.

they’re burning things in the woods. i can smell it.
i’m so afraid.

steal-me-a-dream  asked:

Hey again! I don't really know how to ask this so bear with me; I'm looking for some fics where stiles and derek reunite when they're older, like it's been a couple years since all the shit in beacon hills and then they meet again with derek not being dark and twisty anymore and things like such. Help?

i think ive got just what youre looking for

A Guy Walks into a Bar by 42hrb (1/1 | 3,123 | PG13)

The last person Derek expects to see on stage is Stiles Stilinski, but there he is, looking like sex and singing like it’s what he was born to do.

Reality Is So Much Better by tabbytabbytabby (1/1 | 1,027 | G)

Stiles often imagined how he would react when he finally saw Derek again. None of those scenarios come close to what happens when Derek shows up at his apartment in Washington, D.C. 4 years after leaving Beacon Hills.

second chances off highway 1 by bleep0bleep (1/1 | 2,380 | PG13)

It’s four am at Hale’s, and Stiles Stilinski has just walked back into Derek’s life.


It’s so soft and hesitant that Derek thinks he imagined it.

Potential by alocalband (1/1 | 2,071 | PG13)

Stiles finds him in a bookstore in Brooklyn and it’s like not a day has passed since they last saw each other, even though it’s been almost two years now. 

december to remember by Marishna (1/1 | 1,574 | G)

As he waited for the call to connect there was a tap on his shoulder and Stiles grinned as he ended the call and spun around.

Not his dad.

“Derek?” Stiles asked in disbelief.

A December To Remember Masterlist

A December To Remember is an advent calendar, that means one new chapter every day from the 1st to the 25th there will be between 400 and 900 words.

Christmas has arrived, and Y/N discovers through a game of Secret Santa that one of the boys at the team has feelings for her. While she’s trying to figure out who that is, Nick Fury has also given her a secret mission, that will, without a doubt, change everything.

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I’ve yet to see the trailer for The Shape of Water (I’m seeing War for the Planet of the Apes tomorrow-or maybe later tonight I’m not sure), but someone tweeted a picture-though blurry, that shows we are going to get a monstrous fish/amphibian man for sure as the heroine’s love interest.

MY TERATO DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE. I just hope the movie won’t end on a sad note where the monster dies… Going to have to go in with low expectations on that.

Does anyone remember the swiftmas secret Santa thing we did last year? Where people were given someone else’s user and like sent them nice messages/ made them something throughout December? I don’t remember who organized it last year but I’d be able to do it this year if people want, reblog and follow me by November 25th and I’ll send you who you have by the 28th!