A Calzona advent calendar - December 5th

“Do you remember our first Christmas?”

Callie was flipping through an old photo album, from a box they’d only recently pulled from the basement, and she stopped on a page with a smile – a wave of nostalgia washing over her. When they were together the first time, Arizona had always insisted on printing photos. Callie tended to keep the thousands she had on her phone or on her computer, but the blonde always wanted printed copies – always argued that when they were old ladies, they wouldn’t want to be clicking through a computer.

“Our first Christmas, or our first Christmas with Sof?”

Arizona glanced over at the child busy colouring on the floor as a holiday movie played on TV, and she shifted closer on the couch, peering down at the album.

“With the three of us. Remember this?”

She pointed at the photo, and Arizona could only smile. In it, she had a six-month-old Sofia strapped to her front, and she was pulling a ginormous Christmas tree on the wagon they’d purchased for just that purpose.

“I do. It was a green Christmas that year. And that tree was way too big for our apartment.”

“It filled it out nicely.”

“Callie, it took up the entire living room. Don’t you remember when Sofia started crawling the week before Christmas? She kept circling the tree cause there was no where else to go.”

Callie laughed at that memory – because it was basically true – and she flipped the page again to see a photo of her and Sofia in pajamas on Christmas morning, and another of just her and Arizona – obviously taken by Mark – as they stole a kiss in front of the tree.

“I love you.”

The brunette looked up suddenly, leaning in to press a gentle kiss to Arizona’s cheek, and Arizona just smiled, shifting her arm around Callie’s shoulders and letting her lean in against her body.

“I love you too.”

“I thought it would make me sad…looking at these, and thinking of the years we wasted,” she flipped another page, and both of their eyes looked down at the photos, “but I’m just happy we’re here now.”

Arizona was quiet, absorbed by the moment, and she simply pressed a kiss to the other woman’s temple as she murmured. 

“Me too.”