Narcissa knew how to play to her advantages - she wasn’t strong like Bella; she was no fighter. And that was good as the spotlight focused on her family. Bella could present her strong front to the world, and Andromeda could attempt to hide away. Narcissa knew her role, as ever, to show wizarding society her fragile side. She was so small, so delicate. She would earn their sympathy in the midst of the terrible things happening to the Black family. And so she had dressed with special care that morning, to play up her fragility with soft makeup and somber clothes. The only exception to the look came through her impossibly high heels - Narcissa still had standards, after all, and her shoes were her battle armor. 

She found a bench where she could perch quietly, book in hand to while away some of the time before her appointment for tea. Feet crossed daintily at the ankles, she was quite enjoying the sunshine when a shadow fell across her book and a frown curled her lips down. “You’re blocking my light.” 


Atkins, Iowa
Population: 1,670

“Early German settlers were not happy with the city’s name. Some came to call the town ‘Poker Flat’ because a local storekeeper warmed beer he sold in the winter with a red-hot poker, which gave the drink an odd “flat” taste. (Yum?) That nickname is enshrined today in one of Atkins developments / neighborhoods.

Most buildings and all except two main tracks and four yard tracks on each side were removed in 1953. With the changes in US culture post-WWII, bringing the growth in the use of automobiles, by 1969, passenger service had dwindled significantly, and was halted by the railroad.The last through freight train was on December 8, 1978. Local freight service was provided once a week until the railroad embargoed the line in March of 1980.”

lately iv been seeing some hate towards SethKate shippers because Seth is 10 years older then Kate. Id like to point out that it is confirmed through the show and show runners that Seth is only 10 years older then Kate. Its also been confirmed that Kate was 18 at the start of season 2 and from the show it has been confirmed that Seth is somewhere in his late 20’s. Really haters a 10 year age difference is not a deal breaker in a romantic relationship. In fact a10 year age difference is very common with couples. Take for instance Nina Dobrev age 27 who was born January 9, 1989 and Ian Somerholder age 37 who was born December 8 1978  meet and had a romantic relationship on the set of the vampire diaries back in 2009. So when doing simple math Nina Dobrev at the time  in 2009 was 20 years old and Ian Somerholder at the time was 30 years old. So for those of you that think SethKate shippers are gross  or wrong for shipping Seth and Kate  then I suggest you write a full page letter to Nina and Ian explaining how gross and wrong  they were for having a romantic relationship. 

Peace Haters