October 1, 2012. When I met my very first love. I met him unexpectedly. I never had that love-at-first-sight, but I had that I-can’t-let-him-leave-my-life-like-that feeling. Guess that’s what people feel when they fell in love for the first time. I never thought we’ll be lovers but love really moves in mysterious ways, it changes you, it changes everything. Been to many trials but our love was strong as a narra tree.

December 21, 2012. When I finally said “yes!” I heard how happy he was. How he jumped in joy. I can still remember the first time I said “I love you.” to him and the feeling when he say he loves me more. How the smell of hospitals make him ill. How seeing trees swaying calms him. How he loves talking from morning to morning. How he smile at me. How his hands warmed mine. How angry was her mother that he can’t even take his phone away from his body. How sweet he is when he suprised me on our first monthsary with a teddy bear as a gift. How corny he is while saying “I love you baby. I love you. I love you. I love you.” The day I lost him, was a day of pains and tears. I realized that even a narra tree can be destroyed, by an axe. I met and lost him unexpectedly. That thought really kills me every night and never fail to make me cry. Don’t know how to start a day without his presence.

Until now, I can feel the pain like a fresh wound. Baby, you’re tattoed in my heart.