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TrollHunters Part 2 Official Trailer. Coming to Netflix December 15, 2017.

guess whooooooooo

It’s been a very long while since i’ve drawn these two numbskulls whom i love dearly still -cry-

i’ve just kept it under wraps for personal reasons uwu

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Handsome Jack and Rhys©Borderlands

Hello, and welcome to the first ever 2B9S week, hosted by myself, Irri, (@invaldalia) and the lovely Lumi, (@lumicakes). This is a week by 2B9S fans, for fans young and old, artists, cosplayers, authors and more!

What is 2B9S week?

A full week in early December dedicated to the ship 2B9S. Each day, participants will submit a piece that corresponds with the daily theme to the week through the use of tumblr’s tag system. At the end of the day, the participants and their works will be listed and reblogged for archiving.

When does it start?

It begins December 1st and ends December 7th.

Are there any rules?

Not many!
1. Please be polite to everyone participating. We’re all fans of the same thing! Let’s keep it civil.

2. If you miss a day but still want to submit, you can! Just message us and we’ll help you out.

3. For the sake of brevity, all fics need to be placed under a “read more” link. If you’re on mobile, you’ll need to access tumblr on your browser and add the link into your text from the desktop version.

Is NSFW allowed?

We know how these fandom is huehue and lewds are always great! However not everyone wants to see them, so all mature content needs to be tagged as #NSFW2B9SWeek and if you feel it’s really smutty, maybe a read more link.

Do I need to do all the days?

Nope! You can do all of them or just two! This is no pressure fun!

How do I join?

Tag your piece with #2B9SWeek2017 and the corresponding day tag, (i.e, for day 6, you would tag your piece as #LunarTears2B9Sweek) this makes it easier for us to find your work.

Can I do anything?

You can do whatever you feel like! Genderbends, role reversal, AU, anything you want and for whatever day you’d like. You’re not stuck into doing one thing if you don’t feel like it.

(Mod irri likes genderbends cough cough you know, earn her favor)


Day 1 -  Protection (December 1st)

Day 2 -  Kiss (December 2nd)

Day 3 – kemonomimi (animal ears and animal tails)/fairy tale/sinoalice (December 3rd)

Day 4 - T-shirt Date/T-Shirts (December 4th)

Day 5 – Modern (Human) AU (December 5th)

Day 6 -  Lunar Tears (December 6th)

Day 7 –Restart (9/05 and 9/19 the days when 2B and 9S wake up after the game) (December 7th)

Finale pt 1 - Thank you post and final collection (December 8th)

Finale pt 2 - Final participation list posted (December 10th)

Thank you and welcome to the week!

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