december pokemon challenge 2013

Day 3 - Favorite Dragon Type

I won’t be surprised if there are a lot of Goomy for this day, so I decided that the best way to stand out was…this. While there were a lot of Dragons to pick from, most of them much cooler designed ones, Goomy was hands down my favorite dragon since it looks nothing like a dragon.  Its stats aren’t the most destructive, but I do enjoy that its appearance is fairly antithesis to the rest of the other dragons (color palette, its face, etc).  It also happens to look like a giant slug and who doesn’t love those?

Pokeddexy Challenge Days 1-8 (Recap, Random Order of Favorites):

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Favorite Rock-Type - Solrock

Favorite Water-Type - Starmie

Favorite Electric-Type - Raichu

Favorite Grass-Type - Vileplume

Favorite Poison-Type - Toxicroak

Favorite Psychic-Type - Gardevoir

Favorite Fire-Type - Infernape

Favorite Ground-Type - Rhyperior

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Allrighty! Time to show you how my game card case look like now. I decorated it with the stickers about week ago. Previously I had had the Kyurem one but my collection had expanded I needed more room for my games and I bought a bigger case. This time it had been a standard case, with no decoration. It took several months until I finaly ended procastinating and began working on a decorative sticker. I did the front image at the end of 2014, as could be seen here. And instead doing another new picture for back, I thought I have enough ‘stack’ drawing so I used Cyndaquil from December Pokemon Challenge 2013 (I’m lazy, k?) …Which reminds me I should finish the 2014 one :c