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YOI x Movic Framed Sketch by Kubo Mitsurou

Original Release Date:
March 9th, 2017
(Some were first sold at Pixiv Zingaro’s YOI exhibition between December 15th - December 27th, 2016)

Featured Characters (3 Total):
Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri

I’ve been excited to receive this ever since it was first announced! Not only because it’s a Kubo Mitsurou original sketch replica that already comes framed, but also because of the trio’s swapped outfits (Yuuri wearing Viktor’s FS costume, Viktor wearing Yuuri’s FS costume, and Yuri wearing Yuuri’s SP/Eros costume)!!! Thank you for this blessing Kubo <3

anonymous asked:

i checked wlf and you submitted an incest design?? thats so fucked up..why did you do that?

I didn’t, I submitted it for the birthday week way back in december but wlf featured it in a shipping thing for whatever reason

(what on my blog does exactly give you the idea I would ship that anyway)

(also I asked them and it’s now removed from the feature)


Today’s feature is the New Year’s celebration from PGSM Act 14, Usagi is Turning into a Youma?

Because Rei had to work at the shrine for New Year’s, the girls celebrate New Year’s a little late. They have a full party, dressing up, sharing all kinds of food, and of course singing karaoke. Usagi sings C'est la Vie, eventually getting Ami to join in. Makoto sings a lovely duet of Katagoshi ni Kinsei with Luna. Though she denies it, even Rei can be seen to be enjoying the music. Later, Ami and Rei can be seen holding Makoto down while Usagi tries to give her a makeover. Clearly, everyone is having all sorts of fun!

Random YOI skating hc’s that @kevystel and I have yelled about:

  • Phichit is responsible for introducing Yuuri to all kinds of music in college and they have bff skate jam sessions ranging from Queen to TSwift and Beyoncé and Sia. Most of them end up on Phichit’s Instagram. Phichit’s seen Yuuri dance around their apartment and knows this kiddo’s got moves. Yuuri is the secret weapon to Phichit’s Insta success and his fans love seeing shy, smiling Yuuri let loose on the ice after practice.
  • Chris and Viktor’s Insta video of them jamming together to Marina’s Primadonna is campy as hell and hits a little too close to home for Viktor and his relationship with the media but he does it anyway bc he loves Chris. He also does it to fuck with the RSF over Twitter.
  • While Chris has a lockdown on Gaga exhibition skates, there is totally video of Yuuri doing a Just Dance jam session with Phichit. The minute they all see Yuuri go full Dramatic to Bad Romance they all lose their minds.
  • Whenever Poker Face comes on at skating galas, Chris and Viktor break out into an impromptu duet. Everything they do is ridiculously over the top but they have so much fun together.
  • Yuuri has such a graceful and quiet persona - he skates to things like Tchaikovsky’s Octobre (bby juniors Yuuri!) and Chopin - but his Intense and Dramatic inevitably comes through in things like Dvorak’s Serenade and Mendelssohn’s violin concerto in E.
  • When he breaks out the Dramatic exhibition skates everybody loses their shit and come away shaken and in love and smiling whenever they think about it for the next few days.
  • Ex: his very heartfelt gala skate to Love Me Like You Do where he’s totally relaxed and pulling out all these jumps and beautiful spins and the judges can’t quite believe what they’re seeing. Yuuri can’t see shit, but it doesn’t matter bc sometimes he just needs to skate his heart out and pretend the audience isn’t there.
  • Viktor has absolutely done a gala skate to the Russian version of Once Upon a December. It features an all-white tailed jacket ensemble with blue and gold accents. Yuuri miiight keep it in his YouTube favorites list and miiight have cried a little over it. Lilia is disgusted by the whole thing.
  • After the Sochi banquet, he built a new exhibition routine to Indila’s Derniere danse, completely expecting Yuuri to be competing in the rest of the season. It’s full of come-hither looks and hair flips, spins, and seductive step sequences. He choreographed most of it dancing around his apartment. Lilia, again, is disgusted.
  • Yakov officially gave up trying to steer any part of Viktor’s exhibition skates years ago. He knows when to pick his battles, and this is just Not Worth It.
  • Viktor absolutely had a t.a.T.u phase and you can bet money he skated to Ya Soshla S Uma complete with high pony tail, a lace choker, a mesh top, and a plaid mini-skirt thing. Yuri Plisetsky who?
  • The Classics: Viktor skates to anything and everything Tchaikovsky, the waltz from Masquerade, Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, Rimsky Korsakov’s Scheherazade, La Bayadère, Onegin, that Rachmaninoff piano concerto. His Olympic-winning Swan Lake FS is iconic. Yuuri has it saved in HD and it has it’s own place of honor in the massive Viktor Nikiforov file on his laptop.
  • The Tangos: Viktor’s tango skates are intentionally suggestive re: gender. It doesn’t matter if his hair is long, short, or if he’s in suits/shirts or all glammed out, he’s completely arresting to watch as Viktor Nikiforov, skating artiste. Yuuri’s inevitable tango is so intense Viktor practically has a flashing neon “I Am So Gay” Moment™ while rinkside, and he choreographed the damn thing. This one is their go-to track for dancing around the living room/skating together at the rink when they have it to themselves.
  • Yurio’s exhibition skates are always A Lot in terms of lights and music and punked-out costumes with leopard prints and spikes. (This is literally canon anyways.) There’s definitely fog involved. Yakov has officially given up on trying to get Yura to do anything subdued for his exhibition skates. 
  • After the GP exhibition skate, Yuuri and Viktor frequently get asked to perform Stay Close to Me together. Phichit cries every time they break it out. He just loves them a lot and wants them to be happy. Yurio throws up in his mouth a little and complains on the phone to Otabek later but watches the whole thing without complaint.

Congrats if you made it this far! Here’s a playlist of dramatic!skate programs for funtimes and here’s my general YOI playlist