december evening

i both can’t wait for le mouvement final and dread it coming cos it could potentially be the last one ( ˙-˙ )

i didn’t expect it to start so soon though! september 8th is so early - but this does pretty much confirm why karin isn’t coming back. i was expecting a november, maybe even early december run, but this means less waiting time so yay!

if it’s the last one can they pls give them proper graduation?

ps: i still want that uranep death scene okay okay okay gimme

remember how on december 10th, isak and even were lying in isak’s bed, and even told him that it wasn’t going to work out, the two of them, because he was only going to hurt isak? and you know, that had been even’s mindset for a long time, and that was why he would distance himself from isak, because he was afraid he would ultimately hurt this boy he loved, that he wouldn’t be good for him? but then on april 10th, four months later, they were moving in together, and isak was actually the happiest he’s ever been

and the thing is that there are many little moments they share, during which even is reminded of how good he actual is for isak, like when they wake up in the morning and isak squeezes his waist so they’ll stay in bed just a little longer, and he whispers with a sleepy voice “i just sleep so well when i’m with you”. and when even makes breakfast for them, and isak tells him “can you believe i didn’t eat breakfast at all before you?” and when isak gets a grade back, and it’s a 6, and he has this big and excited smile on his face, and he tells even “thank you for helping me study”. and when they cuddle on their couch while watching a movie, and isak lifts his head from where it rested on even’s shoulder, and he looks up at him and says “i’m so happy we’re here”, and even feels a sense of warmth and comfort spread through him, and he has to believe isak’s words when they’re infused with so much sincerity and appreciation, and he tells him “me too”

The [2009 Copenhagen climate change] summit had developed into another grudge match between the developed and developing worlds. China, India, and Brazil were refusing to sign an agreement that would commit them to even incremental steps to curb emissions. Diplomats from 193 countries wandered the bright hallways of the Bella Center in a state of fretful energy.

With failure looming, [Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton telephoned [President] Obama and urged him to fly to Copenhagen to try to break the deadlock. His political advisers were opposed, not wanting to pull the boss away from a crowded domestic agenda for a diplomatic caper that looked as if it was going to end badly. Obama, though, had promised, like Clinton, to get serious about climate change. He trusted her diagnosis: that only the American President could broker a compromise. So on the evening of December 3, 2009, he ordered Air Force One fueled up for a flight to Denmark.

Twenty-four hours later, he was being briefed by an exasperated Clinton inside a small coffee bar in a shopping mall adjacent to the conference center that had been closed for the meeting. When it became clear that the Chinese delegation was trying to water down any agreement, holing up in a conference room with windows taped over to conceal their dealings from the Americans, Obama and Clinton decided to take matters into their own hands. They set off to confront the Chinese in person, fast-walking down a hallway and up a flight of stairs, panicked aides in chase, before they ran into a Chinese official in the doorway, waving his arms and shouting, “Not ready yet.”

Confusion swirled as Clinton and Obama tried to find out who was in the room with the Chinese. An advance person told them it was the Indians, the Brazilians, and the South Africans. Now Clinton was mad: The Indians had told American officials they had already left for the airport. A major developing country was lying to avoid dealing with the United States on climate change? She and Obama looked at each other in disbelief. “C’mon, let’s just do this,” he said to Clinton. She moved first, ducking under the outstretched arm of a Chinese security guard and barging into the room, which drew a collective gasp from the leaders huddled around a conference table. Obama was right behind her. “Hi, everybody!” he bellowed, like a dad coming home early to find his teenage kids throwing a keg party in the backyard. “Mr. Prime Minister, are you ready to see me now?” he said, turning to face the nonplussed Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, who was anything but.

– Mark Landler, Alter Egos: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Twilight Struggle Over American Power (BOOK | KINDLE).

This story about President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton teaming up like they were in a buddy-cop movie and crashing a meeting at the Copenhagen climate change summit is one of my favorite anecdotes from the Obama Administration.


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but, like, it makes total sense, doesn’t it?

from december, up until now, even though the show’s been on hiatus, the characters … haven’t? they’ve still been there, in our fictional universe, and time has passed from december 2016 to now, april 2017.

so OF COURSE even would look at sana with more concern? because in these months, the /characters/ have still been existing, have still been interacting. so of course, sana and even MUST have talked between all this time, and gotten to know one another a little more better.

which is why even said in such cute little sarcastic way, “oh, NOW you’re here?!”, to which sana, equally innocently replies back “am i LATE?!”, 

like, to have that kinda conversation and dialogue, you HAVE to be on a decent comfortable level with someone, so that they know you’re just joking with them, because you’re fond of them, and you know they’ll give you a reply back, equally filled with banter.

so OF COURSE, even would look at sana seriously, with some worry/concern, just to see if she’s okay, because even …. gets it? in these months that have passed, he must have seen sana, like, really seen sana, and her mannerisms, and observed her. he must have picked up when sana wasn’t looking, at her reaction to things, and deciphered meaning from it with his knowledge of islam he has, because we KNOW, that just like how sana is an observant person, even equally is just as much of an observant person too. 

I hope that Isak and Even are as happy as they are here in their new home. I am wondering what they are doing,and miss them a LOT. I know this is Sanas season,and I adore her,but these two will always have a special place in my heart. I wonder who makes dinner,what they make for dinner,I hope they don`t eat Grandiosa and kebab all the time,what kind of furniture they`ve got,if the freezer is okay,if Isak is sleeping on Evens chest right now,do they take long showers together,are Evens guitars there,and his drawings,does Isak have the drawings Even gave him in a frame on the wall,are they struggeling with IKEA-furniture,does Isaks dad still pay 4000; for his rent,I wonder if Even still try to make Isak dance in the kitchen,how does Even pay for the rent,did Isak get his beer and did he like the sparkling wine Even got them,will they have a housewarming party,what have they been doing since December 16th 2016,will Even be a russ this year,is he okay at school,have they said “I love you”,do they still take it “minute by minute”,day by day or are they passed that and sure about that this is IT,that they are endgame,have Even filled up the walls in their apartment with Baz Luhrman movie posters? So many questions,and it makes me sad that most of them probably never will get answered. Sana is the Queen,but these two are my favourites,and I hope they will stay together forever,have their grand fucking wedding and live as happy as they can. Right now they make me proud,but also sad over the things we will never get to know.

“And we didn’t even know each other...”

Look. I know Zayn and Louis applied for the same job. And Niall and Liam went to the same Busted concert (presumably when they were like 8 years old when Busted was touring before 1D was formed). Both of those things are neat coincidences.

But they aren’t very significant to any of them, because they’ve mentioned both of those things like one time in interviews over the course 6 years (and it was arguably to try and make the Script concert seem like less of a thing). 

You know what’s significant? What Harry himself made significant? 

The Script concert. He had to make a public declaration about it…twice!

“This place is incredible to me…I remember coming to quite a few gigs here. I remember I stood right there watching the Script and it turns out, Louis was at the same gig!“ - Manchester, 22 December 2011

“This venue is quite special to me. I’ve been to quite a few gigs here before. And I remember, about 3 years ago, I was stood just about there to watch the Script in here, and it turns out, that Louis was at the same gig!” - Manchester, 23 December 2011

Louis and Zayn have never described their mutual employment pursuits as “incredible” or “quite special.” And neither have Liam and Niall described the Busted concert that way, despite it being literally the same scenario as Louis and Harry attending a Script concert at the same venue on the same day.

So you have to wonder why Harry cares so much, why it’s such a curious thing that they were there, together, on the same night, at the same time, doing the same thing, and they didn’t even know each other. 

But then fate twisted, and they did meet, and became so important to each other, that it made the night they missed each other that much more significant. 

My Shot
Hamilton Broadway Cast
My Shot

Javier Muñoz (Alexander Hamilton), Brandon Victor Dixon (Aaron Burr), Lexi Lawson (Eliza Hamilton), Mandy Gonzalez (Angelica Schuyler), Alysha Deslorieux (Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds), Nicholas Christopher (George Washington), Jordan Fisher (John Laurens/Phillip Hamilton), Rory O’Malley (King George), Seth Stewart (Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson), Jevon McFarren (u/s Hercules Mulligan/James Madison), Thayne Jasperson (Samuel Seabury)

Waking up with Seijoh


- He tries. He really tries but he’s always late.
- He has three different alarms: one for the first call, the second for the second call, the third to get a fucking move.
- Wakes up at 5 for his morning jog with Iwaizumi and likes to hum k-pop upbeat songs while running.
- Takes 1 hour to get ready after he comes home to shower, cause those hair wouldn’t be that beautiful by themselves, you know
- Has everything ready for the day from the night before
- Usual breakfast includes: coffee with cream, vanilla and loads of sugar, plain toast and nothing more.


- Yoga. The key is yoga. Wakes up at 5 and without opening his eyes starts with the Sun Salutations. After the fifth repeat is really awaken.
- Glares angrily at Tooru for fifteen minutes cause he’s always late for their jog. And Oikawa’s the one who asked him to go. That bastard.
- Ready in 15 minutes: shower, clothes and everything. Never dries is hair with a blow-dryer.
- Hates coffee and sweets before 10 in the morning.
- Breakfast is traditional: hojicha, rice, eggs.

- Morning doesn’t exist.
- Has to makes violence upon himself to literally roll out of the bed.
- Spends three quarter of his available time under the shower watching into nothingness. He’s one of the #no blow-dry bros.
- Eats whatever’s left from the night before, be it pizza, curry or miso soup. He’s like a vacuum cleaner for leftovers.
- Really wakes up while sneakely smoking his first cigarette of the day, usually in the ten minutes stroll to Hanamaki’s house.


- Even if he goes to bed at 4 in the morning can’t sleep after 8 am. He’s usually up before his own alarm rings, even if he’s tired as hell.
- Spends the first ten minutes laying in bed and checking his socials.
- If he doesn’t wash his face first thing after going out the bed, he feels gross.
- No milk or anything of sorts in the morning cause it makes him feel queasy and it doesn’t help his almost won battle against acne.
- Does follow a strict beauty routine because of said acne.
- Sweets and black coffee are everything in the morning.
- Takes off his earrings just before arriving at school.


- Can’t really talk till he has had at least half of his breakfast
- Breakfast is always cereals, possibly crunchy and sugary ones.
- Likes to nap a little on the couch after breakfast when is early
- Can’t go out without a cap in winter cause he can’t stand his ears freezing and falling off
- Biking to school makes him happy and relaxed. It’s almost a meditation.


- Late. Latelatelatelatelate.
- Runs every single morning to school and his hairs are always perfect when he arrives.
- Waking up includes: tumbling out of bed, running to the shower, eating breakfast while dressing, and running for dear life. He likes to say it’s for practice.
- Surprisingly he’s one of the #no blow-dry bros. His hair are just that perfect by themselves.
- Has perfected the art of running to school and not wrinkling his clothes in the process.


- Wakes up at 5. No need to, really, he just likes to wake up early.
- Fried chicken for breakfast YES
- Tons of sweetened ice tea even in December cause he can’t stand hot beverages.
- Usually watches the news while waiting for the right time to shower and be ready for school.
- Never rushes to school cause he’s always half an hour early anyway
- Helps braiding his little sister hairs before leaving.


- Waking up his painless. The alarm rings. Boom. He is awake. Simple as that.
- Takes a good fifteen minutes styling proudly his hair.
- For breakfast usually has toasts, jam, coffee and croissants​ from the bakery down the street where his brother works.
- Always saves one for Kunimi’s endless morning hunger.
- Loves to play Pokémon go on his phone while walking to school till he arrives at Kunimi’s.
- Starts every day with light stretching before showering.


- Hates mornings. Why. Who invented it.
- Usually it’s his older sister who wakes him up after the third fruitless replay of his alarm. She takes off​ his covers, opens the blinds​ and the windows, leaving him in the cold blinding morning light. She’s evil like that.
- Showers and dresses in less than ten minutes
- Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, so it needs to be a feast. If there’s food, he will eat it. Your pantries are not safe around Kunimi in the morning.
- Once, his mother didn’t do grocery shopping for the week and left him to start on Monday with only a pack of cookies. That time he tried to bite Kindaichi when he smelled croissants on him. From that moment, Kindaichi made sure to have backup food for him.

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