december 7th 2011

Alright some are taking this letter to be sort of a corner stone for Bleach, as if that’s when Kubo started writing what he really wanted to. The letter was from 2010 and Bleach didn’t experience any changes around that time, instead it only started drastically changing around 670 I think. He had 6(!!) years available to write what he wanted to and explore the story in a way he saw fit. So let’s see how he used those years.

Farewell Swords (423) was published around 11th October 2010

Death & Strawberry 2 (459) was published around 3rd August 2011 followed by Deathberry Returns (460) on the 17th August 2011. All of these chapters HEAVILY featured IchiRuki. 

The Kubo-approved “Thank You” (episode 324) aired on 4 October 2011

The Lost (chapter 476 where Rukia expressed gratitude over his unwavering resolve and how that changed her and SS’s fate) was released on the 7th December 2011

Death Saves The Strawberry novel was released in 12 September 2012

The Honeymoon colorspread was part of the 2011 Bleach calendar. 

We even have the latest arc (2015-2016) where numerous times it was hinted that Ichigo would stay in Soul Society (the Yuki guy was supposed to be an apprentice for Ichigo, the death of Yamamoto signified a change in leadership/mindset for the SS, and the tickets Kyoraku handed out were a hint) and that Rukia would play a bigger role (her Bankai was hinted to be shown again and Urahara’s words in 666, which was published around 16th March 2016). Just for reference Fade To Black was released in September 2009. Ichigo activated his fullbring (which to Riruka was linked with love) while thinking of Rukia, the “Speed of the World” poem, the Bonds That Never Break colorspread, etc. all happened around 2011.

Between these dates there were many other indicators of who got more development (the whole FullBringer/Lost Shinigami arc was a IR arc) and many other moments/interviews. He had 6 years to develop his “starting ideas” more and yet nothing changed around 2010-2011, if anything those years were pretty good for IchiRuki shippers. I call BS on “I intended for this to happen!!1!!1!”

Psycho Killer Chapter Two

Sociopathy Is The New Black

Description: Ah, winter in the City. The snow is falling, the tree is up, Holiday cheer is all around. HA fuck that. It’s just another day in the life of a serial killer. Spending time with the Winchesters has proven to be, interesting. However, a little to much liquor proves to be problematic. How will the reader handle a revelation that shakes her to the core? 

Characters: Serial Killer!Female!Reader x Sam, Dean

Words: 4,154

Warnings: Swearing- lots of it, drunken antics, fourth wall break, reader’s POV

A/N: Here it is! Part Two! I would just like to thank everyone who commented and gave feedback on Psycho Killer, without you guys this would never had happened. I am happy to inform that this will turn into a series (I’m not sure how long just yet). If you want to be tagged, let me know! Italics are colorful commentary. Bold is setting. GIFs are not mine. 

Part One

Day- December 6th / Year- 2011 / Time- 17:38 / Place- Random Diner in Brooklyn

I just remembered why I hate going to New York City. Everyone talks about how amazing New York is, I honestly don’t see it. Manhattan is filled with hoity toity businessmen and their spoiled bratty children, and the worst type of people, tourists. Unless you have a rolex on your wrist or a tiffany engagement ring on your finger, Manhattan isn’t really for you. Brooklyn isn’t any better. It’s all gentrified now with hipsters pretending to be starving artists while living off of their parent’s trust fund. Queens and The Bronx are alright I guess, and nobody comes to New York City because “they really want to see Staten Island”. The whole city has too many people, it’s ridiculous. The people suck, traffic sucks, everything sucks…

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