december 5 2010


daft punk discography appreciation: Tron: Legacy (4/5)
released: December 3rd, 2010
“Obviously Tron is a huge influence, artistically for them. We’ve been working on the music for, almost, three years now. And it’s something really new for you Daft Punk fans out there, this is gonna be something completely new and different. It’s a mix of orchestral music, electronic, granular sound. It’s all blended together.” - Joseph Kosinski [x]


Darren Criss performs “Not Alone” at Trevor Live


George Harrison (and his brother Peter) with Harold, 1940′s, 7 December 1963, and during the Dark Horse Tour, 1974; as well as George and Dhani at FPSHOT, at the Prince’s Trust Concert on 5 June 1987, and at the Natural Law Party concert on 6 April 1992… Happy Father’s Day!

Photos © The Harrison Family (presumably), Mirrorpix; Henry Grossman (?), Brian Aris, Terry O’Neill, Ilpo Musto/London Features

“I stopped being as crazy as I used to be because I want this child to have a father a bit longer. Also with a child around I can realize what it was like to be my father. At the same time, you can relive certain aspects of being a child. You watch them and have all these flashbacks of when you were a kid. It somehow completes the generation thing.” - George Harrison, 1988 [x]

“My dad was my hero, my best friend.” - Dhani Harrison, 2012 [x]

“My father was very lovely when I was growing up. I might have gotten in trouble for anything to do with hurting trees or guitars but not much else. That would land you in a lot of trouble at my house. He was very reasonable. But he didn’t mess around. He was stern, but he was very cool. He would play his guitars and have a cup of tea in the garden. That was the way it went. He liked to just plant trees all day long.” - Dhani Harrison, Filter, Fall 2011 [x | x]

“He used to say to me every day, ‘You don’t have to go to school today. Do you wanna just go on a yacht in the South Pacific and run away forever?’ A lot of people would probably say, ‘You’re an idiot for not doing that.’ And maybe in a way, I am. But I… To rebel in my family was to go to school. I went to, like, a semi-military school. We did CCF one day a week, and he… that used to piss him off, me walking around in an Air Force uniform. I was 15 and then, uh, had some little run-in with some policemen. And, um… and he told the policemen to f*** off. And, uh, that was when I realized that he was actually cool, on my side, and not just a scary dad, you know. And, uh, he was very, very close to me after that. And we kind of would run off down the garden and hide, ‘Don’t tell your mum’ kind of stuff, you know.” - Dhani Harrison,

Living in the Material World [x]

can you even imagine that there are people who weren’t around for the tumblr blackout of december 5, 2010?! like we complain about an hour of tumblr being down - i’m talking we went without tumblr for more than 24 hours and it was pure hell. kids these days just take so much for granted.

That Was Almost Brilliant!

Good morning everyone.  Upon further review, after posting that yesterday December 3rd was My 5 Year Tumblr Anniversary, I awakened this morning and much to my great chagrin realized that today is the 3rd. GREAAAAAAAAAAT!  :)  Oh well, happy anniversary to me and much love to all of you.  On a semi related note I found the really old poem that kind of goes with My First Ever Tumblr Post from yesterday and will try to sneak it in later. Mike