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[TRANS] Shukan Josei: Profiles

SUGA: Profile
23 years old, born March 9th, 1993. 174 cm, Blood type O. Along with his activities with BTS, he also is known as a music “genius” with his solo activities under the name of Agust D. He said, “When I work, I just work and when I rest, I rest. That’s my personality.” In the studio, he’s usually buried in his bed alongside Jimin, as they wait for their makeup to be done. Brilliant self-analysis.

JIN: Profile
24 years old, born December 4th, 1992. 179cm, Blood Type O. Vocalist. He’s the oldest member of the group, known to be a handsome eater. Rap Monster says that “I’m really jealous of how he doesn’t have any stress.” His personality makes him say things like, “Once I sleep I forget. The tough things, even things I learned (lol). Ah, is that my tea? (lol)” His innocent personality makes everyone around him feel happy.

JIMIN: Profile
21 years old, born October 13th, 1995. 173cm, Blood Type A. Vocalist. He shows expression through the contemporary dance he learned at a Performance High School. Because he sometimes looks like he has soft face, people call him “ChimChim.” During an interview, we told him that his jawline looked sharp, his eyes lit up and said “I’m on a diet,” then turned to Jungkook to say “They said I lost weight!,” with a smile on his face.

22 years old, born September 12th, 1994. 181 cm, Blood Type A. He has many solo activities, including collaborations with other artists. Relied on by others, he’s a super smart yet clumsy leader. When he goes into the studio or when simply greeting staff he would greet them, “Good Morning… aah!,” as he trips on the stairs. He’s a good person.

V: Profile
21 years old, born December 30th, 1995. 178cm, Blood Type AB. Vocalist. He is currently starring in the ongoing Korean Drama, “Hwarang” (broadcasted in Japan from March, on CSDATV). He’s a handsome and interesting kid. During an early schedule, while everyone was sleepy, he came in humming a song. Although it was early, he showed enthusiasm, even asking, “Where will the makeup be done?” in Japanese, but as the schedule was ending he seemed to have a delayed feeling of sleepiness that he was fighting against (lol).

19 years old, born September 1st, 1997. 178cm, Blood Type A. Vocalist. He has brilliant skills in dance, singing, and sports, and is known as the “Golden Maknae.” He was teased by J-Hope who said, “Your legs are shaking” as Jungkook tried to keep a challenging pose for the shoot. But then, he just smiled and told the staff, “I’m fine!”. His manly Busan personality made our hearts race.

J-HOPE: Profile
22 years old, born February 18th, 1994. 177cm, Blood Type A. Rapper. Since he practiced street dance from his school ages, he pulls the group along as the lead dancer. His words “Let’s go,” was also the ones that brought the group in together to start this shoot. During his free time, he was practicing his Japanese pronunciation of “HOPE” with the staff, which was very impressive.

BTS: Group Profile
Their name holds the meaning that their music will push through the negative stereotypes put on millennials by older generations. BTS debuted in Korea in 2013. The following June, they also debuted in Japan. Their 2015 Japanese single “FOR YOU” placed number 1 on the Weekly Oricon Rankings. Last year, they also placed first on the Oricon rankings for their album “YOUTH.” The members also participated in producing their Korean album WINGS, last autumn, which earned the highest placement as Korean Artists on the American Billboard Charts, 26th, showing their popularity across the globe.

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Compare this scene:

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to this scene:

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Clarke would not leave the fate of her people in L/xa’s hands because she did not trust her.

Clarke left the fate of her people in Bellamy’s hands because she did trust him. 

Like…..what kind of next level…OTP…

All I Want for Christmas

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

Pairing: Sam x Orphan!Reader
Word count: 748
Request: @sanityoverrated27 Could you do one where the reader is an abandoned little girl that has two different color eyes and gets rejected by the people in town but just wants to wo spend time with someone for Christmas so Sam takes her in ( you can twist the story if u want)

Christmas masterlist

Taking a deep breath, you slipped out from your hiding place. Your eyes, one green, one blue, looked around. There were families, smiling, caring, and loving. It was a small town, so they all knew you. They all shunned you, looked down on you, and some even pretended not to see you as they passed by. You’d gotten used to this long ago. It was what life was. All you remembered.

That didn’t stop you from dreaming, and having hope. Some days you felt like you were kidding yourself, lying to yourself, but most? Most days, you held your head high. You wore tattered jeans, shirts that were too big, basically anything you could find. During warmer months, you would bath in a stream not far from town. You’d find scraps of soap, bits of shampoo left in bottles, and the like. It didn’t get you feeling fresh, but it made you feel a little better.

At the moment, it was too cold for that. You would wash your face, hands, and your hair to the best of  your ability. Shoving your hands in your pockets, you walked down the sidewalk, rep in thought. You only wanted one thing for Christmas. The same thing you wanted every year. Someone to spend it with.

Having someone spend Christmas with you meant someone cared. It meant you weren’t alone. Every year you were sorely disappointed.

You were snapped from your thoughts when you walked into someone. Looking up, you saw the tall man in a dark coat turn. He smiled at you, making your eyes go wide. He knelt down so that you didn’t have to crane your neck. “Hello, there.” He greeted you.

“Hi…” You replied, your voice soft, and unsure.

His hazel eyes took in your appearance and you saw the sadness in his eyes. “Where’s your family?”

You shrugged. “I don’t have one.” It was what it was. “I’ve been on my own forever.”

“You hungry?” His voice was gentle, and non-judgemental. Which was something you weren’t used to.

“I’ll be okay, mister.” You told him before running off down a side street. As much as your stomach was yelling at you right now, you were so used to being alone that anything else scared you. It was an odd mix of fear and want.

Sam watched you go, concern written on his face. He stood up and ran after you. “Hey, kid! I’m not gonna hurt you.” He told you, looking behind everything he saw. “My name is Sam. I have a brother named Dean.” Maybe telling you about himself would help? “He owns a really cool car, likes pie, and is a fan of 80s music. I like dogs, running, and reading. What do you like?”

You were curled up besides a dumpster, listening. His voice told you to trust him, so you slowly crawled out and stood up. “My name is Y/N.” You told him.

He smiled at you again. “How would you like me to get you something warm in you.”

For the first time in awhile, you smiled a genuine smile. “Thank you.”

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Birthday Surprise (Jin birthday Scenario) (Jin X Reader)

Short: You go and visit Jin while he’s on tour since it’s his birthday. This is the first birthday out of the 4 years you have been together that you were going to “miss” little does he know, you’re already at the dorm

Jin just finished performing on stage.Satisfied by the roaring of the fans he gives one last smile and wave before he exits the stage. He thought of you being in the audience and smiled to himself. But only then he realized you were still back at home. Oh how he wished he could go home and see you. Especially since his birthday was coming up in less than 24 hours. This was the first birthday out of the four years you have been dating that he didn’t get to see you. He was beyond sad. Pulling out his phone from his bag he saw texts from you. Quickly opening them he read your words over and over again to relieve the pain of missing you.

You on the other hand have been planning a surprise for Jin’s birthday since a month ago. He was a way for three months and it was the perfect time for you and the guys to make a group chat and discuss what they should do for the eldest member. Together, you planned to go and visit him at the end of the tour. His birthday was a week before he was supposed to come home and that’s why you wouldn’t be spending it ‘together’ this year. You did however give him subtle hints about the plan by saying things like “We’ll see each other soon” or “Your wish might come true” whichever one you said would still make Jin’s heart warm because he couldn’t wait to hold you in his arms again. Everyday he would read your messages and tell you about how much he missed you and that he was sorry that he couldn’t spend his birthday with you this year. It wasn’t his fault, you knew this. He was busy, he was a star and many people loved him, including you. You were glad that he still stayed with you for this long.
You were on your way to Korea at this time, you texted Jin about your regular day as if you were still at home. You took pictures of your home ahead of time because he asked for them whenever he felt homesick. It was around 10 o'clock at night when you arrived and you were quickly catching a ride from Yoongi back to the dorm. Yoongi said he was gonna go and grab some drinks as an 'excuse’ to get out of his house to pick you up. “Jin is going to flip when he sees you. He talks non-stop about you. Now that you’re here, can you please shut him up?” Yoongi said as he turned onto the driveway of the dorm. You laughed, “I’ll try Yoongi”
“Anyways, it’s nice to see you y/n” He went back inside with the drinks and you could hear Jin’s voice of worry coming from inside. Oh how much you wanted to just burst in and give him a hug. But you couldn’t, it would ruin the plan you and the guys had set up for a month. You looked at the time, “perfect” you say to yourself as you go onto the skype app on your phone. It was the usual time you and Jin would skype during the day (or night in this case). You hear the ringing, soon to be picked up by Jin. “Hi princess!”
“Hi Jin” you smiled
“Where Are you? Are you outside..? You better be wearing a jacket. I checked the weather there for today and it’s pretty chilly.. Hey, that tree looks familiar.. Are you in a park or something?”
You try not to smile too much when you try to change the subject, “don’t worry about me Jin, it’s Your birthday and yes I’m wearing a jacket. Anyways how are you? Are you holding up okay? You don’t miss me too much, do you?” You teased.
He made sure none of the boys were around before he answered, “I do!! I miss you a lot!! I almost cried yesterday! Man.. I wish I could spend my birthday with you..”
“Oh? What do you miss about me Jinnie?”
“Well.. I want to be able to hold you in my arms again.. I miss your food and the way you look in the morning. I miss your lips, your hugs, and everything about you. I miss the way I would kiss you before I fell asleep and the way you cuddle into the crook of my neck. We have been dating for four years but even the simplest smile from you can still make my stomach flip”
“Aww… Jin..”
“Ah! Sorry.. I got a little carried away” he said, rubbing his neck.
“That’s perfectly fine.. I miss you too Jin.” You saw Namjoon walk up on the driveway. You quickly put the camera aside and gave Namjoon a quick side hug. “Y/n? What’s happening? I can’t see your face anymore”
“Ah it’s nothing, just had to go and throw something out, anyways, you should open the door for Namjoon, he has a lot of stuff for you”
“Ah okay- Wait What? How do you kno-” he heard the knock on the door and opened it up to see Namjoon’s hands full of bags. He brings them in and quickly checks outside, no one was in sight. He turned back to his phone, “y/n what’s going on?? How did you know about Namjoon??” He saw you Ended the call and he didn’t know how to feel. Then you snaked your arms around his waist, “Happy birthday Jin!” He spun around at the voice and covered his mouth at the sight of you before hugging you tightly. Once he pulled away he pinched your cheek, “Why didn’t you tell me?!?! I hate you!!” He said hugging you again.
You pouted at him, “do you want me to leave then?”
“N-No! Of course not!” He turned to your face and cupped it. “Is this real? You’re here right? I’m not dreaming?? I’m not supposed to see you for another week!”
“I know, but I wanted to surprise you Jin”
He was almost in tears, “I love you so much. You are the best girlfriend (soon to be wife) ever”
“I love you too Jin. Now, let’s go and join the other guy-” You weren’t able to finish your sentence before Jin kissed you deeply, “sorry y/n. But I have been waiting for this moment for Three months. There is No way I’m letting this go so easily. We can join the boys later. I want you right now” his devilish grin made you feel chills up your spine. And all you could do was nod at him.

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Newborn Neighbors

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Pairing: Daddy!Daryl x Neighbor!Reader
Word count: 1,076

Part 1 of Heels and Pearls

Carrying up one of the last boxes, Daryl got closer to his door and heard movement in his new apartment. He knew it wasn’t his daughter, as she wasn’t even rolling over yet- or even home. Walking in, he saw a little girl with pigtails on her tiptoes, looking into a box. He set the box down, chuckling. “Can I help ya, missy?” He smiled, crossing his arms over his chest.

She looked up at him, grinning. “I saw toys. Do you have kids?!” She asked, excitedly. “Can we be friends?”

“Maybe one day.” Daryl told her. “Right now, she’s a bit too young. And besides, where’s your parents?”

“Liv?!” A woman’s voice called out, panicked. “Liv?!”

Daryl turned towards the door, figuring the little girl in his apartment was ‘Liv’. Sighing, he walked towards the main hall. “Ma’am?” He motioned as you reached your door. “I believe that the girl you’re looking for is in here.” He smiled.

You rushed over and looked in, letting out a relieved sigh. “Damn it, Liv.”

“Sorry, momma.” She said as she came over. “I saw toys. I just wanted to make friends.”

“Why were you in the hall in the first place?”

She shrugged. “I heard daddy say someone new was moving in when he brought me home.” Liv looked up at Daryl. “How old is she?”

“My daughter?” He asked. When she nodded, he crouched to her level, making you smile. “She’s only a couple months old right now, sweetheart.”

“Can I see her?”

He smiled. “My friend and his wife are watching her while I get some stuff done. She’ll be home before dinner, though.”  

Liv went to ask something else when you said something first. “Come on, Liv. I’m sure he’d like to get back to getting settled.” You smiled at her before looking over at Daryl. “Sorry about her just… walking in like that. Welcome to the building. I look forward to meeting your wife and daughter.” You said kindly, knowing someone that attractive with such a young daughter had to be married.

Daryl stood up. “You can meet my daughter. However, her mother is no longer in our lives.” He told you honestly.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” You felt your cheeks heat up, more so when he smiled at you.

Liv smiled up at him. “Daddy left, too. Maybe you and mommy can be friends!”

You chuckled. “And with that, I’m ushering my child home.” You smiled. “It was nice meeting you.” You waved at him.

He laughed. “Nice meeting you, too. And you, too, sweetheart.” He smiled at Liv.

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