december 31th

Okay so,
This is a preview of a comic i’m doing for christmas. I wanted to post it today but i haven’t finished it yet because of time ( ; w ; ) also it’s my first time using formally a tablet, also my first time using Sai lmao, also i’ve never done a comic so long before (it has 7 pages) but i’ll do my best to finish it before December 31th!!
Please keep looking foward to it (*´▽`*)

Question Tag

I was tagged by @hiimcaroline HI THERE, I LIKE ALL TAGS. *sarcasm* but it’s funny.

How tall are you?

157 cm, sorry I don’t know in ‘’ how tall I’m xD

What color and style is your hair?

At this moment dark blonde/brown with red THINGS. But I’m going to be violet girl~

What color are your eyes?

Blue and green  ~ heterochromia

Do you wear glasses or contacts?


Do you wear braces?


What is your fashion style?

Comfortable. But I like goth style. A bit… Okay, a lot. But I’m too shy to wear it. Sorry…

When were you born?

31th December 1996

How old are you?


Do you have siblings?

Younger brother~ <3 He is such a dork XD

What school do you go to?

Second year of university. *copy*

What kinda student are you?

Sleepy one. I always write something… like novels… >_> AND I LIKE IT XD

What are your favorite shows?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 

What are your favorite books?

The Black Magican Trilogy

What are your favorite movies?

Pirates of the Caribbean

What are you favorite past times?

Writing. Texting with my friends, going out sometimes and making cosplays~

Do you have any regrets?

Sure, like everyone.

What is your dream job?

Writer & screenwriter

Would you like to get married? Where?

I would like to. Erm… I don’t know where, the most important thing in that day should be my friends and close family, not a place.

Do you want kids?


Do you like shopping?

I HATE CROWDS. So nope. Oorrr… buying food is good. And books.

How many countries have you visited?

I think… 5? Perhaps, don’t remember x”D

What was your scariest dream?

I write a novel about it, wanna read? But sorry - it’s in polish.

Do you have any enemies?

Sure! Like everyone! But I don’t meet them yet!

Do you have a gf/bf?

Nope! But I’m mentally taken~!

Put your phone on shuffle, without skipping, post the first 15 songs.

I don’t have music on my phone but on my mp3 player~

1. One Direction - One Way or Another (I LIKE THIS SONG OKAY?)

2. Reincarnation - Last harmony 

3. Simple Plan - Your Love is a Lie

4. Halsey - Colors

5. Melanie Martinez - Tag You’re It

6. BTS - Danger jap. version

7.Alvaro Soler - Sofia

8. Thousand Foot Krutch - War of Change

9. Nano - No Pain, No Game

10. Tommy Heavenly6 - Pray

11. Back-On - Fly Away (remix)

12. Aluminia - Nightmare

13. Exist Trace - Vanguard

14. Nightcore - Another You

15. Immediate Music - Pandora’s Heaven

I’ll tag: @likebreakofdawn (just do it), @yukizus (do it) @ninjawithbunnies because. that’s why. xD


Hey honeybees i wanted to do a lil giveaway and i will ship internationally so here you are:

🌈 Prize:
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~ New year Art raffle ~

- must be following me (new followers is allowed)
- no NSFW
- maybe gore (but not too gross, like guts)
- no mechas or too detailed characters
- no descriptions of characters (sry)
- ask me anything if you have any questions

DEADLINE ((closed))
- December 31th 24:00/12:00am ( Washington D.C. timeline (?))

Miraculous Ladybug Coloring Book Project [EXTENDED APPLICATION DATE]


We have so many characters left. Due to the fact that we aren’t yet close to the amount of applications we are looking for, WE ARE GOING TO EXTEND THE DATE. Applications will be open until December 31, 2016.

                                   LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

What is the ML coloring book project? It is a completely fan-made and free to download coloring book about the Miraculous Ladybug universe!

Applications: Open until December 31th, 2016. For more information click this link

Information for artists:  You have to do one or two linearts of your character. Your main subject is the character on the list! You can add more characters on the scene if it makes sense.

You can choose 3 characters (your main subject) for now from the list, and later we’ll let you know your character. This is in case multiple people choose the same character.

The drawings should be kid-friendly! We want them to be able to color these, too.

Each drawing will have proper credit.

Deadline: February 28th 2017.

If you need more information, please read this link first. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to leave an ask.

Please spread the word!

i loved you
like the sun
loves the moon
that it dies
every night
to let her

but you loved me
like a little kid
getting a new toy

after a while
you found me 
boring and
u n a t t r a c t i v e

so now my love
is like a firework
i loved you too fast
and it was beautiful
while it was up in the night sky
but now it’s gone

—  A.A // December 31th, 2014 11:50P.M.

ongakuken95  asked:

(Sans' scream in the geno video after he gets stabbed made me laugh an ugly laugh XD) So i was wonderin What kinda videogames do you like? And specifically the SNES era? Also, do you have a fav videogame OST? :o (Just curious!) Have a nice day! :D

imagine this… is december 31th… and you are playing a snes game before the Happy new year, your cousins and the bro are watching you fighting the final boss!!

I defeated Zero at 12:00 am, january 1st, I died like 8 or more times… but oh boy!! I was tooooo happy with my victory… I broke the bed xDDDD

in few words, I love Kirby’s Dreamland 3

Ziall new years count down fic rec.

Hey just because I dont have a Ziall fic rec tag I thougth it’d be cool if I did something like this so :) 

december 1st -> If You Were My Girlfriend,Ill Never Let You Go 

december 2nd -> Everything About You ( From Your Crooked Teeth To Your Bony Cheeks)

december 3rd-> Maybe Its Just You

december 4th-> You Taste Like Paris 

december 5th-> The Taste Of Your Tongue

december 6th-> That Dont Kill Me

december 7th-> The Awful Edges Where You End And I Begin

december 8th-> Clair-Obscur 

december 9th-> Call It What You Want 

december 10th-> Heated Debate 

december 11th-> Youll Never Live Down What You Cant Forget , So Forget It

december 12th-> #Bring1DtoTortall

december 13th-> Wont Be Home For Christmas 

december 14th-> Im Lost In Empty Pillows Talks Again 

december 15th-> Blowing Out My Mind

december 16th-> Playing From The Same Hand 

december 17th-> I Will Love You (Even When You Forget)

december 18th-> Ive Got Extra Space ( In My Car, In My Heart, In My Mind)

december 19th -> I Love you Dont You Mind?

december 20th-> Bed And Breakfast

december 21th-> Coffee-laced, Intoxicated (On Her Lips)

december 22th-> Take It Back

december 23th->  I am Content, Like Dream Content

december 24th-> Amidst All The Weather

december 25th-> Lean Back 

december 26th-> Find Me Love 

december 27th-> White Light (Ocean of noise)

december 28th-> Its 11:57 And Tokyo Is Burning

december 29th-> Keep You right 

december 30th->With Eyes Shut, It’s You I’m Thinking Of 

december 31th-> Compass Rose 

I am pure skam tarsh and i need to share my love for this show with other people XD


  • mbf me
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  • write in the tags or as a reply who your favourite character is and why you like the show
  • you must be willing to give me your email so I can add you to the side blog (It’s just a thing between you and us, no one else will get it and i will delete the information after adding you to the side blog/chat)
  • must reach at least 25 notes (or i will pretend this never happened)
  • check #skamnet for updates
  • I will pick 10-20 people

What you get:

  • Friends and a place to chat with people who like skam
  • a spot on the network page
  • an invitation to join the side blog
  • my undying love and friendship

151231 Donghae’s letter to ELF  ♡ ‏

To my beloved rubber shoes/girlfriend ELF ^_^

Hello !! This is Super Junior’s Lee Donghae who’s handwriting gets prettier day by day. It’s really lonely in this cold winter right ?? I thought that it will be really lonely since quite a number of our members are in the army, but the hyung line & maknae line are still working very hard on their schedules so i’m relieved !!ㅎㅎ

Today is the last day of 2015, 31th December !! The moment i opened my eyes this morning, i thought of writing a letter to ELF, so i’m now writing a letter with the letter set that everyone sent to me. It has been 10 years since we met and it’s almost 11 years soon !! I thought “ since when did i do activities for 10 years? “ it really feels like 10 years has pass in a blink of an eye !! what could we do together in 2015? members have prepared various things to repay the love that was given to us for 10 years but time passed too fast, so it is really a pity and i’m very sorry !! We should’ve repaid you more and as i come here, think of it and look back on it, i thought that it was lacking a lot !! We will be meeting with everyone soon with new album and super show so don’t worry and keep waiting !! ^^

No matter how i think of it, i’m the happiest when ELF are beside me !! ^^ i’m able to laugh a lot when ELF are beside me ^ —- ^ We will be returning really soon so ELF have to become even prettier !! until SJ fall for you even more ^_^  Also, those who sent letters and hot packs, food, various necessities to the camp, i’ve ate well and used them well. I’m really reassured ^ - ^ I want to tell everyone that i’ve received them well but there’s no where to say it so i’m writing it here in the letter to thank you all !! ^ - ^ Since we started 2015 together, i also want to be with you on the last day of 2015, so i’m writing this letter !! ^ - ^

I wish that ELF would be my and Suju’s beginning and end !! Please take care of SJ in 2016 too !! ELF i love you !! ELF ♡ SJ 2015.12.31 AM 8:10  

- Fish Donghae - [c][c]

Not my idea but i want to try!

I need 365 blogs (OR MORE!) to reblog this post.

I’ll write down every url, put it in a jar and on 1st January and every day till 2015 ends I’ll pick up a paper from the jar and promo the blog on the paper!

If there’s more than 365 blog I’ll promo two blogs a day!

No need to follow me or be an specific kind of blog, I thought this could be fun!

*accepting reblogs till 31th December!*

And as you all can see, the ball has stopped half way to its perch. it’s suspended there to remind us before we pop the champagne and celebrate the new year, to stop, and reflect on the year that has gone by, to remember both our triumphs and our missteps, our promises made and broken, the times we opened ourselves up to great adventures… or closed ourselves down for fear of getting hurt, because that’s what new year’s all about , getting another chance, a chance to forgive. to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more, and to stop worrying about what if… and start embracing what will be. so when that ball drops at midnight, and it will drop, let’s remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other, and not just tonight but all year long.
—  Claire Morgan, New Year’s Eve (2011)

anonymous asked:

When was the day u realized u were simply a Gymaholic from that point on?

31st December, 2012. The day I was spending my new year’s eve in Las Vegas and the only thing I was thinking about was gym.

I mean I had fun and everything. At that time I was doing a road trip in California, life was good man. But that day, I remember being drunk, thinking about my life, I was doing big things but that wasn’t enough.

So I started that blog, began to count my calories and started to think differently about everything. I stopped drinking and started to focus on things that really matter. I think I became boring because I stopped going out. Lol, just kidding I still party and fucking love EDM!

Parties are good, but you should party to celebrate something. If you party every weekend, it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

Today, we’re on our way to become great, you either come with us or stay average for the rest of your life. It’s cool to look at the mountains, but it’s way better to climb them, because it leads you to a better view. 

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