december 1997



The Spice Girls’ debut film, Spiceworld: The Movie, was released nationwide in the UK, 19 years ago today, on Boxing Day December 26th, 1997! 

The film was a #1 smash hit, grossing more than £6 million pounds during its opening weekend in the UK alone and over $100 million dollars worldwide.


Asuka’s winning streak could surpass Goldberg’s
[February 22nd, 2017]

As of this posting, Asuka’s current winning streak in NXT stands at 146 victories, with zero pinfall or submission losses. Goldberg’s win-loss record was 155-0 (or 173-0 if we’re going by the inflated number announced on WCW programming) during his famous WCW winning streak between September of 1997 and December of 1998. If Asuka gains 10 more victories without a single loss, she’ll have surpassed Goldberg’s shoot winning streak, but she’s currently 28 victories away from surpassing Goldberg’s announced streak! Considering the amount of NXT live events, TV tapings, and the forthcoming NXT Takeover: Orlando, it’s entirely possible that Asuka may pass Goldberg’s streak within a month and a half!

In early February, Asuka became the longest-reigning champion under the WWE umbrella, with a reign that’s lasted over 324 days.


Heath High School Shooting

On the 1st of December 1997 in Kentucky, Michael Carneal walked into Heath High School with a rifle and shotgun, which he passed of as an arts project. Carneal then shot at a youth prayer group, 3 people were killed whilst 5 were injured. After the shooting, Carneal surrendered his weapons and said, “kill me, now please. I cant believe i did that”

It’s believed Carneal was severely bullied, leading him to have paranoia. Months later he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and was hospitalised.

The victims parents believed porn, The Basketball Diaries and Natural Born Killers had an influence. Also in Carneal’s locker was a copy of Rage, by Stephan King. A novel in which is about a school shooting.

In 1998, Michael Carneal was sentenced to life

“That the Japanese film is known at all in the West is due mainly to the pictures of Akira Kurosawa. That I am known both here and abroad is also mainly due to him. He taught me practically everything I know, and it was he who first introduced me to myself as an actor. Kurosawa has this quality, this ability to bring things out of you that you never knew were there. It is enormously difficult work, but each picture with him is a revelation. When you see his films, you find them full realizations of ideas, of emotions, of a philosophy which surprises with its strength, even shocks with its power. You had not expected to be so moved, to find within your own self this depth of understanding.” - Toshirô Mifune (April 1, 1920 - December 24, 1997)