december 1942


After a bunch of researching…it IS a Rafael DeSoto!

Black Mask magazine, vol.25 #7, December 1942.

In my mind, the pulp crime/adventure artist Mount Rushmore is a simple thing, Walter Baumhofer, Rudolph Belarski, Norman Saunders and mister *Shadow* himself, Rafael DeSoto.

There is one other fun thing about this issue, Flash Casey, better known to old time radio listeners as Casey, Crime Photographer.

More new pulps to come. #mypulpfinds

US 32nd Infantry Division soldier in Buna, New Guinea with a captured Japanese Lewis Type 92 light machine gun.
ca. November-December 1942

The Japanese manufactured the Lewis M/G for their Special Naval Landing Forces as the type 92 in 7.7X57SR and were used in the Pacific theatre.

The Battle of Buna, 19 November 1942 - 2 January 1943, was one part of the Allied attack on the Japanese beach-head on the northern coast of Papua (along with the battles of Gona and Sanananda). This beach-head had been established to allow the Japanese to launch an overland assault over the Kokoda Trail to Port Moresby, the Capital of Papua New Guinea.
This attack came within thirty miles of Port Moresby, before an Australian counterattack forced the Japanese back along the trail.

Photo by George Strock for the February 1943 ‘Life’ magazine.

Major General Dan Pienaar in Egypt, 1942. His 1 South African Division played a significant part in securing victory at El Alamein, and he was twice awarded the DSO. Sadly, he was killed on 19 December 1942 when his aircraft crashed into Lake Victoria at Kisumu while returning to South Africa.

The Arctic Sea city of Murmansk in December 1942 after Hitler ordered it destroyed. The Germans dropped 350,000 incendiary devices on the city in 24 hours