december 1 2009

“the hundreds of hours of skype calls that we’ve had”

In the Valentine’s Day video, Phil says that when he and Dan couldn’t be together, they would spend hours together on Skype.

Tweet from danisnotonfire on October 18, 2009

(The day before the first time they met in real life).

Tweets from AmazingPhil on November 24, 2009

These are all screen captures from the same Skype call.

At 11:32 PM

At midnight:

(Notice the “woof" caption. If you don’t know what “woof" mean, it means he’s saying Dan’s hot, basically. Also, platonic friends generally don’t push their shirts up when skyping, or take screen caps of said shirt lifting. That looks more like cybering than simple chatting.)

At 12:19 PM:

Tweet from danisnotonfire on November 25, 2009

This is the day after the screen captures posted above where taken, so he’s probably referring to that call.

Retweeted by Phil, so we can presume it was a call they had together:

Formspring answer from Dan

From November 26, 2009.

Tweet from danisnotonfire on November 26, 2009

Posted at 3:01 AM, meaning he’d been on Skype with Phil since around 9 PM.

Tweet from AmazingPhil on December 8, 2009

This is a Dan’s bedroom and Dan’s bear.

Tweet from danisnotonfire on December 10, 2009

Tweet from AmazingPhil on December 18, 2009 at 11:22 PM

Notice in the screenshot, Phil is tucked in bed.

Tweet from AmazingPhil on December 21, 2009 at 1:14 AM

If he wasn’t exaggerating, that means he’d been on Skype since at least 7:00 PM.

Tweet from danisnotonfire on January 9, 2010

At 11:32 PM

Tweet from danisnotonfire on January 26, 2010

At 7:29 PM

Phil’s reply at 7:43 PM, and Dan’s at 7:47 PM.

Tweet from AmazingPhil on February 3, 2010

45-minute long call (at least…)


James Victor “Vic” Chesnutt (November 12, 1964 – December 25, 2009) was an American singer-songwriter from Athens, Georgia. His first album, Little, was released in 1990, but his breakthrough to commercial success didn’t come until 1996 with the release of Sweet Relief II: Gravity of the Situation, a tribute album of alternative artists covering his songs.

Chesnutt released 17 albums during his career, including two produced by Michael Stipe, and a 1996 release on Capitol Records, About to Choke. His musical style has been described by Bryan Carroll of as a “skewed, refracted version of Americana that is haunting, funny, poignant, and occasionally mystical, usually all at once”.

Injuries from a 1983 car accident left him partially paralyzed; he used a wheelchair and had limited use of his hands.

An adoptee, Chesnutt was raised in Zebulon, Georgia, where he first started writing songs at the age of five. When he was 13, Chesnutt declared that he was an atheist, a position that he maintained for the rest of his life.

At 18, a car accident left him partially paralyzed; in a December 1, 2009 interview with Terry Gross on her NPR show Fresh Air, he said he was “a quadriplegic from [his] neck down”, and although he had feeling and some movement in his body, he could not walk “functionally” and that, although he realized shortly afterward that he could still play guitar, he could only play simple chords.

On December 25, 2009, at the age of 45, Chesnutt died from an overdose of muscle relaxants that had left him in a coma in an Athens hospital. In his final interview, which aired on National Public Radio 24 days before his death, Chesnutt said that he had “attempted suicide three or four times [before]. It didn’t take.”

According to him in the same interview, being “uninsurable” due to his quadriplegia, he was $50,000 in debt for his medical bills, and had been putting off a surgery for a year (“And, I mean, I could die only because I cannot afford to go in there again. I don’t want to die, especially just because of I don’t have enough money to go in the hospital.”).


matt helders ‘last christmas’ masterpost

which brings us to part 3! a year later and matt gets to do a christmas song with his bois :)))) a chronological masterpost of matt’s performances of ‘last christmas’ during ‘fluorescent adolescent’ :-)

1) 10th december 2009 - terminal 5 in NYC
aka an angel descends on the stage and casually sits on his lil platform to bless us
(and from a slightly different angle, includes beginning though!)

2) 11th december 2009 - terminal 5 (again) in NYC
aka the angel acquires a stool from which to better serenade us. also, “this year, here in NYC… i’ll give it to someone special.”
(and from a slightly different angle)

3) 13th december 2009 - house of blues in boston
aka the angel is growing accustomed to mortal comforts and requests more furniture. and also wine.
(and from the stands)

4) 14th december 2009 - métropolis in montréal
aka the angel is like lmao fuck earth but what the hey, lemme take yall on one last ride. also, this one brought to you by that fuckin razr that so unfortunately pops in from time to time
(and from the stands - but higher quality audio!)

( see also:
 22nd january 2009 matt talks about taking only one pair of joggers on tour )

let me know if there are any performances that i missed :-)

“when we watched wall-e on my sofa”

In the Valentine’s Day video, Phil says they they watched Wall-E on his sofa and cried.
This took place during the week Dan spent at Phil’s house(the week we spend together in my house). Dan posted about it on Dailybooth on December 1st, but unfortunately the dailybooths have no timestamps, only dates, so he may have posted it early in the day (meaning they watched it the evening before) or late in the day (meaning they had just watched it)
However, since he mentions having posted on Dailybooth two days in a row, we can assume they watched Wall-E sometime between the two postings.
Dailybooth from danisnotonfire on December 1, 2009
“and we watched wall-e and it was awesome ^^”

“you are the best person in the world”

“you are the best person in the world”

In the Valentine’s Day video, Phil says to Dan, “I’m so happy to have you in my life, and you are the best person in the world.”

Tweet from AmazingPhil on December 19, 2009 at 1:43 AM

Tweet from AmazingPhil on December 18, 2009 at 11:22 PM

Posted 2 hours before the tweet above. We know that their Skype calls were considerably long and usually ended between 1 and 3 AM. It’s likely that this call did, too, meaning he would have tweeted the above during/just after the call.



1. On December 21, 2009, Han Geng filed for contract termination from his former company SM Entertainment.

2. On December 21, 2010 the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Han.

3. First Solo Album: Geng Xin(庚心) Released: 27 July 2010

4.  My Kingdom (大武生), which began filming on November 6, 2010.

As the lawyer said, Han Geng’s film, album and all activities which occurred during the lawsuit were confirmed as legitimate.


According to it, we may have a little hope of Wu Yifan’s recent works.

* I have no intention to offend Han Geng or his fans. But I must apologise that if I made you feel that.