i just woke up but i saw a bunch of deaf!bakugou headcanons and none of them had anything about bakugou and hagakure in particular so i’m just gonna:

-hagakure is bakugou’s worst nightmare

-he can’t??  see her goddamn face??  and her voice is a pitch that he can barely hear on the best of days WITH his hearing aids, he’s fucked basically

-when the rest of the class is learning sign language hagakure is there too, and when she wears her gloves it’s fine (sort of… you kind of have to assume where her face is and what expression she’s making but she makes do).  she starts wearing her gloves around the classroom to help him out

-but when she’s full stealth?  WHOOO no

-there is zero communication between them

-she has, in desperation, licked her fingers and stuck them in the dirt so that the dirt would stick to them and she could sign to him

-afterward when they learned what happened the whole class laughed hysterically 

-now bakugou’s hero costume has a little bag of chalk on his shoulder–if she needs to she can reach in, powder up, sign to him, and clap the chalk off again

-it’s not the best system but the chalk is also flame retardant so he can use it to put out any small fires his quirk causes

-once they can actually talk, the two of them find that they actually have a lot to talk about

-mostly because they don’t agree on A N Y T H I N G

-like, literally nothing

-they have differing opinions about fucking t-shirts okay like nothing

-their favorite activity when they wind up hanging out is arguing

-some of the class doesn’t get why they’d hang out just to argue but they both find the experience very satisfying

and that’s all i’ve got!


the holidays are rough. sometimes, after all you’ve struggled through, it can be hard to face the new year with any semblance of hope. and yet, please never give up. 

wishing you the types of sunrises that urge you to leave your bed each morning, good luck in 2019 <3