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I just need for Sheo to confess their love to each other. I feel like it's one of those relationships where they both like each other but don’t want to address it because the other person may not feel the same way. I think they're in love!


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I do too….but at least you know it aint just your game….have you tried keeping the ones that work in and just not changing the colors? Like, does it crash after you leave CAS?

I did have a teen wear them (and also forgot to mention that when I posted the pics) and the game didn’t crash with them and the color she wore was like in the first or second column (going vertical). It seems that, the third column is when it crashes. But nope my game didn’t crash after leaving CAS. The teen was also seen walking around town in the shoes (while I played another household) and my game ran well.

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I downloaded them and got a red x too!

Hopefully this can be fixed.