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♥ we love you \QwQ/ and we'll always be ready to listen to whatever you have to say.. All we want is for you to smile~

Heh I’m not the type of person who says his problems openly, just smile and deceive me that even bad must happen that way and you can’t do anything against it, yes, I’m very conformist hehe; But quiet, nothing bad is happening, only personal conflicts nonsense hehe

1.  Learn how to throw a proper punch.  Put your weight on your lead foot.  Pivot your shoulder back, fist cocked.  Let your heart hammer in your ribs.  Aim.  Let fly.

2.  Raze mountains.  Rip the earth open.  Be a force of nature.

3.  Evasion is an art.  They will try to hold you by the hair, to kick you to the dirt, to make you believe that you are less than you are, than you have always been.  Do not let them touch you.  Do not let their blades graze your skin.  Do not let their words seep into the marrow of your bones.

4.  Embrace that you are a creature of night and shadow.  Deceive with poison and illusion.  Deceive with smiles and kindness.  But remember that your heart is true and your arms are open.  Remember that these are your strengths.

5.  Understand that your tears are cleansing.  Let them flow freely.  Spring does not come without rain.  You see no reason to hide your scars.  You are not ashamed of the rawest parts of you as they rise from the depths of your soul to the surface of your skin.  

6.  Learn how to hold a beating heart.  Learn how to heal a five nation army.  Learn how to mend a broken heart.

7.  Love brashly.  Love bravely.  Love brazenly.  Love hot and savage and wild.  Love because your heart is stronger than their swords.  Love like there are maelstroms and oceans inside of you.  Love until you’re screaming, screaming, screaming.  Love no matter how many times it brings you to your knees.  No matter how much it hurts.

8. Though your teammates are gods and demons, become something greater.  Take the power that you have carved for yourself with bloody hands.  Be bold.  Be fleeting.  Be human.

—  How to Become Haruno Sakura (x)
Forcing, Fake,

Forcing a fake smile, can only take you so far

“Fake it until you make it” is a naive way to deal with sorrow 

For the weight of darkness and the infliction of years of pain

From abuse, from death, from poverty, from depression, from hallucinations, from familial words that make fun of your existence

These aren’t mere days of blue that can be washed away, with a coffee book positive quote

And a few days of self care

It is demons that live with you until your last days                                           Hope is a luxury for those that don’t know these ghosts

My only weapon is resilience, my shield is spite

Others use their anger, their pain, their will, their strength 

Do not be deceived, by empty smiles and quotes

They will lead you to trails of dread and disappointment 


The two pics were colored by @kinzaibatsu91 uwu

  • Name: Dien
  • Age: 25 (i know she doesnt look 25 i just cant draw older women well ;w;)
  • Occupation: Waitress
  • Positive traits:  charismatic, punctual, coordinated
  • Negative traits: hides her feelings under a smiling exterior, deceiving, manipulative
  • Sexual orientation: Homosexual. i think she’s the gayest oc ive made haha

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Libra- A Deceiving Smile

Libra are incredibly good at sustaining the status quo, generally appreciating harmony over chaotic surroundings. However, this includes inner turmoils too, where a smile and a laugh can effectively hide any negative feelings. They put lipstick on their sadness, dress it up in pearls and can continue a facade of sociability and chattiness. Their deeply idealistic and justice seeking nature can easily throw them off balance if neither of these needs are respected or satisfied. 

She died for you. It’s no secret. She would have done anything for you, and her all just wasn’t enough for you. She died silently in her room, gasping for air in between hot tears falling backwards up her face. clutching sheets of paper that only mean something to her, wondering what she did wrong, what more could she have done.
She is the kind of girl who puts her all into something and neglects herself. She’s the kind of girl who needs a guy who does the same. The kind of relationship where if they both aren’t looking out for one another they will just wither away.
She died for you, you killed her.
Her eyes hold the worlds triumphs and failures within them. She was born into a selfish world, and yet she made you her world. You took her for granted and because of that she wilted, like a lonely flower in the desert sun.
Now she walks around, a lifeless vessel. Her beauty attracting the breathing, her smiles so deceiving. Her stench so intoxicating, who knew the scent of a broken heart could be so appealing? Drawing the boys in with her all knowing eyes, not knowing she walks around with just an empty space her heart should fill.
She died for you. She gave you her all for nothing in return. Someone who gives all of themselves away at once soon has nothing left to give.

She died for you.

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Don’t let Lara’s smile deceive you in this promotional clip from Core Design’s original Tomb Raider. ‪#‎TombRaider20‬

Footage preserved by Planet Lara. Music from Nathan McCree’s original Tomb Raider soundtrack added by Crystal Dynamics.

INFJ Confession #2279

I hate that it’s so easy to throw on a smile and deceive people. I want someone to understand how bad I feel, but people just don’t get it. they tell me stop caring so much, and to take some time for myself. that’s PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO DO. why can’t they understand that?