Park had wanted for a long time to portray a homosexual character onscreen, particularly in a Korean society that rarely sees such stories told. “I knew I wanted to deal with the subject someday,” he said. “What kind of homosexual film? The kind where the protagonist, who is homosexual, is not afraid of his or her sexuality—and is not suffering under the critical eye of a conservative society. I wanted to make a film free of all that.”

He sips another sampler glass, a crisp pilsner a little too dry for his tastes. “In this film, for the characters who have fallen in love with each other, it’s just a matter of course. There’s no question about it. The issue they have to overcome is entirely something else, in that one is supposed to be deceiving the other: Am I allowed to love the person I’m tricking? There are other issues besides being the same sex.”

Beautiful and deadly, go hand in hand, The Oleander fairest in the land. Bouquets of flowers, in all colors abound, Amid green leathery leaves made to astound.

But the tiniest taste, of Oleander can be, The last thing you taste, for it is deadly. Beauty can deceive, so stay far away, To admire Oleander, on some other day.

Oleander by Juan Olivarez

Welcome to society

Welcome to society,
We hope you enjoy your stay,
And please feel free to be yourself,
As long as it’s in the right way.

Make sure you love your body,
Not too much or we’ll tear you down,
We’ll bully you for smiling,
And then wonder why you frown.

We’ll tell you that you’re worthless,
That you shouldn’t make a sound,
And then cry with all the others,
As you’re buried in the ground.

You can fall in love with anyone,
As long as it’s who we choose,
And we’ll let you have your opinions,
But please shape them to our view.

Welcome to society,
We promise that we won’t deceive,
And one more rule now that you’re here,
There’s no way you can leave.

- e.h.

I’m not one to engage in fan wars. But let me just express what my mind keeps screaming right now.

laughing and dumbfounded with all these shallow netizens. It’s funny how some of them are easily deceived by what the media keeps shoving down their throats. But then again, nobody can really please everyone so I still respect their opinions at some point (though I'm honestly not siding with them)

Go ahead and think we’re being biased just because we’re avid JJY fans, I don’t care.

As much as we love him, we probably won’t be defending him if we know he’s really in the wrong. But I believe the guy enough to know he’s not capable of doing something as low as that.

He has his own privacy, for goodness’ sake. And it just so happens that his privacy was invaded because of a misunderstanding between him and his ex — eventually made worse by the nosiest of people.

What more, he’s actually mature enough to hold a press conference to reveal the truth. And he straightaway admitted to his faults, at that. He promised to cooperate with the investigations and even managed to defend his ex. Unlike what shallow people would expect, he’s actually capable of protecting someone who put him in a tight situation.

Others can sink to the extent of harassing someone, but I tell you. He’s not one of those guys. He’s way beyond their kind.

To all those talking crap about him, you know nothing about the guy. Shut up.

Bless us all.

“Battery” by Metallica

Top Metal Albums of the 80′s - #14

Crushing all deceivers, mashing non-believers
Never ending potency
Hungry violence seeker, feeding off the weaker
Breeding on insanity

I was always somewhat amused that this song and album started off with a nice acoustic piece that segues into one of the heaviest and aggressive songs on the album. And in a piece of sheer brilliance, they repeat the same structure with the last song on the album, “Damage, Inc.” I’m not sure if the symmetry was intentional, but it sure is interesting to think that a band who traditionalists thought was going to destroy heavy metal could put that level of thought into the construction of their album. 

The song itself continues the mix of mental instability and violence that is a pervasive theme throughout the the band’s lyrics to that point and would play a major part throughout the rest of the album. 

As a child, I was known for make-believing
All alone I created fantasies
As I grew people called it self-deceiving
But my heart helped me hold the memories
As I walk through the world I find around me
Something new, yet familiar’s in the air
I feel it ev'rywhere
Like a child’s eyes
On a Christmas night
I’m lookin’ at you now
Finding answers to my prayers..

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We lost and during the ‘defeat’ cutscene thing I said hi to her and sat down and she still killed me. That was when I knew we never had anything. I’ve been used. I’ve been tricked, deceived, lied to, all of the above

WIP Excerpt

This is one in the Silmarillion crossover series, the continuing adventures of Sérelókë and Iaun.

This one’s going to have a threesome, with Middle-earth Merlock and also many tentacles. Luckily, I had my shame gland removed a long time ago.

Ossë is doing some serious kink-shaming here - but don’t worry, it’s totally self-serving and both Sérelókë and Iaun can totally see that. Especially coming from Mr. I-Ran-Off-With-Melkor-Until-My-Wife-Dragged-Me-Home-By-the-Ear.


“Yes, I was lured astray,” said Ossë. “I desired above all to practice my arts - my lightning and thunder, my wind and rain, my whirling foam-crowned waves, dark sky slashed by sword of light. And I was deceived, and then set to right again, and I serve no longer the Lord of Pain.

And you, come fresh from Valinor, clear fresh scent of Taniquetil still upon you and Varda’s holy light in your eyes when you are not consumed with rage, Sérelókë. What is your excuse for treating a child of Eru so - claiming still to walk in light when you are cruel for no purpose and leave such marks upon one in your service and your care? Better I pull him down now into Ulmo’s realm and hold him there til his spirit takes flight to honest Námo and pitying Nienna. Let him suffer no more at your hand.”

“How dare you,” Sérelókë said, and low and dangerous was his voice, rising into a furious growl and seeming to to take on many tones. “How dare you. Harm him, and I shall see you returned to your true master, in whose image your heart seems now shaped. Your design was never to free Iaun, only to take him for your own, and now your false mercy is to threaten his life when you are challenged.” Sérelókë’s eyes seemed to blaze, and sharper now were his claws and teeth. “I followed the Noldor whom I deem fools to kill and die for stones, but this mine own treasure, I will fight for, unto such death as our kind can know - and if you kill him, I swear upon the thought of Eru of which we both are made, you shall not leave this cove alive.”