Write down the first ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping, no cheating), then write your favorite lyric from the song and tag ten people.

I was tagged by imfeelingreckless​ thank you! :3

1. Incriminated - Destruction

“It began about half a century ago
with the foundation of the hopeless empire of 1000 years
Commanded by a ruler of cruelty
a nation captivated by idealism”

2. Carnage in The Temple of The Damned - Deicide

“Death is in command to the victims of the plan
In the temple of the dammed
Drink the blood, concentrate of death
Congregation is dead”

3. Jesus Saves - Savatage

“You know, Jesus he started changin’
Things got really strange
He saw his tee shirts everywhere
He started missing shows
The band came down to blows
But Jesus he just didn’t care”

4. Back In The Day - Megadeth

“Live to die and die to play
Every day and place
Leave a path of metal
Across the world from stage to stage”

5. The Beast - Twisted Sister

“You’d better run, forget your pride
Don’t make a stand, just step aside
If you don’t have what it takes
Don’t try to play you’ll lose your stakes”

6. Proseletysm Real - Sodom

“So man I came with lance and sword
Lead once more the legions of lord
Thrill with lissome lust of light
Come careing out of the night”

7. UnOpened - Sonata Arctica

“And I got today another letter in the mail
I can’t read it here, not today
And when years go by
the unopened letter meets my eye
I’m older and wiser, but still afraid”

8. Grinder - Judas Priest

“Been inclined to wander
Off the beaten track
That’s where there’s thunder
And the wind shouts back

Looking for meat
Wants you to eat”

9. As We Die - Gormathon

“Behind the wall of serenity
Darkness roars of remorse
Caressed by death we will rise
Rise above our withering pride”

10. Slick Black Cadillac - Quiet Riot

“I don’t need no drivers license
I’m too reckless to survive
It’s like a carburetor instigator
Feels all right, feels all right”

So I tag penguinduke, the-hunter-samus-aran, gabibakos, dreamer-deceiver, aliceandmetalwillneverdie, darksideofthemilk, primoviktoriya, the-wind-of-mayhem. Idk if you’ve already been tagged in this, so do it if you want :)

The Deceiver, Laccaria laccata is an edible mushroom in the family Hydnangiaceae.

Deceivers are mycorrhizal fungi. The cap colour changes quite significantly with age and depends also on the weather, and this characteristic is the origin of the common name. It is a very common mushroom throughout mainland Europe and in North America [source].

Photo credit: Zonda Grattus


So I found my ‘Deceiver’ piece and thought “What if I made a coloured digital copy that is more print friendly?” So now I have something new in the works. The early stages are uptop, the original piece is down the bottom.

I’ve decided to stick with the lineart and black shadows for this one as it is a distinguishing feature in the original work and I want to keep that. 

Doing the lineart is much harder the second time.