deceit betrayal and long walks on the beach

Not in the Mood for Love - Epilogue

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Member: Park Jimin

Genre: Angst and fluff

Word Count: 880

Summary: 1 argument is all it took to break off a 3 year relationship. Everything was a lie, nothing mattered anymore. Staying in your town was only killing you more and more each day so you decided to move to a new town and to a new life. You knew you wouldn’t be ready for a new relationship, you wouldn’t be able to handle any more emotional trauma.

A/N: Thank you everyone for sticking with me and this series. As a new writer I’m very grateful and that so many of you enjoyed reading this. Hopefully you will continue to read my works (SPOILER: my next series is based off of the title of the tv show, “How I Met Your Mother.” 😁😉) Again, thank you so very much for supporting me and I hope that you will enjoy this final part to “Not in the Mood for Love.” Please tell me how I did and what I can improve on! Any feedback is great feedback and again, thank you xx  

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“Ladies and gentlemen, we are now approaching Tokyo. We advise you to put on your seatbelt now as there will be some turbulence.” The flight attendant said as you were approaching the last moments of your flight. From the plane window, the bright lights of Tokyo only looked like little specs of dust and glitter. 

You had been anticipating for this trip for a while now. During your healing time, there were moments where everywhere you looked had traces of your ex. When you moved to Busan, you knew nothing and knew no one. Everything began the moment you opened up Serenity Cafe. A handsome man came by everyday, always trying something new from the menu and would sit by the window seat. If he hadn’t left his notebook, you may have never truly met him. Never got to have the tour of Busan, never got to let go of all your burdens, and never have got to be free.

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