decaying ruins

“If I had not met a shadowsinger, I would not have known that it is the family you make, not the one you are born into, that matters. I would not have known what it is to truly hope, even when the world tells you to despair.” - Sarah J Maas, A Court of Wings and Ruin

Azriel look!!! A smokey, shadowy halo eye with a glittery cobalt lid for our favorite shadow singer. My favorite part is the lower lash line wing, it was a happy accident and really adds to the look.

I’m getting a ring light, the lighting is terrible. I want pretty pictures 😖

*Inhale* OKAY, it took me like… an eternity to get that picture done but AH ! I did it ! It’s completed and I’m so proud about how it turned out ! So uhm… you guys requested for a UnderDecay print a while ago. I couldn’t exactly stream it because my internet is really slow lately and I’m kinda sick. BUT I managed to work on it little by little, one character at time and I can say that I actually ENJOYED to draw this… like… there’s so little details and the dynamic and composition were absolutely… gosh I cant even describe it.

I had FUN, especially since UD is my baby and I’ve been working hard on this AU for almost a year now. ANYWAY, I really hope that you enjoy it !

Okay… SO… I’m still without any form of income, so if you guys are interested to get that print shipped at your place you can order one over HERE. Any reblog would actually help me a lot… and gosh… thank you so much for every nice comment and the support that you guys give me. I deeply appreciate it.

Art and UnderDecay© @little-noko


Final curtain: Haunting images of abandoned theaters across the U.S.

A photographer with a passion for decaying buildings has captured a hauntingly beautiful series of images from theaters crumbling across the U.S. after the final curtain has fallen. Matt Lambros, a photographer from Brooklyn, N.Y., began creating his series of images of abandoned theaters across America in 2009.

Photography by Matt Lambros

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