decaying beds

My (very random) headcanons for TMNT2012 (made up by me or taken from other versions/fans):

  1. The brothers all have Facebook accounts, have like 5 friends and constantly post inside jokes that April and Casey don’t understand half the time.
  2. Raph is really good at math but it’s never addressed because he’s still way behind Donnie.
  3. Leo is Mr. Perfect at everything except he can’t cook, sing or whistle if it meant saving his life.
  4. April thought them all to drive (Leo was the worst student to work with).
  5. After about a year Chompy grows into the size of a St. Bernard  in a span af a few months then stops growing again for a while. Raph still insists he fits on his shoulder.
  6. Leo has accounts on multiple Space Heroes fansites and writes fanfiction - the bad kind, with a lot of cheesy oneliners.
  7. Donnie and Raph are both really good at drawing while the other two aren’t at all despite Mikey liking to draw.
  8. When they were little Mikey and Raph would fight over the night light because Mikey didn’t like the dark but Raph hated the light because it attracted insects.
  9. Leo’s partly at fault for Raph’s bugphobia.
  10. Splinter didn’t think the turt babies were very intelligent until the first one of them spoke.
  11. Raph was the shortest for a really long time.
  12. Casey’s parents are both alive although divorced. He often visits his mom outside the city that’s why he’s not in every disaster episode.
  13. Mikey has a secret notebook for his pranks where he has all of his brothers’ likes, fears and weaknesses documented and it quite freaky how thoroughly analized inside-out he has all of them.
  14. Splinter was depressed at the time of his mutation (the mutation making it only worse) and the baby turts dependence on him was the only thing keeping him from commiting suicide in the first couple years. :(
  15. Donnie was the first one of them who got dead drunk.
  16. Karai (without wanting to) still considers the Shredder as her father more than Splinter.
  17. Mikey doesn’t have to do daily chores around the lair because he’s the family cook.
  18. Donnie hacks into satellites for fun.
  19. Leo took the “pinkies out” to heart and never holds cups differently.
  20. Splinter has been doing the “healing hands” for years on that poor tree to keep it alive with so little sunlight.
  21. Casey has a grandma from former Yugoslavia and he got that čefur[gopnik] in his blood.
  22. Splinter loves Spanish soap operas and with whoop ass if the boys don’t get off the TV when they’re on.
  23. Donnie sometimes runs on coffee alone for days.
  24. Raph has a secret DeviantArt account (and I support him).
  25. The boys decided (with a bit arguing) who’s the youngest to oldest when they were little.
  26. Mikey has ADHD Donnie said so.
  27. Angel makes subtle Shrek puns/jokes around the turtles, mostly Raph.
  28. If there’s no training Leo sleeps until noon.
  29. Splinter didn’t have the white fur from the beggining. It came with years of stress caused by 4 hyperactive boys.
  30. Renet likes to pop up unannouced just so she can eat real 21st century food and not future artificial muck.
  31. Raph has seen himself in eyeliner thanks to April and “spin the bottle.”
  32. Mikey has a layer of soil under his bed from decayed food.
  33. Donnie’s part of a LARPing group at some random kid’s basement.
  34. Raph once had a realization nightmare that Slash might remember everything pre-mutation, and dearly hopes he has no memory of all of his “alone times” in his room.
  35. Karai will one day walk into the lair with bleached eyebrows and no explanation.
  36. We never realized it but Casey’s tooth gap expanded for one more tooth thanks to Raphael.
  37. Shredder loves his dog Hachiko.
  38. April encourages Casey to cheat on exams because he’s a lost cause.
  39. Donnie owns stock and runs a business from his home computer and buys all the food for the family.
  40. Casey is like a dog after taking a bath: fricking terrified until he dives into the nearest (manure) dumpster and gets that familiar smell back.
  41. The boys all have low self asteem due to them being outcasts.
  42. Raph is a whisperer for all animals smaller than him (the horse is proof).
  43. Mikey will eventually rescue another cat and name her Klunk.
  44. When they arrived at the farmhouse for the first time Raph refused to go into the forest/meadow for 3 days because he saw a grasshopper(!!!) in the grass by the porch.
  45. Mikey was super excited about owning chickens and loves petting them.
  46. Leo still gets days when his healed knee hurts too much to support his full weight.
  47. When April grows up she becomes a detective.
  48. Casey’s a garbage collector and still busting heads.
  49. When Raph was 13 he wanted to go to Hot Topic (I’m pretty sure he still does. -The fishnets gave him away.).
  50. In the future the turts all have their own weird bunches of human friends that they hang with sometimes.

I’ll end it here before this gets out of hand! I excluded headcanons about ships, crushes, sexual orientations, etc. to avoid pointless discourse and hate.
Don’t mind adding your own headcanons to this post. :)

Ninjago character quotes as said by my friends and me

Lloyd: *are you not going to help?* I am the son of a god I do not have to help.

Jay: “emotionally unstable? Yup, that's me!” 

Cole:” I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be murdered” “do you want to be because I believe I'm your executioner “

Zane: “Sometimes I just feel like I relate better to a computer more than real people” 

Kai: You all are the most shittest people I’ve met I can’t believe I’m friends with you guys.” “Fuck you, we are the best you got hoe”

Nya: *spots brother flirting with some girls at the pool* *claps hands* “welp, it’s time to go ruin my brothers love life.”

Wu:*after seeing me fall on my back* “Great philosopher me says that’s going to leave a mark.” 

Dareth; “If I wasn't wearing heels and makeup today I would totally kick your ass”

Garmadon: “urgh!, I did not drag my half decaying body out of bed today to deal with this shit.’’

Skylor;” I'm too beautiful to deal with this mohogany” 

Misako: *falls down stairs* “Well that will wake one up better than a cup of coffee on a Sunday!”

Overlord: *accidentally knocks over Macy's manikin* “Hey! This is a place of God now stop with this buffoonery!”

Ronin: “Hey if you are going to commit suicide make it look like a murder to give the cops a run for their money.” 

Pythor: “Hey how is your day going?” *watches as an oreo falls to the ground and gets stomped on by a passerby* “Like that”

Pixal: “I don’t understand why you are getting so worked up over a boy” *sees said boy walk by* “ God damn he is a gift from the heavens”

i fucking hate the way you look at me now. it’s like you don’t even recognize me anymore and maybe you’re not wrong for that, because after you left i reinvented myself completely. the best part of me was always you and i ripped that straight out. i broke my own ribs at the attempt of tearing my heart out. i bruised my knuckles on the wall whenever i saw you kissing her and i lost myself for a while. i was still the me that was wrapped around your finger; the one you got off on. and then i walked away one day and with shaky hands, i sanded down my bones, creating a sturdy structure. no longer a broken one. i skinned myself alive and i bled myself dry. and then the next morning i woke up from my bed of decay and painted on a new smile. i became someone new. i became someone who’s bones you didn’t break, someone who’s heart you didn’t touch, someone’s who’s skin you no longer have fingerprints etched into, and someone who’s lips no longer remember what it feels like to be against yours and i’m okay with that. i’m a new me, and i hope the old you, the one i fell for, has it in him to be proud of me.

I really want to just walk into a coffee shop at 5 AM, meet a nice guy, go on an adventure with him somewhere far away, and never have to come back. I’m so tired of doing the same things all the time, slowly decaying in my bed, wondering if I’ll ever experience anything new or meet anyone who really wants to be around me. I want it, but I know it’s unrealistic. I don’t really feel like I deserve it much, anyway.

You know what I’d do to make the Descendants Universe a lot less horrifying and more realistic? Make the Isle of the Lost a Voluntary Choice

Make it so that Beast didn’t bend the laws of time and nature just to imprison people that were already dead, make arguably one of the most inhumane, cruel, and senseless penal systems in fiction.

Make it so that the Isle of the Lost isn’t an island prison, it’s where all of the villains and their lackeys have exiled themselves, where the outcasts, the rebels, and the criminals that just couldn’t turn to the side of “Good” fled because they found no place for them in Auradon, or they broke out of jail and fled there to recuperate and rebuild their Evil Plans for World Domination.

You can keep the anti-magic elements, that keep the villains from having the full potential of their power. Make it so that it’s a strange gaffe from fusing the worlds, a giant continent where the magic of Auradon just refuses to flow, which is why all the villains fled there and none of the good people settled it beforehand.

Make it so that Beast isn’t rightfully called a tyrant who levied an inhumane punishment on so many people, innocents like the VK’s and the many other criminals who could have probably changed if you didn’t imprison them for life (or all of eternity, in the case of the immortals).

Make it so that all the Disney Villains and their evil lackeys chose to live there, that they made their awful, congested, decaying bed, and they’re going to sleep in it every single night because their pride can’t take living in the bright, shiny evidence of their defeats at the hands of Good, can’t take the hand Beast and Belle have offered them to try and live a normal life without all the world domination.

Pride is a big element of Descendants.

It’s what makes Beast a terrible ruler, who can’t seem to fathom that he could ever make a wrong decision; why Maleficent failed twice over when she simply thought too highly of her powers and too little of the Rotten Four; and why Ben is such a good king, because he’s willing to challenge the ideals of his society, to put his reputation and even the loyalty of his people on the line.

It’s also much more interesting to me if you portray the villains as voluntarily living in the craphole that is the Isle of the Lost, the kids being so manipulated they think this squallor is a good thing, that their lot in life is to live in this craphole, have scenes where Maleficent is using her goons to prevent people with changes of hearts from escaping to Auradon, have scenes where Beast’s “Stay there!” (or something to that effect) posters with an accusing, disdainful face are turned into “It’s never too late to walk the right path.” with him, Belle, and the other heroes extending their hands.

What I’m saying essentially is that I want Descendants to be a lot more morally grey than the Black and Lighter Black it is–because Auradon is a utopia built on the backs of the suffering, the imprisonment, and the total exile of the “Bad” people.

My best friend shot heroin into my arm as I rolled up my sleeve and showed him the ways he could show me the world.
I cried into the softness like an empty desert and when I fell back it felt like warm dirt on a hot summer day.
I cried into my coffee in the morning when I heard what happened to you and it was sad even though you did it to yourself.
I never thought at twenty I’d watch my friends start to leave.
Forgive me, for my sins, delusions and atrocities.
Forgive me, please, because at nineteen no one has a grip.
I have never faltered in my ways until now, and I will never falter like this again- I promise.
I shouted into oblivion the syllables of your name and lamented how strange it felt to hear no echo in the canyons of your absence.
I pulled my legs across the spaces in between us but found myself waking up wrapped in blankets in my bed.
My mother said I was addiction prone.
My father said my tolerance was good.
I lay in a bed decaying and wishing and wasting away like
My friends wrapped in earth.
I stood on my roof and wondered why I couldn’t see you leap across the edge and
I bled out my teeth planning to bury them next to you.
I kept your body in a glass in my pantry
And I kept your tears next to the bourbon.
You left your laughs in the cracks on my ceiling and I heard them last night when I was sleeping.
—  a very drunk friend
kiss me

Supernatural → Crowley x Reader.
Prompt List | Masterlist

Summary: Tired of the reader’s unwillingness to admit their feelings, Crowley takes it upon himself to express the attraction.

A/N: This was requested by an anon with a series of prompts. I’ve since misplaced the prompt list. Hope you like it regardless!

          The watch wrapped around your wrist filled the deafening silence with gentle, precise ticking as you surveyed the bedroom, your eyes still adjusting to the darkness after the batteries in your torch had died. The once beautiful Victorian-like room was disgusting. Rat droppings and dust and mould carpeted the wooden floors, the stench of rotting corpses filling your nostrils, making it hard to breathe without holding back the urge to vomit. You glanced at Crowley, the demon on the other side of the decaying bed, and watched as he searched through the bedside table drawers. You weren’t sure why he’d joined you and the Winchesters on this particular hunt, there was no benefit for him as far as you could tell, but, unlike Sam and Dean, you welcomed the help. At least you weren’t up here on your own.

          A quiet chuckle flushed through Crowley’s lips and you realised you’d been staring, heat rising to your cheeks as you quickly swung open the doors to the, what you could only assume was mahogany, wardrobe. You attempted to seem oblivious as you rummaged through the few clothes hung lifelessly, searching for the elusive trinket you’d been sent to find, until hot breath hugged the nape of your neck. You fought back a shiver as you turned on your heels, Crowley’s face coming into view only inches away from your own, speaking a series of words that made you fluster and you stared at the demon with raised brows and lips ajar like the dilapidated bedroom door you’d walked through only moments ago. Your brain had gone numb in seconds, struggling to process the unexpected request he’d just made, a glint of mischief swimming in his murky eyes.

          “You want me to what-now?” You stammered, licking your lips only for them to dry-out again. The thumping in your chest drowned out your rushing thoughts and your eyes stayed their gaze over Crowley’s lips.

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